The Best Dog Crates of 2023 (Reviews)

You are about to find the best dog crate from this review which describes every type of kennels. Also, the best part about this article is that you will get to know your dog even better! You will get to understand his needs and hopefully will consider a kennel more like a gift for him than relief for you.


At a Glance: Best Dog Crates

If you happen to know about the dog crates then you can quickly view our best-rated kennels. Likewise, you can see about the kennel which matches your requirements from here too.

Best Metal Wire Dog Crate

metal dog crate


Midwest iCrate is a standard metal wire dog kennel with some reliable features. It has the best inline wire material which forms every panel of the kennel. Also, it’s easy to handle, setting up, folding down mechanism is great. It will take half a minute of effort to set this up and a few seconds to fold down.

The Midwest iCrate is suitable for small and medium-sized pooches irrelevant of their temperament. Because this dog house can hold any pooch inside. However, you will have to use carabiners externally in order to lock the latch.

Best Metal Indestructible Dog Crate

indestructible dog crate


ProSelect Guardian Gear Empire Dog Cage: Guardian from Proselect is an indestructible dog cage focusing on holding bois terous or Houdini escape artist pooches. It has a solid and reliable construction with no harmful edges. The best part about this dog house is its sliding tray beneath the grated floor. In fact, its wheels make the moving or handling easier than a normal metal wire kennel.

This cage is suitable for every kind of pooch except for the small breed pooches. Additionally, you might not want to buy this cage for a calm and placid pooch especially, the anxious ones. It is more of a big dog kennel more suitable for the guard dogs.

Best Plastic Dog Crate

large dog crate


Petmate Sky Kennel: Sky kennel is a lightweight, airline compliant dog house which really travels friendly. However, this kennel is suitable for the calm and placid pooches who do not chew on things. Otherwise, the pooches having mouthing habit can make a hole in the crate by chewing. You might face the cleaning issues until you open the kennel from its middle section. Also, an anxious pooch can stay inside stress-free if you use a crate cover.

Best Wooden Dog Crate

merry products dog crates


Merry Products Cage with Crate Cover Set: This is a mix of both metal and wooden material dog house. There is a strong wooden frame supporting the metal meshed wire side panels. It has many benefits including the lightweight and economical cost at the top of all.

This kennel is suitable for small and medium-sized dog breeds. Although the large pooches can fit inside they need to have a calm, obedient and placid temperament.

Best Soft Sided Dog Crate

large dog crate

Petnation Port-A-Crate Indoor and Outdoor Home for Pets: Here we have a soft dog house which is easy to set up and fold down. This is a product useful for holding an obedient dog inside. In fact, a dog with mouthing habit can easily tear open the kennel. Nevertheless, it has a lightweight foldable frame which takes the shape of the rectangular plate after a fold. It makes it very useful during traveling as well as storing the kennel while not in use.

This kennel is suitable for small breed dogs. Although you can the larger sized dog house for the larger Fido to only find that you will have to crate train your dog properly again.


Best Dog Travel Crate

dog travel crate


Gunner Kennels G1 Intermediate Escape Proof Heavy Duty Dog Crate: So far, the Gunner G1 has amused us with all its features and quality. It has four tie-down pins, rugged plastic rotomolded body, rubber legs with a firm grip, optimum ventilation provision, secure locking mechanism, anti-theft (add-on attachment), crash proof body, and many more.

Best Utility Dog Crate Furniture

large dog crate

DenHaus ZenHaus Dog House and End Table: ZenHaus is an uptown stylish dog house which suits luxury decor as well as the apartment lifestyle easily. It is made up of hard plastic material which appears like home furniture and dog house under a single set up. It has a smooth finish tabletop with a centerpiece made of glass fiber.

This kennel can hold a calm and obedient pooch comfortably inside. It is not for a boisterous pooch.


Editor's Picks
1. Midwest iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate Single Door & Double DoorMetal Wire Kennel For Small and Medium Pooches
2. ProSelect Guardian Gear Empire Dog CageBest Crate for Guard Dogs
3. Petmate Sky KennelTravel Friendly Dog Crate
4. Merry Products Cage with Crate Cover SetWooden Economical Dog Crate
5. Petnation Port-A-Crate Indoor and Outdoor Home for PetsFoldable Soft Dog Crate
6. Gunner Kennels G1 Intermediate Escape Proof Heavy Duty Dog CrateCrash Free Travel Crate
7. DenHaus ZenHaus Dog House and End TableStylish and Utility Dog Crate

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Why Use a Dog Crate?

The answer to this question is very simple it has many benefits:

Using a dog crate to hold a pooch inside will inculcate discipline and obedience. Along with that, the pooch crate has a calming effect on the pups suffering from separation anxiety.

sound proof dog crate

Not only it will calm an anxious Fido but also save the Fido from loud noises i.e. firecrackers, thunderbolt, etc.

Generally, every dog is more or less of a companion animal who wants to be with their people. It will not only include them following you to every room but also the bathroom. Moreover, Fido does not think as we humans do.

If you are going out keeping him locked inside the house, a pooch probably thinks you will be gone forever. There comes the separation anxiety, a common psychological term for dogs that will set things on fire for a dog.

Every Fido will respond differently while in anxiety. Some will get destructive while on the other hand, some will start howling, whining. Similarly, when you find a dog urinating in crate separation anxiety is responsible most of the times.

First of all, people use the dog crate to hold the dog while they are away. A pooch crate will hold their pooch in a confined spot restricting the pooch from making the house a mess. However, you shall take care of the urine and potty breaks as well as the water and food availability inside.

Dogs in the wild moreover dwell in a den which provides them with a secure and cozy shelter. Similarly, the modern pooches also tend to use a cozy crate to seek safety and resting. Thus, using a Fido crate becomes important knowing the fact that your pooch will like it. Along with saving your home from the curious pooch.

Is it Cruel to Crate a Dog while at Work?

Were you totally convinced reading the above section? Because it is ‘not cruel’ to hold a dog inside the crate while you are away. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. The dog wouldn’t love the enclosure like any other creature. Thus, many considerations are necessary prior to crate training a dog.

You shall consider training the dog to use the crate as a safe and secure spot. You shall not use a kennel to punish, locking him unnecessarily, ignore your responsibility. Understand the kennel is a provision for you to go to work and safely hold your dog in a confinement. It will be cruel if you use the crate to avoid the dog running away from your responsibility.

Apart from that, the pooches will never like the confinement initially. Further, some pooches can face psychological outbursts at times. But to train a puppy is far better than training an adult. Therefore, inculcating obedience and discipline will be easier for a pup than an adult.

Many times people ask, how to crate train an older dog? Or how to crate train a dog with separation anxiety? Especially the delicate one: how to crate train an older dog with separation anxiety?

You will find an answer to this question in the next section.

The 21 Best Dog Crates of 2023 (Reviews)

We have divided this section into specific dog kennel categories and listed the product reviews under those respective labels.

Best Metal Dog Crates

Here you will see the wire dog houses with the single and double door opening. Additionally, you will find the indestructible dog cage and an exercise playpen.

1. Midwest iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate

Midwest is the company producing security fences (i.e. open top crate & pet gates) and dog crates. Many pet parents prefer buying the Midwest products for its quality and usefulness. This brand produces few of the best dog crates that you will find on the market.

Midwest iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate Single Door & Double Door


The concurrent brand engages in manufacturing not only the standard kennels but also various other products too. The list of those items i.e. vehicle barrier for dogs, safety gates, dog beds, etc. In fact, they manufacture a specific type of playing exercise pen for puppies.

Not to mention about the economical price of this dog crate. The maker of the kennel deliver the best quality products at a drastically low cost.

