The Best Metal Dog Crates of 2023 (Reviews)

You are the only one to take care of your dog but you have to earn a living and cannot take your little champ along to your office! Forced by the circumstances, if you unwillingly have to leave the Fido alone at home, then buying the best metal dog crate is not a cruel thing to do!

It will benefit the dog psychologically as well as can be useful for house-training him. Well, a dog has a job to accompany his master; thus, having no one to accompany while you are gone, a dog will become ill-disciplined, destructive and aggressive.

Metal dog crates prove to be good for the notorious, inquisitive, rambunctious companion dogs. They can destroy the plastic dog crates by chewing. Go through the reviews below to understand the effectiveness of the metal crates.


At a Glance: Best Metal Dog Crates

If you already are aware of the dog crates, especially the metal crates then you can refer to the overall summary of the review. Here is the best product of respective categories from the compilation of top 10 metal dog crates.

Best Metal Dog Crate

metal dog crate


MidWest iCrate Folding Metal Crate: Midwest dominates the metal dog crate category with this product. It has a sturdy wired construction which a dog can hardly bend. Additionally, it has a variety of sizes for small to large-sized dogs. There are rubber rolling feet which avoids the scratches while moving.

Best Indestructible Metal Dog Crate

indestructible dog crate


ProSelect Guardian Gear Empire Dog Cage: Proselect has its product made for the strong, aggressive, intelligent dogs who can destroy open the wired dog crates. Due to that reason, this indestructible crate has a sturdy latch which you can see in the detailed review in this article. Coming back to its advantages, it has a sliding try beneath the grated floor, strong latch, rolling wheels to move the heavy easily. It is a package with all that you could ask for in an indestructible metal dog crate.

Best Double Door Metal Dog Crate

double dog crate


AmazonBasics Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate: AmazonBasics has some of the best features in its apparent product which most of the brands deliver only with a sky-high price tag. The features i.e. sliding tray, double door, efficient construction, reliable locking mechanism, carry handle, easy to set up and fold down.

Best Metal Large Dog Crate

xxl dog crate

Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel: This is a metal dog crate suitable for a courageous guard dog. You can easily set this kennel using its clamps and easy to fasten wing-nuts. Additionally, setting this kennel up is only a one man’s job. Coming on to its build-quality and construction, the kennel is strong and rigid with only a loophole i.e. its legs.


Editor's Picks
1. MidWest iCrate Folding Metal CrateBest Metal Dog Crate
2. ProSelect Guardian Gear Empire Dog CageBest Indestructible Metal Dog Crate
3. AmazonBasics Double Door Folding Metal Dog CrateBest Double Door Metal Dog Crate
4. Paws & Pals Exercise Pen (8 Panel Playpen)Best Exercise Open Dog Crate
5. Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire KennelBest Metal Large Dog Crate

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The 10 Best Metal Dog Crates of 2023 (Reviews)

Check out the in-depth reviews of the best metal dog crates on the market.

1. MidWest iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate (Single & Double Door)

Midwest is one brand which produces the safety fence and crates. It will not be wrong if we say this brand is the best manufacturer. Additionally, it dominates the market by delivering quality products to its customers.

The apparent brand not only manufactures the dog crates but also the exercise pen, large dog crates- indestructible ones, vehicle barriers, safety gates for indoors, and pet beds. In fact, Midwest produces a special type of playpens for puppies.

In contrast to the maximum quality and aesthetics, this brand delivers most of its products in an affordable price range. While comparing this brand with the other prominent ones, we found that Midwest has the best price deals compared to its quality.

MidWest iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate Single Door & Double Door


  • Crate has roller feet, allow linear motion without dragging or lifting.
  • It has two latches in extreme top and bottom of the door making it impossible for dogs to open.
  • The crate comes with a divider.
  • Wired frame construction can easily deform during transportation or if the dog tries to break out.


First things first, this metal dog crate will be easy to set up and use after you get used to it. It is one of the best dog crates available in the market. Because of its lightweight and sturdy construction, many users are pleased by the product.

It has a rubber rolling wheel which allows you to push the crate in a linear direction and not even leaving and marks on the floor. Sometimes, the metal frame getting in contact with the floor directly can leave the scratch marks and damage the floor.

However, coming to its build quality and appearance, it dominates the metal dog crate segment very well. Many customers have shared their positive feedback for this product. They also loved the component of the crate i.e. divider.

