Dog Breeds A-Z | Complete List of Dog Profiles

In the concurrent period, we observe numerous dog breeds people own. You might also feel like owning one when you look at them with their owners.

But do you wonder from where do these dog breeds would have originated and how many pure dog breeds still exist?

If you are a dog lover, a dog owner or feel like owning one then you are our valued reader right now!

People tend to believe recent grey wolves are ancestors of recent dog breeds. However, that is only partial truth people know.

Miacis is the earliest link to the evolution of dogs. Recent dog breeds hardly resemble Miacis because they are not a direct descendant of Miacis. Cynodictis evolved from Miacis is the parent species from which one branch extends to direwolves, fox, wild. And another is tomarctus which extends to coyote and recent dog breeds.

Dog Breeds A-Z | The Complete List

American Kennel Club has listed 268 pure dog breeds, some of those are sub-species of the main ones but have distinct feature. These breeds came into existence due to the advancement of technical knowledge and delicacies of dog breeds.

Most Popular Dog Breed

Again, according to American Kennel Club, the most popular dog breed of 2017 is Labrador Retriever. This dog breed enjoys popularity for a very long time. Second most favorite dog breed that Americans love is German Shepherd followed by Golden Retriever at the third position.

You can refer the list of popular dog breeds in America since 2013. However, the ten most popular dog breeds in 2017 after Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, and Golden Retriever are Pointers(German Shorthaired), Poodle, Bulldog, Rottweiler, Beagle, Yorkshire Terrier, French Bulldog.

Dog Breeds Known for their Qualities

This section will focus on some unique biological, physical, mental characteristics of some dog breeds. You can even conclude from this section if you want is the best dog for kids or the best dog for seniors.

#1 Smallest Dog Breed

Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed which can be as small as a human palm size and as big as a foot or two in height. Moreover, Russian Toy and Yorkshire Terrier are also similar dog breeds to Chihuahua with respect to physical characteristics. Thus, these two dog breeds i.e. Chihuahua and Russian Toy Dog are both the smallest dog breeds.

#2 Tallest One

Great Dane is the tallest dog breeds you will ever see. This breed can measure as tall as 1.035m tall(source).

#3 Heaviest Dog Breed

English Mastiff is one of the heaviest dog breeds. Also, an English Mastiff holds the heaviest dog record weighing 343 pounds. Moreover, Saint Bernard, Mastiff, Great Dane are some of the heaviest dog breeds.

#4 The Smartest

This trait gets a little perspective oriented result. Dog breeds who can obey a wide range of commands, learn to perform tasks, distinguish between colors, shapes are smart. German Shepherd, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Doberman Pinscher are few of many examples of smartest dog breeds.

These factors can only be true to some dog breeds who can perform on these parameters consistently.

#5 Friendliest Pup!

Labrador, Beagle, Golden Retriever, Wheaten Terrier are few of the friendliest dog breeds. These dog breeds also prove to be the best dog breed for families and children especially. Loyalty and adaptability are the best qualities of these dog breeds which makes them best for living in apartments too.

#6 Most Aggressive (Beware!!)

A study Breed Differences in Canine Aggression states dachshunds followed by chihuahua are the most aggressive dog breeds. They will show aggression against anyone hindering their space i.e. strangers, other dog breeds, master.

While, pitbull, rottweiler, husky will be most aggressive towards the other dog breeds and least aggressive to their owner.

#7 Fastest Dog Breed

Greyhound is the fastest dog breed, a greyhound can run up to 45 mph.

These were the qualities for which the corresponding dog breeds are renown. If you still don’t find any specific quality you want in a dog after reading this list then read the next section which describes human characteristics and dog compatibility.

Dog Breed List

Finally, the dog breed list has come; this section will describe some of the most prominent and rare dog breeds. Also, a brief description of each dog breeds will consist of its characteristics (i.e. body, fur, behavior, history, life expectancy).

Dog breeds are divisible in three main parts i.e. firstly – a small dog breed, secondly – a medium dog breed, lastly – a large dog breed.

Small Dog Breed: Known for their cuteness

A small one is the cutest dog breed compared to any other type of dog breeds. If you have a cozy place or playing space i.e. a dog park. Then you shall probably choose the toy dog breed. Most of these dog breeds do not require a large space for exercise or play. They can adapt to cozy places.

However, every cutest toy dog breed will have some health delicacies due to their small body. They require sufficient hygiene care.

#1 Chihuahua

smallest dog breed
  • Origin: Mexico
  • Nature/Trait: Loyal, Energetic, Protective
  • Aggressive: Very
  • Life Expectancy: 12 to 18 years
  • Special Care Tips: Do not baffle with his temperament & minimum exercise needed

The Chihuahua is a toy breed dog which originated in the city of Mexico named Chihuahua. Today they are renown and have adapted to many regions. American is the place this breed is maximum popularity.

This dog breed can have almost any colored coat. Sometimes, a texture of the coat can vary from a plain to spotted, and a dual tone coat. They can have a negligible and long furry coat as well.

Chihuahua requires utmost attention and none roughhousing. These dogs do not do well with more than two or three family members. In addition to that, they are not fit for letting kids handle them. Moreover, they are aggressive towards anyone hindering their space and can bite even their owners.

This dog breed has an angry and big dog-like nature, they do not accept getting played. However, Chihuahua will adapt with kids if allowed getting close to kids at an early age.

#2 Dachshund

short leg dog breed
  • Origin: Germany
  • Nature/Trait: Loyal, Curious, Charming
  • Aggressive: Intimidating (towards any stranger)
  • Life Expectancy: 15 years
  • Special Care Tips: Needs exercising, do not let strangers roughhouse

This is an awkwardly shaped dog having higher adaptability and affection. Dachshund dog breed has a short height and unusual long body. Their legs do not have joints working similar to that of normal dog breeds. They swing their legs sideways while walking.

This breed has its origination related to German province and is now dwelling in many continents. This dog breed can handle partial hot environment but hardly can tolerate colds.

The hunters trained this breed for hunting badgers in teams. Thus, this type of dog loves human presence around them too. They can bond well with kids as both like being playful. However, they are protective of their masters and will show aggression against a stranger.

#3 Russian Toy

one of the smallest dog breeds
  • Origin: Russia
  • Nature/Trait: Friendly, attention seeking, Herd leader
  • Aggressive: Hardly
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 12 years
  • Special Care Tips: Needs exercising, use harness only during walks and not at home

This dog breed got its name from its origin and size. Russian Toy is a toy sized dog breed which is one of the smallest dog breeds on Earth. Moreover, Russian Toy is one of the two smallest dog breeds and another is Chihuahua(record holder smallest dog breed).

Russian Toy is a small dog with an attitude of a big dog. They naturally feel like are the leader of their pack or human companions. Additionally, Russian Toys will not get going when you violently handle them. Sometimes, they can be aggressive for some such acts.

