Soundproof Dog Crate | How to Soundproof a Dog Crate

A dog crate capable of preventing any kind of sound from inside to pass outside the crate or vice versa is a soundproof dog crate.

However, it will affect the dog adversely if the dog stays inside a soundproof dog crate for long. On the contrary, soundproofing shall only focus on isolating the loud noises from passing through the crate.

In this case, only the loud barking noise of the dog shall not pass outside the crate. Likewise, the outside noises i.e. fireworks, traffic, loud music, lightning, etc. shall not enter the crate as well. Those noises make the dog anxious and frightened.


Why Do We Need Soundproof Dog Crate?

Soundproof dog crate seems to be a nice idea, but it brings a lot of other parameters into the equation too. Firstly, is it cruel to use a soundproof crate for a dog? Secondly, do dogs need the soundproof crates as much as we do?

The answers to these questions are ‘No’ and ‘Yes’ respectively. Go through the next section to completely understand the reason.

Using a soundproof dog crate can certainly affect the ventilation. Ultimately it will alter the air movement inside the crate which is not desirable. It can lead to suffocating the dog if kept inside the crate for longer than a couple of hours.

However, there are certain ways to provide the ventilation to solve the problem as well. You can learn about providing the ventilation in the ‘Methods of Soundproofing’.

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Saving the Dog from Outside Noises

soundproof dog crate

Dogs also suffer from many noises which we-humans are habituated to. Moreover, dogs can hear twice as high frequency as that of the humans can. The dogs can hear sounds ranging in frequency from 67 Hz to 45000 Hz compared to the humans who hear from 64 Hz to 23000 Hz.

Therefore, the dogs can hear many low-frequency sounds which we cannot. Additionally, they also get immensely irritated and anxious upon hearing those sounds.

You might have noticed any dog reacting furious, anxious, or anything weird than normal. Then you have the probable answer to that question here, the dog gets uncomfortable upon hearing the sounds which obviously we cannot hear.

sound proof dog crate

Many sounds that annoy dogs i.e. thunderstorm, heavy winds, loud music, insects screeching, airplanes flying, leaf blower, vacuum cleaners, firecrackers, etc. These sounds can have adverse effects on a dog. In fact, exposed to such noises frequently a dog can suffer reduced cardiovascular behavior, lower reproductive drive, lower hearing, sleeping pattern/cycle, stress, communication with other Fido.

Preventing the Noises Reaching Outside

sound reducing dog crate

Here, we are talking of the dog’s bark, whine, or howl reaching outside. Moreover, the pet parents are can tolerate such noises. However, it is not a notion to be taken for granted all the time.

Although the pet parents are concerned about the reasons for their dogs’ there is not much of an option for them either. On the contrary, the neighbors will not react the same as dog parents. Instead, neighbors furiously complain you, the street committee, and call the authorities for uncontrollable situations.

Therefore, keeping your dog inside the soundproof kennel can be beneficial not only to the dog but also others around him. Soundproof kennel or a room works like a suppressor. It will dampen the reverberations and prevent loud noises reaching the other side of the boundary.

Pros Cons of Using A Soundproof Dog Crate

  • Controlling the noise to pass to the other side of the boundary.
  • The dog will not be afraid of the loud noises.
  • Dog’s barking sound will not be loud enough to be heard outside.
  • The method can be used positively for discipline enforcement.
  • It will make the crate a ‘safe place’ for the dog.
  • Crate and toilet training in a soundproof dog crate will be easier..
  • Sound dampers can hinder the air ventilation.
  • Cleaning the crate will not be as easy as cleaning the regular ones.
  • Soundproof dog crate will cost a bit more than the regular crates.
  • Rambunctious pooches can easily ruin the whole arrangement.
  • Similarly, the dogs having mouthing habit are not fit for a soundproof dog crate.

How to Soundproof a Dog Crate?

