The 10 Best Plastic Dog Crates of 2023

A best plastic dog crate is a suitable option if you are expecting to travel with your little champ, your pooch!

It is easy to fasten a seat-belt on a plastic dog kennel, not to mention that most of the airline approved crates are made of plastic. Additionally, a plastic dog crate has all the features which an airline approval demands.

Read further to find out which dog crate is the best for the house, traveling or airline cargo transportation.

If you already know about the plastic dog kennels well and want to go through the final winner and some unique dog houses then this section will help you. You can see which plastic dog crate stood as the best and which kennels had something unique to offer.


The 10 Best Plastic Dog Crates of 2023

To help you pick an ideal dog crate, we have enlisted the top ten plastic dog crates based on cost & durability.

best plastic dog crate available in the market

Editors’ Pick:

  • Has a sturdy plastic body
  • Comfy air-cargo for your pooch
  • Will allow maximum airflow inside the kennel


Editor's Picks
1. Petmate Sky KennelOverall Dog Crate
2. SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels Rolling Plastic Dog CrateAirline Approved Dog Crate
3. MidWest Homes for Pets Spree Travel CarrierEconomical Small Dog Travel Crate

**Rated by experts at Petlovesbest at the time of publication. It has nothing to do with Amazon ratings and reviews.

Petmate Sky Kennel Plastic Dog Crate

Starting with the brand i.e. Petmate, you are going to see a lot of products in this review list. Because the brand has a great reputation when it comes to making the best plastic dog crate product line.

Petmate is renown for manufacturing the exercise pens and metal dog crates. However, it dominates the market with its plastic dog kennels. The brand has a major range of airline approved kennels. Every airline company will have their own recommendations regarding a dog kennel which you need to check before planning such transportation.

Petmate Sky Kennel Plastic Dog Crate


  • Sturdy design.
  • No door at the top.
  • Proper and limited air-vents help optimum air flow inside.
  • Includes a hanging bowl.
  • Comes with a live animals sticker. (a requirement from air cargo regulations)
  • Plastic nut-bolts are not airline compliant, for house use it is perfect.

In-Depth Review

Although we described it as an airline approved dog kennel but it not accurately an airline approved one. You will have to modify one of its components a bit in order to make it completely IATA airline approved.

This product has eleven tie-down bolt holes in which manufacturer has used the hard plastic nut-bolts. On the other hand, IATA rule says, a dog kennel should have metal fasteners i.e. metal nut-bolts. You can easily find metal nut-bolts of a similar size matching the hole size on the plastic dogs’ crate.

In contrast to that, the apparent product stands at the top position amongst all the other kennels on the list. It has a sturdy hard plastic body with limited air-vents. AIr-vents are at the top side of the side walls which will not allow a dog to look out in hope continuously.

Additionally, no door at the top makes it convenient to carry holding the handlebar or even fastening a seat belt through it.

The best part of the deal you will get is that the dog kennel comes with a hanging water bowl. The makers claim it to be spill proof due to its design. However, with the limited movements of the airline cargo, water can hardly spill after a take-off and landing.

This product is suitable for the small breed dogs to a medium sized dog measuring up to 30-33 inches of height (vertically)

AmazonBasics Top-Load Plastic Dog Crate

Amazonbasics is the product line under which Amazon sells many products. Similarly, this product also comes from the big and renown brand name Basics. The brand has a good reputation for its economical and useful products. Also, most of the products dominate other brands with an utmost ease.

This product is not at all suitable for the airline transportation. Because it has an opening door at the top. However, if you are not planning for any traveling then this product is suitable for you. Looking at its price, warranty, convenient handling options this product is the best in the market. For the only reason, it has an opening top gate, this product loses the winner’s position.

AmazonBasics Top-Load Plastic Dog Crate


  • Easily operable latches(locking the top and bottom halves of the kennel)
  • Good ventilation with small vent holes.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Top opening gate.
  • The top opening gate is not airline compliant feature.
  • Top handlebar seems inappropriate on an opening top door.