A divider here will help to manage the room for the dog inside his crate. You can use this option when you have a puppy who has some time to grow big. Generally, the dogs with separation anxiety need a cozy place to cope with their problem. Thus a divider can be useful in this case.

2. AmazonBasics Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

AmazonBasics is the brand name under which Amazon commercializes its products. Moreover, all the products from this brand dominating in their respective segments. AmazonBasics not only produces the pet care and safety products but also the electronics, power tools, sports, and whatnot.

You can easily trust the brand for its non-compromising quality and affordability. No one can beat Amazon in these terms combined. However, the metal dog crate segment has another winner i.e. Midwest. There were some factors where Midwest has outperformed Basics. Refer the summary for details.

AmazonBasics Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate


  • There are two doors making it easy movement for the dog while entering and leaving.
  • Two latches have better locking due to its hooked end.
  • The tray can slide inside and outside easily, no need to open the door.
  • Crate has a handle on top of it making it easier to handle.
  • Easier setting up and folding again.
  • The thickness of the wire is uneven. Thinner at side walls can bend if excess force is applied.
  • Overall this product is similar to that of the Midwest icrate but this one costs more.


Setting AmazonBasics Double Door Folding Metal Crate up and even folding it again will be fairly easier than the Midwest icrate. This factor is advantageous and a drawback at the same time. Due to its light and thin wires, handling becomes easier but the overall life might be lesser.

In addition to that, the apparent product costs more than the Midwest even if we compare the double-door variant of both the brands. These two reasons made this product a runner-up rather than a winner.

Apart from that, this product works just as good as the winner of our ratings. Additionally, this one has a sliding tray which will allow you to insert and eject without needing to open the door.

Also, its two doors are wide and have a better locking mechanism. Even the smartest dog cannot open it once if closed properly.

3. MidWest Life Stages Heavy-Duty Folding Metal Dog Crates

Here we have a Midwest again, which makes it not so important to repeat the introduction again. You can refer the winner of the rating list which is also a product of this brand.

However, this is a different product with the different quality of material and built construction. i-contrast is the product line of the Midwest company which makes the dog crates with affordable and limited sturdiness.

Here we have the product line of Midwest namely Lifestage which too comes under the dog crates category. Moreover, the construction and built design can be similar up to a limit but not the built quality.

This one uses higher graded wires which can also be termed as heavy-duty. The wires are thicker and more sturdy than the i-contrast. Therefore, the Lifestage dog crates are more popular for the inquisitive dogs. Those energetic dogs tend to open their crates either tempering the walls or hacking the latch open.

MidWest Life Stages Heavy-Duty Folding Metal Dog Crates


  • Heavy-duty dog crate keeps the boisterous dogs from breaking.
  • Rubber rolling feet keeps the floor free from scratches.
  • Dual doors are wide having two latches for each.
  • The tray does not slide out, you will need to open the door.
  • Latches can easily slide open if an intelligent dog figures the opening technique.


Looking at the Lifestage dog crates, you will only want to buy one for your inquisitive and destructive dog. Because the product can easily manage some hits even from the strong dogs. The metal dog crate will not break apart.

Again, there are easy to slide four latches i.e. two for each door. This can be very easy to open for a dog with his paws or tongue sometimes. Dogs can learn this by watching you a few times opening and closing the door. As simple as that, within a few tries and flukes, a dog will get free of his crate.

You will have to use the U-clips or carabiner to restrain the latch from opening easily. At least, a dog will not be able to open the latch on his own again.

Also, you can only take the tray out of the crate to wash or clean by opening the door, it does not slide in or out.

Apart from these drawbacks, the product will do fine. Especially if your little champ becomes a silent maniac to break himself open from a crate then this is the product for you. The wired material will not cost you as much as the indestructible metal dog crate but provide similar quality.

4. ProSelect Guardian Gear Empire Dog Cage

Proselect is one brand with multidisciplinary products. It produces the dog crates, electric thermostats, window grills. This brand dominates other brands with its indestructible crate. Proselect is very particular about the quality and construction that you can see yourself after looking at its product review below.

indestructible dog crate
indestructible dog crate pads


  • Robust, safe construction.
  • Tamper-proof locking latches.
  • Caster for easy crate movement.
  • The sliding tray beneath the grated floor.
  • Set up and fold down will need specific tools and can be difficult.