However, Russian Toys are friendly and active pets. As long as you give them a task at play, they will continue doing it tirelessly. They love appreciation and attention, which makes them easy to train. Even their friendly nature helps in dog competitions.

#4 Pomeranian

pomsky dog breed
  • Origin: Germany
  • Nature/Trait: Loyal, playful, excessive barking
  • Aggressive: very (only towards other dog breeds)
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 15 years
  • Special Care Tips: protect them when outdoors, do not let them lonely

Poms are the friendliest dog breeds which do well with any environments and surroundings. They also like playful activities and could adapt to a huge family. Moreover, they will bark at strangers, other dog breeds all the time.

Even though poms are small but they hardly realize that. They have a nature to mend their territory and family, this will challenge even bigger creatures. Sometimes, this behavior gets them in more trouble of harming themselves from a bigger animal.

Poms also are more accepting of kids and stranger but only after the master’s ease around them as well. They will bark continuously or even attack people if they feel harm from them.
In addition to that, always keep a watch that a pom does not run behind a bigger one to challenge. Finally, keep them indoors to save them from heat and larger preying animals.

#5 Pug

puggle dog breed
  • Origin: China
  • Nature/Trait: Loyal, curious, witty
  • Aggressive: Hardly
  • Life Expectancy: 12 to 15 years
  • Special Care Tips: Never ignore them, Crate train them while you are away

This breed has its roots back in China where the Emperors owned these dogs. Moreover, in recent times, pugs are everywhere due to their versatile adaptation.

Pugs have a human fist-sized face with wrinkles and round eyes almost popping out from its round face. They have a symmetric height, length, and overall small size which makes them easy to handle.

This one is a true companion amongst all the dog breeds and does not do well without their master even for some instance. They like getting attention, which leads them to do mischievous acts. This breed easily blends in with all the family members especially kids. Because of both of them like playful activities all day long. Also, they need someone mature to handle, pet, cuddle them at times just like kids.

Don’t ignore them completely all day, try to entertain them while you are around. They cannot handle lonesome situations. Try to crate train them and get them some toys according to their preference. It will help them cope with loneliness when you are away for work or shopping.

#6 Yorkshire Terrier

yorkie dog breed
  • Origin: England
  • Nature/Trait: Loyal, herd leader, energetic
  • Aggressive: Intimidating
  • Life Expectancy: 15 years
  • Special Care Tips: Never tease them, Do not let them in extreme heat or cold

This dog breed is one the most popular dog breeds in America. Moreover, Yorkies are one of best lap dog breeds for urbanites. Because of their unique and attractive coat gives a royal appearance to them.

Yorkshire were rat hunters in mills and mines. Even today due to their instinctive behavior of killing the smaller animals, they will not let squirrels, rats, lizards loiter in the house.

Yorkies do not when their master roughhouse them or tease them. Moreover, they like playing and are other animals if trained them at the young age. However, they will not like any other animal encroaching on their space. They get jealous and fight (sometimes till death) for their space.
Yorkshire like a human companion and are also good dog breed for children who behave sensibly with them.

#7 Miniature Poodle

poodle dog breed
  • Origin: Germany
  • Nature/Trait: Friendly, intelligent, obedient
  • Aggressive: Hardly
  • Life Expectancy: 12 to 15 years
  • Special Care Tips: Needs exercising, lots of grooming, never leave alone

Poodles are well-known for their long and attractive coat which grows fairly faster than other dog breeds. This species is one of the smartest dog breeds which will learn your complex command immediately. This trait makes poodles good competitors for grooming, agility, trick competitions.

They do not like loneliness, it can leave them heartbroken even if left alone for few hours. You can crate train them while you are away yet it will not make them normal during that period.

Mini Poodle is the best lap dog breed and one of the friendliest dog breed. They go well with other animals and also strangers. This trait makes them perfect for the competitions and animal park trick shows. However, this also makes them an average watchdog, though they are alert and protective of their master.

#8 Maltese

dog breed questionaire
  • Origin: Malta (Mediterranean Island)
  • Nature/Trait: Choosy, Playful, Friendly
  • Aggressive: Intimidating(only for strangers)
  • Life Expectancy: 12 to 15 years
  • Special Care Tips: Control their picky eating habit, Give them a play more often

Dog breed compatibility is higher than many small dog breeds. They can adapt to cozy place with many people around. They typically don’t go well with strangers but can adapt with them gradually.

Maltese dogs are playful and energetic which makes handling them easier for their master. In addition to it, they do not require frequent exercising.

They need a lot of grooming just like Yorkies due to their long fur. Furthermore, a Maltese dog cannot tolerate a little cold temperature and extreme hot temperature too. They can develop skin flares under their fur during hot weather condition.

#9 Bichon Frise

bichon dog breed
  • Origin: Spain(widely believed fact)
  • Nature/Trait: Lively, Curious, Friendly
  • Aggressive: Hardly
  • Life Expectancy: 12 to 15 years
  • Special Care Tips: do not leave them alone, take care of their appetite

Bichon Frise has deep roots in Spanish province where they were first bred. However, these dogs were a prominent mode of barter for sailor traveling overseas. Thus, Bichon Frise is more associated with France, Belgium, and Germany.

This one is the friendliest dog breed from small dog breeds. Bichon Frise loves to be around humans and other dog breeds too. They do not cope with lonesome situations. And require constant companionship.

This breed is always enthusiastic about gaining attention from the master. This trait makes them highly trainable. Also, Bichon Frises are one of the most intelligent dog breeds.

It is the best dog breed for kids and also the best dog breed for seniors. Their easy grooming requirement and seldom barking tendency makes them most adorable dog breed.

#10 Beagle

xolo dog breed
  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Nature/Trait: Friendly, loyal, playful
  • Aggressive: Hardly
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 15 years
  • Special Care Tips: Needs exercising, never feed more than needed

Again, this one is a popular and friendly dog in America just like Bichon Frise. This dog is a super friendly dog which gets along with almost everyone. They do not feel harm from other dog breeds and strangers.

This dog will make the best dog breed for kids. Because both of them will love each others’ company. Beagles are more outgoing and like long walks too. This makes them good for kids and seniors too. They will always search the trace of interesting scents. They are good sniffer dogs and never intimidate people at the airports and railway stations.

This breed has a serious problem with appetite control. They seem to eat every time you feed. Thus, require frequent exercising throughout a week. Sometimes, you can use a bicycle while walking them on a long path.

#11 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

dog breed king charles
  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Nature/Trait: Friendly, Intelligent, Playful
  • Aggressive: Hardly
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 12 years
  • Special Care Tips: Needs exercising, never take him outdoor during hot temperatures

The apparent breed is friendly, intelligent and playful. They often look for their master’s emotion and try to please most of the time. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel loves to accompany humans wherever they can.

