The 11 Best Wooden Dog Crates of 2023 (Reviews)

Choosing a dog crate can get confusing when you have a lot of options to choose from. Especially, people get confused while considering the fact that their dog will not stay inside a kennel happily. But you do not need to worry readers! Any best wooden dog crate fits well with the interior decor especially the furniture of your house.

Also, a dog will not feel dejected when a wooden dog crate is adjacent to your couch or bed!


At a Glance: Best Wooden Dog Crates

This section enlists the best dog crates from our final wooden dog crate review list which has something unique to offer.

Best Wooden Dog Crate

Editors’ Pick:

  • Best Budget Option for Most Dogs
  • Elegant design and good finishing on its surface
  • Available in six sizes


Editor's Picks
1. Merry Products Cage with Crate Cover SetBest Overall
2. Internet’s Best Wood & Wire Dog Crate with CushionPremium Buy
3. Newport Pet Crate End TableDesigner Dog Crate

**Rated by experts at Petlovesbest at the time of publication. It has nothing to do with Amazon ratings and reviews.

How to Select a Wooden Dog Crate

Read the factors thoroughly before actually going out for buying a wooden dog crate. Also, if you are considering to make DIY wooden dog crate these guidelines will be helpful to you.

1. Wooden Dog Crate Sizes

This is the most obvious factor a pet parent should consider before buying a dog crate. Moreover, wooden dog kennels will have limited size options depending on the make and brand of the kennel you are choosing.

Generally, dog crate has to be cozy in order to make a dog feel secure while he is inside. Even in concurrent times, dogs will show the characteristics of the ancient dogs. They used to seek safety in cozy caves or lair. Similarly, the pet pooches we see today around us also feel the same. They too will feel secure in a cozy enclosed spot.

Thus, choosing an optimum sized dog crate becomes very important. You will have to take care that the size of the crate is neither too small or big. Because a crate too small can leave physical injuries on the dog as well as ruin the stance of a dog. Additionally, going for a bigger crate will not be effective in making a dog feel secure.

Finally, select a crate in which a dog stays comfortable and at the same time feels secure too. In that case, even a dog with separation anxiety can be crate trained easily.

2. The temperament of the Dog

This is another most important factor to consider while buying the wooden dog crate. You can select a wooden dog crate for any of the type of dog provided that he fits inside properly. Apart from that, a dog having mouthing habit can hurt himself.

Wooden dog crates have a bad reputation because of the dog getting hurt while chewing it. Many dogs who have a stubborn habit of mouthing immediately start chewing the wood of the crate. They try to damage the crate because of their habit. Not always that implies that a dog has planned to chew open the dog crate.

He will start chewing the crate and eventually hurt himself by the wood chips and scrambled pieces. Sometimes, a dog can even have the wooden pieces inside his mouth after chewing the wood.

Therefore, even after you buy a wooden dog crate for a dog having mouthing habit, make sure you check the status of the crate regularly and teach the pup some discipline. However, you can select a wooden dog crate which is partially made of metal. Just like the one which is at the winner position according to our reviews i.e. Merry wooden dog crate.

3. Easy Cleaning of Plastic Dog Crate

A wooden dog kennel will not necessarily have a pan on the floor. Generally, you can find a pan inside the metal dog crates. In this case, not every wooden dog kennels will have a floor tray.

Moreover, the cleaning process gets a lot easier when the accidents happen on a pan of the crate. Thus, select a wooden dog crate which has a floor pan inside the crate. Additionally, it will the more than enough when you find a floor pan sliding out of its groves without even opening the crate door.

In addition to that, wood has a tendency to absorb a little bit of moisture. Thus cleaning the table top of the wooden dog crate hold more importance. Along with that, you will have to clean the crate from inside too. Otherwise, the smell and moisture of the accidents along with the stains will damage the crate.

Having said that, you can now refer to the related topic in preventing a wood from getting damaged by water.

4. Wood Material

Many brands display the material of the wood which they have used making the wooden dog crate. It will be information yet hardly of any use at the customer end.

No matter how much the manufacturer claims for the Medium Density Fiberwood (MDF) material to have waterproof qualities but it will fail eventually.

You cannot completely rely on the waterproof wood material to resist the liquid especially the dog’s urine and feces. Additionally, the stink will start to settle making it worse for the dog to stay inside.