In-Depth Review

Starting with the design and aesthetics first, the main grill door has a reliable locking mechanism which can hold a boisterous dog inside. In addition to that, it has four easy click-lock latches to lock the top and bottom halves with each other.

After a long and repetitive usage, you will get used to the convenience compared to the nut-bolts fasteners. However, those locks do not have a longer life as that of any nut-bolt fastener. Only if you want to crate train a pup for short time then this product be great.

Nevertheless, the manufacturer has provided six tie-down holes in which you can use nut-bolt fasteners. However, going for the metal fasteners is advisable.

There are a lot of small vent holes which seems to be an above average provision. It will allow maximum airflow and limited light inside the kennel.

By the way, the top load option in this product does not sound very appealing. Of course, a hesitant dog will not go inside from the top gate or the front gate. Moreover, dogs who do not like getting inside the crate needs healthy crate training and not a top door.

However, this feature can be very convenient while traveling in a car. When your dog is calm and wants to see the outside of the car window. In fact, putting a seat belt on the kennel and letting your dog see outside from a top door is very convenient.

Apart from the design, the kennel is suitable for the small dogs measuring as tall as 12 inches or less. Thus, the apparent plastic dog crate is more suitable for a small sized dog breed.

Petmate Two Door Top Load Kennel

This is for the second time that we have listed the Petmate product, there are two more below! This product is however different from the previous one on the first position on this list. Apparent one has a top opening door with an easy locking mechanism.

The top door feature is prominent as it makes cleaning a plastic dog crate easy. Many pet parents like it for the same feature. Also, its affordable price and good aesthetic appearance make it more useful.

Despite having this much advantages we have rated it below the AmazonBasics dog kennel having a top load. Because this one has metal fasteners to attach the top and bottom halves while the previous one has easy latches.

Petmate Two Door Top Load Kennel


  • Big vent holes make the air circulation easy.
  • One of the best locking mechanism.
  • Excellent top door vents and lock.
  • Metal nut-bolt fasteners increase sturdiness.
  • Too much airflow during winters is not desirable.
  • Not suitable for a dog with separation anxiety unless you use a crate cover.

In-Depth Review

Comparing this product with the previous one i.e. AmazonBasics top load plastic dog crate. This one has a better and reliable locking mechanism. Additionally, this one has bigger vent holes allowing more air circulation inside the kennel.

Coming to its appearance, Petmate has made one of the best looking plastic dog kennels. You will observe that the body of this plastic dog crate is similar to most of the others with a better color scheme. In addition to that, it has better smoothness than most of the other dog kennel.

Apparent top load plastic dog crate has a sturdy design. Considering the metal grill front and top door, metal fasteners to attach the top and bottom halves of the kennel. Additionally, the fastening nuts are actually of wing nut types. Thus it becomes easy to screw and unscrew with bare hands.

You will not require a tool to set this plastic dog crate up to detach again. This feature will help you to easily attach or detach the crate with its reliable fasteners.

Again, the top door increases your convenience while cleaning the kennel. But the whole idea of putting an animal inside from top gets easier is vague. That means an animal dislike going inside a crate will feel the same when you put him in from the top instead of using the front door.

However, the car traveling will become easier and more fun for the dog. He can easily look outside from an open top gate while the seat belt holds the kennel.

This product is for the small dogs which can fit in easily. Also, this plastic dog crate will hold the inquisitive small pooches securely inside. So do not worry if your dog squeezed himself out of the previous crate you owned. It will not be the same with this crate.

PetGear Plastic Dog Crate With Built-in Handle/Wheels

Pet Gear is a pet product manufacturer who specializes in making plastic dog houses. It builds the dog kennels with such a unique and stylish way, it becomes difficult for a person to ignore their product. While we talk about the unique and stylish dog crate, the apparent dog kennel still surprises many parents with its features.

Additionally, Pet Gear is a brand which makes several other tools and products useful for pets especially dogs. This brand has set a mark which every other brand have to compete to. However, there are some drawbacks too about this dog kennel which you can read in detail below.

