16 Best Utility Dog Crate Reviews of 2023

When it comes to designing the interior of your house, you want nothing but the best. Sometimes, either you have to design a furniture model for multipurpose use or buy from the market that fits the budget. Similarly, you will see some of the best utility dog crate designs in this review. It will neither burn a huge hole in your pocket nor it will be a useless expense(being multipurpose).


Best Utility Dog Crate Reviews of 2023

If you already happen to know well about the dog crates and want a brief review of the best product of this review then find the exact answers below.

Editor's Picks
1. DenHaus BowHaus Modern Dog FurnitureIndoor Utility Dog Crate
2. Petsfit Outdoor Dog HouseOutdoor Utility Dog Crate
3. Keter Knit Cozy Luxury Lounge Pet Home with CushionsDouble Deck Bunker Crate for Small Dogs
4. Senyepets Soft Indoor Dog HousesSoft Utility Dog Crate Tent Bed
5. Little Dove Pet Teepee House Indian TentBest Dog Tent

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This section has detailed reviews of the utility kennels. And each product is described along with its relevant category or the utility dog crate type.

Indoors Designs

The indoor designs focus on the utility kennels which you can set up inside the house. It has the most modern and artistic design available on the market.

1. DenHaus ZenHaus Indoor Dog House and End Table

Denhaus is a dedicated manufacturer of dog products i.e. utility dog crates, wooden dog crate series, and dog crate beds. The company produces a wide range the wooden dog crates and some specific other types of dog crates. Adding to the fact, most of the products from this brand will have a cost according to the premium material of the product. However, the product you will see here is not the most expensive one on the list. Additionally, it is made of the modern design and unique appearance.

DenHaus ZenHaus Indoor Dog House and End Table


  • Stylish unique design.
  • Good ventilation.
  • Reliable locking mechanism.
  • Rigid glass fiber and a table top.
  • Ergonomics and aesthetics are the best.
  • Delicate material for a strong boisterous dog.
  • The door swinging open on a delicate hinge can fail.

In-Depth Review

The apparent utility dog crate is one of a kind! It is made up of glass fiber material and a temper proof glass at the top of the kennel. The material selection in this product has resulted in a considerable lightweight kennel.

The door of the pooch house is removable in order to make a Zenhaus from Denhaus an actual den. However, its door is curved and opens wide sideways to the kennel. Additionally, the utility dog crate has all around 360 degrees vents for maximum airflow.

On one hand, the vents will allow more airflow inside which is desirable for a dog with a dense coat. On the other hand, it will not suit the dog suffering from separation anxiety. To deal with the problem, some pet parents use the dog crate cover.

On the contrary, here it is not the best solution. Because firstly, you purchase a designer utility crate just to cover it with a crate cover doesn’t add up. Here you can put a soft dog crate bed or utility dog crate tent inside the Zenhaus to solve the problem.

Apart from the separation anxiety issue, this utility dog crate has one more downside to it. The glass fiber material of the Zenhaus utility crate is not very durable. The den will not last long for the inquisitive dogs especially the strong ones.

Nonetheless, if you own a small sized dog breed especially the calm ones then the product will match your every requirement.

2. DenHaus BowHaus Modern Dog Furniture – Silver Pet Crate

Here we are with another utility dog crate from the same brand i.e. Denhaus. The apparent one is another utility dog crate with a designer construction. The maker has two of its products i.e. Zenhaus and Bowhaus that fall under this category perfectly. The company is renowned for its several wooden dog crate designs.

DenHaus BowHaus Modern Dog Furniture - Silver Pet Crate


  • End table dog crate.
  • Sturdy metal structure.
  • Artistic ventilation on the wall.
  • Sliding door.
  • Reliable locking mechanism.
  • Powder coated steel looks elegant.
  • Dog crate cover is necessary to block partial intruding light exposure.
  • Rattling sound can be annoying. Using a mat beneath the crate is advisable.

In-Depth Review

The Bowhaus is completely different from the Zenhaus if we look at the material. Bowhaus is made up of thing rigid steel which adds a great strength to the design. The steel is powder coated which means the utility dog crate will have a smooth perfect polish that you see on a brand new car.

Apart from the material, the vents on the kennel form a design on the walls. It increases the charm of the utility crate and enhances the home decor.

Additionally, here the table top is also made of rigid steel which provides a firm base for other things. You can use the utility crate as the lamp table of the magazine end table.

Looking at the door of the utility dog crate as it rolls sideways around the perimeter of the walls. You will not have to worry about the door opening space in front of the crate anymore. Additionally, it becomes impossible to break open the crate by pushing the door. Thus it is an escape proof dog crate too.

In this case, you will not have any damages from a boisterous dog which was the case with Zenhaus. However, using a table mat or the table top cover is advisable. Because the rattling sound from the utility dog crate can be annoying.