Though they are house dogs they would want to accompany you anytime you shut the door close for office or shopping. They cannot do well when you lock them inside and go out. CKC spaniels are very affectionate and will accompany you even when you move from a room to the other.

They easily blend with all the family members and also with other animals. This breed is very accepting of strangers, also might consider as their new friends. Therefore, they lack having a guard dog characteristics.

Moreover, spaniels are predators and hunt smaller animals. So is the apparent breed, they might chase squirrels, rats, etc.

#12 French Bulldog

what is the dumbest dog breed
  • Origin: England
  • Nature/Trait: Adaptive, friendly, playful
  • Aggressive: Hardly
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 14 years
  • Special Care tips: Do not expose them to hot and cold temperatures

This breed has its origins back in England, while they traveled to the newer places in France where they found their final evolution benchmark.

French Bulldog loves their people may that be a big family or small. Similarly, they also require affection of the kind. A French Bulldog can be silly and mischievous to entertain people around them. They require attention and affection in return.

Also, they have many watchdog traits i.e. territorial possessiveness, and jealousy while sharing their space and people with other dog breeds. Their alertness can warn their master of approaching strangers. Sometimes, they bark at strangers in sheer bulldog attitude but can easily cope with them if feel safe around them.

#13 Italian Greyhound

miniature dog breed of greyhound
  • Origin: Italy
  • Nature/Trait: Protective, Curious, Friendly
  • Aggressive: Hardly
  • Life Expectancy: 15 years
  • Special Care Tips: Needs a lot of exercising, Do not unleash in an open area

This one is Greyhound’s cousin, Italian Greyhound is somewhat similar to that of its cousin. They are good runners and will chase almost anything moving in front of them.

Italian Greyhound loves being around people all day long. They might not even leave you for a minute while in a home. On the other hand, if you take his leash off during walks or at a dog park, you will not stand a chance of catching him instantly.

He will be possessive about his space and people. Additionally, he has an attitude of a big dog. He can bark loud with gravitas, which makes him better at guard. He can even be intimidating at times to strangers who he feels are unsafe.

Never ignore them or leave them alone without sufficient toys. They are curious about everything but can get bored easily. A clear space in the house will be good for them to run and hop about anywhere.

#14 Border Terrier

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  • Origin: England
  • Nature/Trait: Hunting, Energetic, Obedient, Aggressive
  • Aggressive: Intimidating
  • Life Expectancy: 12 to 15 years
  • Special Care Tips: Fence them inside your yard securely, Give him intense exercise

Border Terrier is a breed originating from England province near the Scottish border. During earlier days, hunters owned and trained this species to hunt and chase foxes out of their caves.

A Border Terrier is an excellent hunter, a fierce athlete, and an obedient dog breed. They are good for the kids and also for huge families. Their love for any physical activity is constant, also they like exploring the unknown every instance.

Every Border Terrier has independent behavior but their love for their people is the same. This breed likes getting human company all the time. They strive for pleasing the master for whatever it takes. Additionally, praising them with a treat or petting will develop a habit of following the commands effortlessly in them.

Sometimes, Border Terrier can jump over the fence dig open the ground in order to escape a closed area. Owning a Border Terrier can be a lot of fun and some excessive observing their activities on the other hand.

#16 Shih Tzu

shishu dog breed
  • Origin: China
  • Nature/Trait: Friendly, Witty, Playful
  • Aggressive: Hardly
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 15 years
  • Special Care Tips: Do not roughhouse, keep toddlers away

This breed is one the smallest dog breed there is. Shih Tzu has a disputable origination story. Some believe their place of origin id China while others believe it to be Tibet.

The apparent breed has attractive fur, it can be of a variety of colors. A Shih Tzu has a faster hair growth than most of the breeds. They are small and adorable, even they like getting attention after doing silly deeds.

This breed is super friendly and funny. They can be friends with strangers easily. All they want is a little attention and some playful activities.

Shih Tzu cannot tolerate slightest warm temperatures, you will have to put him in a temperature controlled room during extreme summers. Adding to the fact, you will also have to put in a lot of effort grooming them.

However, they like to accompany humans about everywhere in the house. Thus follow their owners from a room to another.

#17 Basenji

dog breed that doesn't bark
  • Origin: Congo
  • Nature/Trait: Intelligent, Independent, Loyal
  • Aggressive: Intimidating
  • Life Expectancy: 10 or more years
  • Special Care Tips: Keep your house clean and safe from getting chewed

A barkless dog people might believe, it is not completely false. Though a Basenji can bark, he will not choose to do so. However, he will not be silent all the time. He will whine, mumble, howl in his way.

Basenji is a hunter who might be top the most disciplined hunting dog breed list. He like chasing and hunting, he sees it as a sport more than sheer instincts. Also, he has an independent thinking mind which might not follow every command from you. He does not have a stubborn nature but needs a strong motive to follow a command.

The barkless dog will get attached to his family instantly but will prefer to be distant at times. Moreover, Basenji proves to be a good watchdog due to his protective nature. Also, will defend his loved ones will all his strength.

#18 Australian Terrier

dog breed australian shepherd
  • Origin: Australia
  • Nature/Trait: Affectionate, Protective, Silly
  • Aggressive: Hardly
  • Life Expectancy: 12 to 15 years
  • Special Care Tips: Be playful around him, exercise him regularly

This breed has a renown name i.e. Aussie Terrier. He has a furry coat of different colors, it hardly requires excessive care and grooming.

He is a Terrier after all and will engage in barking and chase activities more often. However, he will bond with each of the family members easily. But Aussie Terriers do not like roughhousing or taking frequent orders. They are not good to go while having very young kids around.

Moreover, Aussie Terriers are playful and loving most of the times. They can be silly, grumpy, adorable, and protective at times. It is like having multiple dog characters in one.

#19 Shiba Inu

morkie dog breed
  • Origin: Japan
  • Nature/Trait: Protective, Independent, Herd leader
  • Aggressive: Intimidating
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 15 years
  • Special Care tips: Keep them inside a secure fence, Never intrude their comfort zone

The apparent breed is a lot of independent and self-driven dog species. It has a small structure but an attitude of a mighty. Also, it loves company from time to time.

Shiba Inu is a loyal yet independent dog breed, he might be on his own most of the time. However, he likes his people around and rarely plays with him. Moreover, he will like a long fast walk every day.

This type of dog will love exploring open places and try to run from the house as soon as gets chance. And getting him outdoors without a leash will be a blunder.

Additionally, a Shiba Inu is very protective of his space, toys, people and can be furious it someone hinders that. This one will not whine while you are away but start showing aggressive or discontent behavior.