In-Depth Review

This is one of the Best Metal Crate Kennel in the market. Starting with the best thing about this crate, it has a linear rolling foot. These feet are made of rubber and support the crate evenly. Therefore, there will not be any stain marks on the floor due to the metal crate.

Apart, from that, you can select either a single door crate or a double dog crate according to your preference. Single door kennel can be a bit difficult to handle whereas you can easily arrange the dog bed or the floor pad in the double door kennel.

There are seven size options starting from 18” to 48”. Out of which only the last three large size options will have two locking latches on each door. While the first four size variants will have only one latch on each door.

In addition to that, this deal includes a divider with every size variant. Thus, you can purchase a large dog crate for your pup who will grow up to his full size within a few months. Then use the divider to adjust the inner space for the pup.

Only a drawback of this kennel is that there is a simple opening latch. Some intelligent pooches can figure out the opening method from inside. Then the very purpose of using the crate faces defeat i.e. locking the dog inside. However, you can use a carabiner lock the latch in case if your dog figures the opening technique.

2. AmazonBasics Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

Amazon dog crate is a popular item in the pet supplies section of the AmazonBasics. The online shopping site has started intruding on every other discipline which includes the pet supplies too. As the matter of fact, Amazon has succeeded in making the competition tough for the rivals. The brand also produces other types of dog crates apart from the metal wire dog crate. However, those products have not gained the popularity similar to this one.

AmazonBasics Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate


In-Depth Review

We have put the AmazonBasics kennel in the second position for the only reason i.e. its wire quality. The wires have a thinner diameter compared to the ones of Midwest icrate. Here a strong Fido can deform the wires if ought to.

However, the weld joints are pretty neat and capable of withstanding heavy impact or load. Thus, a dog is not going the break a weld of this crate but can ultimately bend the whole panel. Therefore, this crate is not very suitable for the strong rambunctious dogs.

Coming to the good part about this crate, there are two latches on each door except for the smallest variant which has only one latch. Additionally, the design of the latch is better than the Midwest icrate latches.

Here the latches have a hooked end which will lock itself in a normal position. And to open it, not only left-right efforts is required but also the swiveling up-down motion in combination is required. Therefore, it becomes almost impossible for a dog to open the latch himself.

Apart from that, there is a sliding crate tray which makes the cleaning very easy. It was not the case with the Midwest icrate. Thus, the only reason this kennel is in the second position is that of the wires. Other than that, the Amazon dog crate here does not have any other problem.

3. ProSelect Guardian Gear Empire Indestructible Dog Cage

The concurrent brand and product both are from a bit different category i.e. the metal indestructible dog crate. Proselect is a manufacturer who engages in making products from wide and various domains. Out of which the dog house is one type of the product which finds a strong position on our rating list. More or less, this brand exists in the pet supplies market with its sole product i.e. Empire. Nonetheless, the perfect product here requires no alternatives.

indestructible dog crate pads
indestructible dog crate


In-Depth Review

This is a flawless dog house rate if we compare it with any other indestructible dog crate. The maker has designed the Empire Fido crate in such a way that it has most of the benefits. This kennel costs more than a wire crate but it well within the normal range of any other indestructible one.

Every joint and the weld is very well manufactured, there will be no chance of injury from this one. Generally, the indestructible dog crates have sharp edges or clamps that could be injurious. However, that is not the case with the Empire.

Apart from that, there is a sliding metal dog crate tray. It is beneath the grated floor grill and thus the cleaning becomes even easier. Because you can insert or remove the tray even when the dog is inside.

There are four wheels on each leg of the kennel. It provides greater ease of movement. In fact, you can move this heavy duty dog crate with greater ease than the wire kennels.

Therefore, this kennel is suitable for all kinds of dogs especially the guard dogs and the rambunctious ones. It can easily hold the wild souls inside who would break open the other type of kennels if kept inside. Moreover, it is suitable for the medium and large sized dog breed especially the Houdini ones.

4. Paws & Pals Heavy Duty Folding Exercise Pen

Paws & Pals is a pet company which produces a variety of dog and cat products. Although Paws & Pals have some products for other animals too its dog and cat product series have more buyers. The feeding machine from this brand is the only food oriented product whereas there are none food products actually.

Paws & Pals also produces other pooch houses from which we have selected its eight-panel dog exercise pen. Because it is the best product compared to others from the similar category. Moreover, people choose the metal wire open top dog crate from this brand instead of the soft sided playpen.

The product list from this company includes dog shampoos, treats, oils, collar, car seat covers, and the list goes on and on.

Paws & Pals Exercise Pen Heavy Duty Folding


In-Depth Review

There are eight panels in the deal which make a fairly large open dog crate. You can also use some of its panels to form a smaller enclosure. Suppose, you take four panels and create two different enclosures.

However, the prime concept of this product is to allow the dog to loiter and stroll around inside the fence. It will not only exercise the dog but also become a dog crate with a potty area. Generally, pet parents put the litter box or mat at one corner and that spot will become a potty space for the pooch.

However, you will get a set of clipping carabiners which you will have used to attach the end panels in the chain. In that manner, you will have closed chain of panels that act as an enclosure. By the way, there will be the top portion always open.

That is one of the two loopholes that dog exploit while inside an exercise pen. Firstly, an athletic dog will try to jump out of the enclosure from the top. Secondly, the pooch will drag the pen everywhere around the room possible for him.

Therefore, an exercise pen is suitable for the pooches who stay calm inside an enclosure. Additionally, the small pups who like to play all day long. In fact, a potty area for the pooches the best provision because cannot hold like the adults do.

In addition to that, it is also suitable for the anxious pooch. But only if you use a kennel in substitution of one of its side panel. That will provide a cozy place and an open area, both inside one boundary.

Best Plastic Dog Crates

This section comprises the plastic kennels of various designs.

5. Petmate Sky Kennel

Petmate, as the name suggests is a manufacturer of the pet products. The maker has a wide range of kennels which reach the market. Moreover, out of all those kennels only the plastic ones receive a great feedback compared to the metal ones. Petmate produces the metal kennels and also the playpens which are renown in the pept supplies category. The concurrent product is an airline approved dog crate according to the IATA conditions. However, there is one intricacy about the airline travel compliance which you will find in the review.

Petmate Sky Kennel


In-Depth Review

The Sky kennel from the brand Petmate is an airline approved dog crate with one intricacy. That is its plastic nut-bolts that attach the top and bottom ends of the kennel. According to IATA guidelines, those fasteners shall be made of metal materials only. Thus, you will have to purchase the metal nut-bolts to attach the plastic crate in order to make it airline compliant.

Apart from that, there is no other problem regarding the kennel. It is an above average strength construction which will last for a longer life. Also, its locking mechanism has a two-way stiff spring clip locks which can hold an inquisitive dog inside.

In addition to that, there are sufficiently large ventilation holes on the side and rear walls. It will allow the utmost airflow inside yet limiting the light exposure from intruding. Therefore the kennel will be suitable for the anxious pooches too. Not to mention about the ventilation grills that makes it a partially chew proof dog crate too.

However, you can use a dog house pad for the floor which will ease the cleaning job for you. Additionally, it will provide an extra comfort and warmth for the dog inside.

6. Pet Gear The Other Door With Built-in Handle/Wheels

Pet Gear is the dog product manufacturing company which has many products other than the crate itself. The list of items Pet Gear produces includes strollers, pet carriers, crate bed, ramps, etc. Also, the most useful amongst them all is the kennel which you are about to see. The current plastic dog house amuses many users with its usefulness. Additionally, its aesthetics and lightweight characteristics are so great that many pet parents never switch to other brands in case they get more pet dogs.

