How to Keep Your Dog Inside the Fence | Stop Digging & Jumping the Fence!

As dog owners, we all have at least once experienced or dreaded the dog escaping the fence. Escaping the fence has its own consequences which may not be very pleasant. Before we get into the methods of how we can prevent our dogs from escaping the yard, it is important to understand the reasons behind the escape.


Reasons Why Dogs Escape

Understanding why your dog is escaping the yard could help solve the problem for the future.

Maybe He’s lonely

It is likely that they are lonely and need some company. Dogs may escape the fence as he feels frustrated due to the environment they live in. You should make sure he has some playmates or at least toys around.

Leaving your dog alone for long hours could also cause this problem. If your puppy is 3 years old or younger, it could probably be the adolescence that is making him frustrated. Certain breeds, especially those which are an active dog breed needs more exercise and probably a job that could keep them busy and in turn, prevent them from leaving the fence.

If you haven’t got your dog neutered or spayed, this could be another reason for your dog escaping the fence. Sexual roaming is common as dogs become sexually mature at the age of 6 months.

Separation Anxiety

Your dog could also be a sufferer of separation anxiety. If he escapes the fence as soon as you leave, it could be the reason for his escape.

Ways to Stop Dogs from Escaping the Fence

Ways to Stop Dogs from Escaping the Fence

Some dogs may jump fences in order to explain but most commonly they are seen climbing them. Digging is another way of how a dog may escape a fence. It is important to know how he gets out of the fence in order to effectively stop him from doing so.

Burying Wires

If your dog is a digger, you could bury chicken wire with their sharp edges rolled inwards at the base of your fence.

Placing Large items

You could place large rocks or simply lay the chain-link fencing on the ground. This would effectively stop him from digging the ground and escaping.

Pouring Concrete

You could also pour concrete along all sides of the fence. It is a great method to stop digging immediately.

Extend the Fence

However, if your dog is a climber or jumps over the fence, it might be a great idea to add extensions to your fence which tilt inwards. This would totally stop him from jumping over.

Remove Any Aids

You could also remove any climbing aids or anything that may help him to climb on.

Add Shrubs

One great method to stop the climbers is to add some shrubs along the fence line. This would make it difficult for your dog to jump over.

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Training the Dog

Training your dog to be well disciplined is highly important. Make sure you don’t correct him after they have escaped and left the yard. It is recommended that the dog learns with love and does not associate punishment with their act. This would only imbibe fear making things more difficult.

Correct him while he is still leaving the yard. It is important to be patient and not use harsh methods to punish him.

Also, if you have a wired fence or a wireless system it is very important to take out time and train your dog with the fence. He should be able to associate escaping with correction and thus avoid it at all. The wireless and the underground wired fences make a beep sound and give a correction to the dog if they leave the yard. It prevents them from leaving by making them come back immediately.

If your dog is much of an escaper, you could consider using these types of fences as they are highly effective.

Some Final Tips

You should check on your dog often and make sure that he is not left alone for longer periods of time. Stay in the yard and play with him often. You should also train him well to be in the yard and not escape the fence. Make sure that he associates the fence with happiness. Make it a happy and a fun place for him.

Dogs are sensitive too and understanding his needs and the right reasons for his escape could help you become a better pet parent.

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