#20 Bolognese

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  • Origin: Italy
  • Nature/Trait: Loyal, Affectionate, Protective, Herd leader
  • Aggressive: Hardly
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 13 years
  • Special Care Tips: Train them at their early age, Do not fall for their tricks

The apparent breed has its origin from an Italian city Bologna. He has a stubborn nature and sometimes ignores the commands without any unusual mishap.

Bolo is a dog breed who loves to accompany their master and other family members. In contrast to it, a Bolo dog can easily be on its own and ditch their owners for some time. However, this breed the fit for kids and seniors. They will even be friends with strangers but according to their will.

You will need to exercise them frequently as they love long walks and exploration. Moreover, you can choose to get them something to play indoors. That will be enough of exercise for days in a month.

#21 Coton de Tulear

bog breed origins
  • Origin: Madagascar
  • Nature/Trait: Friendly, Adaptive,
  • Aggressive: Hardly
  • Life Expectancy: 15 or more years
  • Special Care Tips: Attend them all the time and take them along while going out

The name Coton de Tulear describes the cotton-like fur this dog has and Tulear is its origin city of Madagascar. The dog has a cute appearance as well as temperament. A Coton de Tulear will do anything to please you, it makes them happy too.

This breed is well-known as companion dogs, a dog of this kind will travel alongside in your car when you go out. Seriously, this fur-ball will walk along with you from a room to another. Also, he will company you in your bathroom.

The apparent dog species will like to interact with humans. They will talk in their way and also like it when you respond back. A Coton de Tulear will blend in with the stranger animals and humans very well.

#22 Schipperke

dog breed schipperke
  • Origin: Belgium
  • Nature/Trait: Loyal, Protective, Obedient, Playful
  • Aggressive: Intimidating(to strangers)
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 14 years
  • Special Care Tips: Socialize them at their early age

Schipperke is a fun loving intelligent dog breed. This breed has an excellent good to go personality with family members. They love the kids even if they sometimes tease him.

This breed is protective of their territory and people. They might bark to warn their master of an approaching stranger. Moreover, they will bark for no reason at all; it seems to be a sport to them.

This breed will adjust according to master’s mood and behave likewise. In addition to that, a Schipperke loves to be a herder and guard their people. He will not mind strangers the master interacts with them first. They adapt to the behavior of their master easily.

Furthermore, they are good to go with other animals too. But only a proper training at their early age will make this happen. Socializing them will not difficult once trained but training them will be difficult.

#23 Miniature Pinscher

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  • Origin: Germany
  • Nature/Trait: Herd leader, loyal, alert
  • Aggressive: Intimidating
  • Life Expectancy: 12 to 13 years
  • Special Care Tips: Accompany them, do for longer walks

Min Pinscher is a lookalike Doberman but is completely different species. Moreover, both the dog breeds have more in common than just appearance. Both of them have aggressive nature towards a stranger and other animals. However, min pin has a more adaptive behavior than Doberman. But getting them along other dog breeds is a big no!

This breed can be a good watchdog due to their alertness. Additionally, they have a big dog attitude which can be difficult to handle. They in their mind think of themselves a larger kind which can get them in trouble.

This dog breed is not the perfect one for the kids or senior in the house. Because they are playful and active all the time. They do not like rough handling and can attempt to harm kids rarely.

Medium Sized Dog Breed

Coming to most awaited and preferable dog breed category of this article. Medium sized dog breed is the one people prefers over the other two. These dogs have considerably average weight and height compared to the other two categories.

There are no specific needs making this breed more suitable to pet parents i.e. they adapt to a small house, immunity against weather, affordable grooming and nutrition needs.

#1. Siberian Husky

dog breed blue healer
  • Origin: Siberia
  • Nature/Trait: Friendly, Intelligent, Stubborn, Playful
  • Aggressive: Hardly
  • Life Expectancy: 12 to 15 years
  • Special Care Tips: Take him for long walks

Similar to that of an Alaskan Malamute, Husky seems almost identical to the previous one. If you happen to own or had owned one in past then you can easily identify the difference. Husky is shorter and weighs lesser than Malamute.

Huskies are most fascinating and friendly dogs, they will immediately befriend anyone entering home may that be a person or an animal. Their bright contrasting eye color to their coat is more attractive than a Weimaraner(well, some feel that way).

Though they are friendly and adapts with the family members they will need some time to themselves. Also, they like it more in the yard than in a closed place.

A Husky will be demanding, particular with his needs, and independent thinker, sometimes stubborn; all these traits are way too much for someone wanting to own a dog for the first time.

Huskies are not the easiest dog breed to train and almost impossible to do at home. With consistent and firm training, one can inculcate discipline and obedience in them. Also, after that, some of these dogs become good competitors for the agility, obedience shows. All because they are one of the few athletic dog breeds.

#2. Dalmatian

101 dalmatians
  • Origin: Croatia
  • Nature/Trait: Playful, Protective, Energetic
  • Aggressive: Intimidating
  • Life Expectancy: 12 to 15 years
  • Special Care Tips: Train them at an early age, they need excessive exercising

This is a renown breed having the symbolic black spots on white coat fur. Dalmatian is a silly, playful, intelligent breed. You will need to match up to their energy level all the time.

The apparent breed needs heavy exercising and exploring the world outside your house. They are prone to bloating if kept in closed place for longer times. Dalmatians can get psychological impacts when startled or kept in the closure. They are very sensitive and understand human emotions.

These dogs are kids friendly but their muscular heavy body and energy levels can be too much for younger kids. Supervision during dog and kids interaction is highly recommended.

Many Dalmatians have hereditary deafness issues. And a dog with deafness will need some specific training to be able to understand commands from hand signs or vibration patterns.

#3. Drever

short leg dog breed
  • Origin: Sweden
  • Nature/Trait: Contented, Loyal, Protective
  • Aggressive: Intimidating
  • Life Expectancy: 12 to 15 years
  • Special Care Tips: Train them at an early age, Engage them in playful games

This is the most popular dog breed in Sweden. Earlier, this breed assisted the hunters by chasing deer out in the open in hunter’s proximity.

Drever is a long body breed and energetic all the time. They love going outdoors more often and may seem difficult to get them back inside. A secure fence or yard can be appropriate to avoid run-away situation.

This species does not cherish human companion all day long. They will need their me-time in a day. You can take them for a long walk to exercise them and give them intense exercise once or twice in a week.

#4. Bull Terrier

world's ugliest dog breed
  • Origin: England
  • Nature/Trait: Loyal, Protective, Silly, Playful
  • Aggressive: Intimidating
  • Life Expectancy: 12 to 15 years
  • Special Care Tips: Control their aggression by socializing them at an early age

Bull Terriers are one of the most playful dog breeds you will come across. These dogs are silly clowns and will do their thing which will make you laugh more often. Moreover, they have sensitive and affectionate nature which makes it even more fun.