A soundproof dog crate or a soundproof room seems to be a good idea. However, it is only a temporary solution to the problem. It means you are taking extra measures to control the existing issue i.e. reasons for a dog to bark.

Some dogs will keep barking even on smallest things i.e. looking at the TV, looking at other animals on the street, insects, etc. In contrast to that, the other dogs will bark, whine, or how to communicate.

Thus, you cannot just put a dog in an isolated dog box and assume that the problem does not exist anymore. Keeping a dog unattended during this situations can develop the destructive side of him. Likewise, making a dog feel safe is the only solution to use the dog crate better. We call it active soundproofing method where you teach the dog to stay calm.

On the contrary, you can use soundproof dog crate is your pooch has a habit to bark for a while. It means, if you Fido gets quiet after a few minutes of barking then it is fine using a soundproof crate. We call it passive method where you use a soundproof crate to suppress the noise.

Active Method

This method is making a soundproof crate by not preparing a soundproof dog crate. In fact, it does not have to do anything with the soundproof dog crate. Here you crate train your little pup in a good way. In that manner, the pooch will learn to stay calm and content inside the crate.

You can either follow the detailed guide on How to Crate Train a Dog or follow the brief below:

1. Teach Him to Relax in the Crate

sound proof dog crate cover

Firstly, the dog needs to relax inside his ‘crate palace’. There should not be a reason for the dog to get anxious about it. You can use these steps to relax a dog from the crate.

  • You shall accompany him during the initial period till he gets used to the crate.
  • Never lock the pooch inside during the initial period, even if you are around.
  • Start using the door when the pup is used to the crate.
  • Do not keep the crate at a corner spot, keep it where you hang around in the house.
  • Use a comfortable dog crate bed.
  • Use dog crate cover to prevent the light exposure intruding inside.

2. Playing Toy

sound proof dog crate

This is the best method to teach a dog to use his crate. You can use toy which your pup like the most. Keep it inside the crate all the time. Also, you can make a permanent position of the toy to be inside the crate.

It will not only make the dog crate appear like a playing spot to your pooch but also a ‘Happy Place’. Then your dog will not associate the crate and you disappearing. Instead, the dog will be enthusiastic about using his crate like a den.

3. Never Keep Him in the Bathroom

The first unsaid rule about placing a dog crate is choosing a spot where you usually accompany your pooch inside the house. Yes, it will help the pup keep his calm looking at the familiar things around from the crate.

Moreover, pet parents use the bathroom to hold their dogs inside and expect them to be calm. We found this answer from a few forums. Pet parent use bathroom if their dogs continuously bark while they are gone. However, it is not that they see it as a solution but they think it’s the only option they have. If you are one of them then please understand it is not so.

Furthermore, a bathroom is not a place where most of the pet parent would accompany their pets. Additionally, a bathroom will have more echoes of the barking, or howling which is not desirable. It will only make the situation worse for your dog.

4. Work Him Out Till He Gets Exhausted

fastest dog in the world exercising drill

This is an effective method of dealing with the problem. You can schedule the play time with your dog before the time you leave for work. You can exercise him till he gets exhausted. Go for a long walk in the park. In addition to that, you can use a bicycle for yourself to save energy for the day.

If your dog wants to rest after the morning exercise then there is a win-win for you. You will stay fit with a morning cycling routine. And the dog stays fit and contented, willing to use his crate in order to rest.

Passive Method

In a passive method, we actually use the soundproof dog crate to control the noises reaching out. It is just opposite to what we saw in the above section i.e. saving the dog from outside noises’.

There are two options by which you can prepare a soundproof dog crate or the soundproof surroundings. The first method is ‘Soundproofing the crate’ and another method is ‘Soundproofing the room’.

Soundproofing the Crate

In this section, we will focus primarily on the objects that can make regular kennel a soundproof dog crate. Moreover, there are specific methods for applying some of the sound absorbing materials. It means you will need some tools for it. While there are other some sound absorbing materials which you can easily apply.