Here the product is different from the previous ones. This one is an indestructible dog crate, its name describes the purpose itself.

Proselect has made a tremendous product which will easily hold an aggressive dog inside. No matter the effort he puts to damage the crate but will not be able to break through.

The apparent metal dog crate is useful for those dogs can easily break open the wired crate or the by chewing the plastic crate. Yes, for a strong dog with a strong will to damage anything that keeps him enclosed.

Additionally, the provision for the sliding tray beneath the floor grill is commendable. The tray easily slides out and the sturdy floor grill will be there all the time to contain the dog within.

This crate actually looks like one the most aggressive dog crates due to its robust design built to hold a dog with similar temperament inside.

5. Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel

Lucky dog is a dog crate manufacturing company which also specializes in producing commodities other than the pet products. However, we will talk about this brand regarding the pet products only.

The apparent brand has earned its name considerably amongst the pet parent who wishes to set the dog crates outdoors. This metal dog crate is more like an individual small room of the house which you can set up by assembling its walls. For this reason, many people prefer this type of dog kennel for their dogs in their backyard. In fact, this kennel is very to set up as it has it bolted clamps with wing nuts.

Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel


  • Indestructible huge metal dog crate for a backyard.
  • Easy to set up. No special tools required as it has bolted clamps and wing nuts.
  • Has two arches at front and rear of the crate to hold the fabric roof top.
  • Easy to clean.
  • This crate will not withstand the strong winds if not anchored to the ground.
  • Very notorious dog having good climbing skill will jump out climbing the walls.


The lucky metal dog crate is more of an individual dog house in itself. It has a lot of room to accommodate even two medium sized dogs at once. It has heightened walls and good length perimeter after setting up.

You also get a waterproof top cover to save the dog from rain or direct heat. It works as a shed, for the dogs. Additionally, there are two arches i.e. at front and rear of the crate respectively to hold the cover uptight.

However, the top surface being open can be a probable way for a dog who really wants to escape. You will have put some permanent covering solution on the top of the kennel to prevent your dog from running out.

Coming to the construction, if your dog does not climb then this product will be the best for you. It will keep the dog outside of the house yet protected all the time. Sometimes, it will save the innocent passers too.

Also, its errorless construction and easily clamping methods will make it all easy for you setting the kennel all by yourself.

Therefore, this kennel is for those aggressive guard dogs who can bite any stranger even if the stranger is innocent. Generally, guard dogs are meant to be outside your house guarding the place and so does their home.

6. Paws & Pals Dog Crate, Double-Doors Folding Metal

Paws & Pals is a company dedicated to pets especially dogs and cats. It produces many types of products for the different type of pets. Moreover, it manufactures everything except for the food. Nevertheless, this brand makes the feeding machine which can be a food-related product.

Therefore, according to the specific products manufacturing and selling, this brand dominates most of the other brands on the list. Coming on the product quality of this brand, which is commendable and undeniable about the usefulness of the products.

Paws & Pals Dog Crate, Double-Doors Folding Metal


  • Two doors with two latches on each provides minimum chances for a dog to open the door.
  • It has thick and rigid wires which make this metal dog crate a bit stronger.
  • Easy to carry handle.
  • The tray does not slide out. You have to open the door to eject the tray.
  • Expensive price tag compared to its rivals.
  • Its divider is short and cannot hold a puppy to either side inside the crate.


Dog crates from Paws & Pals appear to be merely built of average quality considering its overall built and the divider too. You would have to pay a bit more for this product in order to get a sturdy and rigid dog crate.

Thus, go for this crate only if you have an inquisitive and violent small breed or medium sized dog who will never stay inside a metal dog crate on his own. This metal dog crate will not only keep him from breaking by holding inside but also not let him tamper with the walls. Because it has a thick and rigid frame which will not bend due to some efforts from a small or medium-sized breed dog.

Talking about the product, its tray does not slide out which makes it necessary for opening the door to eject the tray. Apart from that, you have dual doors with two latches on each, also, the latches have hooked design which a dog will have difficulty in opening.

Do not buy this product if your dog is way too strong to leave this crate untampered. It is suitable to only those dogs who are weaker comparatively.

7. BestPet Pet Wire Cage with Metal Pan

BestPet pet product manufacturer specializes in making the dog crates. The brand has many such products which satisfy all the needs of various dogs. It manufactures the exercise pens and the dog crates as we speak.