Terriers in general and talking of this breed specifically have a lot to chase and fight. A Bull Terrier Dog will fight for his territory, his people, his food. However, he is a dog and human-friendly breed but up to certain extent. He will not allow other dog breeds and humans to get anywhere near him if he selects them to be unsafe.

The worst thing you will come across if you own one is, they are restricted in some regions due to their aggression. If the officials find a person with a Bull Terrier then they will seize the dog and impose some penalty upon you.

#5. Bulldog

most dangerous dog breed of the world
  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Nature/Trait: Protective, Friendly, Lazy
  • Aggressive: Intimidating
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 12 years
  • Special Care Tips: Don’t expose them to outside temperature

One of the most popular and loved dog breeds of America, Bulldog is one of the laziest pets you would find. However, they like going for small even paced walks every day.

Bulldog has a huge face with shabby textured features. Many people love them for this features. They are loyal, protective of their people. In addition to that, a bulldog will always get along with every family member in the house. May that is children or seniors.

Moreover, the dog likes to keep to themselves major pet of the day. But they like getting around their masters often. It keeps them busy all day, keeping with their people when they are around and keeping to themselves when alone. They tend to bark and whine when feeling your absence.

This breed can be an above average watchdog because they are very protective but are lazy.

#6. Labrador Retriever

most popular dog breed
  • Origin: Newfoundland
  • Nature/Trait: Loyal, Protective, Obedient
  • Aggressive: Hardly
  • Life Expectancy: 8 to 12 years
  • Special Care Tips: Never ignore them, do not overfeed them

Labrador Retriever is the undisputed most popular dog breed of America. Moreover, this breed enjoys its status and does well with any atmospheric conditions. They have utmost friendly and accepting nature.

The apparent dog species is the epitome of pet a human can own. A Lab-retriever is not exactly a companion dog but due to its friendly and funny behavior, people carry them along. Moreover, people get so much attached to this breed after owning one, they do not prefer other breeds at all.

A labrador-Retriever has minimum grooming requirements and seldom illness issues. However, they are always hungry dog breed. Overweight is a common problem in their master’s face. Additionally, their laziness in adulthood becomes pathetic and are difficult to take for long walks. As the matter of fact, all dog may not be as lazy as some. This tendency depends on how lazy a master allows his dog to be.

#7. Golden Retriever

cutest dog breed
  • Origin: Scotland
  • Nature/Trait: Loyal, Protective, Playful
  • Aggressive: Hardly
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 12 years
  • Special Care Tips: Grooming regularly is advisable

The third most popular dog breed in America is Golden Retriever. Since very long time, people prefer this breed over any other. Golden Retrievers are the cutest dog breed in medium-sized category. They have human-like expressions and sometimes argues by howling, whining, and different sounds.

They are most friendly dogs for kids and most friendly dog breed for seniors too. A Golden Retriever tends to understand their masters’ current mood and behave accordingly. They even love to talk in their manner with humans.

If you ever came close to a Golden Retriever, then you will know that they like human company and are easy to train. However, using harsh training techniques lead them to stress about training. Mixing them in a mass training session is advisable. You can even train them indoors because a dog of this breed will never fail to impress you.

#8. Basset Hound

Basset Hound Dog Breed
  • Origin: France
  • Nature/Trait: Loyal, Stubborn, Lazy
  • Aggressive: Hardly
  • Life Expectancy: 8 to 12 years
  • Special Care Tips: Watch their appetite, give them more than one short walks

Basset has a face of a bloodhound and body of a dachshund. A Basset Hound is a medium sized dog with short height and long body. This makes this breed look like Dachshund.

The apparent breed is very friendly and accepting of other animals and humans. They are the best with kids because of their size maybe. Also, they are more protective of their territory in front of other animals.

You need to take care of his needs as he is sensitive to atmosphere change. In addition to that, he will not prefer a long fast walk, but get along well during slow short frequent walks instead. You will have to work a little hard to get him to walk every time.

#9. Clumber Spaniel

dog breed spaniels
  • Origin: England
  • Nature/Trait: Protective, Outgoing, Playful
  • Aggressive: Intimidating
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 12 years
  • Special Care Tips: Do not force train them – rewards him, get them playing often

This breed is the heaviest of all the spaniels. They are slow and lethargic most of the times. In contrast to it, they are not lazy, they have higher power intensity.

A Clumber Spaniel is heavy and can be difficult to handle at times. He will be protective of his people and territory against strangers. This trait makes him a good watchdog breed.

However, he might not indulge in frequent activities all day. But he is playful at heart and loves human company. He can chase small animals and also birds due to their scent. He is an excellent hunter dog and can chase their hunt into deeper forest covers also.

#10. Doberman Pinscher

docked tail doberman & cropped ears
  • Origin: Germany
  • Nature/Trait: Alert, Protective, Aggressive
  • Aggressive: Very
  • Life Expectancy: 12 to 15 years
  • Special Care Tips: Do not take his leash off outside house premises

Generally, a Doberman you observe on an American street would be one with tail docked and ear cropped. People adamantly believe that characteristics to be the actual standard of any Doberman. Naturally, they have a structure similar to most of the dog breeds i.e. a tail and long dropped ears when relaxed.

However, the dog breeders and owners insist on cosmetic surgeries for Doberman. It can trigger higher stress levels and ultimately aggression increases. Due to this results, people would prefer cosmetic surgeries for Doberman.

Moreover, this dog species is friendly and accepting of human around him. They can be picky about other dog breeds around them if not trained. Also, a Doberman has disciplined, and obedient nature along with their intelligence and sniffing capabilities. It makes them appropriate for service dogs. In addition to that, they will not adapt to small apartments and require a larger area to dwell instead.

#11. Dutch Shepherd

netherlands dog breed
  • Origin: Netherlands
  • Nature/Trait: Alert, Loyal, Obedient
  • Aggressive: Very
  • Life Expectancy: 12 to 15 years
  • Special Care Tips: Entertain them with frequent exercise

Originally, this breed had the difference of coat texture and color. That labeled this breed different from a German Shepherd during earlier days. However, in the later years, people found about the vast difference in characteristics too.

A Dutch Shepherd is obedient, intelligent, alert, loving dog breed. You can count on this species as much as you would believe in German Shepherd. Moreover, apparent dog breed has a bit of a less-aggressive behavior.

Furthermore, a Dutch Shepherd will take the whole family as his own and make his priority in guarding them. They will get along the kids and seniors really well. It seems they have a maturity of an elderly person.

Any Dutch Shepherd will require intense exercise and an open area to dwell. They are not apartment dwellers.