3. Pet Magasin Pet Travel Kennel for Cats, Small Dogs Puppies & Rabbits

Pet Magasin is a utility dog crate manufacturer who also produces several other pet products too. The maker manufactures other products i.e. car seat covers, soft-sided dog crate, pet carriers, grooming scissors, dog mats, and grooming kits. The maker focuses on cat and dog products exclusively.

Pet Magasin Pet Travel Kennel


  • Cute and useful dog carrier.
  • The strong fabric material is cushioned.
  • Optimum vent holes are available.
  • Easy fold down and set up.
  • Zipping after a fold down will save a lot of space.
  • Dog carrier is only suitable for toy breed dogs.
  • You need to consider pee and potty training prior to crate training.

In-Depth Review

Here we are with one of the most popular utility crates. It is more of a dog carrier than a crate. However, if it serves the purpose similar to a crate then we can consider it as a utility dog crate.

It is an airline suitable dog carrier and a perfect dog crate for travelling. The best feature of this product is its foldable feature you can see in the image above. You can easily unzip the top and bottom faces of the utility dog crate and fold the circular wall inside. The top and bottom have a zip which you can use to pack the wall inside.

The utility dog crate is made up of dual layer nylon cushioned sturdy fabric. It has a cute appearance and a useful foldable feature. However, the base of the kennel will need a firm external support. Because the bottom gets all of the weight of the pooch inside, it tends to deform. Even after a couple of uses without an external support, the base of the Pet Magasin will start to deform.

Although the product is very popular it lacks in delivering the quality that a requirement of a pet. Firstly, the size and construction of the product make it a suitable small dog crate for toy breed pooches. Additionally, you will have to open the door frequently in order to allow the dog to stretch and settle again easily.

Thus, the Magasin dog carrier is only suitable for little pups and small sized dog breeds. You cannot let a dog be inside this utility pooch crate for a long period. It can increase your pup’s stress. However, keeping the top door open during the long car journey is possible.

Outdoors Dog Crates

We have the outdoor utility kennels which appropriate for the outdoor spots i.e. the backyard or the verandah.

4. Petsfit Outdoor Dog House

Petsfit is the brand holding position for its quality products not only on this review but also for the soft-sided dog crate and metal dog crate reviews. Now to mention about its good quality products, as it consecutively reserves a place on some of our reviews. However, let’s see if the current utility dog crate has any unique feature or it is just similar to the most others.

Petsfit Outdoor Dog House


  • Metal frame is the foundation and support.
  • Easy entry and exit via a wide door.
  • Slanted rood with asphalt layer that repels water.
  • Raised floor for minimum moisture logging on the floor.
  • Hydraulic strut keeps the roof from smashing on the walls.
  • There are total of six legs supporting the kennel.
  • Floor is not removable, it makes cleaning difficult.

In-Depth Review

Petsfit utility dog crate is similar to the previous ones that we saw above. It has a slanted roof with coarse asphalt, raised legs to avoid the damages due to rainwater. Likewise, we saw the opening top allows maximum cleaning of previous products, here we have the same feature.

In fact, here it is not only the same feature but also it has hinged joints on it. Adding to the fact, the Petsfit utility crate has a pair of two hydraulic struts. It will hold the roof open while you want it to.

This feature is better than the mechanical hinge locks we normally see in other such products. It will not only hold the door open but also avoid the door from accidentally hitting the side walls while closing.

Compared to all the three kennels, this one will win for the quality of the material. However, it also has a giant price tag for the smaller utility dog crate. On the other hand, both the previous kennels have lower and affordable price tag even for the larger utility dog kennel.

Therefore, this product will cost you a little higher but deliver the utmost quality. Additionally, the brand manufactures the utility dog crates for the small to medium-sized dog breeds.

5. A4 Pet Metal Frame Outdoor Dog House

A4 Pet is an exclusive brand that produces the cat and dog crates. Not only the pet crates but also a wide range of pet carriers. The A4 pet products have a great repo amongst the pet parents for its quality products. The maker designs and produces many products i.e. soft-sided dog crates, utility dog crates, car travel crates, pet carrier bags, food bowl, and outdoor kennels.

A4 Pet Metal Frame Outdoor Dog House


  • Removable floor eases the cleaning tasks.
  • The slanted roof keeps water from logging.
  • Raised floor keeps moisture from settling on the floor.
  • Sturdy metal frame and thick wooden body.
  • Floor sometimes is difficult to arrange.
  • Using a dog crate pad is necessary.

In-Depth Review

The outdoor kennel sees in the image above is also a type utility dog crate. Only the difference between the previous products and the apparent one is its usage. Apparent utility dog crate is useful for the outdoor purposes and the previous one for indoor purposes.

In addition to that, this kennel is very easy to clean with its removable floor panels. You can open the top door which has hinges to its one end for removing the floor. The top opening door is convenient to use while cleaning or removing the floor and while the arranging the dog crate bed.

The roof is also made of the same material as that of the side walls. Additionally, the slanted roof has a coarse waterproof asphalt layer which will not allow water to damage the kennel. It will keep the pooch house from damage.

