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Nowadays, many of us wish to own pets. Owning a pet certainly teaches a person to be careful about things and makes him responsible. But, getting the accurate information about raising a pet seems to be a difficult task. Keeping the same thing in mind, we laid the foundation stone of our website Pet Loves Best.petlovesbest

What does Pet Loves Best do?

Pet Loves Best provides information regarding various pets which you can own. Such as a kitty, dog, fish and also birds. Not only we provide information about them, but also regarding their feeding habits, training methodologies, some exciting equipment for them and a lot more.

Apart from that, we also review various products that you shall offer to your pets. It will surely increase their love for you. Some of these products are not just for the luxury purpose, but they also provide a comfort to your pet. We are also providing valuable information regarding What you should feed your pet with? 

While feeding the pets, it is necessary to look after their necessary diets, breed and species. Otherwise, if you offer them wrong food items then they might fell sick. Hence, we are also explaining about the different types of food items available and the amount you shall offer to them.

You get a pet to take care of it. Therefore, it is utmost necessary to offer it with the best of products, food as well as treatment. The sole purpose of Pet Loves Best is to let you know, what is really best for your loved one! So if you too own a pet or wish to own one, then we are perhaps the one-stop solution for you.

Meet Our Team

Clara Lou

Being a co-founder of Petlovesbest Inc., Clara Lou is an avid animal lover. She enjoys being around all -kinds of pets, whether it be dog, cat, fish, pig, hamster – you name it! However, having been raised with her beloved dog – Lucy, dogs are her favorite. In fact, the demise of Lucy is what inspired Clara to start Petlovesbest in the first place(along with two other co-founders that prefer anonymity).

Clara began being a part of a number of rescue centers and wildlife awareness activities since a very tender age and has been associated with them ever since.

“At Petlovesbest, I want to pay my contribution to the pets of the world by providing them with the best products that help them live a long and happy life.”, Clara says.

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Edwin Hamlet

Edwin Hamlet is a writer and outreach expert at Pet loves best. Approaching a number of brands throughout his day, Edwin is always aware of the latest updates regarding the pet industry and crafts disruptive articles. Born and raised in Sun City, California, Edwin is a cat person and has got three lovely felines at his home, namely, Ozzie, Chuck, and Milkshake.

Although cats are his favorite, Edwin loves all the animal equally whether it be dogs, birds, or fish. Having been writing for various kinds of American pets ever since 2015, Edwin wields a plethora of knowledge for animal care and behavior, which he desires to share with pet owners of the world.

Jason Cruz

Jason is the brains behind the content published on Petlovesbest. He carefully plans articles to make sure they meet all the pet needs and builds engaging outlines for better perception of pet parents. Along with the article planning, Jason also has a flair for writing and pens down some of the featured content.

Jason, being a traveling enthusiast, and a proud parent of rescue Lab named Blacky, both often partner up for adventures in wild, of which Jason keeps a note on his travel blog.

David Wesley

David Wesley is Petlovesbest’s pet expert that possesses expertise in writing thoroughly researched guidelines. Being a nutritionist by education and a writer by profession, David has been writing regarding pets since 2013. He finds it fun being around animals and keeps a note of each and every pet food launched on the market. Rumour also has it that he tastes each tin of cat food before feeding it to his beautiful Persian kitty – Freckles!

Along with being a pet enthusiast, David also enjoys riding his mountain bike on the weekends with his friends and writes poetry in disguise.

Joseph Wilmoth

Being a technocrat by profession but a pet lover at heart, Joseph has been working with various pet organizations ever since 2011.

“Working at Petlovesbest, being able to share my knowledge with thousands of other animal lovers in the world, that’s what thrills and gets me out of the bed every morning.”, Joseph says.

Along with being a content creator, Joseph also wears the hat of Petlovesbest’s expert product tester! He thoroughly observes, investigates, and tests the products whether it be pet food, toys, beds, or any other product and waves the green flag to express his approval.

Mark Fredette

Mark Fredette is a Veterinarian by profession and writes guest blogs for Petlovesbest in his spare time. Having Mark on our team, we ensure that all the products that we promote are safe for pets as well as the guides and blogs are every way risk-free for both the pets and pet parents.

“Working with Petlovesbest is one of the best experience I’ve ever had. These guys are really thrilled about what they do and come up with exciting things every single day! Moreover, Clara is a great team leader and a fun person to work with. I wish them all the very best.”, Mark says.

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