Gunner G1 Dog Kennel Crate Reviews – Crash Proof & Escape Proof Dog Crate

Here we have the Gunner G1 indestructible plastic dog kennel crate review which will reveal some secrets about the Gunner Kennels as well as its mighty product G1. It is undoubtedly one of the strongest dog crates and an escape-proof dog crsate as well.

Let’s see what makes this product so special and outstanding.

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About Gunner Kennels & G1

The Gunner Kennels have been delivering one of the toughest dog crates. Actually, we call this crate a kennel-crate where both the terms address different products. The difference between kennel and crate is nothing but the usage requirement.

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Generally, the kennels are bigger than a crate and meant for outdoor usages. On the other hand, the crates are smaller sized meant or companion dogs for indoor purpose. However, we have a dog crate which is suitable for both outdoor and indoor usages equally.

The Gunnel G1 dog kennel crate has a design of an enclosed plastic dog crate. At the same time, it is tough and with its weatherproof guard, it is useful for outdoor purposes too. Moreover, the best outdoor use of the G1 Gunner dog kennel crate is that it is travel-friendly.

There are many safety features on this crate i.e. four strong seat belt fastening metal bars, two handlebars on top, optional tension strap, double walled structure, dense rubber legs, three-way locking mechanism, escape proof dog crate, and the crash proof ferocious strength, etc.

These features make the apparent product the very solution very pet parent seeks for their pets. Safe, travel-friendly, escape proof, crashproof, etc. are all the positives of this dog kennel crate.

The Gunner G1 dog kennel crate is a product for every pet especially the ones who travel a lot. Hunters, miners, farmers, campers, gypsies, etc. will find this crate suitable for them.

Variants of G1 Dog Crate

Gunner Kennels have a unique design as well as the only design of its products yet. There is only one type dog Gunner dog kennel crate i.e. its versatile product G1. Although there is only one design namely G1 the brand has four different variants to it.

G1 Gunner dog kennel crate comes in four size options on the market i.e. small, medium, intermediate, and large. These are the sizes which will be suitable for most of the dogs out there.

Right from the small dog breeds i.e. toy dog breeds to the large canines. This dog kennel crate has a specific suitable size for every type of dog.

Moreover, all the different sizes of the dog kennel crate are identical and equally sturdy as well. Generally, some brands which deliver various sizes of a product will have varying thicknesses. Their smaller crates will be of thicker and stronger material while the larger crates will have thinner material.

Small kennel

External dimensions : LBH = 24.5” x 18.625″ x 19″
Internal dimensions: LBH = 21.75″ x 14.5″ x 15.5″

Medium kennel

External dimensions : LBH = 29.5” x 20.5″ x 23.5″
Internal dimensions: LBH = 25″ x 18″ x 19.75″

Intermediate kennel

External dimensions : LBH = 34 x 23″ x 28.5″
Internal dimensions: LBH = 30″ x 18″ x 25″

Large kennel

External dimensions : LBH = 40.25″ x 28″ x 33.25″
Internal dimensions: LBH =33.25″ x 21″ x 29″

Design of Gunner Dog Kennel Crate

The Gunner dog kennel crate is a plastic dog crate which has some components made of metal. Moreover, the vital components i.e. door locks, hinges, fastening nut-bolts, etc. are made of metal. It makes this dog kennel crate lightweight and stronger.

Build Material

G1 Genner dog kennel crate is the premium one of a kind rotomolded plastic dog crate. Rotomolded plastic is the result of a plastic manufacturing process used for making strong plastic products.

Generally, this method is useful in high graded plastic containers which store liquids especially the chemicals. However, the fine lower grade plastic containers are useful for non-hazardous storage. Moreover, you have seen the overhead poly water tanks or the underground septic tanks which are the products of the rotomolding process.

In addition to that, some of the plastic manufacturers use the glass fiber to reduce the plastic grade without reducing the strength. It is not the case with Gunner G1 where the makers use the high-grade plastic without compromising the products. In fact, Gunner does not reduce the plastic grade and use glass fiber yet manages to deliver nearly indestructible dog crate.