In addition to that, the raised legs of the crate keep the floor away from moisture. It will be very helpful to clean the base of the crate and also the surroundings of the crate.

This utility dog crate is suitable for medium or large sized Fido especially the guard dogs. You cannot put a companion pooch in this outdoor utility dog crate. Only the medium-sized or large-sized dogs can cope up with such a huge crate and outdoor dwelling.

6. Precision Pet Extreme Log Cabin

Precision is not the brand we are reviewing for the first time. We have selected its metal wired dog crate as one of the best dog crate rankings. Currently, we will be focusing on its utility dog crate for this review. This product is similar to the previous one which you saw above. The brand Precision has made an outdoor wooden dog crate which falls under our category too.

Precision Pet Extreme Log Cabin


  • Color combination looks attractive.
  • The finishing of the wooden body is precise.
  • The wide door allows easy entry and exit.
  • Top opening roof is suitable for cleaning.
  • The frame is not very strong.
  • Not a long lasting wooden body.
  • Cleaning the floor is difficult.

In-Depth Review

You will find many similarities between the A4 outdoor utility dog crate and the Precision utility dog crate. Because both the products are made of a wooden material in fact, both the kennels have similarly slanted rooftops.

However, the apparent one does not have a removable floor. It is one drawback of this product compared to the previous one. You can have a hard time cleaning the floor. Nevertheless, opening the roof will make the cleaning more convenient. It can be disappointing about this kennel that it does not have hinges on its roof.

Here, you will find the similar type of slanted rooftop which has the coarse asphalt on it. The asphalt will keep the water away from the utility dog crate. Additionally, its raised legs also help to keep the water away from the crate.

The quality of the wood of this utility crate is not up to the mark of regular Precision Pet products have. The kennel might last long of your dog has either mouthing habit or is destructive.

Therefore, this utility dog crate is perfectly suitable for an obedient, calm dog. You cannot let a destructive dog inside without frequent supervision. Thus, you can use this crate for a violent dog outdoors for shorter periods.

7. Suncast DH350 Dog House

Suncast is an exclusive manufacturer of polymer/plastic hardware and other products. The producer manufactures the dog houses, house sheds, foldable garage houses, deck box, closet, etc. Thus, the brand specializes in making the heavy plastic products which include the utility dog crate too. In fact, it is one of the most popular products of this brand.

Suncast DH350 Dog House


  • Economic and standard design.
  • Easy attach and detach components mechanism.
  • Easy to clean and wash.
  • Waterproof material.
  • Slanted roof keeps rain water from logging.
  • Not a heavy duty material.
  • Not suitable for strong dogs.
  • Lightweight is not an advantage, the wind blows it easily.
  • You need to attach it to the ground or cover with heavier objects.

In-Depth Review

Here we present you the utility dog crate made up of plastic material. It is a plastic dog kennel (crate) with a wooden dog crate appearance. Although, the design and construction resemble that of the wooden outdoor kennel but is not as sturdy as the wooden kennels.

There are many benefits of owning the current utility dog crate i.e. it excellent appearance, affordability, easily washable, lightweight. You can use it for various dog breeds because the product is available in different sizes.

However, the shall not put either a strong or an inquisitive dog who has mouthing habit. Those dogs can easily chew or break the apparent utility crate. Thus, only the calm Fido can stay inside the Suncast resin made utility crate.

Apart from the cons, there are certain pros to the deal too. Firstly, the product is fairly affordable compared to the wooden, plastic, metal dog crates. Secondly, the resin material is easily washable making the cleaning very easy. Finally, the lightweight material eases the handling of the utility dog crate.

The sleek material will make the kennel weigh less or lightweight. On the other hand, it implies that the material is not very sturdy to withstand the adverse load on it. Even a boisterous pup can damage the whole kennel easily.

However, putting the dog house outdoor can easily cause it to scatter in little strong winds. Thus using this utility dog crate indoor is advisable. Otherwise, cover the kennel in order to minimize the wind flow towards it.

8. Pets Imperial Extra Large Norfolk Wooden Dog Kennel

Pets Imperial produces many pet houses. The range of those products not only consists of dog houses but also the bird, rabbit, chicken sanctuaries. Moreover, the dog kennel is just a bit about the company’s production list. However, the popularity of its utility dog crate is low but not negligible. A utility dog crate from this brand dominates the market with its quality and design.

Pets Imperial Extra Large Norfolk Wooden Dog Kennel


  • PVC curtain is the best part of this deal.
  • Easy cleaning and washing.
  • Keeps cold and heat away with the PVC curtain.
  • Wooden material is not very long lasting.
  • Not suitable for boisterous dogs.

In-Depth Review

Norfolk is one of the best wooden dog houses that you will come across. It has every constructional feature similar to that of the crates we saw above. However, the Norfolk has something better to offer compared to others.

Here we have a removable floor that is a useful feature for cleaning the crate. You can easily open the top door i.e. its roof during cleaning or arrange the floor or bed. Additionally, the roof has hinge joints which will hold the roof in its position i.e. open.