PetGear Plastic Dog Crate With Built-in Handle/Wheels


  • Good design and built.
  • Folding feature is amazing, it is similar to that of a metal dog crate.
  • Various color options are just a bonus.
  • Front and top door usage is fun and convenient for crate training.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Wheels at the bottom make the handling easier.
  • Maximum air flow.
  • Not suitable for dogs having separation anxiety.
  • Due to the meshed wireframe, winter will require a dog crate cover.

In-Depth Review

Lets us start with the good things about this product first. After which you can find the section about the things which we do not like about this product. Also, appropriate reasons for the same.

This is a plastic dog crate having a little more metal in its built than just a metal grill door. Here all the sides are made of plastic and metal walls and even the door too. There is a blow mold plastic attached with a metal grill for sturdiness and ventilation.

It appears like all the four walls are made up of metallic meshed wire and to support there is a plastic around it. Nevertheless, its plastic is strong enough to hold a medium-sized dog inside.

There are wheels underneath the kennel floor which allows a simple handling. You can hold the side handle on one edge of the top side then pull the dog house lifting one side above the ground and another side on wheels ready to roll.

In addition to that, there is an easy open and retract the door option with this plastic dog crate. It means you can swivel open the frontal door up to 90 degrees then slide it inside the top side. It saves a lot of space and makes the crate training more fun.

There is a top opening door which will make all the pet handling task more fun for a pet parent. Also, you can keep the front door open sliding it inside beneath the top gate and use the crate as a den.

The most important thing about this product is that it has the best aesthetic appearance compared to all the other products. You can even use this plastic dog crate instead of buying a wooden dog crate which has a fairly high price.

You can select this product if you are looking for something novel and do not want to compromise with the design. Additionally, do not select this product of your little champ is a stubborn pet.

Aspenpet Pet Porter Kennel, For Pets

Aspen pet products is a subsidiary brand of Petmate. This brand manufactures various products for dogs, cats, and birds. Moreover, the most renown product of this brand is the plastic dog crate.

You will find some resemblance of this product to that of the Petmate dog kennels. Moreover, the Ruff Maxx portable and the apparent dog crate from Aspen pet have much in common. Their design, locking pattern, material. The only difference you will be able to find out between these products i.e. nothing but their color. The apparent plastic dog crate is having grey tone and the Ruff Maxx is having dark brown tone.

Aspenpet Pet Porter Kennel, For Pets


  • Affordable price tag.
  • Plenty of airflows even suits a dog with a dense coat.
  • Eleven fastening nut-bolt holes.
  • Below average built quality.
  • A common complaint from customers regarding its poor build quality.

In-Depth Review

Aspen plastic dog crate has a good fastening provision. There are eleven holes for nut-bolts fastening. However, the product delivers the plastic nut-bolts like every other brand does. You will have to purchase the metal nut-bolts in order to transport your dog via airways.

There is plenty of air vents which will allow the air to flow. In addition to that, the lower detachable part of the dog crate is of dark color and suitable height. It will maintain the darkness inside the crate to a certain limit.

Looking at this product, you will find the plastic to be of lower grade. It can be easy for a dog to tear off the crate by mouthing. However, it can take a wild soul dog to chew off the plastic dog crate. But the point is that it could be dangerous. Maybe a dog will hurt himself in the process of chewing the crate or pushing the door open.

You can select the apparent plastic dog crate only if your dog stays calm inside. Additionally, does not have mouthing habit or try to push open the door.

You can consider this subsidiary brand of Petmate i.e. Aspen Pet Products to be the affordable wing of Petmate. In fact, you will get a dog crate with a Petmate brand name on it.

MidWest Homes for Pets Spree Plastic Dog Travel Crate

Midwest is another pet products manufacturing company which dominates the market with its dog houses. However, here the brand secures a little lower position for its plastic dog crate compared to its wired dog kennel.

