DIY Dog Crate Plans to Build Custom Kennel

You ever expect to build something grand for your dog which fits both in your house and your pocket? Then, my friend, you are not far away from considering the idea of making a DIY dog crate (Do It Yourself dog crate).

However, it might cost you a bit more than other crates you can easily buy from the market! Additionally, it will require a couple of days for your DIY dog crate plans to complete.


Why Build a DIY Dog Crate

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A DIY dog crate is a concept where you make a dog house for your little champion on your own. It can help you in more than one way. However, the major difference you can expect here is of the cost and dimensions.

Moreover, making a pooch kennel by yourself can allow you prepare a special happy-place for your pooch. Additionally, you can choose any location in the house which you do not use more often. You can adjust the dimension according to your pooch and cozy house. On the other hand, getting a kennel from the market can make you allot a huge space to the crate.

Adding to the fact, you can play with the crate’s designs in order to match the interior of your home.

DIY dog crate

Making a DIY kennel can make you spend more or less than the ready-made kennels on the market. Depending upon what material components and design you choose the cost will vary. If you choose to make a DIY dog crate table then you will have to spend more for heavy components.

On the other hand, if you choose to make a DIY dog crate table top combining both the wooden and metal material then you can expect some cost reduction. Also using wood will result in a soundproof dog crate as well if utilized properly.

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Going for a DIY metal dog crate is rather easier and advisable. In fact, choosing the right clamps, fixtures, pipes, and nut-bolts will not even require a tool. You can set up a dog crate all by yourself without any tool usage.

A pet parent just as affectionate as you have built an easy to assemble cat house. You can also try building one such for your pooch as shown below. However, use metal components in order to ensure the strength of the kennel.

NOTE: Buy the best available wireless dog fence for easy setup.

DIY dog crate cover

Who should Build a DIY Dog Crate

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Be ready to get your hands and robes dirty. Because what you are expecting doesn’t get anywhere cleaner than the image above!

If you are a person who likes neat and tidy hands then avoid the idea of making a DIY wooden dog crate. Because even a professional carpenter has to get his hands dirty doing such work. As the matter of fact, carpentry can be almost impossible for an inexperienced person.

Advantages of Building a Dog Crate

Here are some of the advantages that building your own DIY dog crate offers you.

#1 Enhancing Aesthetics

Sometimes, you need your dog’s home to be awesome as yours in order to match the decor. For that reason, a custom made/DIY dog crate solves the purpose easily. Additionally, make a dog crate end table DIY manner in order to optimize the usage and area utilization.

Pet parents have used many creative ideas to make the DIY dog crate in order to optimize the usage and utilize the area well. For example, look at the images below:

xl dog crate
xxl dog crate

#2 Increases Compatibility of your Dog

After buying a dog crate from the market some people do not get an accurate size of the crate. The crate will either be larger than the requirement or smaller. In fact, all the complementary problems come along with it i.e. poor locking mechanism, fragile construction, etc.

All these factors can lead a dog to not liking the kennel, also making him difficult to crate train. In contrast to that, you can choose to build a dog house yourself with perfect dimensions. It will make the crate training process very easy.

#3 Lower Possibilities of Breaking

Some market dog crates have a poor locking mechanism or the material itself is too fragile to hold a dog inside. These loopholes will never exist when you are building a dog house yourself. Likewise, choosing a better grade material will not only make the house secure but also unbreakable.

#4 Durability

In continuation of the previous topic i.e. lower possibilities of breaking, this point will add further insights. DIY dog crates are more durable compared factory-made ones. This feature is the best to sell the idea of building a dog house.

#5 Outdoor Kennels

Generally, the outdoor dog crates or kennels are suitable for guard dogs. However, most of the medium sized dogs can stay in an outdoor kennel. In contrast to that, indoor kennels have flooded the markets. Because people who have a limited budget or smaller apartment. Therefore, purchase the indoor dog crate. On the other hand, pet parents who want an outdoor kennel will probably choose to make one instead of buying.

Disadvantages of Building a Dog Crate

Coming on the disadvantages part, there are some drawbacks to building a DIY dog crate. Not only building DIY dog crate will be time-consuming but also cost you more.

#1 Cost

Building a DIY dog crate will cost you more than purchasing a factory-made dog house. Moreover, the material selection and procurement from an expensive dealer can worsen the deal. Additionally, many pet parents tend to increase the cost while making the kennel. Because constructional errors, design failure, redoing the whole project makes it happen.

#2 Planning, Designing & Executing

Planning, designing and executing are the most difficult exercises of building a DIY dog crate. Firstly, you have to specific about your DIY dog crate plans, I suggest you go with dog kennel plans using wood as they are cheaper and also because many hardware sellers or traders will encourage you to purchase some useless expensive stuff.

Therefore, doing market research is the most necessary in order to plan a perfect DIY dog home. Then you can use the design ideas which you have seen above in this article or some other place. Finally, if you are not a craftsman then you need to consider trying to practice before actually building a kennel.

For example, if you want to build a wooden dog crate(or check out Cheap Wooden Dog Crate Reviews!) then start practicing to hammer the nails after drilling the wooden logs. Then practice using a block plane which will be very useful for the task.

Similarly, if you choose to make a metal dog crate then you can practice using a hacksaw blade with its frame. Additionally, select perfect fastening components i.e. clamps, i-bolts, wing nuts, etc. It will make the process of setting up and dismantling the DIY dog crate simpler.

#3 Dog Hates The Crate(Most of the Times)

If you planning to build a DIY dog crate then you will have to accept it when your pooch dislikes your effort. Generally, dogs like the company of their people most of the times. In fact, some companion dogs will not leave their parent out of sight for a minute. Such a dog will follow his master even to the bathroom.

Therefore, building an outdoor DIY dog crate can be a blunder if your dog does not stay calm inside. Even the indoor DIY dog crate will cause anxiety to some dogs. Finally, be ready for a heartbreak when your dog doesn’t like his new dog house.

You can follow a six-step easy crate training guide to solve the problem.

#4 Can be Injurious to Dog

Dogs are curious most of the times, this encourages them to go out from a confinement. In fact, some intelligent dogs can find ways to escape. During this process, dogs can badly hurt themselves. It is a concerning issue for most of the parents.

In many cases, dogs try to chew the metal of wooden dog kennels hurt themselves in the mouth and face. Also, while jumping from a pen or a fence a dog will possibly get injured if not by the fence piercing his coat then by injury of falling down from a height.

#5 Temporary Residence

Building a DIY dog crate is not a good idea if you have a traveling job or have to relocate often. Dismantling a dog crate will not be easy, in fact, transporting the raw materials of that DIY dog crate will be more expensive than buying a new one.

Therefore, you shall be ready to leave a well-built DIY dog house without any hesitation. Otherwise selecting an airline approved dog crate is advisable which will allow you to transport your little champion via air cargo. Additionally, selecting a metal dog crate will not be a bad choice either which you can easily fold during transportation.

The EndNote

Finally, you saw the advantages and disadvantages of building a DIY dog crate along with the reasons for building and what kind of people shall build a DIY dog crate.

Leave your queries in the comment section, at Petlovesbest, we will be happy to help you.


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