Apart from that, here the roof also has the coarse asphalt layer on it. Now, we know that a layer of asphalt will keep the rainwater from settling on the roof. Additionally, the slanted roof will do the needful i.e. allowing the rainwater to flow off the roof.

The best part about the deal is that it will have the PVC curtains for the opening door on the front. It will restrict the access airflow inside the utility dog crate. In addition to that, the partial opening from the curtains will allow the air which is desirable during summers.

However, during the winters the partially closed kennel is more than sufficient if there is a dog crate bed inside already or a blanket for warmness.

Adding to the fact, this utility dog crate also has raised legs which keeps the floor from water. It will also allow the air to pass beneath the floor which eventually will reduce the moisture under the floor.

More Outdoor Utility Dog Crate Designs

  • Confidence Pet Waterproof Plastic Dog Kennel Outdoor Winter House
  • Suncast DH250 Dog House
  • Tangkula Pet House Wooden Outdoor Indoor Dog Cat Puppy House Room with a View
  • Merry Products Wood Pet Home- Room With A View
  • Dog House With Stairs – Staircase – Balcony – Porch – Wood – Wooden
  • Antique Large Dog House W Roof Solid Wood Penthouse Kennels Crates Duplex 51x43x43 W Balcony & Ez Entrance for Two Dogs

Kennel Tent Bed

We are going to talk about the kennel beds which means that the dog kennel is made of the material similar to a dog bed. It is more like a tent than a dog bed.

9. Senyepets Soft Indoor Dog Houses

Senyepets is a producer of several pet products especially the soft utility dog crate. Along with the soft dog crate, the maker produces dog leash, dog vest, dog diapers, plastic dog kennels, and dog carriers bags.

Senyepets Soft Indoor Dog Houses


  • Soft and fluffy material.
  • Best dog crate bed for small dogs.
  • Pillow or the bed inside is very soft.
  • Color cobination is attractive.
  • Useful as a crate bed for the wired dog crate.
  • The tent will lose its shape after a couple of uses.
  • Not suitable for any dog larger than the toy breed dogs.
  • The roof has a velcro which is delicate.

In-Depth Review

Here we have a foldable soft dog crate tent which we can easily set up and fold down. It is extensively suitable for indoor purposes as far as we are using it as the dog’s happy place.

Many people use an actual crate and place the crate tent inside it in place of a dog crate bed. There it serves multiple purposes i.e. helping a dog cope with separation anxiety and cold surroundings.

It is very useful when you are using it with the metal wired dog crate. Because the apparent tent bed is cozy, soft, and comfortable. It can make a dog have the sense of security inside the utility dog crate which of course the metal wired dog crate cannot deliver.

You can either use this of a metal dog crate or for other kennels where the dog gets anxious. Additionally, the tent bed is very soft and comfortable which is desirable. Likewise, the product will be useful for the playful dog too.

There is one downside to it too. The utility crate is made up of soft materials which will hardly stay erect. The metal wires used for holding the tent upright will lose its effect after a couple of use. However, you can still use it as a dog bed without the dog noticing about the failure.

You can use this utility dog crate for normal dogs irrelevant of them not suffering from separation anxiety.

10. Best Pet Supplies, Inc. Tent Bed

Best Pet Supplies manufactures many pet-related products including their very renown utility dog crate product line. The makers do not make the regular dog crates. Instead, the makers produce the soft tent bed dog utility crate. It serves as a dog crate bed. The maker also produces some other such products i.e. dog stairs, dog bed, dog toys, and dog carriers.

Best Pet Supplies, Inc. Tent Bed


  • Corduroy material keeps the dog comfortable.
  • Cozy and soft tent.
  • The base is a pillow for the dog.
  • Not very suitbale for dog other than toy breeds.
  • Also not suitable for dogs with mouthing habit.

In-Depth Review

The tent bed is like a cute teddy bear small kids love playing with. The utility tent bed here has the feel of a stuffed toy. It makes the product cute and useful especially when you have a toy breed.

The apparent utility dog crate is made up of corduroy, linen, and faux suede material. Moreover, the tent bed has corduroy which is very soft yet strong material.

On the contrary to its advantages, there are some cons too in the deal. Firstly, many pet parent who bought this actually found the crate to be smaller than indicated. Adding to the fact, you will have to see the measurements image from the source.

Apart from that, never try to put your pooch inside who has a mouthing habit. The soft material will not only tear up really fast but also every dog would like tearing it. Thus, buy this product only if your dog does not have a chewing habit.

Likewise, use this crate while you are around most of the times. Otherwise, the same story will keep repeating i.e. the dog tear open the tent bed in your absence because he thought you were gone forever. (Pun intended)

11. Portable Indoor Pet House / Bed

Currently, we have one more product from the same brand i.e. Best Pet Supplies. You have read about the company in the previous section i.e. in the product review. However, the products also have fairly different construction and design. It makes the apparent product a characteristic one. Moreover, you will see similarities in every product from this brand.