Pet Gear The Other Door With Built-in Handle


house-Depth Review

Starting the review stating the best feature of this kennel first. The concurrent dog house is a foldable dog crate with an unparalleled folding mechanism. There are lightweight side walls and the retractable door which has two-way motion. It opens in a swiveling motion and settles beneath the rood like a telescopic shutter.

The deal also includes a furry soft bed which provides enough warmth and comfort. Even if your dog has a habit to sit on the soft sofa and not on the floor he will like the crate bed while inside.

Pet Gear other door has clippers to every side wall and the floor useful for attaching the adjacent panels. You will not require any special tool to set up or fold down the crate. Apart from that, the Other door kennel is made from plastic as well as metal materials which not only reduces the weight but also the cost.

This kennel is a standard type of wire dog house with the plastic frame and body. Only the side walls are the meshed wire panels. Additionally, there is a pair of two wheels and a handle which make the handling easier. You can easily move the crate anywhere you like.

7. PetSafe Solvit Mr. Herzher’s Indoor Wicker Crate for Dogs

Solvit is a subsidiary of the giant pet products manufacturer i.e. Petsafe. Petsafe produces many animal products which include creative designs unique products. Moreover, the Petsafe have more of the dog-related products than the products for any other animal. Apart from that, Solvit is also such manufacturer which engages in making unique products. Solvit produces a limited range of metal and plastic dog crates which includes out product for the review here. It is a kennel made with a combination of metal frame and plastic body. Let’s learn more in this Plastic Dog Crate Review.

PetSafe Solvit Mr. Herzher’s Indoor Wicker Crate for Dogs


In-Depth Review

This is a metal plus plastic dog crate which is a bit of metal and more of a plastic dog crate. It has a metal frame and a plastic knit side panels and roof. In addition to that, there is a floor pan which saves the crate from the accidents.

Also, there is a secure metal locking mechanism which can hold a pooch inside safely inside. The latch has a spring loaded handle which will lock immediately you leave the handle. Similarly, in order to open the latch, you will have to press the latch and open the door.

Additionally, the last part about this kennel which makes this unique is its raised floor. There are four legs which lift the crate above the ground which is desirable. It will not only isolate the kennel from the loud noises vibrations but also provide a vent reducing the moisture beneath the floor.

Best Wooden Dog Crates

Here you will find the wooden furniture kennels which are useful for holding a dog as well as adding a bit to the home decor too.

8. Merry Products Cage with Crate Cover Set

Merry Products is a company with a multidisciplinary manufacturing experience. It produces pet products specifically the dog and cat ones. Apart from that, Merry Products produces home furniture, special hardware tools, recreational items, etc. All the products we listed that Merry Products makes are of the wooden material. The maker specializes in making many wooden products which have not even related to one other. There is a wide range of domain categories from which the current maker produces its products.

Merry Products Cage with Crate Cover Set


In-Depth Review

This is a metal plus wooden dog crate which we have reviewed. It is so far the best wooden crate in terms of affordability, usefulness, and aesthetically sound design. It is one complete package including all the features you need from a wood dog crate.

The apparent kennel has a wooden frame in which the meshed metal wire panels complete the structure. It makes the kennel stronger and more stylish at an economical price. Moreover, people who opt for the wooden dog house actually want an end table dog crate.

Then you are at the right product now, it has a hard tabletop which will be useful in carrying household items like a lamp, calendar, photo frame, pen stand, etc.

In addition to that, there is a sliding floor pan which eases the washing process for you. In fact, there is a wooden cap cover in front of the tray which almost hides the pan. However, you can easily remove the cap and retract the floor pan in order to clean the crate.

There is only one downside to this product is that it has a simple door latch which an intelligent pooch can hack from inside. It is an easy sliding latch, it only requires a left or right motion for locking and unlocking respectively. Not to mention about the DIY locking mechanism you will have to prepare if you buy this kennel. It means you can apply a carabiner to the latch of the door in order to secure it.

9. Richell Wooden End-Table Crate

Richell is a pet products maker who produces some pet items other than the kennels. The products from this company include potty training pads, playpens, security gates, etc. Here we have an all wooden dog crate which can become a den, a kennel, a safe spot for the dog. Moreover, there are many products from this brand which are made from metal and wooden materials. Richell uses the technique to combine metal and wooden material to make the products economical and strong at the same time.

Richell Wooden End-Table Crate


In-Depth Review

The kennel we are reviewing here is a wood dog crate plus a den plus a hiding spot for the dog all in one. There is a 270° swiveling door which you can use to convert the dog crate table end into a den.

The door can swivel 270° starting from its closed-door position till it touches the side wall. There is two locking provision on the crate i.e. one for the open door and another for the closed. The door will have a locking mechanism when it is closed for obvious reasons but it has a locking provision while the door is completely too.

You can

hold the door in the open position in order to use the kennel as a den. It will allow the dog to get habituated with the kennel during an initial period. Apart from that, it has a sliding floor pan which will make the cleaning process easier for you.

If we have to point towards a drawback of this kennel then it will be its strength. The kennel is not going to withstand a boisterous pooch inside it. Therefore, you can use this kennel only of the calm and placid pooches.

10. Internet’s Best Wood & Wire Dog Crate with Cushion

The maker of the product which we are about to review is one wise person with an opportunistic approach. The name of the company is ‘Internet’s Best’ which the maker strives to deliver the same in its products. The Internet’s Best makes some products for animals and some for humans. However, there are many products for the humans than the animals. Nevertheless, we have found our product which will be suitable for many pooches. Additionally, it is the only item on our list which is made up of wooden material and has two wide opening doors. We have seen the Merry kennel which had two doors but here you will see the difference in the size, style, appearance and get to know about the previous line.

Internet’s Best Wood & Wire Dog Crate with Cushion


In-Depth Review

This product is a dog house furniture as well as a crate table. You can use it for multipurpose uses i.e. for the dog and for keeping the giant flower vase on top of it. The best part about this kennel is that it has two wide opening doors.

There is durable dog bed inclusive in the along with this kennel’s purchase. However, it is not a chew proof dog crate bed. Also, the kennel is made from wood board sheets which means it is not as hard as the normal home furniture.

It is the only drawback of this product i.e. it is not a chew proof dog crate. In the same manner, it is not suitable for the pooches who have mouthing habit. Additionally, it is not suitable for the Fido who cannot stay calm inside an enclosure.

Nonetheless, looking at its affordable price, you will find the deal very attractive if you have disciplined pooch. Not to mention, you can always crate train an older dog in this kennel too. However, it will take some time to make your dog habituated to the kennel if he is older.

Best Utility Dog Crates

Utility kennel is a product category comprising the blends of unique designs, creative construction, and safety of the pet dog.

11. DenHaus ZenHaus Dog House and End Table

DenHaus is a renown wooden dog kennel maker company which also engages in making novels designs. We call it furniture i.e. dog crate furniture because it is still used as a home furniture and the dog’s kennel as well. DenHaus makes the standard and premium wooden dog crates which have limited buyers because of its huge price tags. However, only a few working class people purchase this kennel who are willing to pay some fortune for their pooches home. Nonetheless, you can judge the product yourself after looking at its features and characteristics.

DenHaus ZenHaus Dog House and End Table


In-Depth Review

As it appears, the DenHaus kennels are of the premium design and make. On the contrary, this product is not the most expensive one you will find on the market especially after looking at its characteristics.

The concurrent product is made from a hard plastic material which can hold an inquisitive pooch inside. However, a strong large dog breed can break the walls if gone mad; it will take a few days or even weeks before he can actually break it. But it is not impossible for such a dog to break it.

Apart from that, this product has a good provision of air vents which will allow essential airflow and brightness inside the kennel. It is a good feature considering you have to hold an anxious pooch inside.