Moreover, this brand makes the kennels and some other products too i.e. chicken cage pen, cat tree, etc. Therefore, due to its expertise and quality of the products many customers select this brand.

BestPet Pet Wire Cage with Metal Pan


  • This dog crate has a metal tray, it easy to wash and clean.
  • Also, the tray slides which makes inserting and ejecting easy.
  • There are two doors with two latches with hooked ends on each.
  • Metal tray gets warm and cold instantly by the environment. Using a crate pad is advisable.
  • It does not have a divider reaching from the floor to the top cover.


Looking at this metal dog crate you will find the walls to be tangible yet the wired construction does not let the walls apart even after you put some effort into it. However, this construction can let a dog get outside after pushing a wall hard.

But it is really safe for the calm and subtle dogs who are never notorious. Additionally, it has a side door opening from one side of the divider and front door opening from the other side of the divider. It makes it easy to let a dog go inside and come out from either side of the divider.

Also, it has a sliding metal tray which is a premium addition to the deal. Metal will have a better appearance than the composite plastic ones. However, during winter or summers, the tray can easily transfer the temperature to the dog inside. To save a dog during cold, you can put a warm pad for metal dog crate or a thick dog bed inside. Additionally, do not let direct sunlight reach the crate.

This product is for the dogs calm, friendly and never aggressive.

8. Paws & Pals Heavy Duty Folding Exercise Pen

Paws & Pals has made into this rating for this position too with its exercise pen. Although exercise pens are different than the dog crates we will consider it. Moreover, the exercise pens is a small fence which you can easily set up inside or outside your house. Ultimately, it will keep your little guy from running here and there yet keep playing or exercising.

An exercise pen is a popular method to restrain a small breed dog from ruining the house. Moreover, it is an effective method to house train a four-legged champion. Although, the dog remains inside the fence still hardly feels like getting enclosed.

Paws & Pals Exercise Pen Heavy Duty Folding


  • Easy to house train compared to the dog crates.
  • Allows the dog to play and exercise in that limited space.
  • Simple to set up and fold down.
  • Compatible for setting it outdoors or indoors.
  • Even small dogs can damage the pen by either bending or rigorously moving around.
  • Escaping from the top is easier
  • It has a simple sliding latch which an intelligent dog can easily open.


You can select this product for a small dog breed having no climbing or jumping skills. Because climbing can be very easy for an athletic dog and sometimes direct jumping before climbing.

You can house train a puppy inside the pen until he learns to stay alone in the house. However, the exercise pen will not solve the separation anxiety problem of the dog. For that, you will require a closed and cozy dog crate, a pen won’t work.

This product is easy to set up package even indoors and outdoors. Just make sure if you are keeping your dog in the open yard then never get away from him. Some predators lurking into your yard can easily hunt your little helpless guy i.e. eagle, coyote, wildcat, etc.

9. Carlson Pet Products Single Door Metal Dog Crate

Carlson produces the pet products mostly related to their safety and enclosures i.e. safety gates and crates. Although this company mostly manufactures the safety gates it also specializes in making the dog crates.

Carlson Pet Products SECURE AND FOLDABLE Single Door Metal Dog Crate


  • Economic.
  • It does not have a sliding tray.
  • There is an easily sliding latch which an intelligent dog can open.
  • The tangible material makes easy for the dog to tamper the crate and escape.


You would want to buy this crate looking at its low price and standard design. No doubt that is plus point about owning the Carlson dog crate. But you will not be very satisfied with its delicate build quality.

Many users have complained about this products failures. In fact, some of the small breed dogs with their limited strength could break open their crates. Moreover, there is a higher chance for dogs to hurt themselves during tampering the crate.

Additionally, this metal dog crate has taken cost-cutting in manufacturing to a great extent. Firstly, they have used low-grade metal wires then weak spot welds at the stress points. Secondly, there is only one latch to lock the door. Not to mention, that any dog can easily slide open the latch from inside the crate.

Apart from all the cons you read, this metal dog crate will prove to be suitable to the puppies. Puppies will neither try tampering the crate to an extent of hurting themselves nor could slide open the latch. You can easily crate train your pup and practice it until he turns 2 to 3 months old. After that, you can continue with this crate if your pup keeps calm otherwise you will have to shift him to house training.