Moreover, every dog breed has a sharp smelling sense compared to humans. Although it depends on every dog breed for the acute sense of olfactory smell receptor i.e. the sensitivity of the nose. But one thing is clear, regular cleaning of the wooden dog crate is necessary.

5. Selecting Dog Crate Pads

Only some of the wooden kennels have a dog crate tray. Thus it becomes necessary to have floor pan or pad inside the wooden dog crate. It will not only save the wood dog crate from accidents but also makes it easy to wash.

In fact, having a pad or a dog crate bed is more important for wooden pooch houses. Because the stains and smell that settles for a long time after the accident. It becomes almost impossible to clean a wooden dog crate.

The 11 Best Wooden Dog Crates of 2023 (Reviews)

Go through the reviews of the best wooden dog crates. We have chosen these products on basis of various factors i.e. usefulness, cost, appearance, reliability, etc.

1. Merry Products Cage with Crate Cover Set

Merry Products is a brand which has most of the products dedicated to pet animals especially dogs and cats. It has some other ventures/products too i.e. hardware tools, house furniture, recreational items, etc. Moreover, all the products this brand manufactures is related to timber especially, house furniture. By the way, this brand is the winner on our list of wooden dog crate reviews. There are several reasons for this brand to dominate other brands which you can see in the review of the product below.

merry products dog crates


  • Sliding floor pan.
  • Wooden corner pillars and the table top.
  • Meshed wire crate inside.
  • Economical along with aesthetic appearance.
  • Easy sliding door latch.

In-Depth Review

This is the best of all wooden dog crate which you can possibly find on the market. It has most of the characteristics which a pet parent expects from any wooden dog crate.

Firstly, this product has wooden pillars at the corners and a floor bottom and a table top on the top face of the crate. Additionally, there is a meshed metal wall surrounding the pillars. It creates a safe enclosure for a dog. However, you will use a wooden dog crate cover if your dog has separation anxiety.

In addition to that, a dog can easily get the airflow i.e. a dog with a dense coat requires. Also, a dog with mouthing habit will never hurt himself by chewing the meshed metal wires. Because the wires are powder coated with black thick color on it. This combination of color and coating make the wires have the smoother finish.

Coming to its main purpose, it is a firm and smooth table top wooden dog crate. You can use it as a lamp table or a to keep other things on it such as a flower vase, alarm clock, etc.

As the matter of fact, there is a sliding floor pan which you can easily remove for cleaning. There is no need of opening the door. Additionally, the floor pan has a wooden lid on it which hides the sliding grove really well.

The product has two doors which makes the usage of the wooden dog crate very easy. It will be convenient for the pooch too.

There is only one downside to this product. There are standard sliding latches on the door which we see on every wired dog crate. Even a small curious pooch can easily slide open the crate while being inside.

2. Casual Home Dog Crate

Casual Home is a renown brand which manufactures many wooden products. Moreover, the brand makes other house furniture and such commodities which have more recognition than the animal related products. However, the excellence and performance of the manufacturing team are commendable. They produce all of their products with utmost precision. Their expertise also works really well for the per parents who have the wooden dog crates from this brand.

impact case collapsible wooden dog crate


  • Good finishing looking at all the colors.
  • Completely wooden made looks like premium furniture.
  • Reliable door locking latch.
  • No dog crate tray.
  • Attaching the walls seems difficult.

In-Depth Review

From this product onwards we will be seeing completely wooden dog crates. It does not mean that there will not be any metal involved in the construction. But there will not be metal as much as we saw in the winner product i.e. Merry wooden dog crate.

This one is completely made up to wood and a metal locking latch. It has a lower half covered with wooden walls and the upper half walls with wooden grills. It allows maximum airflow for the dog. Even a dog having dense coat will feel relaxed inside.

Similarly, there is optimum light passing through that grills. It makes easier for the dog having separation anxiety. The crate is cozy and enclosed that is desirable.

However, the wood used in the construction of this crate is not as good as that of the Merry wooden dog crate. It will have the short life than the previous product that we discussed.

Additionally, there is no floor pan which is very essential for easy cleaning purpose. Thus, for every time your little champ accidentally poops or urinates inside the crate, there will be higher chances of its smell gets trapped in the wood.