The kennel has an oval-shaped construction which can accommodate a large dog breed inside. In addition to that, you can even place it in one of the coziest corners of your living room. In fact, the glass fiber tabletop centerpiece of the kennel adds to the elegance of this product.

Therefore, you can choose this product if you have a calm or mildly active dog who can stay calm inside.

12. Little Dove Pet Teepee House Indian Tent

Little Dove is a tent manufacturing company who builds tents for kids as well as small breed dogs. You can select this tent if you plan to set it up indoors. Moreover, you can use the tent for outdoor purpose but its canvas fabric will not be perfect. The maker i.e. Little Dove is a premium tent producing company who manufactures the tents extensively for indoor playing purpose. Either the kids can play inside it or the little pets. Nothing apart from that, you cannot use it for camping purposes.

Little Dove Pet Teepee House Indian Tent


In-Depth Review

The Teepee is one kind of a dog camping crate for not actually outdoor camping sites. It will be more suitable to use the tent for indoor purposes. However, it is not necessary that you shall not use it outdoor. You can use it for outdoor camping too. Only you will have to manage its thick canvas fabric during the rainy weather.

On the contrary, you will find it more useful and fun to use indoors than outdoors. It is not a standard kennel which will hold a dog inside. Hence, if you want something to hold your dog inside safely then you shall choose anything from the list except Teepee.

The teepee is more of a recreational dog house or a den to be specific. It looks very cute and along with its pom pom balls, the small and medium-sized dog breeds will love it. You can use the floor mat inclusive in this deal to make the Fido more comfortable inside. The mat is made from soft pads which will not only be comfortable but also very warm during winters.

Thus, you can select this tent if you want your playful pooch to have his own tent castle. In fact, it will keep him busy most of the times and provide a sense of security.

Best Soft Dog Crates

Soft dog kennels are one of the most useful and economical products that pooches can have. Check out a review of the best soft sided dog crates that you can get for your pooch!

13. Petnation Port-A-Crate Indoor and Outdoor Home for Pets

Petnation is a proud manufacturer of the dog related items especially the kennels. Petnation makes several other products i.e. leash ropes, dog waste collector bag, etc. However, its soft dog crates are more popular amongst the pet parents compared to its other products.

Petnation Port-A-Crate Indoor and Outdoor Home for Pets


In-Depth Review

This is the most useful and affordable soft sided crate in this section. Firstly, it has a strong fabric and rigid frame which will be useful for outdoor uses and traveling too.

It is also a soundproof dog crate because of its limited vents and secure enclosure. It is a plus point about this crate that it is suitable for the pooches suffering from separation anxiety.

Furthermore, setting up and folding down this kennel is very easy. It is convenient to handle the crate because of its lightweight structure. Additionally, there is a padded base and smooth fabric which makes the dwelling easier for the pooch inside.

Therefore, the apparent product is suitable for the dog who suffers from separation anxiety or loud noise anxiety. It is not suitable for the pooches who are destructive or have mouthing habit.

14. Better World Pets Durable Den Soft Travel Dog Crate

The brand title Better World Pets produces a specific range of soft dog crates. Also, the company produces crate beds according to the sizes fitting their products. You can either select the apparent dog crate which has a crate pad inclusive in the deal. Otherwise, you can select both the items to provide an extra comfort for your pooch.

Better World Pets Durable Den Soft Travel Dog Crate


In-Depth Review

The soft dog crate here is one of the best dog carrier crate. It is suitable for the small-sized pooches irrelevant of those pooches are placid or boisterous. This crate will hold any kind of dog inside safely given that he fits in perfectly.

Additionally, the crate is made from a majority of fabric and minimum of mesh net material. It makes the crate strong enough for rough usage too. Thus, it is a perfect one for traveling and indoor uses also.

Apart from that, there is a waterproof dog bed included along with the crate. It fits perfectly in on the base limiting the slipping chances for the dog. Also, you can open the top door open during a car ride and keep the front door closed. It will keep the dog entertained and safe.

The Better World Pets is an airline approved and a travel-friendly dog kennel crate which is so far the most convenient one we have seen. The only downside of this product is its expensive price.

Best Dog Travel Crates

This section is for you if you are an avid traveler especially if you like to drive around in a pickup.

15. Gunner Kennels G1 Escape Proof Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Gunner is the only plastic crate making company which produces the indestructible dog house like kennels out of plastic. G1 is one crashproof crate which has passed the destructive testing without showing substantial damage signs. However, its close competitor has also secured a place on our rating list next to this one. By far, this is the best escape proof dog crate and a chew proof dog crate that we have seen. Not to mention about its lifetime guarantee.

Gunner Kennels G1 Intermediate Escape Proof Heavy Duty Dog Crate


In-Depth Review

G1 is the epitome amongst any other type of dog crate. It is a rotomolded plastic material which is a

strong making G1 an impact-proof dog crate. There are some crash tests performed on this kennel under which it showed no significant damage signs.

Additionally, there are many fastening points on the kennel where you can easily use to secure G1 during a car ride or anything severe than that also. In fact, its secure lock and some add-ons make it a theft-proof dog house along with the escape proof dog crate characteristics.

There are limited air vents which is desirable for the anxious pooches. In fact, it is desirable for the normal pooches too. Also, there are anti-slipping rubber feet which makes the G1 a perfect travel dog crate.

Therefore, the Gunner G1 is the best product suitable for all the Fido categories and breeds.

16. Petmate Two Door Travel Crate

Petmate Two Door Travel Crate

If you are planning for your vacations and want to take your pet along with you, then this Dog Crate can come in handy. It is specially designed for the purpose of traveling taking into consideration its overall weight and portability.


The frame of this dog crate is made from materials that are sturdy and durable enough to last longer. Although, it is made from the plastic material it is not any lesser durable than the metal ones out there. You can choose for this tough dog crate in an economical price bracket which is the best factor of this Petmate Dog Travel Crate.

In-Depth Review

Petmate Kennel is another escape-proof crate that has a rugged character similar to that of the Gunner G1. However, this one is not as rugged as the previous i.e. G1 Gunner dog crate.

Nevertheless, you can expect nothing but the best this one too. It is a design and construction one step ahead of many other dog crates. It has a secure locking mechanism, a tough body capable of absorbing impacts.

However, you will have to see some reliable ways of tying it on the trunk of your SUV or the trailer of a pickup. The Ruff Tough is more an SUV dog crate than the pickup kind. You will not find a suitable loop to fasten a tension belt on to the kennel. You will have to tie it via the air vents.

The small holes on the crate provide ventilation while the dog is inside the kennel. A grip handle is also provided on the top of the carate which makes it comfortable to hold the crate while traveling.

Therefore, the apparent dog house is one of the best compared to the plastic dog crates but slightly inappropriate for a car ride. However, it is an airline approved kennel that makes airline transport easier.

17. Ruff Tough Kennels Intermediate Single Door Dog Crate

Ruff Tough, as the name, suggests this product is a rock-solid structure that will last longer than the average lifespan of dogs. Although, the Rough Tough kennel is made from the plastic material it is not any lesser than the metal ones out there. You can choose for this tough dog crate in an economical price bracket which is the best factor of the Rough Tough.

Ruff Tough Kennels Intermediate Single Door Dog Crate

In-Depth Review

Ruff Tough is another escape-proof crate that has a rugged character similar to that of the Gunner G1. However, this one is not as rugged as the previous i.e. G1 Gunner dog crate.

Nevertheless, you can expect nothing but the best this one too. It is a design and construction one step ahead of many other dog crates. It has a secure locking mechanism, a tough body capable of absorbing impacts.