10. MidWest Foldable Metal Exercise Pen/Pet Playpen

Once again, while searching for the best metal dog crates we had our eyes gaze deep into a product from Midwest. This time the product is not a metal dog crate but a metal exercise pen. Midwest has a good reputation for manufacturing the quality pet products. Likewise, this exercise pen is a benchmark too, it comes as a regular octagonal profile. Additionally, one side out of all eight has a door with two latches. To dig deeper into the product review summary read the below section.

MidWest Foldable Metal Exercise Pen/Pet Playpen


  • Easy to set up and fold down.
  • Convenient for setting it indoors and outdoors.
  • Only suitable for small breed dogs or puppies. A large dog will badly hurt himself during tampering the crate.
  • This pen will not help a dog with separation anxiety.


Coming to this product, we can only recommend you use an exercising pen for a small dog or puppies. Because larger dogs that can easily hurt themselves while tampering or jumping from the pen in order to escape.

Additionally, an exercising pen will not help a dog suffering from separation anxiety. You will need a small, cozy and closed plastic or metal dog crate to solve that problem.

However, if you want your dog from running around and play in a limited secure area then this product will be the best for your champ. Furthermore, it will easy to set up outside the house in your backyard or a play court. Make sure, while you keep him in open be in near proximity to keep other predators away. Because predators like an eagle, coyote, etc can easily hunt on the small dogs.

Types of Metal Dog Crates

Dog crates vary depending upon its material and size; apart from that, you can select between the light-duty construction(wired) and heavy-duty construction(indestructible). You can select the size of the metal dog crate depending on how big or small your little champ is.

Similarly, you can select for the material depending on the temperament of your dog. You should go for the wired dog crate if your little champion is calm and easy while inside, but choose indestructible if your little champion bursts open the flexible boundaries of wired dog crates.

1. Wired Dog Crates

You will find wired dog crates dominating over the indestructible because of its lightweight, low price, and easy handling. All of these dog crates come with the collapsible feature, so do not stress over a metal dog crate advertisement saying highly of its collapsible feature.

Only a major difference you can expect is in buying normally wired dog crate and another is an exercise pen or an open top dog crate. Though we cannot count exercise pens as dog crates actually because it is more of a fence than a crate. Nevertheless, it serves the same purpose. Read further to know how both of these work and unique features.

2. Collapsible Dog Crate

Generally, looking at the assembled tag in metal dog crate Walmart section or in other similar stores, the seller will pack folding the product in a small box. You need to assemble it again after taking it home. Therefore, do not think you are getting the dog crate as it is you saw in the store(it will be folded). Likewise, the online shopping stores like Amazon will deliver the product folding in a small box.

Coming to the description of the collapsible dog crates, we will explain what to expect in a wired dog crate after buying. Also, its advantages and disadvantages.

Dog crates manufacturers make the collapsible dog crates for two reasons, one for reducing the volume of storage and optimizing the transport expense, another for reducing the storage space while not in use.

However, this feature is merely a convenience than a rocket science provision for customers. Some brands market their products with the labels like a foldable or collapsible which all means the same and nothing unique.

In addition to this, wired collapsible dog crates have a construction which can be counted between fragile and sturdy. It can hold a clam and placid dog inside, never expect the wired metal dog crate to hold a furious or a strong dog.

Most of the wired dog crates come with a locking mechanism which some intelligent dogs easily manage to open by themselves. Therefore, you will need to find some other way of locking him if you once buy a metal dog crate with single latch locking.

There are few wired dog crates which have a complex locking mechanism to hold even the lock breakers intact. You can check those products in the column below.

3. Exercise Pen/ Open Dog Crate

As we described earlier in this article the reason for not considering an exercising pen as a dog crate. Again, for the reason, we cannot count it as a metal dog crate because it has an open top. It has high enough side walls which prevent a dog from jumping out from it.

open dog crate

This feature makes an exercising pen a fence than a dog crate. However, if it can serve the purpose of holding a dog inside then we can count this product too in our list. Moreover, pet parents prefer this enclosure while they are around, yet want their dog to play in a limited area.

An exercising pen easy to set up and has more benefits for a dog suffering from separation anxiety. A dog always gets his space to play and walk around in the pen with his toys. You can also keep his food and water bowl inside which is far more convenient than the crate.

Additionally, you can further divide the pen size pitting a partition to place a litter box inside. This technique is more hygienic and convenient and easy for dogs too than having a tray beneath the floor in a dog crate.