Apart, from the disadvantages, the product can be really useful for dogs. It has firm locking latch which can hold a boisterous dog inside.

However, the best part of this product is its smooth finish and large table top. You can use this wooden dog crate for more than a just prime purpose of holding a dog inside.

You will receive this dog kennel in dismantled form, you will have to attach the walls, floor, and top with the provided screws and pre-drilled holes.

3. New Age Pet ecoFlex Wooden Pet Crate/End Table

New Age Pet is a manufacturer of all animal related products especially house, litter box, feeder, etc. The brand features products for various animals i.e. dogs, cats, chicken, rabbits. In addition to that, the major products New Age Pet company produces are houses/kennels for these animals. Also, looking at the wooden dog kennel this brand makes, you can recognize the perfection and precision the manufacturers practice. This product has a tabletop which is a very useful feature.

extra long dog crate


  • Easy setting up attachments.
  • Use of metal grill pipes and wooden color tone is the best.
  • Two locking latches.
  • Ten years manufacturer’s warranty.
  • No floor pan.
  • A bit expensive.

In-Depth Review

Starting with the best part of this product first, we can say that this product has a better locking mechanism. Because there are two latches to lock the door, however, a single latch can be enough.

This crate has a similar ventilation scheme to that of the previous one i.e. Casula Home wooden dog crate. The only difference between both of them is that this one has metal grill pipes.

But the main problem you can face is during cleaning the crate. There is no floor pan in the deal. However, you can use a wooden dog crate pad which will work as a dog crate tray.

By the way, the table top of this wooden dog crate is not as good as that of the Casual Home wood dog crate. But to say the least, the appearance will not matter when the user realizes that the quality of the table top is just as good as the sturdy construction of this product.

This dog crate has easy attachment provision which will allow you to set up the crate without even using any tools.

4. Richell Wooden End-Table Crate

Richell is a wooden dog crate manufacturing company who also makes exercise pens, pet gates, absorbent potty training pads, and other pet-related products, etc. Richell is the only brand which makes all of its crates or pet gates out of partial wood and metal. The manufacturer uses the combination of both material in order to make an aesthetic and sturdy product. The apparent product also has a similar stance i.e. sturdy when we compare it with other products on the list.

richell dog crate


  • 270 degrees opening door.
  • Sliding floor pan
  • Plastic foot pegs.
  • Two a locking door. (when open and closed)
  • Below average plastic floor pan.
  • The wooden door is not sturdy.

In-Depth Review

This is a wooden dog crate with a unique door opening and closing mechanism. You can easily open the door with free 270 degrees of rotational swing. Additionally, there is provision to put the latch on both the ways i.e. one when the door is open and another when the door is closed.

In addition to that, another good feature of this product is that it has a sliding pan. Again, it is a good feature which will let you clean the plastic floor pan. However, the quality and life of the pan will not be that long compared to the other wooden dog crate floor pan we saw above.

Adding to the fact, many users had common complaints about the quality of the material. Users said that they noticed small damages in the crate right from the time they started putting their dogs in the crate.

The floor pan is not suitable for a large heavy dog who can easily break it. Additionally, the pivot groove on the door by which the door swings can easily crack. Likewise, a small crack in the door eventually will break open.

This crate is for the pups or the toy sized dog breeds. It cannot hold a boisterous heavy dog inside. Because the plastic foot pegs the floor is always raised above the ground. In other words, the plastic floor pan bears all the weight.

5. Crown Pet Products Wood Pet Crate End Table

Crown Pet Products manufactures pet products, especially for dogs. Their product line includes a majority of dog crates i.e. wooden dog crate and metal dog crate options. Additionally, the maker produces the exercise pens in which the small dogs can be confined yet have playful active movements.

walmart dog crate


In addition to that, this product which you will see below has an outstanding user feedback. But it lacked in a way or two due to which it cannot hold the higher position in our review list of wooden dog crate reviews.

  • Sturdy construction.
  • A simple and reliable locking mechanism
  • Smooth finish
  • Expensive
  • Fixed floor pan

In-Depth Review

This product is just as similar as the one you saw at the fourth rank. The main difference between both the products is that this one has a door which opens ninety degrees compared to the previous one which had 270° rotation.

