The 10 Best Dog Litter Box Reviews of 2023

Keeping outdoor litter boxes is a great option. Since dogs are not as comfortable as cats to use even the best dog litter box inside the house. Taking the dog out every morning following the work schedule thereafter gets a little hectic. In fact, taking the dog out on lazy weekends isn’t the most cherishing task either.

Hence, why not find an outdoor dog potty solution using the patio dog potty system!

Best Dog Litter Box

Editors’ Pick:

  • Best for Most Dogs
  • Available in Two Size
  • Easy to Clean
  • Three Layer System


Editor's Picks
PetMaker Puppy Potty Trainer
Our Best Pick
Doskocil Petmate Dog Litter Pan
Budget Pick
PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Outdoor Dog Litter Box
Premium Pick
Nature's Miracle High-Sided Litter Box
Runner Up

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Best Dog Litter Box for 2023 – At a Glance

You can find the reviews of the litter boxes for dogs given in the increasing order of the rank. The reviews will suggest you the best dog litter mat/pad/tray for your dog.

1. PetMaker Puppy Potty Trainer

Starting with the best dog litter box reviews, the three-layered dog litter mat that sits on the tough pan. It means this deal does not only include the artificial grass along with a plastic insert on the tough plastic pan.

best dog litter box


In addition to that, using this artificial grass mat for dogs is a child’s play because of its long-lasting quality. You can easily put the grass and in the dog pee tray after putting the hard plastic insert in between.

  • Dimension: 20x25x1.25″
  • Material: Artificial Grass & Plastic Tray

The desirable feature of this outdoor litter box is that it does not let the grass mat slip when the dog scratches. Generally, the arrangement of a single dog litter box grass on the plastic litter tray leads to slipping of the mat.

The triple layer litter box for dogs is not only easy to clean but also lasts longer than most products.

Lastly, cleaning or washing this litter box is simple since it is made of washable material. You can also use soapy water to thoroughly clean the litter box.

  • Easy to use the doggie litter box because of its washable three layer design.
  • The plastic insert provides a firm grip.
  • Grass mat will last long due to its rugged quality.(dog shall not scratch it regularly)
  • The artificial dog grass box will not last a year of the dog litter box Petsmart if your dog regularly scratches it.

2. Doskocil Petmate Dog Litter Pan

Coming to the open dog litter tray for outdoor use, Doskocil is a simple plastic litter tray which cost less. Yes, getting this product means you are getting a great deal which will eliminate soiling using the patio dog potty system.

can dogs be trained to use a litter box


Furthermore, the hassle of cleaning or washing this litter box makes it desirable. Along with that, the smoothly curved edges of the tray makes it possible for you to lift and handle the dog pee tray.

  • Dimension: 20x25x1.25″
  • Material: Plastic

In addition to that, this deal includes various sizes from small dogs litter boxes to the large dog litter box to choose from. You can pick the appropriate one depending on the dog breed you have and his lifestage. In short, don’t get a small dog litter boxes keeping your little pup in mind. Because puppies grow to their maximum size by a few months to one year after their birth.

Lightweight and convenient to use this puppy litter box with a cheaper price is a great deal altogether.

Not to mention, this deal includes an option to buy multiple trays for a little lower cost. It will not only be useful when you have more than one dog at home but also keep the patio clean. But, If you are looking for some automatic options, do check out best automatic litter boxes available in the market.

  • The lightweight puppy litter tray is easy to lift and handle.
  • The plastic vessel is easy to wash and clean.
  • Choose multiple dog litter tray if you have more than one dog at home.
  • You will have to fill this dog potty tray with litter and place it outdoors.

3. PuppyGoHere Dog Litter Pan

Coming to the plastic dog litter tray once again, however, this tray is from another brand. In fact, the apparent tray differs a little from the design perspective. The dog litter tray with a little depression on one of its walls makes the daily errands easier for the dog.

how to train an older dog to use a pee pad


In addition to that, everything apart from the design of the walls is similar to the litter box we saw previously. It means, you shall bother yourself to fill the litter in the tray. Hence, the efforts of putting litter in the tray will require you to understand your dog’s preference. Because not all the dogs will be comfortable with a typical litter.

  • Dimension: 20x15x5″
  • Material: Plastic

In the same manner, this dog litter tray is not ideal to use without litter. Hence, buying this dog pee tray will require you to use the litter appropriately.

This dog litter tray is made out of tough plastic which lasts long.

Lastly, this tray is suitable for all dogs as far as you select the perfect size of the tray. Apart from that, this tray is going to be most useful for all the dogs.

  • The light weight plastic litter box is easy to handle.
  • This dog pee tray comes in nine different color options.
  • You can select the outdoor dog litter box from six different size options.
  • You will have to use litter for this plastic dog litter tray.

4. Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box

Here, Nature’s Miracle is another plastic dog litter tray useful for saving your lawn from getting soiled. The apparent dog litter tray is made of plastic and has molded handles one three of its walls. Its design helps you to handle the litter box easily. As a matter of fact, this design makes the cleaning task very convenient.

can you litter box train a dog


Not to mention, the black litter box for dogs is very effective against stains and spots. You can keep this patio dog potty system in your backyard or near the door. In this manner, your dog can effortlessly spot the litter box when you put a litter of any form.

  • Dimension: 23×18.5×11″
  • Material: Plastic

Using this large dog litter box for the giant breeds is not an ideal choice. Because of its lightweight, compact design, this small doggie litter box is ideal for small and medium dog breeds.

This dog litter box is made for small and medium dog breeds because of small and compact design.

In the end, the apparent dog potty tray is made up of smooth plastic material which will be easy to maintain, wash, and clean. Cleaning this dog litter pan can be as simple as rinsing it with soapy water.

  • Easy to clean dog litter pan.
  • Smooth plastic material remains stain-free.
  • Lightweight and compact body are perfect to handle and lift.
  • Compact and small dog litter tray is not suitable for all dog breeds.

5. PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Outdoor Dog Litter Box

Coming to a popular brand, this dog litter tray is a combination of the plastic tray and grass puppy pad. Not only the plastic dog pee tray has the space to accommodate grass tray but also it contains litter retractable trays.

can you train a dog to use a litter box


In this manner, there is a total of three layers of a dog litter box. It starts with the dog pee pads grass which is a desirable element for any outdoor litter box for dogs. Thereafter, the plastic tray with a layer which holds the mat and directs the urine flow towards the stack tray beneath.

  • Dimension: 23×18.5×11″
  • Material: Plastic

Furthermore, this dog litter box has the litter stack trays which will store the wastes. In this manner, you can easily clean the doggie litter box once every day.

This dog litter tray is very useful for the guard dogs who remain outdoors most of the time.

Because this outdoor litter box for dogs contains several components. It includes the urine-absorbent sponge, enzyme cleaner, waste collection bin. Along with that, the grass mat with long lasting built is the perfect component for the task. It has a perforated layer which drains the urine through towards the collection bin. Ultimately this arrangement will add a lot to your convenience.

  • The best outdoor dog litter box made of three-layer design including the waste collection bin.
  • PetSafe doggie litter box is useful for all pooches.
  • The apparent litter box for dogs is useful for guard dogs.
  • You will have to clean the litter pod and rinse it with warm water daily to maintain the hygiene.

6. DoggieLawn Real Dog Pee Pads Grass (Disposable)

This is a tough hydroponic grass which is similar to the natural grass. However, this grass mat for dogs does not require soil to sustains or grow. You can use this patio dog potty system and never get to understand the basic steps of making the things appear for more and more aspects.

can dogs be trained to use a litter box


Additionally, this grass with its absorbent base is useful for the dog litter purpose. All you have to do is a place this grass patch where finds its use simple. It will not only be useful as the dog litter mat but also it’s cleaning never gets easier.

  • Dimension: 24×20″
  • Material: Hydroponic Grass

On the contrary, this grass litter mat is not useful for the dogs who are habituated to the loose litter gravel. Because the dogs who scratch the grass are going to wear it out sooner. You cannot use this grass mat for the dog who can violently damage the grass mat.

This grass mat is useful as an outdoor dog litter box, along with its easy to use design.

In the end, this grass litter mat is a convenient patch because of its broad size. Your dog using litter box will not have a hard time at all.

  • This is a perfect grass litter mat for the outdoor dogs/guard dogs.
  • Hydroponic dog pee box grass actively absorbs the dog urine.
  • The grass patch litter mat allows the dog to urinate or defecate easily.
  • The grass mat is not easiest to clean and wash. You will have to dispose of the product after a few uses.

7. Richell Paw Trax Mesh Litter Box Training a Dog

Here, we have the dog litter box with plastic mesh tray and cover for the desired results. This is a puppy litter box made of light duty plastic material. However, it is capable enough to withstand all the rambunctious dogs.

litter box training a dog pros cons


This dog litter box will require an absorbent litter pad which prevents urine from spreading. Along with that, the dog can easily excrete on this litter box. Since the clipper will hold the dog litter pad hence, there won’t be a possibility where the litter box will leak. Having said that, you will have to clean the litter box for dogs daily.

  • Dimension: 25.2×18.9×1.6″
  • Material: Plastic (Mesh Tray)

Additionally, this product is going to be useful for all the dogs of a different breed and size. This dog litter box is useful for outdoor dog house/crate. Because the sleek and compact design of the litter box for dogs is never useful for the outdoor dogs. Nevertheless, you can use the litter box training a puppy so that he can use it in his adulthood.

The litter box for dogs meant for the outdoor pooches especially the ones who stay in the crate.

In the end, this doggie litter box has a mesh plastic cap which will be useful for holding the pads. On the other hand, the meshed plastic cap will be difficult to wash because of the fine grids. It will require a brush and saturated soapy water for cleaning.