However, you will have to see some reliable ways of tying it on the trunk of your SUV or the trailer of a pickup. The Ruff Tough is more an SUV dog crate than the pickup kind. You will not find a suitable loop to fasten a tension belt on to the kennel. You will have to tie it via the air vents.

In addition to that, there are small ventilation holes which makes the fastening task even more difficult. Nevertheless, the small holes are suitable for the pooches suffering from separation anxiety.

Therefore, the apparent dog house is one of the best compared to the plastic dog crates but slightly inappropriate for a car ride. However, it is an airline approved kennel which makes airline transport easier.

Types of Dog Crates

Now, we are aware of the reasons to use a Fido crate. Also, that is not cruel to use a dog house is a responsible master. Further, referring to the guide that teaches methods to crate train a dog.

That leads us to the next topic i.e. the various types of dog houses which are available on the market. You might have seen the plastic, and wire dog crate stacks at any pet store.

Moreover, you know something about the dog houses due to selling the pooch crate Walmart have huge aisles stacked with it. Likewise, the online shopping sites i.e. Amazon Fido crate is a popular product even for the no-pet people.

You can see many types of kennels that pet parent purchase or build it themselves. It is not a new thing to find DIY dog kennel professionals are reaching home via various videos, blogs, etc.

Nonetheless, we will discuss the DIY dog crate after a pooch crate types. Here we are going to see a lot about the various dog house types that you can purchase online or from the pet store. These canine crates are Metal, Plastic, Wooden, Soft-sided, Travel-Friendly, Furniture, and the DIY dog crate.

Each one of these differs from each other in many ways. Firstly, starting right from the material, design, joints, rigidity, lifespan, purpose, suitability, cost, to its effect on a dog, etc. Everything will differ for the various dog crates.

Go through the detailed explanation on the unique features of each pooch crate type. You will be able to find the most appropriate one that suits your pooch. Additionally, you can look for the supplementary features of every individual kennel that makes it more stylish, aesthetic, ergonomically sound, etc.

There is a vast variety of dog kennel crate products. We describe each of the kennel categories on the basis of its built material. Adding to the fact, that many people prefer the metal or the wooden pooch kennels for its long lasting life or stylish appearance respectively.

Let us start with the metal dog crates first.

1. Metal Dog Crate

Any dog kennel which is made up of metal materials will find its place in this category. Moreover, the metal dog crates also have other materials i.e. plastic, fabric, wood, etc. in its design. Because every other material never constitutes a major proportion in the design we call it metal pooch crate.

The metal dog house is not only a straight and simple category. There are sub-categories under the tag metal canine crate. Additionally, the category only describes the build material of the crate i.e. metal whereas the sub-categories will describe the building structure.

The subcategories of the metal kennels are namely wire dog crate and indestructible dog crate. Both the kennels are made up of metal having different structure and strength.

Generally, the wire dog crates are suitable for most of the pooches. On the other hand, the indestructible dog house is a large metal crate built to hold a strong and wild Fido inside. Moreover, a strong and rambunctious dog will damage the crate easily in order to break out of it.

Thus, the wire dog kennel is a type of metal dog house suitable for the pooches who cannot cage breaking expert like Houdini.

1.1. Wire Dog Crate

medium sized dog crate

Wire crate for a dog is just like an enclosure that allows you to look outside a lot. No, it is not an advisable thing to do with a dog. The lesser a dog is able to see the outside happenings the more he will enjoy the crate.

The wire dog crate is made up of thin rigid wires having welding joints all around the kennel. Actually, there are a couple of long wires that form a structure like a box.

Due to much vacant space in the box structure and gaps between the successive wires, it is lightweight. There will not be any less useful metal piece on the whole wire canine crate. That makes it minimalistic, lightweight, easy to handle, and a cheap dog crate type.

People purchase the wire dog house not only for the reason that they are cheap but also for the reason that they are long-lasting. The only drawback pet parents have to face is that their pooches might not stay calm inside due to separation anxiety.

Nevertheless, if your pooch suffers from anxiety for any reason then you shall go for the wire dog crate covers. It will limit the light exposure, eliminate loud noises from entering, pooch whining inside the crate by looking outside. These are all the important factors which not only governs the anxiety occurrence pattern in dogs but also the reasons for stress in many animals.

We have differentiated the dog kennels based on its materials then derived sub-categories based on design and construction. Now, we can further differentiate the wire dog kennels on basis of the provision of doors, and an area inside.

There are three types of wire crates of dogs namely: single door, double door, and exercise pen.

i. Single Door Wire Dog Crate

Wire dog house with a single door is a cost-effective product that you can buy and solve the problem. At the same time, there will be equal pros and cons during the usage.

Furthermore, all the wire crate products have a cuboid shape. And the single door crate will have an opening on either a short panel or the long panel. That means the door will open either at the length or width of the kennel.

Thus, you will have to look for a perfect single door kennel that fits the surrounding of your house. Many times, people get a crate which has an opening door at its short panel. Which means you will have to put the crate in such a way that the shorter panel faces opposite to the wall.

Adding to the fact, a single door arrangement will not only make the entry/exit possible in one way but also makes difficult to arrange a dog bed. It will make the cleaning a bit difficult if the metal dog crate pan is not retractable.

ii. Double Door Wire Dog Crate

xxxl dog crate

This is the counterpart of a single door dog kennel i.e. the double dog crate. The concurrent type of dog house has two doors which allow the entry/exit of the crate. Additionally, it will make the crate handling very easy as well as simple for arranging the dog crate bed or a canine crate pad.

The advantage of using a double door dog house is that you can use it as a potty training dog crate. Moreover, the double canine crate manufacturers provide a canine crate divider along with the product. Use of the crate with a divider for a potty purpose is the sole reason for using a divider.

It is will allow you to use the kennel as a Fido crate with a potty area. And make it happen, you will have put a divider in the crate dividing the space in unequal proportion i.e. 20:80, 30:70,…, 40:60 etc. And utilize the larger end as the potty training dog crate end will solve many problems.

Apart from the crate soiling(click here to see how to stop your dog from Crate Soiling) reasons, the double door crate is very useful in holding more than one Fido inside. Generally, pet parents put the small pups inside the crate and put separation i.e. the divider for limited movements. It is possible to put a divider between two pooches with different temperaments. You can put the dogs having calm and rambunctious temperaments respectively on either side of the divider.

1.2. Exercise Pen

An exercise pen is not a standard type of dog house but it has the similar use and purpose. It is also a very popular method for holding a dog in its confinement. It has a name i.e. open top dog kennel which perfectly describes the product.

An exercise pen is an enclosure of a fence layer. It is a chain of walls that connect with other panels and forms a closed chain. In fact, the open pooch crate is a better idea to hold a dog in the desired place.

It will allow the pooch to move around inside the boundary which is desirable. Generally, it helps the pooch to exercise a bit by moving inside the open top dog crate. This eliminates the probability of crate soiling or Fido over gaining weight.

You can use a litter box at any corner of the open crate which will become a toilet space. The dog will also have ease of movement, freedom of playing with the toys, urinating, pooping, etc.

However, there will be one problem which will increase if your little champ suffers from separation anxiety. Because to control anxiety, a cozy, dark, noise proof spot is necessary. And none of that seems to be present in an open top dog crate.

These characteristics are available in a wire dog crate. Only the canine crate covers on the wire crate for dogs will solve these problems. But we want the advantages of an open dog crate.

Creative Application

dog crate for separation anxiety

Nevertheless, it is not the end of the discussion yet. An exercise pen allows you to attach the wall panels with one another and connect the chain in order to have an enclosure. There you can substitute a panel of the pen for the front panel of the wire dog crate.