Apart from that, the apparent product is sturdy enough to hold a medium-sized dog inside safely and never break out of it. Thus, is a sigh of relief if you were concerned about your intelligent dog who can easily break out of the crates.

The material of the Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) wood will easily resist the liquid absorption. Which means there will no stinking crate for your dog. You can easily clean the crate and observe all the foul smell vanishing away.

This wooden dog crate has a smooth and even textured surface which you will find to be similar to that of the teak wood furniture.

Coming to our concern about this product, it has a fixed floor and not a sliding one. However, looking at its hard tabletop it is really the cons does not hinder as much as the pros of the product attract us.

6. Internet’s Best Wood & Wire Dog Crate with Cushion

Surprisingly the name of the brand suggests the professional intentions of the brand. This company masters in manufacturing wooden dog crate series, exercise pen series, household accessories, kitchen items, stationery goods, etc. Which makes this brand unique amongst the others which we have listed in this wooden dog crate review list. The products from this maker are not only appealing but also have higher recognition than the most of its rivals.

xl dog crate


In addition to that, the apparent wooden dog crate has a two-way opening which allows you to place the crate anywhere in the house without thinking much about its dimensions.

  • The double door allows maximum furniture arrangements in the house.
  • Wooden dog crate bed is a covered in the deal.
  • Sturdy tabletop
  • Excellent color finish and texture.
  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for a dog having mouthing habit.
  • The stains will be difficult to wash and stink can be permanent.

In-Depth Review

This is the sole contender for the double door wooden dog crate category. In fact, it is more of a two-way door opening wooden dog crate which will allow a dog’s entry and exit from with either of the side of the door.

The best part of the deal is that you will get a soft padded dog bed for the apparent wooden dog crate. The dog bed too is one of the best you will get in the deal.

The main reason for having a double door opening is that you can place the apparent wooden dog crate surrounded by three sides around it.

For example, every dog crate will have unequal length and width and a single door on one of its wall. Suppose the furniture setting of your allows the only a small width of the dog crate accommodation but the door is on the longer part of the crate i.e. its length. Thus, you will have to rearrange all the furniture in order to accommodate the dog crate.

Similarly, in this case, you can put any of the three side surrounded by the house furniture and still use the either of a door for entry and exit of the dog.

Here the best part about this dog kennel is that it is suitable medium sized dog breeds especially the dense coat dog breeds. Because the metal wired side walls allow the maximum airflow inside the crate.

7. Zoovilla White Cage with Crate Cover

Zoovilla is the brand which especially produces the pet products which have leisure and playful uses. The product list of the brand can definitely attract the pet lovers who wish to buy a little toy for their pets. You will also find the wooden dog crate range which has a fairly attractive appearance.

small dog crate


Likewise, the product which you are going to see below also has above average appearance and usefulness. In contrast to that, the only thing about this product which we do not like is that it is similar to that of the Merry products wooden dog crate what which we saw in the winner position above. Additionally, this product is not only similar to that of the Merry products but also it is more expensive than the winner wooden dog crate.

  • Double door.
  • Sturdy metal wired cage.
  • Solid table-top.
  • Sliding floor pan.
  • Expensive.
  • Unreliable sliding door latch.

In-Depth Reviews

Looking at the apparent wooden dog crate, the first thought that comes into our mind is that which amongst the both Zoovilla or Merry Products has the authentic kennel design. Because both the products on our list i.e. The Winner and The Seventh position dog crates are identical.

Nevertheless, we can still concentrate on the build quality of this product regardless of it has similarities with other products. The good thing about this pooch house is that it has a sliding pan. Additionally, the sliding pan has a lid cover which hides the visibility of the pan.

The table-top of this crate is very sturdy and it blends easily with the surroundings. You can easily put this crate surrounded from three sides similarly like we describe for the Internet’s Best double door wooden dog crate.

The one downside about this product is that it has an unreliable door latch mechanism. Any intelligent or curious dog can slide open the latch from inside. It becomes very easy for a dog to escape. You can use a carabiner to lock the latch of the door in order to prevent it from getting open.