  • Easy set-up and collapse down.
  • Bigger enclosure than dog crates.
  • Convenient feeding and excretion availabilities.
  • Allows a dog to play inside.
  • Dogs can cope with separation anxiety easily.
  • Dogs will push the side walls all around the room.
  • Extremely active dogs can jump over the side walls.
  • Not for the dogs having separation anxiety.

Wired Dog Crate Products

  • Guardian Gear ProSelect Empire Dog Cage
  • Sliverylake Dog Cage Crate Kennel – Heavy Duty Double Door Pet Cage w/Metal Tray
  • SMONTER Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate Strong Pet Kennel Playpen with Two Prevent Escape Lock, Large Dogs Cage with Wheels, Black Silver …
  • Gelinzon Heavy Duty Strong Metal Dog Cage Pet Kennel Crate Playpen with Wheels
  • SMONTER Heavy Duty Strong Metal Dog Cage Pet Kennel Crate Playpen with Wheels

Reading the description of the wired dog crates now you have understood its limitations especially when you have a boisterous dog. This leads us to our next type of crate i.e. indestructible dog crates.

Best Exercise Pen/Open Dog Crate

xxxl dog crate

Paws & Pals Exercise Pen (8 Panel Playpen): Although an exercise pen cannot be considered as a dog crate yet we have listed it here because it solves the same purpose to that of any dog crate can solve. Paws & Pals deliver a sturdy, easily foldable, reliable locking mechanism, a huge dog open crate which is commendable. The only drawback of this pen is that it cannot help a dog with separation anxiety. For that purpose, you will need to attach a crate instead of one of the side of the pen. It will solve many problems i.e. separation anxiety, mild exercising, potty breaks, etc.


4. Indestructible Dog Crates

This type of metal dog crate is suitable for the dogs who always try to temper the crate in order to break out. Some dogs will squeeze their bodies out from the tiny openings of the crate, ultimately hurting themselves. The urge to break out from the crate can be to a level that they bend the wall joints to create a gap in between.

indestructible dog crate

If your dog has a strong will to escape out of the enclosure everytime you lock him in, then opt for an indestructible dog crate. Whole geometry of the metal dog crate remains the same i.e. a six-sided closed crate. But instead of using the thin wire, here manufacturers use hard metal rods or bars.

This construction will be so rigid and robust that even the most aggressive dogs cannot temper the crate. However, you can bag other properties which you might find difficult to manage. Indestructible dog crates have more weight, price, difficult cleaning & handling.

Although an indestructible metal dog crate will have the collapsible feature it will not be easy to set it up all by yourself. Additionally, you will have to decide a permanent position for the crate because again, it will be difficult to handle.

As the matter of fact, an indestructible crate does not include exercise pen. Firstly, consider you choose an indestructible metal dog crate to hold an aggressive champ inside. Secondly, the desperate to go out kind of dogs have inquisitive nature. Finally, we can obviously agree on the point that the exercise pen cannot hold a boisterous champ inside.

Apart from these cons, the apparent metal crate proves to be the best in terms of quality and appearance. You can pick any place in your house for this crate and find it appropriate with the surrounding.

How to Select a Metal Dog Crate

Here you will get an easy idea of choosing the one from many dog crates and consider important factors while buying. Refer these factors to understand the tit-bits about dog crates and dog’s compatibility.

Factors to Understand Before Buying a Metal Dog Crate

These are the factors you need to consider:

Metal Crate Sizes

While buying a metal dog crate for your little buddy, this is the first and the most important factor to consider. Like humans need ergonomics design for everything to facilitate sufficient room for movement and perform specific tasks if ought to.

Likewise, the dog crates should also have sufficient headroom while sitting and enough body space while stretching. Buying a large dog crate is always wise even if you want to crate train a puppy to withstand the lonely situation till he gets large.

(You never know, if a dog will do well being alone in the house or not even if he keeps fine in a crate apparently. In fact, many owners state that their dog can stay alone in the house while being in the metal dog crate but damages the house being outside of the crate)

Additionally, you as a dog lover will love to own a pet one after another and will need the metal dog crate endlessly.

However, if you are choosing the exercise pen then you should worry about the height of the side walls and perimeter as large as possible.

For the exercise pen, you should select a side wall high enough to prevent your dog from jumping out directly. Generally, people choose an indoor exercise pen for small sized dog breeds or puppies and go for a larger outdoor pen for medium or large sized dogs.