#12. Braque Francais Pyrenean

great pyrenees dog breed
  • Origin: France
  • Nature/Trait: Playful, Protective, Energetic
  • Aggressive: Intimidating
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 15 years
  • Special Care Tips: Give them intense workout activities

Braque Francais Pyrenean is more popularly known as Braque Pyrenean. It is a rear species which you might not see other than France. Braque has two subspecies i.e. Gascogne and Pyrenees.

This species has playful and intelligent instincts. Not to mention, it has an unusual alertness which you will find in few dog breeds only. They like running and hopping around their territory, most of the time they will chase small animals or toys if any. Also, a Braque will get attached to the master’s family immediately.

They need excessive exercising and tiresome games to function properly. This breed can stay indoors with their master but eventually need a bigger space to run. They will not do well in a closure or small places.

#13. Whippet

greyhound cousin
  • Origin: England
  • Nature/Trait: Friendly, Alert, Energetic
  • Aggressive: Hardly
  • Life Expectancy: 12 to 15 years
  • Special Care Tips: Protect them from cold

Whippet is a dog breed which looks like a small Greyhound. Additionally, this one like to run just like the Greyhound. Moreover, Whippets are accustomed to stay indoors and need access to open running space.

Apparent dog species will not tolerate cold atmosphere and could catch a cold immediately. The parent has to take care of this dog during cold. Using sweaters or giving appropriate shelter is advisable.

A Whippet dog will blend in the family of many really well. Also, he will get along with other animals really well. You need not worry about the socialization process when he is young. It is better to socialize him at younger age otherwise he might become fearful and sometimes aggressive in elderly age.

#14. Vizsla

dog breed vizsla
  • Origin: Hungary
  • Nature/Trait: Friendly, Loyal, Silly, Playful
  • Aggressive: Hardly
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 12 years
  • Special Care Tips: Never ignore him, get him to play more often

Vizsla is a super friendly and silly dog breed. If you are a retiree or someone who can stay around forever then this is the breed for you. The dog-like human company as well as other animal’s company all the time.

He will love going out for long walks or run along while you jog. You can even bicycle and let him run at his speed; with a leash of course! Otherwise, he would go around all by himself for a while. However, it lasts for some instance until he returns back because he cannot stay away from his master after all.

He is a natural hunter and could engage in hunting as a reward. He will have a deeper bond with the parent who lets him hunt, take him for long walks, and make him feel like a member of their pack.

Largest Dog Breeds

This section will depict about the dog breeds falling under the large dog breed category. Generally, dog breeds have more weight, height, overall size than the previous ones.

Though this category describes large dog breeds, here you can expect a drastic behavioral change from that of the small dog breeds and medium dog breeds. Moreover, huge dogs appear intimidating and scare someone to death. In contrast to their appearances, only a few of the large dog breeds are actually aggressive.

The only major difference you can expect here is that these dog breeds require a large space indoors as well as in your yard too. A dog dwelling in a yard and can cope with infrequent human interaction might not need a bigger house. On the other hand, a dog who requires human company will require a bigger space indoor and a yard too.

#1. Great Dane

tallest dog breed of the Earth
  • Origin: Hungary
  • Nature/Trait: Friendly, Noble, Loyal, Affectionate
  • Aggressive: Hardly
  • Life Expectancy: 8 to 10 years
  • Special Care Tips: Never leave them alone, Give them open space to move easily

A highly social, intelligent, accepting, playful dog breed. A Great Dane is a package with many surprises. Despite his size and scary heavy growl, he is a friendly dog. He will never harm anyone around him as long as he feels safe.

He will get along the family really well. Even his size makes him a giant compared to other dog breeds but equal to humans. Great Dane will care while small kids or animals are around and would not harm them even mistakenly.

The pet parent will have to take him for regular walks and exercise. He loves to be by his master’s side while walking and hardly chases after anything. This trait makes them easily trainable. Many masters prefer a collar without a leash around Dane’s neck. Because neck of the dog reaches to the very height of human’s fist. Additionally, the obedience of this dog breed contributes to the act.

#2. Pointer

dog breed pointers
  • Origin: England
  • Nature/Trait: Friendly, Playful, Loyal, Intelligent
  • Aggressive: Hardly
  • Life Expectancy: 12 to 15 years
  • Special Care Tips: Never leave him alone

Astonishingly smart, affectionate, and playful despite their huge size. Pointers have a good sense of humor which will leave you laughing most of the times. Originated in England and now dwells almost everywhere.

A Pointer might seem like a giant scary dog but he is not. He is one of the most playful and friendly dog anyone could own. He will consider all the family member as his own and be protective of them all the time. In addition to that, they like hunting and chasing all the time.

They are born hunters and guard dogs. Despite being friendly, he will be furious when notice something unusual. Also, they love a lot of physical activities all day long. A Pointer will never get tired of running around and will require an open space too.

#3. Leonberger

dog breed that looks like lion
  • Origin: Germany
  • Nature/Trait: Protective, Affectionate, Friendly
  • Aggressive: Intimidating
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 12 years
  • Special Care Tips: Communicate with a lower voice and little family fights away from him

A lion-like personality and adaptive nature make this breed a perfect pet. Leonbergers have a lot of affection and sensitive nature, which makes them a good family member.

A Leonberger is protective and at times aggressive dog who will challenge an intruder. Their huge size makes it intimidating for the novice intruder to stand in front of a Leonberger.

They are energetic and outgoing personalities. You will have to be around to entertain and play with him most of the times as he does not like loneliness. He will get along the kids really well but due to their huge size makes it risky at times. Supervision is always required.

#4. Neapolitan Mastiff

lassie dog breed
  • Origin: Italy
  • Nature/Trait: Protective, Lazy, Friendly
  • Aggressive: Intimidating
  • Life Expectancy: 8 to 10 years
  • Special Care Tips: Save yourself from their gas

Neos are huge, protective, personalities. They have a thick coat and face full of wrinkles. A Neapolitan Mastiff appears to be ghost-like creature in the dark. His appearance and heavy growl will keep strangers away.

Generally, this breed avoids barking and growling. Also, he is not aggressive but can be one when detecting something dangerous to his family.

Mostly, they will lie around resting. You will have to be forceful every time exercising him. In contrast to their lazy nature, they love going out in a vehicle all the time than to walk.

#5. Saint Bernard

largest dog breed
  • Origin: Switzerland
  • Nature/Trait: Friendly, Gentle, Intelligent
  • Aggressive: Hardly
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 12 years
  • Special Care Tips: Keep them indoors but provide them access to huge yard too

Godly personality for a dog, Saint Bernards were earlier used to get the lost or injured travelers back from the snowy terrain. They have a caring and compassionate nature. Their size is somewhat equal to that of a young horse.

This breed will want their people around all the time, also he like being indoors than out in a yard. It makes them feel more of a family member. Likewise, a Bernard will also make you as important as he wants to be yours. If they have access to the inside of the house and also to a yard then they feel like living in the best place.