Portable Indoor Pet House


  • Soft material covered with faux suede.
  • Cozy and soft construction.
  • Dog crate bed or the pillow is very soft.
  • Not suitable for a dog with dense coat.
  • The tent loses its shape after a couple of uses.
  • The outer fabric is not very smooth compared to the previous product.

In-Depth Review

The current product is a similar tent bed to the previous one we saw. It has a soft, and warm faux suede for its construction. You will find the same material in the previous product too. However, the previous product had more of corduroy in its construction but here it is only the faux suede.

However, here we have the product of the same brand means the products are similar too. You can go with either of the utility dog crates for your pooch because it will hardly make any difference.

The soft crate tent bed comes with a cushion made of similar material. Moreover, the cushion is softer and thicker than the walls which are desirable.

Apart from that, this product is only suitable for the dogs living in a cold atmosphere. Because the material of the utility dog crate hinders the airflow at the contact portion like a plastic. It can adversely affect the dogs having a dense coat.

Therefore, you shall buy this tent bed if you live in a colder region. Anything below 25 degree Celsius is acceptable.

Dog Crate Furniture

Dog crate furniture includes the kennel which can be used as furniture of the house. It does not necessarily imply the usage of dog crate wood in building the crate.

12. Keter Knit Cozy Luxury Lounge Pet Home with Cushions

Keter is a furniture manufacturing company who also makes the utility dog crate product line. Moreover, the utility dog crate from this brand has multipurpose usage i.e. for the dog and the home decor too. Keter produces two types of utility crates i.e. Knit Cozy Lounge and Bunk Bed. Out of these two, we have selected the Knit Cozy Lounge as the better utility dog crate.

Keter Knit Cozy Luxury Lounge Pet Home with Cushions


  • Premium and elegant product.
  • Double deck bunker bed.
  • Two crate beds or pillows inclusive in the deal.
  • Crate beds are very soft.
  • Can be used as a house furniture too.
  • The detachable feature will be difficult to use at the starting.

In-Depth Review

Looking at the product you will like it for your little champ. It is a cute and artistic utility dog crate a dog will love. It has geoid shape with two dents i.e. at top and bottom. The bottom one is for the stability and the top dent can accommodate a pet. Therefore, your pup can either have a bed inside and over the utility dog crate lounge.

The lounge does not have a door which makes it easier for the pooch to enter and exit. However, for that kind of freedom, the pooch has to be crate trained first. You cannot expect an untrained Fido to be house trained before the crate training.

Moreover, the lounge is suitable for the companion pooches who never leave their masters out of sight. Additionally, the dog will also feel secure when you place the lounge around yourself i.e. couch or bed.

The deal includes two soft crate beds which can increase the comfort for the dog. You can use one dog crate bed for the inside of the utility dog crate while the other one for the top. The apparent utility crate will be similar to a bunker bed for the pooch. It is very beneficial if you have two toy breed pooches. suitable

Thus, the apparent utility dog crate is suitable for puppies or the toy sized dog breed. Despite an aggressive temperament of the pooch, it will be best for him. This is a dog crate suitable for an aggressive dog because it has no door. The Fido will not feel enclosed which will make the crate training very easy for him.

13. Eagle Furniture Manufacturing K9 End Table Dog Crate

Eagle Furniture is an exclusive carpenters’ place where dog crate furniture is manufactured. The brand produces limited but a premium variety of tabletop dog crate series. The apparent is a review of a tabletop wooden dog crate. This type of kennels suitable for indoor purposes. However, you can use it in your backyard if there is a shed above the crate. The Eagle Furniture produces nothing but the best wooden dog crate furniture series. Maybe for that reason there limited variants from this company.

Eagle Furniture Manufacturing K9 End Table Dog Crate


  • Heavy and indestructible wooden dog crate.
  • Adding elegance and charm to the home decor.
  • Rigid and premium table top.
  • Strong metal pipes in a combination of heavy wooden body.
  • Divider at the centre accommodates two dogs seperately.
  • Expensive.

In-Depth Review

The K9 kennel is an indestructible dog crate. Additionally, it an end table dog crate too. Yes, the apparent utility dog crate is made up of strong and robust material and construction respectively. It is the best home for a calm dog as well as an inquisitive dog.

Because the apparent utility dog crate has a divider in between the two end table dog crate compartments. The divider separates the left and the right portion of the utility dog crate. You can use to this crate if you have two dogs.

It is fairly a large dog crate which can accommodate large sized dog breeds. You can also put more than two dogs inside the crate. However, all the dogs shall have proper social bonding and least aggressive behavior.

As we described, it is an indestructible dog crate and an end table dog crate. Thus, it can hold an aggressive dog inside easily.

However, you will have to use either a dog crate pad or a dog crate tray. It will save the crate from the accidents. Additionally, it will be very easy to clean the excreta after an accident.

Its sturdy and thick wooden table top has a nice appearance. You can use that table top for several purposes. Finally, the apparent utility dog crate will last longer than any other dog crate on the list.