8. DenHaus TownHaus Indoor Dog House and End Table

Denhaus is a manufacturer which produces dedicated dog crate and related products. The maker produces exclusively wooden dog kennels which are more than useful and premium. Moreover, it costs accordingly to the quality of the products.

amazon dog crate


  • Removable door grill.
  • Premium quality and appearance.
  • Limited side vents, suitable for pooch having separation anxiety.
  • Door lock might not have a shelf life as long as that of the Den.

In-Depth Review

Here is the best product on our list if we consider the quality and appearance of the product. It has the most premium feel which none of the other products have. However, we have ranked it in the lower rank because is expensive and not very practical for every pet parent.

Coming to the best feature of the product, Denhaus Townhaus wooden dog crate has a removable wooden door grill. That will allow you to either use the kennel along with the enclosed door or an open door.

The kennel will become an actual den for the dog and a crate when needed. It is a unique feature which will be suitable for both the calm and inquisitive Fido. Additionally, the crate will help a dog to cope with separation anxiety when the door grill is on. On the other hand, a restless dog can use this kennel as his den without a door enclosure.

Adding to the fact, there is a reliable locking mechanism on the door. It will hold a strong, and violent pooch inside.

9. Newport Pet Crate End Table

Newport is a manufacturer which competes with its solo contender i.e. the wooden dog crate. Moreover, it has a great reputation for its product design and construction. In fact, it has a simple design which has an elegant appearance. Apart from the product quality, this brand somehow manages to dominate its rivals with its single product.

end table dog crate


  • Reliable locking latch
  • Smooth tabletop
  • Poor wooden material.
  • Not so sturdy kennel.
  • Very difficult to clean.
  • Short life.

In-Depth Review

The apparent end table wooden dog crate has a simple design which increases the elegance. However, the build quality and material of the wood is not up to the mark. It will be the best option for a small dog crate.

Some customers complained about the surface finish to be wearing off immediately after a few usages. You can even put a scratch on it with a slight effort of the fingernail.

However, the best thing about this dog crate is that it has a metal door latch. It is simple to use yet has a very reliable locking mechanism.

Furthermore, the little things about this kennel which are great include its elegant design, reliable locking latch, smooth tabletop, great floor finishing, and reasonable price tag. These all features make the kennel compete with other products.

Therefore it will suitable for small dog breeds or pups who have a limited strength to damage the kennel.

10. Crown Pet Products Wood Pet Crate End Table

If you want a crate with an added advantage of end table then this Crown Pet Products’ Wooden Pet Crate is the perfect choice for you. It is available in two different sizes, medium and large so that you can accordingly choose the perfect one depending upon the size of your pet.

Crown Pet Products Wood Pet Crate End Table


  • Waterproof coating to prevent any damage due to water splashes
  • The top surface can be utilised to keep any decorative item to look more aesthetic
  • Only available in two colors


This wooden pet crate is perfect for your pet whether you want to use it as a dog house or a crate. Besides this, you can also use it as an end table as it has a covered top surface. The versatile swing-through gate rotates inside so that it does not come in a way where it is kept.

The melamine-covered top surface is water-proof, so you don’t need to worry even if water splashes on it. It can be easily cleaned as it eliminates the absorption of liquids and odors.

As already mentioned that the door rotates inside the crate, so you can keep it open without the need for any additional space. In order to close the door of this wooden crate, a stainless latch has been provided using which it can be locked very easily.

11. Giantex Wood Dog Crate End Table

Giantex is a huge brand that produces many household goods, furniture items, home electrical goods, etc. The brand also manufactures the wooden dog crates. But the best part of purchasing a Giantex is that you not only get the quality product but also a stylish tabletop which you can use it for multiple purposes.

xxl dog crate
  • Reliable locking latch.
  • Maximum air vents.
  • Poor wooden material
  • Short life
  • Dull color and poor appearance.

In-Depth Review

Although the brand has a great reputation for its rest of the products this does not have the same. The quality of the product is not up to the mark. It appears like the brand is yet to improve some dog crate furniture designs.

Moreover, the Giantex dog crate is as similar as the Newport wooden dog crate which we saw in the previous position. Similarly, the quality of this one is also the same. The apparent one also has a below average wooden material being used as the body and table top.

However, comparing both the products i.e. the apparent one and the previous one then this one will lose for having a delicate tabletop. Thus, you can purchase this wooden dog crate if you wish to crate train your little pup for a while until he gets a bit bigger. Additionally, you can use this kennel as his den after your pooch is capable of being alone in the house.