Similar to the image above, the dog can have a den(kennel) with a limited free area(exercise pen) to roam. It will solve all the problems which we had discussed above.

1.3. Indestructible Dog Crate

indestructible dog crate

This is another sub-category under the metal crates. Moreover, it will have a similar shape i.e. a cuboid but the strength will be way more than the wire dog crate. It is a heavy duty metal crate built to hold the strong, rambunctious four-legged champ inside.

Generally, not every dog can cope with the dog kennel easily. Some might get aggressive, destructive while you crate them. Adding to the fact, those dogs are already mad about being inside the crate will use their large and strong body to damage the kennel.

Moreover, the medium dog breeds or the large breed dogs can break open the wire dog kennels easily. Because they have heavy bodies, more strength, powerful jaws damaging a wire dog house is an easy job for such pooches.

There we have the indestructible dog kennels which have heavy metal materials and unbreakable structures. It will hold the mad, wild, and strong Fido inside safely due to its secure locking mechanism.

Moreover, the heavy duty dog crate is meant for indoor usage. However, you will not have any problem using it for your backyard or the verandah. The guard dogs will want this kind of kennel outdoors where they usually dwell.

Therefore, the indestructible crate is suitable for multiple usages i.e. for outdoor and indoor as well. It is suitable even for the calm pooches as well as the rambunctious ones. Only you will have to spend more money on the indestructible dog house where the wire crate would be enough for the calm, obedient dog.

2. Plastic Dog Crate

extra large dog crate

The plastic dog crate is another dog house category that is equally renown as the metal dog crate. There are some features of the plastic kennels which are better than the metal ones but many demerits too.

The plastic dog house is made up of various plastic grade materials depending on the manufacturer. Moreover, the brand producing the high-grade plastic kennels will charge more for the quality. At the same time, some brands who manufacture the plastic kennels made up of a lower plastic grade will have an economical price tag.

Additionally, the pooches who are going to stay inside will not understand the quality and try to damage it somehow. Thus, the higher grade plastic capable to hold a rambunctious Fido inside plays the role. Generally, a perfect way of crate training your dog can develop discipline in him.

Therefore, the plastic dog kennels are more suitable for the calm and placid pooches. Because they cannot damage the kennel in order to get outside. On the contrary, the boisterous pooches can easily damage the plastic dog crate.

Apart from that, the plastic dog crate category is better known for its lightweight and portable structure. In fact, the plastic dog kennel will weigh as light as half of the metal crate weight. It makes the handling very easy.

Likewise, the plastic kennels are made in two halves and the final kennel is an fitment of those parts. It not only makes the manufacturing very easy but also faster than the most crate categories.

As the matter of fact, the manufacturing process producing the plastic kennels in halves for a reason. It allows detachment of the halves and saves a lot of storage space while not in use. You can stack the plastic crate halves on one another.

Airline Approved Plastic Dog Crate

Moreover, the pet parents choose the plastic kennels in order to take it along the travel or a tour. Most of the plastic kennels are airline approved dog crate labeled products. It means the plastic crate satisfies every requirement which approves of airline transportation.

Starting with the airline dog crate category which means the kennel that abides the traveling laws. All the rules and regulations are levied by the International Air Transport Association(IATA). It is an authoritative body which governs the airline cargo regulations and specification.

The pet transporting nuances are just miniature disciplines of the IATA along with many other. Therefore the rules from the IATA focus on two main factors i.e. comfort of the pet and airline cargo transport efficiency optimization.

Additionally, most of the individual airline cargo companies have a specific rule description. It means they only allow the cargo or luggage in their cargo that meets their rules. Thus, you can try to understand the rules or get in touch with a professional animal shipper.

3. Wooden Dog Crate

A wood dog crate is a type of kennel made of wood and people wanting a luxury for their dogs to prefer this. Not to mention that how cool an end table dog crate looks in a house having rooms with elegant wallpaper.

Moreover, the pet parent chose the crate end table in order to satisfy the multipurpose requirements. Yes, the wooden dog house is more like a crate table top which loads household item on top if needed.

Generally, the wooden dog kennel plan needs a well-thought idea. Because a wood crate will not be suitable for frequent relocation in the house. It shall be in a spot where you would not try t move in a couple of months.

Likewise, you shall not invest in a wooden crate if you are in a temporary home. Then going for the soft sided crate or the metal or the plastic crate is advisable. In fact, travel dog crate might be just the thing you will like.

Again, the wooden dog house will add an unparallel appearance to your interior. Not only you will find it very useful but also the dog will. Because the pooches would adapt to the things around them really fact especially when you like it too.

3.1. Wood Dog Crate Furniture

amazon dog crate

In addition to that, a wooden crate can reduce the anxiety in the pooch significantly. Only you will have to use the crate cover or make a curtain that fits the walls of the kennel. It will not only keep the occupant warm in the cozy spot but also limit the noises and light exposure from entering.

The wooden base of the kennel is a good vibration dampening material which will isolate kennel from vibrations. It will make the wood crate a soundproof dog crate as well. It is the only reason a wooden kennel is the best dog crate for separation anxiety. In fact, the vix canine crate i.e. the Zen dog crate proves to be one of the best smart dog crate kennels that win from many high anxiety crates.

3.2. Dog Crate End Table

An end table dog crate one classification for most of the wood kennels. Moreover, the wooden crate will have a flat, smooth, and tough rooftop. It will provide a space for you to load some household items on it namely: photo-tile, lamp, telephone, etc.

It will utilize the wood crate in more than one ways. You can use it not only to hold a dog inside but also for another purpose i.e. keeping a reading lamp or yearly calendar on it.

Furthermore, pet parents choose a dog crate furniture in such a way that wooden material on it is just of a fractional proportion. Therefore, we can describe such kennels as the pooch crate furniture for simplicity.

high anxiety dog crate reliever

You can also see a dog house furniture category in the next section. And also the vix crate i.e. the best dog crate for separation anxiety.

4. Utility Dog Crate

end table dog crate

Utility kennel section is not a legit dog kennel category, instead, this non-conventional category describes the kennels which do not fall under any other category. It is more of a crate furniture than the regular crate. Moreover, the dog house furniture having a creative and non-conventional design finds its place here.

Further, most of the Fido crate furniture products have multipurpose usage similar to that of an end table dog crate. Not to mention, every pooch crate furniture resembles the wooden canine crate.

The kennels made from wooden, metal, plastic, glass fiber or any other materials can have a place in this category. Only if those kennels have unique, creative construction can have a tag namely: dog crate furniture.

Talking about the furniture, firstly, we associate furniture with wooden build and construction. On the contrary, it is not so. Anything inanimate object in the house used as a commodity for some work/purpose is furniture i.e. desk, bed, crate, etc.

Therefore, it is not necessary that we mean a wooden crate when we address a kennel as ‘dog crate furniture’ or ‘utility dog crate‘.

5. Soft-Sided Dog Crate

small dog crate

Here we have another popular dog house category i.e. the soft canine crate. The soft kennels are not the ideal products designed to lock a dog inside. These are just the products which a dog will use willingly.

However, the soft sided dog crate is more useful than the others while camping, touring, etc. In fact, it will be the best item that controls the pooch during a car ride. Along with the dog never actually feels that he is on a strap.

The soft sided crate is the perfect example of a foldable crate. The prime function of the soft sided dog house is its foldability. In addition to that, lightweight, portable dog crate features, waterproof, relieves anxiety, small crate suitable for pups, etc. are all the features of any soft crate.

Coming to the design and construction of the soft dog crate. It is actually a frame which holds the outer cover similar to the pooch crate covers. There are no solid walls, doors, roof, or even a solid floor. All these components are made of the soft yet rugged fabric cover.