These are the typical tents similar to what we use for camping and recreational purposes. However, all the tents here are not suitable for camping. Some are used for making a tent kennel too.

14. Little Dove Pet Teepee House Indian Tent

Little Dove is a tent manufacturing company who builds tents for kids as well as small breed dogs. You can select this tent if you plan to set it up indoors. Moreover, you can use the tent for outdoor purpose but its canvas fabric will not be perfect. The maker i.e. Little Dove is a premium tent producing company who manufactures the tents extensively for indoor playing purpose. Either the kids can play inside it or the little pets. Nothing apart from that, you cannot use it for camping purposes.

Little Dove Pet Teepee House Indian Tent


  • Decorative and cute tent, mat.
  • Best for indoor decoration and playhouse for a dog.
  • Suitable for toy breed pooches.
  • Best for a dog having separation anxiety. Put his favorite toy inside to necourage the playful practice.
  • Not suitable for large dogs.
  • Not made very useful for outdoors.

In-Depth Review

As we described the tent is made up of cotton canvas material which is not very suitable for outdoor purposes. Thus, the first thing you cannot do is going camping with you four-legged champ. However, you can but handling a canvas tent will be more difficult than the Braceus one.

In addition to that, you get a soft comparatively thinner mat or the dog crate bed. You can wash it in the machine. However, it is as good as a carpet which will not be very comfortable for some. The dogs require a soft material crate bed for utmost comfort.

Apart from that, it is very adorable to see a small breed dog play inside this cute tent. You can decorate it with little twinkle lights to enhance the decor. Just make simple enough that the Fido likes it too.

Adding to the fact, the makers have produced a very thoughtful and cute product. You might love the product more than your little pooch. The end of the tent fabric has pom pom balls which adds to the appearance. Also, it can encourage the pooch to play with it.

Thus, select this utility dog crate tent only if you plan to set it indoors especially for a calm pet. An inquisitive pooch can easily scramble the whole tent within a couple of minutes.

15. Braceus Tent Oxford Fabric Foldable Outdoors Waterproof

Braceus is a multidisciplinary manufacturing company. It not only produces pet-related items but also electronics, home decor, cosmetics, polymer/plastic items, etc. Moreover the utility dog crate, rather we call it as the tent can be useful during tours. Not to mention, you can use it indoors and outdoors too. In addition to that, you can use it during the tour or while in the home. The dog will love the cozy place for himself whatsoever.

Braceus Tent Oxford Fabric Foldable Outdoors Waterproof


  • Perfect camping tent for a dog.
  • It is waterproof and lightweight.
  • Easy setting up and folding down.
  • Useful for indoor recreational usage too.
  • Not suitable during heavy winds.
  • Not suitable for a dog having chewing habit.

In-Depth Review

The tent is made up of a thin oxford (nylon-like) material which is waterproof. Additionally, the tent will sustain the rough use during camping but will start to damage after a few uses.

The tent has a lightweight fabric material as well as the glass fiber poles do not weigh much. Also, the tent fabric has multiple loops which can withstand roughhousing. The glass fiber poles tuck in the loops. Then you will have the tent set up for your little four-legged camper buddy.

However, the Oxford material can damage if the dog has a mouthing habit. Apart from that, you can easily wash the tent fabric. Due to its water repellent material, no stains will settle on it.

Thus, you can select this utility dog crate while you are planning to take your four-legged kid along. Also, setting the tent inside your house might not be a bad choice only if your dog does not have a mouthing habit.

16. Yongs Pet Dog Teepee with Cushion Portable Puppy Bed Tent

Yongs is an exclusive manufacturer of pet products especially the tents. The company builds the dog tents of different styles and color. However, the style of the tent remains the same. Here also you will see the review of the tent. Go through the next section to know if the cute tent has anything unique to deliver.

Yongs Pet Dog Teepee with Cushion Portable Puppy Bed Tent


  • Cute and decorative design for the pooches.
  • The crate bed is soft.
  • Easy setting up and folding down.
  • Only for indoor usage.
  • Not for the dogs having chewing habit.

In-Depth Review

First things first, this tent is suitable for the small sized dog breeds only. However, using it for a medium-sized dog breed while he is a pup will be suitable. Additionally, the pet will not like the crate for a longer time if they are house trained properly.

Also, you cannot use this tent for the crate training. It has no door, the entry and exit of a dog into the crate shall be voluntary.

However, if you going to be around most of the time then the dog will not hesitate much using the tent. In fact, the dog will start using the tent more often than you expect.

Coming to the tent design and construction, the tent fabric is very easy to set up. Because once you set up the sticks by tying the rope on one end, the tent skeleton will be ready. Then you will have to put the dog crate bed inside and the fabric on top.

Again, the tent is made up of soft fiber which a dog can damage by chewing. Thus, train a dog to avoid the chewing habit or avoid putting him alone in the tent.

Hence, you can buy this utility dog crate in order to provide your dog a little private time.