This section will let you know if the idea of having a wooden dog crate is worth a shot or not. Go through the third and fourth point of the advantages thoroughly in order to completely understand the potential advantages of having a wooden dog kennel.

Advantages of Wood Dog Crate Furniture

These are the advantages of using a wooden dog crate. However, the needs and usage purpose varies from user to user.

#1 Matches with Decor(interior)

A wooden dog kennel can easily blend with the surrounding furniture compared to the other counterparts i.e. plastic and metal dog crates. No matter how hard you try, a plastic or a metal dog crate will have their own stance and presence in the room.

On the other hand, a wooden dog crate never experiences that problem. Additionally, the plan of making the wood dog crate along with the house furniture will make things easier for you.

Firstly, you will not have to worry about the searching the dog crate wood. You can use the standard wood for the kennel which you are going to use for the of your house or furniture. Secondly, you will not have to do a laborious carpentry job.

As the matter of the fact, your dog will use the wooden dog crate as his den which is desirable. The similar ‘den-thing’ does not happen with the metal or plastic dog crates. Therefore, having a wood dog crate will not only enhance the appearance of your house but also lasts longer than the counterparts of the wooden dog house i.e. plastic and metal dog kennel.

#2 Crate Training Becomes Easier

It is not a proven notion but training your Fido in a wooden dog crate will be easier than training him for plastic or metal dog crate. A dog will not understand the aesthetic importance of a wooden dog kennel. Additionally, he will not enjoy a wooden crate more just because it matches with the interior of the house.

When a pet parent purchases a wooden dog crate he would have one thing going in his/her mind i.e. using the wood dog crate as a multipurpose commodity in the house. To optimize the space of the house, you need to think of multipurpose utilization of the crate. Additionally, using a wooden dog crate end table especially the white wood dog crate is prevalent.

Therefore, using a dog kennel as an end table, tabletop, lamp table, stool box, largest box, etc. will make you utilize the wooden dog crate as much as your dog would. The practice of using a dog crate will make the dog love his crate too. Instead of running away from it, he will want to use his den to accompany you.

In that case, when you leave your champ alone in the house he won’t be anxious. Because his den will make him feel secure. A wooden dog crate is thus better than the other types of dog crates.

#3 Multipurpose Usage

The previous section described that a dog will love his crate when you use it too. This section is related to it. You can select a wooden dog crate for numerous purposes i.e. table top, leg rest box, etc.

Sometimes pet parents living in a cozy apartment need to think more of utilizing a commodity for more than one purpose. Similarly, a wooden dog kennel with a tabletop or end table is advantageous.

A person can use it as a dog crate as well as a house furniture. It will not only save your money by buying some furniture but also will look better.

#4 No Easy Breaking

Curious and boisterous dogs can keep looking for the ways of breaking out of any constraints. This trait leads many dogs to break open the plastic or metal dog crates. However, indestructible dog crates can prevent a dog from breaking out. Similarly, a wooden dog crate with a secure locking latch can hold a dog inside easily.

Unlike plastic and metal dog crates, the wooden pooch kennels will not bend or crumple. Thus, for the dogs who could escape from a small opening by pushing the door will not able to do the same here.

Disadvantages of Wood Dog Crate Furniture

Here are some disadvantages of owning a wooden dog crate. You will understand the problem which you will have to face after you buy a wood dog crate. However, it does not mean you cannot buy a dog crate made of wood. Afterall, some people find solutions to every problem dealing with it nicely.

#1 Expensive

A wooden dog crate will cost more than the plastic and metal dog crates. Moreover, a wood dog crate will cost somewhat similar to that of an average indestructible dog crate. However, the cost of a wood dog crate depends on size, brand, construction, the material of wood, etc.

Generally, you can select a wooden dog crate that serves as a crate as well as a furniture. It will not only make the deal affordable but also more useful.

On the other hand, opting for making a DIY will cost you more for sure. In contrast to that, having it made from a professional along with the house furniture will reduce the cost.

#2 Heavy Weight

A wooden dog crate is more of a stationary asset in your house than a movable one. Generally, moving a wooden dog crate will be as easy as moving any other small furniture of the house. But compared to the counterparts of wood dog crate i.e. plastic and metal kennels it fairly tough.

