Zen Dog Crate Reviews | Zencrate – A Smart Dog Crate Relieving Anxiety

Jonathan Azevedo and Charger are the man and Fido behind the brand Zen Dog Crate. Mr. Azevedo has tried very hard to make his efforts reach every pooch suffering from anxiety.


How Zen Dog Crate Came Into Existence?

High anxiety dog crate

In 2006, Jonathan’s friend met an accident, in which he lost his vision. To help his friend cope up with the blindness Jonathan started inquiring about the communities that help blind.

During that period Jonathan came across a non-profiting organization which helped the blind candidates by giving the blind a service dog. That solution might have appeared to be fitting the requirements Jonathan expected for his blind friend.

Also, there Jonathan found a yellow Labrador named charger which dropped out before completing his two-year graduation at that organization. Jonathan got Charger after a few interviews.

The reason of Charger being dropped out of the graduation program was his anxiety issues. Charger got anxious due to fear of thunderstorms. However, this issue was the motive for Jonathan Azevedo to find a solution.

Not to mention that Jonathan tried to find the solution in every conventional way possible. He tried the restricting jacket, essential oils, Xanax type meds, and what not he states. Still, all the efforts went useless until 2014, when he decided to find an answer himself.

After which he began studying about the factors driving anxiety in animals, and which means provide anxiety relief to dogs. Adding to the fact, he identified the factors which increased anxiety in dogs. As well as derived a probable solution to the problem.

The solutions according to Jonathan included noise cancellation, security, vibration isolation, comfort, and low light exposure. In fact, by controlling these parameters we can deal decrease the anxious behavior in dogs.

Zen dog crate

Therefore, the final product named Zen Dog Crate came into existence. Of course, the idea took some time reaching the market i.e. in March 2017. Also, the product planning involves a person along with Azevedo i.e. his concurrent business partner Chris Lightcap.

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The Concept of Zen Dog Crate

Moreover, the anxiety issues for the dogs seem to be incurable. If they are afraid of anything strange around them, then they will be afraid of anything they are uncertain of. Hence, the idea of creating a pseudo atmosphere for a dog suffering from anxiety might be the very solution.

Zen dog crate has many features which work in combination to deliver the results. However, the overall concept of the Zen dog crate is a to create a pleasant and stress-free spot for the dog. And to create such an atmosphere, we have listed the features below that Zencrate utilizes in combination. You have an option to check out our other recommended picks of quality dog crates popular among users.

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Features & Functioning

high anxiety dog crate reliever


NOTE: (Added on 03/28/2023) We don’t recommend this product. We tried to contact them multiple times. They are not reachable at the moment. Before you buy this crate, kindly try to contact them. If they reply to your queries, only then think of buying it.

Zen dog crate uses about eight unique and out of the box features to serve the purpose. Also, by using these eight features the Zencrate mobile app(available for Apple and Android smartphones) will notify you of the real-time status of your dog. In fact, you will get notifications from your crate if your dog is either excited or calm.

Curated Playlist

dog crate for separation anxiety

Zencrate has an algorithm which creates and plays a curated playlist depending upon many factors. The playlist music selection depends upon the dog’s mood, surrounding noises, light exposure.

Moreover, the program selects the tunes that deliver calming effects to dogs. Also, according to the makers of Zen dog crate, the music selection is backed with a well-researched domain. These tunes can alter the dogs’ behavior and ultimately calm them when needed.

As mentioned earlier, Zencrate makers have developed an algorithm which is responsible for feeding music to the playlist. Generally, that process depends upon the average dog’s psyche. However, the owner of the Zencrate can manually alter the genres of music at will.

Adding to the fact, the proximity sensor triggers the music inside the crate only when the dog enters inside. The roof of the Zen dog crate has the proximity sensor which not only triggers the music but also the dog crate fan inside.

A curated playlist of more than thousand tracks specifically delivering calming effects.

Proximity Sensors

Makers have installed a sensitive proximity sensor on the ceiling of the Zen dog crate. It identifies the wooden dog kennel is vacant or occupied. In addition to that, the sensor triggers two different components of the Zencrate simultaneously. It triggers the dog crate fan and the auto-playing music.