Due to their huge size, caring nature, and endurance to cold people like getting a Bernard in cold atmospheric conditions. They might not do well even in slight hot conditions.

#6. Scottish Deerhound

scotty dog breed
  • Origin: Scotland
  • Nature/Trait: Friendly, Protective, Affectionate
  • Aggressive: Hardly
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 12 years
  • Special Care Tips: Socialize and train them at an early age

As the name suggests, this breed was used in hunting deer in the wild. Hunter used to train their deerhounds to chase and hunt a deer. However, today this breed hardly engages in those activities.

This breed will blend in the family really well especially kids. Despite a Scottish Deerhound likes kids but can knock a small kid around him accidentally. Also, he will not get going really well with other animals too.

Due to his energy and outgoing nature, you will have work hard keeping him engaged all the time. He will not do well in lack of companionship. Moreover, they will be active throughout the day which makes it easier to exercise them.

A Scottish Deerhound is a bit sensitive and does not well with a serious trainer. Although they might show instant resistance to training and taking orders but doing it right will make you succeed. Thus, socializing them at an early age becomes necessary.

#7. Mastiff

dog breed dna test
  • Origin: England
  • Nature/Trait: Protective, Friendly, Lazy
  • Aggressive: Hardly
  • Life Expectancy: 5 to 10 years
  • Special Care Tips: Save him from obesity

This one is another example of a huge dog and more kindness. Yes, Mastiff is a breed who will care for his family if detects danger. But otherwise, will not bother strangers around himself.

This breed is the heaviest dog breed compared to other dog breeds. A Mastiff can weigh around 200 pounds on an average. Despite their heavy weight, they never give up on an opportunity to go outside. Surprisingly, this breed is easy with a kid around. This trait makes him better as a family dog.

Mastiff is prone to obesity, he will require more to eat on a daily routine which will soon increase if not controlled. Take them out for intense exercising, only that can keep him safe from obesity.

#8. Cane Corso

most aggressive dog breed
  • Origin: Italy
  • Nature/Trait: Stubborn, Aggressive, Intelligent
  • Aggressive: Very
  • Life Expectancy: 10 years
  • Special Care Tips: Extensive training is a must

Corso is one the most aggressive dog breeds in America. He can be dangerous to people due to his huge size and stubborn nature. He can be a good watchdog and even a good companion depending on how effective the training has been.

Cane Corso requires extensive training right from their puppyhood when they can adapt easily. His strong-willed nature will make things difficult and risky at times. But consistent and strict training can solve these problems.

The Corso is an intelligent dog breed amongst manu other dog breeds. He can understand human emotions through their expressions, behavior, and voice. He has a sensitive nature to loud commanding acts, and understand human intention through his voice.

There are other traits too such as drooling, disobedience, etc which makes it really tough for the owner to train them.

#9. Greyhound

fastest dog breed
  • Origin: England
  • Nature/Trait: Energetic, Friendly, Sleepy
  • Aggressive: Intimidating
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 12 years
  • Special Care Tips: Regular workouts will strengthen their bond with you

Everyone seems to know what this breed is capable of achieving, right? Of course, the highest speeds on land. Greyhound is the fastest dog breed which other dog breeds can hardly achieve, a Greyhound can run up to 45 mph. This trait makes them the best competitors in dog racing arena.

A Greyhound will not adapt to the outdoor dwelling or be living in the yard. He needs to be indoors with his family. He can get along an active family with more members but is often sleepy. During indoors, a Greyhound will switch to less active and lazy mode. However, you let him be on his own outside the house then he might not come back to you easily.

He is a friendly towards humans and other animals too. Despite their friendly nature many owners train them to be watchdogs and chase a stranger to his death. Additionally, they have an acute chasing habit which extends not only to small animals but also to humans.

#10. Newfoundland

feist dog breed
  • Origin: Newfoundland
  • Nature/Trait: Friendly, Sweet, Protective, Obedient
  • Aggressive: Hardly
  • Life Expectancy: 8 to 10 years
  • Special Care Tips: Save them from heat

The only breed has its name exactly same that of his origination place. Newfoundland that is, it is the breed’s name and also its origination place. This dog seems huge due to its wavy long coat. It almost appears as if the dog glides in his furry-cloud.

Newfoundland is the best dog breed for kids, these dogs are more sensitive towards kids. A Newfoundland is like a babysitter dog who can manage himself around young kids. However, his long coat will need more of cleaning when he gets around young kids frequently.

They are friendly towards the stranger and other animals too. As the matter of fact, this breed has a playful nature which he will manage according to your mood. He will be playful when you are cheerful and will be quite when are low. Moreover, he is protective of his family and can abruptly attack the stranger or defend his master detecting a danger.

#11. Bullmastiff

heaviest dog breed
  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Nature/Trait: Protective, Friendly, Sensitive
  • Aggressive: Intimidating(for strangers only)
  • Life Expectancy: 9 to 10 years
  • Special Care Tips: Train them with consistency

A Bullmastiff will have a thing uniform coat which is easy to groom and maintain. He has a deep wrinkle on his face which make him a appear even more giant. He will weigh almost over 100 pounds on an average.

The apparent breed is aggressive and will attack the stranger to protect their loved ones. They will blend easily in the family especially with the kids. They become gentle with the kids and bonds stronger with them.

Due to their laziness Bullmastiff is prone to obesity. You are supposed to control that habit and keep him in shape all the time. Despite of laziness, he will be playful at times with you.

#12. Dogue de Bordeaux

biggest dog breed in the world
  • Origin: France
  • Nature/Trait: Protective, Adaptive, Fearless
  • Aggressive: Very
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 12 years
  • Special Care Tips: Train him at an early age, Keep him away from strangers

Dogue became more renown in America after starring in the movie Turner and Hooch. DDB is an excellent watchdog and a hunter. A Dogue appears to be giant by looking at his super giant face. Yes, he has a humongous scary face which would intimidate every stranger passing by.

He is not a social dog by choice, he is very protective and aggressive. In addition to that, he will not tolerate other animals or human strangers around his territory. A Dogue de Bordeaux is willing to fight till death to save his master from any danger. These traits make him an excellent watchdog.

He will resist most of your commands if not trained at a young age. Also, his appetite might become uncontrollable by overfeeding him frequently.

#13. Irish Wolfhound

longest tail dog breed
  • Origin: Ireland
  • Nature/Trait: Friendly, Loyal, Playful
  • Aggressive: Hardly
  • Life Expectancy: 8 years
  • Special Care Tips: Provide him open space

The longest tailed dog record belongs to one of this breed. However, the dog size makes it possible for them to have longer tails compared to other dog breeds. An Irish Wolfhound has long fur and symmetric body which makes him more attractive.