The temperament of the Dog

The second most important factor you need to consider while buying a dog crate is his temperament. For example aggressive, calm, obedient, etc. Moreover, you need to select a dog crate considering the strength of your dog and mildly considering his temperament.

Follow this case study to select the best metal dog crate:

Case I: If the dog is weak to damage the wired, calm and silly to break the locking mechanism.

Result: Go for a wired dog crate.

Case II: If the dog is weak but inquisitive and smart i.e. capable of hacking the lock mechanism.

Result: Go for the wired dog crate with complex lock mechanism or modify yourself (by placing U-clips or carabiner)

Case III: If the dog is strong enough to break the wired crate open.

Result: Hands-down, go for one of the indestructible dog crates.

Easy Cleaning of Metal Dog Crate

The wired dog crates will have a tray as the floor, while the indestructible dog crates will have the grill floor similar to the side walls and a tray beneath. This tray is supposedly important for eliminating the feces or urine from the crate. You have to slide the tray to eject it from the crate.

Moreover, wired dog crates have a tray as its floor. This is difficult for a dog to urinate or excrete on. You will have to take him out on pee and potty breaks such that he can have clean floor inside his crate.

On the other hand, the tray of most indestructible dog crates is placed beneath the floor grill. The grill allows the urine and stool to pass below in the tray leaving the floor clean. However, dogs would have difficulty in adapting to this method too. Nevertheless, it will give him better hygiene than the wired ones.

Another perspective is about the material of the tray, most of the dog crates now have composite plastic. Only a limited number of brands have the metallic trays. Moreover, you can clean a metallic tray easily but need more time cleaning the composite plastic tray.

Thus, going for the metallic one for easy cleaning is advisable and always look for the floor grill above the tray.

No Sharp Components Harmful for a Dog

If you are buying a dog crate, you can hardly be sure about the sharp component of the crate hurting you or your dog. Therefore, look thoroughly for the sharp objects of the metal dog crate that can hurt anyone especially the dog.

You should not buy the product in which you find any sharp component of the crate. However, if you find the same after buying, then try to cover it with rubber tape, sponge or cotton threads.

Selecting Dog Crate Covers

Dog crates are like skeletons of their little house, actually a perfect house it can become. When you use the covers for the crate, you not only provide complete shelter to your dog by blocking the light and wind passing through but also give the metal dog crate an aesthetic look.

A cover for metal dog crate will provide the dog minimum of light, low wind, reduced noise inside his house. It will help the dog cope with the environmental conditions i.e. cold and his separation anxiety. However, the dog crates cover come with a rolling door. It will allow partial light to pass through.

Therefore, opting for a dark-colored with multi-rolling doors is advisable.

Good Crate Cover Products

  • MidWest Homes for Pets Metal Dog Crate Cover Polyester Crate Cover
  • Precision Pet Indoor/Outdoor Crate Cover
  • Petsfit Polyester Crate Cover for Wire Crates
  • Molly Mutt Crate Cover

Selecting Dog Crate Pads

Crate pads are nothing but the floor matt for the dog’s house. To provide the utmost softness for comfort and warmth for cold environments a crate pad is necessary. Moreover, you can go for the washable rubber pad for convenience. It will serve well for this purpose.

And if you wish to try something with the softer material then go for the dual layer crate pads. The base layer will be made of rubber or some other non-absorbent material and another layer will have some warmth and softness.

Additionally, if you are considering to crate train your dog and regularly let him sleep in his ‘happy place’ then make sure you check out these crate beds. It will allow your dog to sleep like a king in his soft luxurious bed.

Good Crate Pad Products

  • MidWest Deluxe Bolster Pet Bed for Dogs
  • AmazonBasics Padded Pet Bolster Bed
  • MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Pet Bed
  • Milliard Quilted Padded Orthopedic Dog Bed Foam Plush Pillow Top Washable Cover
  • Mora Pets Ultra Soft Pet Bed Reversible Fleece Crate Bed

The EndNote

Now, our valued readers, you are aware of the uses of dog crates and when to opt for wired and when to go for an indestructible metal dog crate.

We have covered reviews on other other types of dog crates i.e. plastic, wooden, soft-sided, fashionable; which you will find on our site.

Also, let us know if you have further queries in the comment section, we will be glad to help you out!

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