Therefore the crate is always well-managed and arranged when the dog is about to enter. Likewise, the Zen dog crate will stop the fan and music at the instance when a dog leaves (or escapes!) the crate.

The Zencrate doesn’t have any opening except the front door which makes the music sound better. This acoustic architecture makes the Zen dog crate better at resisting the outside noise from intruding.

Noise Cancelling

Zen dog crate is more like a den than a crate. It has a front door which allows the dog to enter or exit the Zencrate all the time. The front door comes with an open face and not with the grated grill.

The design of the Zen dog crate thus restricts the outside noises to enter the crate except front door. Moreover, this design almost nullifies the loud noises which intimidate the dogs. However, that will not totally cancel the outside noises by itself.

The internal speakers and music will prevent the outside noises to be heard inside. Additionally, the volume variation also depends on this factor.

Shock Absorbing Legs

The legs on which the Zen dog crate stands are made up of vibration dampening rubber grips. It will not only keep the Zencrate floor raised above from the ground but also absorb shocks.

Moreover, the dogs get frightened and eventually anxious about anything they didn’t anticipate. In fact, the dogs get intimidated by their own shadow. However, this phenomenon is related to the sounds and touch senses.

We already saw how the loud noises do not reach the dog inside the Zen dog crate. Furthermore, now we will discuss how the vibrations or the shocks do not reach the crate.

Generally, the vibrations from the loud noises travel from various surfaces. Also, it can make some dogs anxious of any uncertain mishap. The lightning sound vibrations, excavator digging in the neighborhood, drilling, etc. all these vibrations could make some pooches anxious.

There the Zen dog crate legs play a vital role. These legs can damp severe vibrations and isolate the Zencrate from it. This technique is prominent amongst the DJs and many percussionists. However, they try to control the vibrations from going out of a spot. On the other hand, we control the vibrations from coming in the Zen dog crate.

Orthopedic Dog Crate Bed

Dog crate bed is made up of memory foam and waterproof liner made of microfibers. The memory foam makes the dog crate bed more comfortable than the regular dog beds. It will not only make the experience better for the dog but also for the owner. Because ultimately the dog sleeping sound will make the parent sleep faster.

Adding to the fact, the memory foam is a soft resilient foam which adapts to the natural shape of the user. In fact, it will support the users’(dogs’) posture while them resting. It will save a lot of your money to look for an orthopedic dog bed separately.

Furthermore, the orthopedic bed will have better comfort and long-term benefits for the dog.

Wifi Camera

This is the best feature for pet parents who wish to have an eye on their pets. The surveillance camera sits right into the crate’s ceiling. You can use this feature to monitor your pooch while he is inside the Zen dog crate.

Moreover, it has a positive side to it as well as the negative. The camera will allow you to monitor the dog only when he is inside. Additionally, the text or email notifications serve you the same essential info on the status of your dog inside the crate.

On the contrary, you on the other end(at work) can hardly do anything instantly if your dog is in an emergency. You will have to learn about how the dog can have frequent uneasy moments in a day. However, the Zen dog crate is efficient enough to deal with those problems within a couple of minutes.

This feature is really helpful if your workplace nearby your home. Also, if you can allow a neighbor to help you in such situations giving him a spare key to your apartment.

Reduced Light Exposure

Zen dog crate has all the three side walls completely sealing the crate. That will not allow any light exposure inside which is desirable. Sometimes, having a wide visibility and bright light exposure can make dogs anxious.

However, an open front door which allows a dog to enter or exit the crate. It will also allow some light exposure and airflow inside the crate which is important. Thus, the Zen dog crate provides a lower light exposure inside the crate compared to other crates.

Battery Back-up

Yes, the Zencrate comes with internal battery support. It allows the electronics of the crate to function even after a power-cut. Every component of the Zencrate will keep working during the power cut situation. The dog crate fan, music tracks, proximity sensors, Wi-fi camera.

However, the only loophole in the system is its wifi cam. It can function on the battery but how will it connect to your smartphone if the internet is down due to the power cut. Moreover, all the other features will keep performing the tasks on battery until the power cut. Only you will not be aware of the happenings if your internet is down.