Therefore, you will not find any loophole in the products regarding the material usage. In fact, the maker provides a lifetime warranty which indicates the certainty of the quality.


plastic dog crate

The architecture of the Gunner dog crate is not just about regular groves, streamlines, vents, edges you will see in any other pooch crate. The current dog kennel crate has unique and so many deep running streamlines similar to that of a sports car. Moreover, all the groves and edges are designed for multipurpose which you will recognize while using.

For example, the groves at the four corners of the side walls facilitate the tension belt fastening. The graduated layer above the front door will direct the rainwater to flow sideways. Similarly, every other detail has a specific purpose which increases your convenience while using.

Like we described in the first section, this dog kennel crate has a double walled thick construction. It will not only resist the impacts during a crash but also will withstand the rollover accident. The walls are so thick that you can fasten a tension belt via the ventilation holes for extra security.

Finally ending with another unique feature of this dog kennel crate i.e. its drain plugProviding a drain plug is a well-thought idea Gunner kennels have come up with. It is the only feature that makes the cleaning and washing this crate very easy.

Generally, cleaning the plastic dog crate can become a mess especially heavy ones. Moreover, people disassemble the crate and clean for ease. But you can clean this dog kennel crate with utmost ease only by using the drain plug. It will flush everything out from that drain while cleaning.

Components of G1 Dog Kennel Crate

This section focuses on different components of the G1 dog kennel crate and their uses. Firstly, you can go through the default components which come along with Gunner G1. Similarly, you can see the add-on components or accessories of the Gunner dog kennel crate below that.

Drain Plug

potty training dog crate

As we described earlier in this review, this feature is very useful and G1 is the only product having it. A drain plug is mainly useful during cleaning the crate. You can easily direct the water flow outside the crate by opening the drain plug or the drain cap.

Generally, the plastic dog crates have this problem for the pet parents regarding cleaning. Moreover, the metal dog crate series will not have such a problem. Because water neither accumulates in the wired dog crate nor the indestructible ones.

On the contrary, wooden dog crates are the worst when it comes to cleaning and washing. The user has to make sure that the liquid does not accumulate in the wooden end table dog crate.

Likewise, the plastic dog crates dog not have provision for the liquid flow that allows cleaning. Many pet parents disassemble the plastic dog crate in order to clean it thoroughly. It can be a time-consuming task to do.

However, for that reason, the Gunner wins the game with its drain plug. It makes the cleaning easy without even disassembling the crate at all.

Top Handles

The makers of the G1 dog kennel crate proudly advertises the strong and long-lasting material of the top handles as Kayak grade. Just like AmazonBasics crates that we reviewed earlier, there is a pair of two handles on the top of the crate which will be useful for handling the kennel.

One handle is near the front door end fitted transverse to the crate front and another at the rear. Both the handles are bolted firmly by the long-lasting metal fasteners.

Plastic with Piano Hinge

xxl dog crate

The apparent dog kennel crate has a door made up of plastic which seems to be of a different grade than the crate. However, the door has several webs which increase the strength of the door. The web is a term which manufacturers and designers are well aware of.

It is easy to fix the door with the sidewall of the dog kennel crate with the screws. Although there are several holes in which you will have to screw to attach the door.

There is a strong piano hinge joint which attaches the door and the crate together. Piano hinges have a continuous running pivoting line throughout the length of the hinge. Generally, it is useful for attaching the heavy components in order to provide swiveling motion.

Therefore, the door of the Gunner dog kennel crate is secure with the strong piano hinges.

Additionally, there is no chance for the dog to break out of the kennel due to the three-way locks. This makes the G1 dog kennel crate an escape-proof dog crate. Go through the nest section to understand the locking mechanism.

Locking Mechanism

dog crate for large dog breed
dog crate of puppies

The current dog kennel crate features the paddle door latch with a key lock. It means if you lock the paddle latch with the key then it will require the key to open it back. Nobody can open the lock without the key, not if they are professional lock pickers! (pun intended)

Along with that, the front door a pair of two latches i.e. one at the top and another at the bottom. These latches are the backup locks which will keep the door closed in case of the paddle lock fails for any reason. The latch handles are small yet there is a pair of reliable latches behind the door.

Rubber Legs

dog kennel base

A strong pair of legs is very important to firmly have the crate to maintain its stance. The Gunner dog kennel crate similarly has four strong rubber legs keeping the crate firm.

