Impact Dog Crates Reviews of 2023 | Verdict

The Impact Dog Crate is by far the most useful and best metal dog crate for traveling. It is a portable dog crate which is easy to set up and fold down. Overall, it is a complicated looking rugged dog travel crate.


Impact Dog Crate Reviews

The Impact dog crate looks like an ultimate cellar that can hold an inquisitive strong pooch easily. Its rigid and robust construction makes the Impact case dog crate a chew proof dog crate. In fact, no dog could either bite or nail the sidewalls enough to damage it. Moreover, the floor of the crate will have scratches after a couple of years if you don’t use an indestructible dog crate bed and do not groom your dog(cutting the nails).

Impact dog crate indestructible dog crate



Furthermore, the Impact dog crate is a big dog crate which can fit almost every large dog breeds. Likewise, the small dog crate i.e. small Impact case dog crate is suitable for the toy breeds.

This is an SUV dog crate which is a versatile product. You can use it as an indoor dog crate as well as an outdoor dog crate. On the other hand, you can take the Impact dog crate along while traveling. It is an airline approved dog crate which means you can travel overseas or wherever with the Impact case dog crate on the same flight.

Moreover, it is very useful for the car rides as the foldable feature makes it a compact dog travel crate. The Impact Case Dog Crate is not only a travel dog crate but also a crash-proof kennel(see Gunner G1 Crash Proof Dog Crate). It has a strongly built structure that can withstand a car crash without severe effects on the occupant.

Impact dog crate is one of the best products(see Best Dog Crate Reviews)on the market for a reason. Not to mention, the Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate will cost you a hefty sum for its durable quality. However, you can know the product’s worth after a long time. The crate will not deform a bit for years, maybe the whole life of the dog and even longer.

The Impact Case Dog Crate is the American made product which is the main reason for its good quality. Likewise, the makers also express the confidence in providing a two-year limited warranty for their heavy duty dog crate i.e. the high anxiety model. However, the rest of the products also share the similar frame but a different type of folding mechanism.

Here you will see about the product unique features and usefulness. The review will describe every component of the crate in detail. Finally, you can see if the Impact case collapsible dog crate meets your requirements for a kennel.

Design of Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate

Impact Case Dog Crate is a folding dog crate which is easy to set up and fold down. Additionally, it is made up of an aluminum sheet for lightweight and maximum strength.

foldable dog crate

Although Impact dog crate is one robust structure it is also very compact dog crate in the folded condition. The top and bottom panels of the crate remains as it is in a fold-down condition. But the side walls of the crate i.e. the long panels running adjacent to the front door are foldable.

Those hinges are the vital component of the crate which makes it a foldable dog crate. In addition to that, the heavy duty hinges are long lasting which allow the side walls of the Impact dog crate to fold.

The front and rear panels have a common hinge joint with the opposite side of the floor panel respectively. Therefore, in order to fold the Impact case collapsible dog crate, you will have to pull the roof and swivel the front and rear panels. All the arrangement will eventually lock in its position because of the precision build design.

Finally, the two giant dog crate side rails shall come in its place i.e. on the side walls over the hinges. It will not only firmly hold the hinge joint from folding in but also hold the front and rear panels stuck to its position.

It makes the aluminum kennel for pooches a rigid indestructible dog crate. Every component has the perfect design which fits right into its place without any effort. It is the result of the precise design and manufacturing from the makers of Impact dog crate.

Thus, Impact case collapsible dog crate is perfectly suitable for the pet parents who love to travel with their pooch. Because the Impact case dog crate is an SUV dog crate and compatible with the smaller cars too. You only need to fold down the crate to load inside the small car while the dog remains out till the time.

In addition to that, the Impact dog crate is suitable for the pooches suffering from separation anxiety. Likewise, it is a chew proof dog crate and suitable for the Fido who like to chew a lot. You can also use the Impact case kennel to hold a rambunctious or Houdini dog inside. Because there is no way a dog would be breaking from an intelligent dog crate.

Components of Impact Dog Crate

Here we come to the most important section of the review. You can go through the details of each component of the crate. Moreover, the Impact Case Dog Crate is comprised of the several components which finally make the user experience better.

Therefore, we have listed the vital components of the Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate which directly or indirectly contributes to the working of the crate. Without these components, the crate will not function as effectively as it will with them.

Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate Door

The front opening door of the Impact dog crate does not occupy the who front panel space. It is very good if we consider from the design perspective. Because the smaller door with greater rigidity will last longer than the larger door.

Additionally, the small door does not affect the dog while entering or leaving the Impact dog crate. Likewise, it will be very effective for locking the door because the door remains more secured.

The door has an aluminum frame and a grill layer blocking the center space of the door. It will not only allow maximum airflow inside the crate but also let limited light to pass through. The grill is made up of strong pipe layer that will withstand heavy blows or impacts of a strong pooch.

The door nicely aligns with the side frame of the front panel. There is a clamp welded on the door as well as the front frame for extra locking provision. With the half clamp aligning with the other half of that of the frame, you can use a lock for extra security.