Once your house has the power supply back, electronics will start functioning on it as usual. Additionally, the battery set will charge upon the live power supply storing enough power to deliver during the next power cut.

Otherwise, you could use an emergency inverter to power the wifi router and a reliable internet supply. It will not only allow you to use the wifi camera during the power cut situations but also use the internet while you are at home during power cuts(pun intended).

Pros & Cons of Using the Zen Dog Crate

  • Effectively calms the anxious pooches.
  • Relaxing music tracks are commendable.
  • Zen dog crate is an dog crate end table.
  • Fits well with the home decor.
  • Orthopedic dog crate bed is good for natural body posture.
  • Memory foam with a waterproof liner made of microfiber is great.
  • Wi-fi cam is very useful for pet parents.
  • Dogs can use it as a den and not as a cage.
  • It is not a potty training dog crate. You will have to potty train the dog properly.
  • It is not for the rambunctious dogs. Nonetheless, an anxious dog will hardly damage the crate.
  • The whole Zen dog crate deal can be a bit expensive.
  • You have to crate train your dog if he is stubborn.

The EndNote

The final word from our side is that you can go for this dog carrier if your dog suffers from anxiety. Not only he gets anxious about the loud noises but also because you leave for work leaving him alone.

This dog crate specifically focuses on making a dog relax while he is inside the Zencrate. However, that does not imply you can dodge any of the responsibilities towards your little champ.

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6 thoughts on “Zen Dog Crate Reviews | Zencrate – A Smart Dog Crate Relieving Anxiety”

  1. Having spent the money on this I can say it doesn’t work, none of it. It’s not noise cancelling, its deceptively plywood they have painted (and not even sealed). The technology does not work, it freezes often to the point you can’t turn it off. Instead you literally have to turn it off by unplugging it and waiting 10-12 hours for the system to complete a hard reset which requires you to setup up your account, login, and app all over again ever single time this happens which is usually once a day. The camera quality is poor and the phone app to watch your pup and turn on/off the music and fan also does not work and the creators refuse to fix it. Its a huge waste of money and the fact that they do not accept returns should tell you something. Wish I never spent the $1,000.

    • Thank you, Karen.

      After your comment, we did our research on their customer services. They used to be good. But seems like things have changed. We added warnings for our readers too.

      Keep providing your feedbacks.

  2. I came across your article about ZenCrate today. First I was surprised because I haven’t seen anything posted about them since a November 2018. Since I haven’t be able to contact them for several months, I was confused by the review.

    I purchased a ZenCrate a little over a year ago and following a few problems was finally fixed with help from Megan at their support office. This includes getting a new computer box in the crate. The crate still had problems connecting with WiFi and the app has tons of problems, but my dog loved it. But this only lasted about 8 months. I can no longer connect to WiFi and that means the sounds and fan won’t come on. I have tried numerous times to contact ZenCrate by email and phone. The email bounces and now, after leaving messages with no return call, the number is now disconnected.
    I had hopes for this product, but I have been left with a large “end table” that my dog won’t go into since it no longer helps him.
    Since I saw the article, i was hoping you’d be able to help me get in contact with ZenCrate. If they have gone out of business, I would like to know, otherwise I’d like to get the crate working again.
    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Laura,

      We tried to contact them on each and every medium. We are sorry that we were not able to contact them. Seems like they have gone out of business.

      If you find any solution to make this crate work, do let us know.

      We would love to update our readers.

  3. It was a slow start requiring clicker training to get him inside. But after a week of it my dog loves it. When he has anxiety over sounds he immediately goes into it. The sad part is now that the company disappeared from the App Store, we have no way to control the fan or music. I had to shut it off and now he spends less time in there. If they aren’t going to sell anymore, I wish they would have left the app functional.

  4. I also wasted $600 that I could’ve used elsewhere. Once I finally managed coax my dog into the crate, it quit working. Now it’s an overpriced side table that he eats in… No response on their Facebook or Twitter, email address &.website are dead. MAJOR LETDOWN. We need to find them before they scam others.


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