Here MidWest hold the sixth position not that it makes a bad quality product but in this case, it is only for the toy breed dogs only. Pet parents owning a toy breed dog can choose anything to instead of a plastic dog crate i.e. a soft sided crate, etc.

MidWest Homes for Pets Spree Plastic Dog Travel Crate


  • Very economical
  • Easy to set up and fold down
  • Minimum fasteners attachment design.
  • Handling the crate is simple.
  • Only suitable for toy breed dogs.

In-Depth Review

Firstly, this is a plastic dog crate suitable for the small sized dog breeds. Thus, you shall not select this product if your pet is not as small as a tiny dog breed. Although you wish to crate train your pup for a bit you should not go for this product.

Because you cannot be sure about pups learn to stay alone in the house. Till then you will need a dog crate. In contrast to it, if your pup is of a toy dog breed then its all fine with you choosing this plastic dog crate.

Coming to the design and built quality of the travel crate, it is quite good and reliable. Also, for the toy breed dog, there is no sturdiness required. You should only take care of the pooch during winters.

Saving a pooch from a cold environment is a must because this crate has huge vent holes. Airflow can easily make a little pooch feel cold. Additionally, the dogs with small bodies are more prone to catching a cold.

You will have to put a warm crate pad of dog bed and put a crate cover on the kennel. This will help a pooch stay warm.

Looking at the locking mechanism, it seems pretty simple and stylish too. However, after a long usage, you might feel like using the conventional locks were great. That depends on how you want it to be. It will not wear off quickly.

Go for this product if you are a small dog parent and want something useful in this section of reviews. Because all the other kennels on this list will not be this cozy and easy to set up.

Want a Crash Proof & Escape Proof Plastic Dog Crate?

PetSafe Solvit Mr. Herzher’s Indoor Wicker Crate for Dogs

Petsafe is a giant pet products manufacturer which has many stores outside of USA. It produces many products for animals especially dogs. This company has a good range of novel products with a thoughtful and good design. Some of its products are dog ramp, harness, feline furniture bed, bicycle hitch, car seat cover bed, etc.

Solvit is a subsidiary which also makes the dog crate which is unique and attractive. Moreover, the brand does not manufacture the standard metal or plastic dog kennels. You will get to know the combination of both the material makes a good metal-plastic dog crate.

Adding to the fact, it has an isolated pair of four legs below the floor which keeps the dog house elevated above from the ground.

PetSafe Solvit Mr. Herzher's Indoor Wicker Crate for Dogs


  • Premium appearance. (similar to any wooden dog house)
  • Removable floor pan.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Isolated legs below the floor.
  • Not suitable for a dog having mouthing habit.
  • Slightly expensive.

In-Depth Review

The apparent plastic dog crate is in fact, is neither completely made of plastic nor metal. It is a combination of both the materials. The mesh of metal wire stands as a skeleton to the fibrous plastic walls completing the rest of the body of the crate.

Due to that, the appearance of the kennel becomes more premium. Likewise, the economical plastic dog crate seems like a dog crate furniture or wooden dog crate. You can also use this dog house as a matching decorum. It can easily blend in your living room just like any wooden crate.

Design and construction of the apparent dog house are similar to that of the conventional ones. Unlike those, this one has a door which opens both outwards and inwards. Additionally, it has two latches which hold the pooch inside securely.

There is a pan beneath the floor which makes the whole cleaning process very easy and convenient. It is the unique feature for a plastic dog crate. Generally, plastic dog houses do not have removable floor pans.

SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels Rolling Plastic Dog Crate

Sportpet Designs is a less renown brand compared to its rivals you just saw above. However, this company does not deliver anything apart from utmost quality. This brand manufactures dog houses, cat houses, pet beds, and some pet accessories, etc.

Moreover, the manufacturer specializes in making the pet houses, especially for dogs and cats.

SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels Rolling Plastic Dog Crate


  • Airline approved. (without rolling wheels)
  • Have four rolling wheels.
  • Hanging food & water bowl included.
  • Appropriate location of vents.
  • Delicate wheels.
  • Some customers complained about the product quality is bad. (by their experiences)

In-Depth Review

This rolling plastic dog crate is a great product which complies almost every airline approval guidance except for one. It has a pair of four rolling wheels which guidelines of IATA recommends of not using. However, the manufacturer has got you covered, those wheels are removable.

Apart from that, this is one plastic dog crate similar to that of the sky kennel from Petmate. Both of these dog kennels have more or less identical design and construction. Additionally, the material also seems to be similar.

The apparent kennel has a pair of two handles on the top of the roof which will make the handling of this crate very simple. You can even push this kennel on its wheels or lift it via the handle to load in a car.

Some customers had a complaint regarding the quality of its wheels. They observed the wheels to break off pretty quick after starting to use it. Additionally, some intelligent and strong dogs could easily bend the door grill in order to escape.

Petmate Compass Plastic Pets Kennel with Chrome Door

Petmate is here with a different type of plastic dog crate. It has more ventilation holes all around the crate body. It is more suitable for a dog having a furry coat. Generally, dogs with dense and long coat require continuous air circulation.

Additionally, the locking mechanism here has an easy knob operation. You can twist a knob to open the lock and use both knobs to unlock the whole door from the kennel.

Also, this crate qualifies for the airline transportation approval because of its nut-bolt fasteners and no door at the top of the kennel. In addition to that, there is a sliding locking grove with an easy click-lock clip at the rear of the kennel. It makes the attaching and detaching the kennel very easy.

Petmate Compass Plastic Pets Kennel with Chrome Door


  • Easy attaching and detaching via sliding groves and clip lock.
  • More air flow.
  • Easy two-way door locking.
  • There are four holes for putting tie-down bolts.
  • A bit expensive.
  • More vent holes can be a suffering during winters.

In-Depth Review

As the above section describes, this kennel has sliding groves and a clip lock. For attaching the top and bottom of this kennel you can even use four nut-bolts for sturdy locking. By the way, the grove and clip locking is also very reliable.

You need to slide the upper half of the kennel matching the groves of the lower half then put a clip lock at the rear of the crate.

Apart from that, there is a handlebar at the top which will make the handling very easy. Also, the top side of this plastic dog crate is sturdy and can take a load of a dog inside.

However, this kennel will not be suitable for an inquisitive dog or a dog with separation anxiety. Because when a dog gets to see about the surrounding whereabouts then he will not stay calm inside for long.

Therefore, you can select this plastic dog crate only if your little champ has a dense coat and need plenty of air circulation. In the same manner, you can choose this product if your dog is brachycephalic and needs more air circulation.

Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

Here we are with the last product from the most famous brand Petmate for the plastic dog crate section. After having four product in the current review list of the plastic dog houses, further description of this brand is not necessary. Thus, jumping onto the product review of this last dog house.

Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel


  • Sufficient air vents.
  • Reliable locking mechanism
  • This product is similar to Sky kennel, nothing unique to offer.
  • Not the best quality product from Petmate.

In-Depth Review

Having said about the similarity of the apparent dog kennel with that of the Sky kennel plastic dog crate. Both the product are identical and seems to be a marketing tactic of the maker.

However, this product has made into the list of top best products for its reliability. You can choose this product is your pooch is calm and small. Do not select this product for a large and strong dog, who can break open this crate. Because in the process he can badly injure himself.

Looking at its build quality, you will be disappointed by its below-average quality plastic. Some of the pet apparent has common complaints regarding the quality of the kennel. Their dog managed to break open the kennel by damaging the crate walls, which is never acceptable.

Buyers Guide

How to Select a Plastic Dog Crate

While selecting a plastic dog crate or any other crate, you need to consider a dog’s preference and also his compatibility. Maybe, a stubborn dog might not stay in the crate at all. Thus, a proper crate training using the best dog crate is advisable.