The frame of the soft sided crate supports the fabric like the skeleton supports our body. Not to mention, the frame will have hinge joints to certain nodes where the frame actually folds. The design works in the same manner as an umbrella. You will expand/set up the crate when needed and fold down if not.

This design makes the whole kennel lightweight yet sufficiently strong to last long. Also, the folding frame makes the kennel a portable dog crate. Additionally, the fabric of the cover will not only provide limited light exposure but also allow enough airflow inside. Thus, the dark and warm spot will provide better comfort.

The door of the soft dog crate will have zipper closures which seal the kennel from outside. In addition to that, the doors are made up of meshed nets which acts like an air vent for the occupant.

6. Dog Travel Crate

xl dog crate

Many times, you wish to travel around the globe with your little champ. You might say, not around the globe, maybe around the country will be good. Having your four-legged champ with you will be the most exciting thing any pet parent could ever ask for.

However, before you start daydreaming again of a vacation, let us remind you that there are many intricacies. You will have to check if the kennel is airline approved, the hotel is dog-friendly, or the camping area weather, etc. Everything related the dog crate seems to start making you concerned more and more.

Generally, pet parents seek for the perfect crate that will be IATA dog crate i.e. airline compliant. Additionally, tough enough to hold an inquisitive pooch inside safely. Then you are looking exactly for the travel dog crate.

In the same manner, you will have to decide that you need a travel dog kennel for air transport or the car rides. Because if you are going to use the kennel only for the car or bus rides then every dog travel crate will be suitable for you. In contrast to that, if you will be using the dog house for air transport then you need to make sure you select an airline approved dog crate.

Further, there are various types of kennels which have unique characteristics. Those characteristics will lead to the functioning of a crate different from another one. There you could see if any of those features actually meet your requirements.

Therefore, select the crate that suits your pooch the best. Also, make sure you have done through the important buying tips you need to consider before buying any dog crate below(after the DIY crate category).

7. DIY Dog Crate

DIY dog crate cover

Finally, we have reached the last dog house category. The Do It Yourself dog crate(DIY) it is. You will not find it in the market or anywhere online, except for its photographs. This is a job for the people who manage enough spare time from their lives, job, and their pet of course. Those people can build a DIY kennel that will be useful for their pet.

However, many people consult a professional fabricator for DIY metal dog crate or a carpenter for the wooden. It will get them their custom-made dog crate, not the DIY and eventually end up spending way lot than necessary.

Moreover, a DIY crate can cost a bit more considering you need a reliable one and not the temporary. In addition to that, if you have spent the money right along with proper manufacturing practice the kennel will last forever.

However, in the manufacturing process, you might make some mistakes and miss the precision by a bit. Yet it will be no one’s loss that your pooch gets his home, you learn to manufacture to an extent, and saving the money in the longer term.

Coming to the types of DIY kennels, you cannot find constraints on how people can make a DIY dog crate. Some people are blacksmith, carpenter, or plumber in themselves; maybe professionals or self-learned artists. They can utilize about anything from the scrap and restore the material building a DIY crate out of it.

Generally, a DIY dog kennel will consist of either a metal, plastic, or wooden material. Moreover, pet parents make a DIY wooden dog crate themselves because some of them have expertise in cutting, and carpentering work. Whereas, people living in small apartments might go for the DIY metal crate option or the plastic ones.

Not to mention, pet parent try to make every other component on their own for their pooches. Thus, the DIY dog crate table or to be specific crate end table DIY is less popular than the DIY pooch crate cover and crate divider DIY.

Therefore, you can make a kennel from whatever you think suits your dog the best. Only make sure you have gone through the detailed guide ‘selecting a dog crate’ below. It will state the essential features in a crate that the dog cannot live without. Additionally, it describes the factor (i.e. avoiding sharp components)which you need to read thoroughly if you opt for making the DIY.

Also, read the merits and demerits of building a DIY prior to getting too optimistic about the DIY crate plans for your pooch.

How to Crate Train a Dog?

small dog crate

An answer to how to crate train your dog? Depends on the temperament of the dog i.e. calm, placid, obedient, inquisitive, aggressive, etc. Likewise, you will have to maintain the character without breaking out of the role you play as his master.

Even if you break your character for an instance, the pooch will take you for granted and bring you back to square one. The process of crate training can be rigorous, frustrating and will demand patience, consistency from you. You will have to become strict and caring at the same time.

We have prepared an easy six-step guide, it will be sufficient to teach a pup or an adult. These six steps we have described here are just the brief of the while crate training concept. You can refer our detailed guide on ‘How to Crate Train A Dog’ which also features the six-step guide.

Six Step Guide

  •  Keep the crate where the dog can see and get used to it. Play around it.
  •  You shall train your dog to move in and out on your command.
  •  Encourage his obedience with treat rewards.
  •  Keeping the crate in an empty room start locking him inside for short intervals.
  •  Start locking him in the crate and move out of the house. The dog will learn from the silence of your absence.
  •  Finally, start the crate training dog at night. If he is sleeping soundly then he is ready for the crate.

Furthermore, the detailed guide describes the reasons, outcomes, precautions of using a dog house. In fact, you can see the vix dog crate that solves this problem. By preventing high anxiety dog crate states that its smart tech makes the anxiety fade away.

How to Select a Dog Crate

Selecting a crate can be easy or difficult depending upon your experience with your Fido and kennels. Moreover, pet parents choose the crate emphasizing on budget and temperament of the dog. These factors are the most important ones to consider while buying a dog crate.

In addition to that, There are a few more factors which you will need to consider while the kennel. You will understand the importance of every factor especially if you are buying the kennel for the first time.

If you are buying a dog kennel from online shopping site then you will have a detailed info of the product accessible. The shopping site will sell many products which you might not find in a pet store. Therefore, people opt to go for the dog crate Walmart than a pet store. However, there are some people who always opt for the Amazon dog crate which reaches their doorstep easily.

There are many factors that play a role while using a kennel for your little champ. Out of those, we have listed eight of them below with a brief reason of its importance. You will also find how to imply or use these factors while purchasing a dog crate.

Dog Crate Size

This is the first and foremost criteria before selecting a crate. You will have to measure your dog and see in a dog crate size chart to compare of what size dog house will be the best for your dog.

Many times, pet parent inquire about ‘how big should a crate be?’ in order to have the best results from the kennel. Additionally, they worry if the dog might cope up with the separation anxiety inside the kennel. Well, the size of the crate minutely governs the anxiety in pooches but it depends on the crate training too.

Moreover, the dog kennel size means the ergonomics of the kennel. Similar to humans who design most of the utility items ergonomically, crate sizes means ergonomics. Because ergonomics implies optimum cost, space utilization, materials, etc. to have the best results.

The main motive of having a perfect sized crate means the comfortable occupant. Better the comfort, happier the pet. Thus, dog house size is a vital factor in selecting a dog crate.

dog crate sizes

Only the chief character of the size of the dog house will be that it allows an easy movement for the dog inside. Additionally, the Fido can sit or sleep without getting succumbed by the small size. Look in the image that shows different cases of the dog’s position inside the kennel.

On the contrary, selecting a large dog crate than necessary will not help a pup to cope with anxiety. There only a cozy and dark kennel like a den will contribute positively.

In fact, using a crate divider can make a kennel temporarily smaller for a pup. And, by removing the divider the crate will be suitable for the grown-up pooch as well. Generally, pet parent purchases a large crate even while their pup is small.

Then they use a divider in such a way that the small pup gets only a fraction of the area i.e. sufficient for him. After which the master stops using the divider once the pup is all grown.

You need to make sure, you select a large dog crate, extra large dog crate, small dog crate, or a medium dog crate whichever fits perfect for the pooch.