These rubber legs have a firm grip which restricts the crate from slipping. The grip works even better when the dog is inside. The crate can easily maintain its position while on a car ride or on airline transport. Although the G1 is an airline approved dog crate you shall verify it with the airline transport company before planning an airline transport.

Rear Wheels

dog crate component

Rear wheels come with the large G1 Gunner dog kennel crate. It will allow you to move the kennel easily while the dog is inside. Moreover, it becomes difficult to handle the kennel even when it is vacant.

Furthermore, some people who might have some injuries or recent surgeries can face difficulties while handling the dog crate even when it is vacant. Then the pair of two rear wheels makes the handling effortless.


Add-ons are the optional purchases which you can make while buying the Gunner G1. You can also make these purchases separately too. Moreover, all these products will make your experience of using the crate even better.

On the contrary of a better experience, you shall select any of these items depending upon the need. There are total five add-ons amongst which we suggest the first three products to be very useful. Furthermore, the chew prevention kit becomes important only if your champ has a mouthing habit.

Also, the locking kit is essential during the travel where you have to leave the dog inside the crate for a while. In addition to that, it will be useful if you have to keep the crate on your pick up for a while. It will prevent the crate from getting stolen even when your dog is with you.

Gunner Dog Crate Bed

dog bed for crate

The dog crate bed built of 2” memory foam is the most comfortable component of the G1. The factory made orthopedic bed will fit in the kennel well which you will hardly find from any other brand.

Resistance Pad

dog crate pads

Resistance pad is the supplement of orthopedic bed. It has a firm grip which keeps the bed in its place. In addition to that, it helps maintain a grip inside the crate without a bed. The resistance pad is like a rubber grip for the floor that helps the dog maintain firm stability inside.

It is very helpful during a car ride. Moreover, the car rides include several accelerations, deceleration, potholes, speed breaker, tight turns, etc.
and the resistance pad will be useful in those situations.

All Weather Kit

dog exercise pen crate

The weather kit is a set of waterproof fabric which covers the ventilation holes of the crate. It is very useful not only during rains, or winter but also during the scorching heat of summers or the dusty environment.

It will limit the light exposure intruding the crate which is desirable for anxious pooches. The suffering from separation anxiety can calm down in the dark cozy den i.e. G1.

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Locking Kit

safe dog crate locking

As described at the starting of this section, the locking kit will be useful for locking the crate while you are away. You can lock the crate whenever you feel necessary to secure it. Moreover, you can lock it on your pickup while you are away, adjacent to your caravan(Recreational Vehicles) while camping, etc.

Chew Prevention Set

dog crate for separation anxiety
small dog crate

The chew protection set is the steel panel made using the water jet cutter. Basically, it is a cover for the ventilation gaps of the kennel. It seals the ventilation holes from inside and restricting the damage due to chewing pooch.

This add-on is necessary if your dog has a chewing habit. It will restrict the dog from chewing yet not affecting the airflow.

Pros/Cons of Owning a G1 Dog Kennel Crate

Every product has some drawbacks even though they appear almost perfect at the first glance. This one also appears perfect but you will have to get some of its related products for the best experience. Otherwise, you will always keep guessing the missing perk of owning the G1.

  • G1 is an escape proof dog crate.
  • It is also a crashproof kennel.
  • Strong, robust, indestructible dog crate.
  • Best for traveling. Hunters, campers, forest rangers, etc.
  • Secure and reliable locking mechanism.
  • Tie-down metal pins are the best.
  • Thick double walled construction.
  • Drain plug eases the cleaning errands.
  • Firm door with a piano hinge joint.
  • Add-ons are really useful.
  • Product made in America with a Lifetime Warranty.
  • Add-ons are so good but to buy them separately.
  • A bit expensive.
  • Rear wheels are only available for the large G1 kennel. It can be useful for pet parent who wants to buy a G1 smaller than the ‘large’ size.

The EndNote

Now you are aware of the Gunner Kennels and its G1, well, there is nothing hideous about this brand. However, we described revealing a secret about the brand, which actually was its add-on which you would like but you may have to pay a little extra. Therefore, you can buy this crate of the size that suits your pooch.

Additionally, every kind of dog will love this crate even if he suffers from separation anxiety, a perfect crate training will solve the problem.

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