1. Dog Crate Cover

sound proof blanket for dog crate


Dog crate cover is one of the easiest objects that you can apply to the kennel that provides some substantial results in suppressing noises. The dog crate covers made of thick fabric especially with a padding layer will be great to keep it quiet.

It will not only prevent the outside noises from intruding but also decrease the inside noises such as barking to pass outside.

Here, it is important to understand that the soundproof dog crate cover will only cut a fraction of the total noise and won’t absorb the sound completely. That means a mild noise might still be audible both on the outside and the inside.

However, we’ve found that just a simple crate cover has helped a lot of pet parents to get rid of barking sound and have relieved dogs from threatening noises. The dog crate cover will the crate more like a sound reducing dog crate than a soundproof one, however, is totally worth it!

Check out the below Dog Crate Cover that reduces sound and also acts as a cozy blanket!

soundproof dog crate cover

2. Acoustic Panels


Acoustic panels are built to divert and eventually cancel out the noise by multiple reflecting surfaces. Any simple acoustic panel would look like a spike wall(image above).

These panels absorb the reverberation into its multi-surface layers and prevent it from reflecting. Additionally, it can also prevent the vibrations or sound from passing through.

You can use this method to cover the sidewalls and the ceiling too. This will make your house or apartment almost soundproof as a studio and make your neighbors less susceptible to barking noises.

3. Dog Crate Bed

Thick soundproof crate Bed


A dog crate bed is useful for noise suppression. Also, we use it to make the crate comfortable and soft to sleep. Similarly, a thick dog bed like above can easily suppress the noise and make it cozier while being in the crate.

There are various dog crate bed ranges with different length, height, and thickness. You can select a thick dog crate bed that covers a major part of the bottom of the crate to better reduce the noise.

Here, the material used in the bed i.e. cotton, synthetic fiber, foam, etc. are good sound absorbers. You may also purchase a soundproof blanket(like above) for the dog crate to better solve the problem.

Concluding, a dog crate bed along with a crate cover can absorb the noises substantially. You can rely on these two materials if you have a loud and rigorously barking dog.

Note: Make sure you provide the ventilation. Generally, soundproofing methods will cover the crate in a way that may prevent the natural airflow. Therefore, leave some room for ventilation.

Soundproofing the Room

Soundproofing the room is rather a safe yet expensive method to solve the problem. Go through the series of solutions we have provided.

1. Carpeting

soundproof dog crate

Carpeting the floor is a great and inevitable factor if we want to soundproof a room. Generally, Americans use some sort of carpets to cover the floor. In fact, some people choose to have thick and soft carpets for their floors which is even better.

The carpet can notably absorb the loud noise. The materials from which the carpets are made are all the sound absorbing materials. You can just use an extra layer of the carpet if you feel like it works.

Although the carpet will not solve the problem evidently it will minimize the issue for sure. You can look for the other solutions too and use them in combination.

2. Acoustic Panels

Similar to the topic we discussed regarding soundproofing the crate. In the same manner, you can use the acoustic panels on your walls and even on the ceiling. It will not only absorb the noise but also reduce the echoes.

3. Soundproof Curtains

Curtains will also prove to be good objects that absorb the reverberations. Generally, the long curtains running from the near ceiling to the floor can absorb noises too. Moreover, these curtains are used for industrial purposes, theatre or cinema halls, etc.

These curtains are made up of thick and dense materials which will absorb the vibrations. Generally, there are more few layers which include the fabric, cushioning, and other fabric to make the curtain.

The EndNote

We saw the reasons for using a soundproof dog crate and methods of making a dog crate soundproof.

There are other products on the market which claim to control the dog’s barking i.e. temperature and sound controlled dog crate, shock collars, etc. However, using an electric shock collar might not be the best solution to this solution. If not used safely, it will be more of a punishment than directly disciplining the dog.

Thus, relying on a soundproof dog crate is better than using an electric shock collar while you are away.

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