You can read more about the locking mechanism and features in the next section.

Locking Mechanism

escape proof dog crate

Locking mechanism here is more than just the door. However, the only entry and exit point of the Impact dog crate has an unbreakable latch. In addition to that, the foldable dog crate has other clips and locking butterfly latches too.

Starting with the door first, it has a paddle ring latch at the center from the top. It has an intangible structure inside the door which the dog cannot damage. The door will lock automatically when you push it till the closing end. Likewise, you can open it using a smoothly operating ring latch on the door.

Apart from that, there is a clamp in two halves useful for putting an extra lock on the door. It is very useful while on a long car ride. You can also fasten a locking rope into it to prevent the crate from getting stolen.

Hunters usually lock their crates onto the pickup when they are away with the dog for hunting. It can also be very useful while traveling on a highway or on a similar tour.

In addition to the door locks, there are other locking mechanisms too. These locks help other components to be in their place as long as the crate is set up or in a fold-down condition.

chewy dog crate

The side rails of the Impact dog crate have a pair of two butterfly latches for secure fastening. Each latch perfectly fits on the opposite ends of both the rails. That means there are two rails and four butterfly latches in total.

The other end of the butterfly latch i.e. a slot/hole are at the front panel. Different holes allow the rails to fit on both the locations i.e. on roof or side walls.

Side Rails of Kennel

Firstly, the rails sit on the top of the crate i.e. on the roof during a fold-down condition. Other than that, the rails will fit on the side walls over the piano hinges. The latter position of the rails will prevent the side walls from quivering.

You will have to remove the rails in order to fold down the Impact dog crate. It makes the kennel a portable dog crate as well as an indestructible dog crate. The rails not only adds strength but also makes the Impact dog crate look more stylish.

Top Handles

There is a total of three handles count for this case kennel. A pair of two handles sits on the roof and the last one fits at the bottom side of the side wall. Thus, handling the Impact case collapsible dog crate becomes a lot easier with these handles.

You can use the top handles while setting up the Impact dog crate as well as while handling the crate. Likewise, the handle on the sidewall will be useful in carrying the crate in the folded condition. It will be as good as a carrying a briefcase.

Piano Hinges

Piano hinges are not the normal swiveling hinges we see regularly on the doors. The piano hinge will have a pivoting joint running as long as the length of the hinge clamp. It provides more a strong and rigid support to the pivoting or swiveling component.

There are three piano hinges on the Impact dog crate. Firstly, the smaller one is at the front door. It will allow an easy movement and withstand violent usage too. The other two hinges fit as the joints to the folding side walls.

The other two piano hinges fit on the center of the side panels. It allows the walls to fold down smoothly. The rails on these hinges restrict the hinges from moving. Therefore, the piano hinges is a great component which makes the crate last longer.

Corner Brackets

high anxiety dog crate

This is a premium safety feature which none of the rival products seem to surpass this one. The corner brackets of the crate make the crate safer than before. Generally, the edges and corners of the dog crates can injure people accidentally when hit upon.

Of course, you will get in contact with an edge or a corner someday if you deal with a dog crate. Thus, the corner covering brackets provide a sturdy support to the Impact dog crate as well as is a safety equipment of the kennel.

Pros & Cons of Impact Case Dog Crate

  • A strong, reliable, and stylish metal dog crate.
  • Secure locking mechanism.
  • It is the best foldable dog crate.
  • Top and side handle make the handling very easy.
  • Corner brackets provide utmost safety to the users.
  • Piano hinge makes the folding and door operation very smooth.
  • The Impact dog crate is greatly suitable for travelers.
  • The Impact dog crate creates a rattling sound without a pad or dog crate bed inside.
  • Expensive.

Impact Dog Crate is Ideal For

(For Every Kind Of Dog!)

The Impact Case Dog Crate costs a lot, there is no doubt about that. But does that mean you will have to keep on buying a new one every two years? Well, generally, the budget crates will not longer than that.

The Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate is an indestructible dog crate. It will be a one-time investment for your pooch and a lifetime usefulness.

We assume, Impact dog crate company had a clear intent on making this kennel i.e. the best or nothing. This kennel is just a result of that.

It is used every kind of pooch. The house training dog crate, potty training dog crate, the chew proof dog crate, also an escape-proof dog crate, and the high anxiety dog crate the Impact Case Dog Crate can be used for all the purposes.

There are no issues with this dog crate in any aspect. Only if we can point an error then it will be the rattling sound. The aluminum sheet of the Impact dog crate makes a rattling sound. However, it is fairly suppressible if you use a dog crate bed or a dog crate pad.

The EndNote

The Impact dog crate having many useful qualities and the best part about it is its strength and stylish look. This deal can burn a hole in your pocket for an instance but the kennel will last as long as the generations of the dog keep using it i.e. for a lifetime.

If you have any queries then feel free to comment below, we will be happy to solve. Also, make sure you know about the popular AmazonBasics dog crate review on our site.

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