This breed is silent and has traits of a hunting dog. They might be protective of their family but lack of an aggressive approach. Their friendly nature makes them more of a companion dog than a guard dog.

He will get along the family really well especially kids, he will be gently as far as possible. However, his playful nature might be unsafe for young kids. Supervision is always mandatory.

#14. Weimaraner

ghost dog breeds
  • Origin: Germany
  • Nature/Trait: Energetic, Stubborn, Protective
  • Aggressive: Intimidating
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 12 years
  • Special Care Tips: Train and inculcate discipline in them

This breed has names which describe their personalities more i.e. Grey Ghosts, Silver Ghosts. Weimaraner pups will have a pair of bright blue eyes which change its color to blue-green or grey gradually in adulthood. Apart from that, Grey Ghosts will have a muscular and robust body allows them to be active all day.

Silver Ghost dog breed will have a stubborn nature making his training tricky. The trainer needs to consistently train them for a longer period until they become mannered. However, he will like small rewards during the process making the process somewhat effective.

Owning a Weimaraner can a difficult job to perform especially if you are a first-timer and never have owned a dog before.

#15. Boxer

best dog breed for kids
  • Origin: Germany
  • Nature/Trait: Alert, Loyal, Affectionate
  • Aggressive: Very(only for strangers)
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 12 years
  • Special Care Tips: He cannot tolerate extreme cold and heat

Originally this breed had more use during hunting seasons compared to now as people use them as a watchdog. Moreover, highly intelligent and trained dog makes it into the police and military services.

A Boxer will easily accept the family as his own and protect them with all his strength. He will control his active movements around the young kids, he also loves them as much as we do. His intelligence and sensitivity lead to this kind of behavior.

He is an outstanding watchdog because of his protective nature. A Box will chase them or at least attack an intruder try to encroach his territory. And will not accept other animals and strangers instantly.

You will have train him vigorously with mild commanding tone such that he gets accustomed to more people and becomes disciplined.

#16. Bloodhound

best dog breed for children
  • Origin: France
  • Nature/Trait: Obedient, Affectionate, Friendly
  • Aggressive: Hardly
  • Life Expectancy: 12 to 15 years
  • Special Care Tips: Groom him perfectly, Be around him most of the times

This breed became famous after people knew the best cartoon character of Disney series named Goofy was human-like dog Bloodhound. Bloodhound’s face is very identical and attractive.

A Bloodhound has a keen sense of smell and proves to be one the best sniffer dog breed amongst many others. Also, the apparent breed has found its place police and military forces as service dog breeds and perform man trailing tasks.

You might not adapt to this dog’s active behavior and almost hate him for having a typical smell due to drooling and from his coat. The apparent dog will require constant companionship and an open area all the time. It is considerable if you plan to keep him indoors major part of the day and take him for long exploration walk every day.

#17. Bernese Mountain Dog

berner dog breed
  • Origin: Switzerland
  • Nature/Trait: Hard Worker, Loyal, Affectionate
  • Aggressive: Hardly
  • Life Expectancy: 5 to 8 years
  • Special Care Tips: Do not let him be on his own – he loves human company

Berner is the short name for this breed. In earlier days, farmers and herder took the assistance of this breed.

A Bernese Mountain Dog is very energetic and robust such he will carry loaded carts from a place to other. Even people used them for dragging their lorry. But due advancements in their transportation system, many people didn’t prefer a Berner after that.

He will become a family member instantly and will love to be a part in every event happening inside the house. They love open yards and going out but will not love if you leave them outside in the yard all by their own.

#18. Alaskan Malamute

closest dog breed to wolf
  • Origin: USA
  • Nature/Trait: Friendly, Playful, Independent
  • Aggressive: Hardly
  • Life Expectancy: 12 to 15 years
  • Special Care tips: Provide him with an open space to run and play

Originating from the American land itself, an Alaskan Malamute is a perfect bit of companion, service dog you will get. He looks similar to a wolf, even many times this dog plays the character of a wolf in movies.

Moreover, this dog has immense power and willful nature which can bother some parents if not trained properly. However, the previous part is more interesting, people make this breed to slide their sleds.

Also, an Alaskan Malamute has hunting instincts which will make him chase behind the small animals sometimes. Furthermore, he will assist you during a hunt in snowy regions.

#19. Akita

yellow dog breed
  • Origin: Japan
  • Nature/Trait: Protective, Affectionate, Witty
  • Aggressive: Intimidating to Aggressive(depending on the situation)
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 12 years
  • Special Care Tips: Accompany him most of the time, train him at an early age

This one is a cutesy huge Japanese dog who love getting around his people more often, even talk to them rarely. He has an enormous fur which he sheds profusely.

An Akita is a companion and guard dog combined. He will follow you all the way to your bedroom and from there to the kitchen and bathroom wherever you go. Sometimes, Akita seems to communicate with the family members and to himself too.

He is a loyal and trustworthy guard dog who will conquer the intruder with all his strength. May that be an animal or a human, he will fight them all. He is intelligent and hardly tends to get along the strangers and other dog breeds really well.

#20. Afghan Hound

most expensive dog breed
  • Origin: Afghanistan
  • Nature/Trait: Independent, Intelligent, Audacious
  • Aggressive: Hardly
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 12 years
  • Special Care Tips: Allow him to groove on his own in the house until he wants your company again

Probably the most attractive and fascinating dog breed of the world. Afghan Hound in earlier days were best friends of hunting people in the deserts of Afghanistan. While in recent years this breed enjoys the lavish lifestyle and leisure.

However, this breed does not prefer all of that all the time. An Afghan Hounds were obedient during their hunting days. Because there they used their intelligence and independent thinking to hunt animals. And after long hours of hunting with their master, he would like to accompany be around his master.

This trait continues even today. Many Afghan Hound parents state that they have to leave their pet on his will to join the human pack again or chill at his own place(in the house)

So What Dog Breed Are You?

If you wonder “which will be the best dog breed for me!” Then let us educate you with some basics of how to choose a dog breed, which can be your soul animal. Many people consult a dog breed selector i.e. an expert who will select a dog breed appropriate for you.

And if you already know the term then you probably would have tried the animal planet dog selector tool. It is a dog breed selector quiz suggesting a suitable dog breed at the end depending on the answers/parameters you feed.

Generally, you need to consider a breed that can adapt to your home environment and you adapt to the dog’s affection needs.

The EndNote

Here we conclude our dog breeds chart, which included various dog breeds classified under small, medium, and large-sized categories.

Not to mention the well-known qualities some dog breeds have which you might like. Lastly, the whole dog breeds list with information about their origin, traits, and tips for special care.

Comment down to let us know if you liked this dog breeds information and also if you want us to post another detailed information about a breed specifically.

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