  • Using this is the best dog litter box for outdoor pooch house.
  • Lightweight and easy to use design is convenient to use.
  • The mesh plastic layer is difficult to wash.

8. Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty with Real Grass

Coming to the hydroponic dog litter mat, this mat comes in a handle box pack. This dog pee box can naturally absorb the urine, neutralizes the odor. You will have to place this grass mat outdoor and train your dog using litter box mat for a while until he picks up on the habit. So, if you are asking can dogs use litter boxes? Yes, if you use the best dog litter mat for him and train dog to use litter box positively.

can you litter train a dog


Using this mat can be as simple as placing the box of the grass patch outdoors opening its lid. The roots of this hydroponic grass are artificially prepared which doesn’t require soil for nutrition. You can easily water this grass to maintain its growth. In return, this grass patch will effectively absorb the urine traces and neutralize the odor with its roots.

  • Dimension: 24x16x3″
  • Material: Hydroponic Grass

In addition to that, you can use this grass patch inside your house in case of a rainy day or toilet train dogs. Whereas, using this outdoor will work perfectly for the outdoor pooches. Because of the naturally growing grass can easily neutralize the odor and remain dry thereafter.

You can use this natural grass patch anywhere which will absorb and neutralize urine odor.

In the end, you will have to take care if this dog litter mat keeping it safe from the scorching heat or direct heat. However, place this patch where air circulation is in abundance. It will not only accelerate the urine absorbing process but also suppress the odor quickly.

  • Natural grass patch which is easy to maintain.
  • This litter mat does the task efficiently.
  • It is easy to litter train your dog because the grass patch itself provides the dump spot most of the dogs seek.
  • This grass patch will not last long if your dog has a habit of scratching and mouthing.

9. PuppyGoHere Dog Litter Pan Litter Box Training

Here we have the last entry on our dog litter boxes reviews the popular brand. This litter box for dogs is made of the long-lasting tough plastic material. You can use this dog potty box outdoors training easily. However, you shall firstly litter box train your dog.

how to litter train a dog


In the end, using this dog litter box doesn’t get easier because of its molded plastic walls. You can easily hold or grip the litter box using its fold curved edges. In this manner, you can lift and handle the litter box with the utmost ease.

  • Dimension: 24x20x5″
  • Material: Plastic

Furthermore, cleaning this doggie litter box is the easiest when you use soapy water. Because of its smooth surface plastic material does the task easily. In fact, the plastic material of the dog litter box prevents stains from setting on its surface.

The dog litter pan made from long-lasting plastic material is easy to clean and remains stain free.

Lastly, the dog potty tray will require you to put the litter gravel necessarily. Adding the litter will make things difficult for a few dogs who are not habituated. Hence, your dog will require a little litter box training initially if you are going to get the best dog litter tray for the first time.

  • Easy to carry and handle litter box for dogs.
  • Convenient to clean and wash material.
  • The plastic material reamains stain free.
  • You shall use litter in the tray and litter train your dog accordingly.

10. Van Ness Small Litter Pan

Coming to the dog litter tray with unique colors, this is a simple dog litter box which is useful for outdoor dogs. You can even take this litter box while traveling with your dog. Because of its optimum size, it will not be difficult to accommodate this tray even in a small car.


Additionally, cleaning this litter box is possible using soapy water. Since the smooth walls of the dog litter tray are going be easy to wash. Along with that, the litter you use will keep the tray from severe soiling.

  • Dimension: 16x12x4″
  • Material: Plastic

Furthermore, using this dog litter box is a child’s play because of its simple to carry design. Simply use litter to stuff the tray where dogs get attracted for urinating. In the same manner, pooches will use the dog litter tray- for excretion once you train them

A litter box for dogs made of unique colors and compact dimensions will be easy to accommodate in a cozy space especially while traveling.

In the end, this dog litter box is made for the outdoor use but it requires a litter for attracting the dogs. Because the loose gravel or litter seems to be a perfect place for the dogs to defecate or urinate.

  • Doggie litter box is easy to handle and use.
  • The unique color of the dog litter box is attractive if you are looking to match it according to your outdoor decor.
  • This dog litter tray will not last long.

Buyers’ Guide

What is a Dog Potty Box?

litter box for dogs

A litter box for dogs is a simple taking-a-dump spot or taking-a-piss spot for them-. Generally, a doggie litter box or tray is required when you cannot take your dogs out for their daily business. In this manner, you can place an outdoor dog litter box in your yard accessible to your dog.

Moreover, the outdoor litter box for dogs will be either of two types i.e. mat type or tray type. Starting with the mat type first, it is a patch of grass(without soil) made by hydroponic method or the artificial dog litter box grass.

On the other hand, you will find the dog potty tray requires litter(loose gravel) to be stuffed inside. It will not only attract dogs to use the tray for going their business but also it keeps the tray cleaner.


Now you know the best dog litter boxes which are going to be useful for their business. However, you shall potty train your dog initially if he is not accustomed to litter box. Hence, dog using litter box will not only elevate your convenience but also prevent accidents.

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