Moreover, the weight and smooth finish of the wooden dog kennel can make it difficult to lift. Additionally, the life of the wooden dog crate will get shortened if a person keeps moving it here and there every other day.

You can expect a wood dog crate a weigh as much as twice the weight of the dog. Again, depending on the material of the wood yo select will determine the final weight of the crate.

#3 Non-Movable

Due to heavyweight and its location in the house i.e. matching the decor, it is a permanent item. You cannot keep moving a wooden dog crate now and then when you feel like.

In the case of using a metal or plastic dog house, a parent can place it in the living room while he is around and takes it to the bedroom at night. That certainly cannot be done with a wooden dog kennel.

Wooden Dog Crate Plans

A wooden dog crate is very difficult to build if you consider various parameters i.e. house interior, dog’s preference, affordability, the effectiveness of crate training, etc. We can only advise you to have a legit plan or concept beforehand purchasing a wooden dog kennel.

There are two ways of having a wooden dog crate for your little champ i.e. making it yourself or purchasing it from the market.

Wooden Dog Crate From The Market

Getting a factory-made wooden dog house is a good option always. It has many benefits i.e. affordability, better finish, useful designs, standard sizes, etc. Even you can easily choose one from an online store.

It will allow to instantly select the best design that suits you and get the delivery soon. In contrast to that, if you choose to get a wooden dog crate made by a professional carpenter then its cost will increase furiously.

Firstly, a carpenter will charge you some random amount for the timber which obviously is the best according to him(the carpenter).

Secondly, making the construction a bit more robust than a dog actually needs. Finally, the surplus material and unnecessarily large wooden dog crate will not solve the purpose. Because all the dogs require a cozy den/crate to feel secure which is not the case when we use large kennels.

Characteristics of Wood Dog Crate Available in the Market

  • Smooth Finish
  • Optimum size and design
  • Affordable
  • Aesthetic

DIY Wooden Dog Crate Plans

Building a DIY wooden dog crate can be fun but sometimes not very productive too. You will have to use the PDE method – how we call it! Planning, Designing, Executing(PDE) are three key methods for a person who thinks: “How to build a dog crate from wood?”

Additionally, to follow the PDE method a basic level of craftsmanship is necessary. However, building a DIY dog home will help you bond better with your dog.

People often prefer to hire a professional carpenter to do the job or sometimes add a wood dog crate furniture in their home interior list.

Building a wood dog crate furniture from a professional carpenter at the same time as building interior of the house can be the best option. It will not only reduce the cost of building a dog crate but also make the wooden dog crate blend better with the decor.

Characteristics of DIY Wooden Dog Crate

  • Expensive
  • Strong and Robust
  • Better quality
  • Longer life
  • Goes better with the home interior

Hiring a Carpenter to Build a Wooden Crate for Dog

Looking at the previous section, now you are aware of the hardships and efforts required for building a dog crate at home. Therefore, having a professional do the work can be a great option. However, it will cost you a ton of amount to build a dog kennel considering there is no other thing to be made.

Building a wooden dog crate along with the other furniture of the house is advisable. Because it will not only have monetary benefits but the uniform design of the kennel that matches the home decor.

Additionally, the best part of hiring a professional to do the work negotiates the total cost of his/her service. It will save you some bucks which can essentially help you to make something more.

In contrast to your wooden dog crate plans, there are chances that your dog might not love the idea of the crate at all! Thus, select a location in the house where you could accompany him while you are home. Because when you are around, the dog will start accepting the wooden kennel as his private space. That will help a dog cope with the enclosure while you are away for a few hours.

In addition to the location, you can also choose to build a wooden dog crate which has multiple uses other than just holding your champ. You can choose to build a wood dog crate end tables which will have one sturdy side on the top which is useful as a table top. Similarly, you can choose to build a wooden dog crate table which will not be a dog crate itself but only a tabletop under which you can place a wired or wooden dog kennel.

The EndNote

We looked at the review of the wooden dog crates, which covers the types of the wooden kennels, their features, and importance. We hope that it helps you to understand the importance of the dog crate tray and pads.

If you have any doubts feel free to comment below, we would love to solve the problems you are facing.


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