These factors will guide you in selecting the perfect plastic dog crate for your little buddy. Additionally, there are some features which you should look if you are buying a plastic dog crate in order to transport your dog via airway. Make sure you are aware of the crate specification for airline transport.

Because size, ventilation of the crate depends upon the specific preferences of your dog. For example; a large breed dog with a furry coat will need more vents while a small dog will require lesser vents.

Additionally, if the dogs are weighing less than 14 kg then depending on their good compatibility they can stay in one crate while transportation. Similarly, up to three pups from the same litter can stay in one crate if weighing less than 14 kg.

Factors to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Plastic Dog Crate

These are the key factors by which you opt for the best plastic dog crate. It is not necessary for you to stress over all the ideal parameters to be present. Only an optimum amount of safety, affordable, aesthetic, lightweight qualities are present.

#1 Plastic Dog Crate Sizes

Every plastic dog crate in our review list has different size option available which you may choose according to the height of your little companion.

plastic dog crate sizes

While buying a dog crate for your little buddy, this is the first and the most important factor to consider. Like humans need ergonomics design for everything to facilitate sufficient room for movement and perform specific tasks if ought to.

Likewise, the dog crates should also have sufficient headroom while sitting and enough body space while stretching. Buying a large dog crate is always wise even if you want to crate train a puppy to withstand the lonely situation till he gets large.

(You never know, if a dog will do well being alone in the house or not even if he keeps fine in a crate apparently. In fact, many owners state that their dog can stay alone in the house while being in the crate but damages the house being outside of the crate)

Additionally, you as a dog lover will love to own a pet after another and will need the crate endlessly.

However, if you are choosing the exercise pen then you should worry about the height of the side walls and perimeter as large as possible.

For the exercise pen, you should select a side wall high enough to prevent your dog from jumping out directly. Generally, people choose an indoor exercise pen for small sized dog breeds or puppies and go for a larger outdoor pen for medium or large sized dogs.

#2 Temperament of the Dog

This is an important factor to consider after the considering size. Generally, a plastic dog crate will have a reliable locking mechanism which will hold an intelligent dog inside. But plastic dog crates are not suitable for aggressive dogs or to those having mouthing habit.

Moreover, the dogs with mouthing habit will start chewing on the walls of their crates. If such a dog finds a spot to keep chewing then he might end up creating a huge opening on the crate.

A plastic dog crate is comparatively delicate to that of a metal crate and not ideal for large sized dogs. Therefore, never choose a plastic dog crate if your little buddy is strong or large.

#3 Easy Cleaning of Plastic Dog Crate

A plastic dog crate will not have a tray on its floor which you can take out wash and put back inside. Plastic dog crate has only one option of properly cleaning it; that is by opening the two halves then washing it.

However, it will become a lot more time-consuming task to do. Therefore, after buying a plastic dog crate you will have to put a crate pad or mat which you can easily take out to wash or dump(litter tissue).

#4 No Sharp Components Harmful for a Dog

Some inquisitive dogs can continuously be on a quest to break open the crate. Those dogs will try to chew, push the wall joints open and in the process end up hurting themselves. Therefore, a smooth finished plastic dog crate with a minimum of sharp edges will be good.

#5 Selecting Dog Crate Covers

dog crate covers

Although a plastic dog crate allows minimum airflow to pass inside the crate it will not be enough in winters. Limited air circulation does not help a dog stay warm enough during winters.

In that case, choosing a cover for the plastic dog crate is advisable. It will not only block the air flow but also maintain the warmth inside the crate. Moreover, a dog will stay quiet inside a crate with a cover.

In addition to that, to save your champ from the cold weather, putting warm dog bed or crate pad is advisable.

#6 Selecting Dog Crate Pads

dog crate pads of plastic

Dog crate pad is a must when while purchasing a dog crate. A plastic dog crate has little grooves and folds on its floor which supposedly increase the crate strength. But that can be very uncomfortable for an animal inside.

Dogs also like having a soft, warm bed of their own especially when it is inside of the crate. A soft bed inside the crate can enhance the secure feeling for a dog. Additionally, it can encourage the pooch to go inside without hesitation.