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Buyers Guide

What is a Utility Dog Crate?

Utility dog crate is not a thing, you will find nothing if you keep looking for the regular metal, plastic, wooden dog crates. Let us say that, the utility products are unique than conventional in terms of design.

Although the building material of the products in this review are similar to the conventional ones. Therefore, you will realize about a few of the best dog crates that are available on the market. Additionally, the usefulness and aesthetic appearance of utility dog crate products will leave you awestruck.

On contrary, here we do not mean about the custom-made dog crate. In fact, the utility dog kennels are just about similar to that of the regular dog crates i.e. factory made.

Pros & Cons of Utility Dog Crate

Since we are talking about the unique and rarely preferred products, then there are chances of the products to have more drawbacks. However, various requirements and expectations vary from person to person. We will suggest you take a look at these excellently designed products before having a preconception.

  • Premium products and durable construction.
  • Modern design and appearance.
  • Unique structure.
  • Lesser chances of failure. (breaking open)
  • Optimized size and space.
  • Optimum air vents.
  • Convenient usage.
  • Can be expensive.
  • Durability depends on the maker’s design and manufacturing skills.
  • Sometimes the dog will hate the kennel. (It happens with the regular ones too)
  • Sellers hardly keep stock of the products less in demand.
  • Not suitable for transport.

Utility Dog Crate Types

We can divide the utility dog crate products into these categories. All the uniquely built dog kennels will fall under at least one of the following categories.

#1 Indoors Designs

You might have come across a stylish dog crate that matches the modern home decor. Additionally, the situation when you see a dog also uses that crate like an emperor of the house. However, you never bothered searching for these kinds of dog crates assuming its price to be sky high.

In fact, a utility crate can have a longer life than a metal or plastic dog crate. It is because the construction of the utility dog crate consists of premium materials. Nevertheless, you can see some of the best indoor utility crates in the final review section below.

#2 Outdoors

Similar to the indoor utility dog crate story, people overlook an outdoor utility dog crate assuming it to be costlier. On the contrary, the actual scenario is a bit different. The high price of the product can be due to the premium material being used in its construction.

Generally, people prefer buying the metal wire dog crate for its economical price. However, a dog might not feel completely secure inside such a crate. Even though a pet parent puts his/her guard dog in an outdoor crate the dog can feel start getting anxious or destructive.

On the other hand, we have the fair choice here i.e. utility crate for an outdoor area. The outdoor dog crate series which you will see in the final review are all properly enclosed. Thus, a dog will secure and not get anxious inside such a crate.

The images show the outdoor utility dog crate which is suitable for an outdoor area. However, not all the products which you will see are not only suitable for an outdoor but also an indoor location. Go through the review of those products to know if you can set it outside the house.

#3 Dog Bed Tent

This is another type of product idea which you can use as a utility dog crate. A dog bed tent is am actually a bed in the shape of the tent. The whole tent is made of the similar material i.e. the whole tent is a bed.

It can be very useful for the small sized dog breeds or the puppies. The cozy space of the soft tent bed will be very helpful during winters and for the pooches suffering from separation anxiety.

You can easily use this type of dog product as the standard dog crate as it has many benefits. Firstly, a soft tent utility dog crate is very useful during winters. Also, it is the best solution for the anxious pooches. Finally, it also looks very cute when the dog is inside the crate.

#4 Furniture-Wooden, Metal, Plastic

Here the term ‘dog crate furniture’ does not necessarily mean wooden material. It can also imply the use of different materials for the utility dog crate. However, the final usage of the crate will be for holding the dog inside and using the utility crate as a dog crate table top.

#5 Tent

A tent is an actual utility dog crate type, it is also the cutest thing to watch. We have to set up a tent at a place appropriate for the dog in the house. After which the dog and his personal space will hardly be a problem for you.

However, a tent is not an appropriate option for holding a dog inside when the dog himself wants to wander openly. It is only suitable for the calm and obedient dogs. We cannot expect a boisterous dog to stay inside for the shortest instance.

Moreover, a utility dog crate tent is a suitable option during camping and touring where you can easily set up and fold down. Additionally, it will only keep a dog happy inside while you are around not after you are gone.

How To Select a Utility Dog Crate

There are methods useful during selecting a suitable utility crate. Because while looking for the utility dog crate you cannot easily rely on simple factors like size, material, the weight of the product. Here you will have to consider the color, temperament of the dog, cost, dog crate cover, dog crate pads, etc.

You need to consider the factors we have listed below while selecting the perfect utility dog crate.

#1 Size

We all accept that the dog needs to stay comfortable inside the crate in all conditions. Thus, measuring the dog before selecting the utility dog crate is advisable.

dog crate sizes

The utility dog crate shall not hinder the dog in making minimum movements inside the crate. In that case, the crate shall be sufficiently big to allow a dog to stretch completely, move a bit, and stand.