A perfect sized dog kennel will have many benefits i.e. perfect stance of the dog in the crate, never losing the natural posture of the body, comfort, anxiety relief.

Best Kennel for Different Temperament

Some dogs naturally love the leisure life, while others get excited even to the same kettle whistle sound they have been hearing for months. Likewise, the pooches react differently while in an enclosure or in an open area.

Therefore, you will have judge the temperament of your dog and anticipate his response beforehand. It will not only save you a lot of time but also some money as well.

Furthermore, you can follow and practice the dog kennel training on your pooch until he adapts with the kennel. Also, you can see which dog house will be the best for your pooch. Just identify which type of dog crate indicates the temperament similar to that of your pooch suitable for it.

1. Metal Wire Dog Crate

  • Suitable For: All breed sizes who are calm in a confinement and incapable of tearing the wire dog crate apart. Also, all the small dog breeds can stay here perfectly even if they are rambunctious.

2. Metal Indestructible Kennels

  • Suitable For: Strong and rambunctious pooches who can tear open the crate using their strength. Generally, the medium or large sized breeds are a perfect type of pooches.

3. Plastic Crates

  • Suitable For: Small and medium-sized dog breeds who can stay calm in a confinement. Shall not have mouthing habit. Suitable for traveling purposes and for pooches having anxiety issues.

4. Wooden Kennels

  • Suitable For: All breed sizes who do not have mouthing habit. Depending on the build quality can hold rambunctious pooches easily. Moreover, suitable to the interior decor of the house by increasing aesthetics.

5. Dog Crate Furniture

  • Suitable For: Specific pooches whose masters like to have something unique for them.

6. Soft Sided Dog Crate

  • Suitable For: Small and medium-sized dog breeds who are calm, obedient. Especially who does not have a mouthing habit. Suitable for an anxious pooch who is not destructive.

7. Travel Dog Crate

  • Suitable For: Dogs who have to travel along with their masters.

8. DIY Dog Crate

  • Suitable For: Every dog because the custom-made pooch crate maker will make the kennel according to the requirements of the pooch exclusively.

Therefore, now you know of the dog kennel in which your little companion can be compatible. Similarly, you shall consider the further factors while purchasing a dog crate.

Collapsible Dog Crate

foldable dog crate

A foldable crate will make the storage and stacking the kennel easy while not in use. That will allow you to use it for the dog by expanding it and store it by folding. However, most of the kennels have the collapsible feature in one way or the other.

Therefore, you can consider this feature while buying the kennel but keeping it at a lower priority is advisable. Because many kennels are capable of getting into the compact storage places and expanding when in need.

Generally, the dog crates having a collapsible tagline is more a marketing technique from the maker. As you might have felt, such convincing taglines can attract some potential buyers to the shop.

Moreover, there are a majority of the dog kennels that are actually a type portable dog crate. However, a different type of crate will have a different folding mechanism. Let’s say, a folding metal dog crate will end up like taking the shape of thick dog house pan after you fold it.

Similarly, the plastic crate will take the shape of the inverted half in an upside-down manner. Also, the soft sided crate will take the shape of its base after a fold down. And an indestructible kennel will fold according to mechanism the maker provides.

Finally, you shall not fall for the marketing technique makers use to charge you more for a cheap dog crate.

Easy Cleaning of the Kennel

Here we have a factor that will reduce the boring errands for you i.e. cleaning the kennel. Moreover, pet parents try to avoid cleaning the crate for days. Additionally, some rare pet parents can ignore the cleaning even for weeks.

There is only one reason i.e. cleaning is boring as usual. Especially when you know that your dog will soil it again any time after you clean. However, crate soiling is inevitable if you feed the pooch keeping the food and water bowl inside. Additionally, you fail to take the pooch out for a urine or potty break at regular intervals.

Coming to the solution, a metal dog house tray or the pan will help in cleaning the crate. A crate with a floor plan is very easy to clean. An easy sliding floor pan is a must in order to clean it in no time.

The trays on the floor will collect the waste inside the crate without spoiling the house or the crate itself. Then you will have to take it out in order to wash it. Not to mention, that the smooth finish of the crate makes the cleaning very easy.

Generally, the dog crates with tray will have a floor pan either sliding or stationary. Further, the stationary crate tray is possible to clean once you take it out by opening the door. Whereas the sliding dog crate pan is easy to slide out.

Metal dog crates are the only one type of kennels which will have a tray because of the absence of a solid floor. All the metal kennels either have wired floor or made of metal bars(indestructive). Only for that reason, the makers have to provide a floor plan along with the product. Thus, you can remove the pan and take it to the water tap or the sink in order to wash it.

On the contrary, all the other kennels do not have the concept of crate tray. Because in those kennels you will find a continuous solid floor. However, it means you need to wash the crate from inside taking the mop and water near the kennel.

Therefore, the metal dog house with removable sliding pan wins the game. If you think your laziness can affect the dog’s hygiene then you shall choose the crate with a sliding pan. Otherwise, purchase a dog kennel pads to solve the problem for crates other than metal. Because a washable floor pad is simple to wash similar to a metal dog crate tray.

No Sharp Components Harmful for a Dog

This section is very important if you have DIY dog crate plans. This is important even if you have wooden crate plans. Because it will be irrelevant if make a dog kennel yourself or hire a professional for the job. It is you who finally inspects if the product is fit for your pet.

Generally, the dog crate will have a metal chip or a wooden flake popping out from the base components can be injurious. It can injure either you or your pooch while using it.

Adding to the fact, the small metal chips or wooden flakes can intrude you skin upon accidental contact and cause bacterial infection at times. In fact, the metal chip or wooden flake can even break into a fragment inside worsening the injury.

Therefore, a thorough final inspection is very important to identify repair of fixing any sharp components extruding the crate is present. In case of a DIY, you can design the crate in a way that none of the components extrude in an inappropriate manner and reduce the chances of injuries.

Selecting Dog Crate Covers

dog crate covers

This section is important if your pooch has anxiety issues of some kind. Moreover, pooches can suffer from stress and ultimately anxiety due to one reason out of many or due to a combination of reasons.

There are some factors that control the stress levels in pooches to some level. These factors are security, coziness, darkness, silence. Moreover, the high anxiety dog crates have none of these factors and as the result the dog gets anxious. If you find your dog urinating in crate separation anxiety is responsible.

As the matter of fact, the dog crate covers will provide relief to the pooches to a greater extent. Firstly, a crate cover will limit the light exposure and loud noises from intruding. Secondly, it will prevent the dog from looking out from the crate hopelessly. Finally, the warmth due to an elimination of excess airflow inside the crate. All these features of the Fido crate cover eventually lead a dog to the stress-relieving environment.

Therefore, choosing a dog crate cover for will not only give a pleasant appearance to the crate but also make the dog comfortable inside.

Selecting Dog Crate Pads

We have described a bit about the crate pads before in the dog kennel cleaning section. Here you can see about the dog house pads that are using different crates.

Dog crate pad is not at all a requirement or a replacement tray for a crate if you have one already. All the metal dog kennels will have a tray either made of plastic or metal in the deal. There you will not require a crate tray.

On the other hand, if you are planning for a dog kennel except for metal then you can select a pad for it. Furthermore, you shall select a waterproof pooch crate pad. It will not only provide a warm floor to rest, collect the crate wastes but also will be easy to wash.

Therefore, the dog crate with a floor pan or the dog kennels with a floor pad is a must.

The EndNote

Finally, we conclude the review hoping that you have found the perfect dog house that suits your requirements and that of your pooch. Because the best dog crate is the one that matches your requirements, not the one that has more features.

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