However, using a dog crate pad in the plastic dog crate is difficult. Because a soft pad will be difficult to wash after nature’s call accidentally soils the pad. In that case you, crate train a dog for potty training. Not to mention, that dogs too do not like soiling the crate but do not want to hold for long either.

Moreover, you can use a waterproof pad cover to save everyone from the situation. However, it is your fault when a dog has to poop or pee where he stays i.e. crate.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Plastic Dog Crate

People usually select the metal dog crates and not plastic dog crates. However, there are some benefits of using a plastic dog crate and at the same time demerits also.


  • Less visibility helps a dog with separation anxiety.
  • Limited airflow maintains the warmth inside the crate.
  • Mostly the plastic dog crate is eligible for airline approval.
  • Plastic dog crate detaches into two halves, one of which can be used as a dog bed.
  • Lesser chances of a dog breaking out of the plastic dog crate.
  • Unlike metal ones, none possibilities of a dog hurting himself inside a plastic dog crate.
  • Have a lighter weight.


  • Generally, costs higher than the metal dog crates.
  • During winters, warm bed and crate cover will be required.
  • Does not have a provision of a divider.
  • No tray makes the cleaning difficult.
  • Also, the limited airflow keeps the odor of his accident inside the crate for a while.
  • Not ideal for a dog with a furry coat. (they need more air circulation)

Airline Approved Dog Crate Requirements

Moreover, all the plastic dog crates are similar. There is no specific variety which unique or different from a normal plastic dog crate. By the way, people believe that only plastic dog crates are airline approved which is not true at all. Go through the airline approved dog crates to find metal, plastic, wooden dog crates are approved for airline transport yet have some nuances.

A plastic dog crate is not the only type of dog crate allowed for airline cargo transport. There are other materials i.e. metal, plastic, wood or plywood, fiberglass, weld metal mesh allowed for airline transportation according to the International Air Transport Association(IATA).

However, the most popular type of dog crate i.e. mesh metal wired with no plain walls is not allowed. Additionally, plastic dog crate transporting an aggressive dog breed.

IATA has specified the parameters of an ideal dog crate dividing various parameters individually i.e. the material of the crate, ventilation holes in a crate, locking mechanism, size, roof, doors, walls, feeding bowl, water bowl, handling spacers/handlebars.

In addition to the IATA levied rules, many airline companies have their own set of detailed rules. None of their rules contradicts to that of the IATA but are less general. You will have to contact an animal shipper for the perfect guidance depending on where the dog is to be sent and from where.


1. Are Plastic Dog Crates Safe?

Yes, solid plastic crates are more appropriate than other types for secure travel, such as in an airplane. They may also be safer during a car accident than wire crates. At the same time, less visibility in plastic crates helps the dog with separation anxiety. And unlike in metal crates, there is no possibility whatsoever of the dog hurting himself.

2. What is the best plastic dog crate?

The Petmate Sky Kennel is the best plastic dog crate because it has a tough plastic body that will last longer than others on our list. It has an easy locking mechanism and a handle at the top to carry the crate. You are also provided with ‘Live Animal’ sticker label for situations where you want to transport your dog by air. The vents of the crate with metal grills will allow maximum airflow and some light into the kennel.

3. Why you need a plastic dog crate?

Plastic dog crates are helpful for dogs that are on the go with their owners and are an excellent choice when traveling whether in a car or in flight. When flying, the dog will need to be accommodated with the cargo, and strong-walled plastic crates will offer maximum protection. It is also easy to fasten a seat belt on a plastic dog kennel. We find it important enough to mention that most crates certified by reputed airlines are made of plastic.

The EndNote

These were the plastic dog houses we think will suit your pooch the most.

One final word from us to conclude the review will be ‘never put a boisterous pooch in a plastic dog crate’. And to perfectly crate train your dog follow our easy six-step guide for the best results.

You can your queries in the comment section below, we will be happy to solve.

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