In addition to that, the rate shall not be very large such that the pooch gets anxious. Generally, the dogs have the tendency to rest in a cozy place. It makes them feel secure. This tendency still prevails in modern dogs which we witnessed in the ancestral dogs i.e. using a den. It made the wild dogs feel secure then, and cozy place makes the dogs feel secure till date.

#2 Color Matching the Decor

We all look for a perfect color of the household items, electricals, curtains, and especially the furniture. Yes, we can count the utility dog crate as the furniture of the house. And we need select a utility dog crate in such a manner that its color matches with the decor of the house.

Selecting a dog crate that matches the interior of the house will not only enhance the home decor but also have a place in the center of the living room. Generally, pet parents use a silent, dark place for the kennel inside the house. Sometimes, it makes the dog more anxious due to loneliness.

You need to select a perfect color of the utility dog crate and place it in the center where the dog can see his people easily. In fact, the dog will start using the utility crate more often voluntarily.

#3 Secure Locking Mechanism

The purpose of the utility dog crate is not to lock the dog literally but only put him in an enclosure safely. You need to go out of the house and have to keep your champ in the crate. Then you will want to have a reliable locking mechanism to hold him inside.

Many dogs either try to break open the utility dog crate by damaging and scattering it. Furthermore, some intelligent pups will easily find a way to unlock the latch from inside. However, it generally happens in a metal wired dog crate.

In addition to that, the strong Fido can use the strength to push open the door. In this case, not only the dog breaks out by damaging them but also by damaging the lock too. Therefore, you need to consider the level of a secure locking mechanism for your pooch.

If you have a calm and friendly pooch then anything would work. On the other hand, you will need a robust and secure crate as well as the lock for a strong, boisterous Fido.

#4 The Material of the Crate

Now that we know the importance of the sturdy locking mechanism, thus we can move to the material of the utility dog crate. The material of the utility dog crate is going to be as important as the size of the crate. Every material has its own qualities and uses.

For example, metal dog crates are more suitable for medium or large sized dogs. On the other hand, the plastic dog crates are suitable for the small dog breeds. Similarly, the wooden dog crates are suitable for the dog as well as enhances the home decor.

In the same manner, you will have to select a material suitable for your Fido and the decor. Additionally, we have to consider the temperament of the dog while selecting an appropriate material. For example, a calm dog can stay in a soft-sided dog crate. On the contrary, an inquisitive pooch will rather need a firm material.

This leads to our next factor of consideration while selecting the best utility dog crate.

#5 Temperament of the Dog

We need to understand the dog’s needs and capabilities before selecting a utility dog crate. Moreover, these two things are the foundations for determining the temperament of a dog in different situations.

Temperament can vary from dog to dog if we consider psychological factors typically. However, going that deep will not be necessary. Here we can state the general dog temperaments which we need to understand while selecting a dog crate.

Traits of a dog include different behavior i.e. calm, inquisitive, aggressive. These three traits are always combined with happiness, anxiety, and stress(not necessarily correspondingly correct).

Thus, you will have to select a strong and robust dog crate for an aggressive and strong pooch. In contrast to that, you can select a plastic dog crate or any best soft sided dog crate for the calm pooch.

#6 Cost

Here we do not need to say much, because everything will depend on your budget. However, an important piece of advice we can share is to avoid a cheap dog crate from a sale.

Instead, you can select a crate having a simple design and firm construction. It will not only last longer but also be of more to you and your pooch.

Also, while you are buying the premium dog crate make sure you do not pay more than it’s worth.

#7 Dog Crate Pads

Every kennel will not have a dog crate tray which collects the excreta or urine. Most of the plastic, wooden, soft-sided dog crates will not have a dog crate tray. It makes cleaning and washing of the floor very difficult. In fact, in a soft-sided dog crate, the stains and smell could settle permanently.

Moreover, the metal dog crates have a provision of the floor pan on or beneath the grated floor. It will not only keep the crate clean but also save the dog inside from foul smell.

The dog crate pads are useful in such situations. You can use washable crate pad which is an equivalent of the dog crate pan. It will not only keep the crate clean but also provide some soft base for the dog crate bed.

#8 Dog Crate Cover

Dog crate makes a dog feel secure and keep the separation anxiety away. However, the metal wire dog crates and another such crate which have wide openings are not useful. It will neither isolate a dog from cold or hot surrounding nor will it make a dog feel secure.

In that case, you can use a dog crate cover which will solve both the problems. Firstly, the crate cover will minimize the external light exposure inside the crate. Secondly, it will protect the dog from cold or hot surroundings. Finally, the dog not able to see the surrounding will not get nervous easily.

The EndNote

Finally, here we conclude the review quickly going through the topics discussed. Firstly, we have the description of the term ‘Utility Dog Crate’. After which we learned about its advantages and disadvantages, along with the easy guide explaining the factors to keep in mind while selecting a utility dog crate. Finally, a review of the products respective to their corresponding types.

Therefore, now you know about the utility dog crates which do not fit the existing categories i.e. metal, plastic, or wooden for some intricacies.

Feel free to comment your queries and we will try to solve as soon as possible.


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