Chihuahua Dog Breed: Characteristics, Facts, and Names

We are going to discuss the Canine who thinks like a lion who fights like an alpha-lion. Our valued readers, we present to you the Chihuahua dog breed. It is the pooch who has all the particular treatment requirements, and the wild soul with modest… height!

Also, Chihuahua will think of themselves as superior as lions but hardly realize their size is even smaller than a duck. (Pun intended) Also, the average Chihuahua lifespan is quite longer than many other breeds i.e. 13 to 15 years.

Yes, we have described the breed who has a Guinness World Record for being the smallest dog. Additionally, a perfect lap dog that will is even cuter than the baby squirrel. The apparent pooch breed is very popular for its small size. In fact, pet parents take their Chihuahuas at work keep them in small crates or shoulder bags.

funny ugly dogs and ice age squirrel

Go through the article to find about the dog that playful, silly, jealous, strong, weak, loyal, and protective. However, a Chi is nowhere close to a physically strong character. That puts the pooch in a problematic situation if there is a stronger fighter(dog or another animal) at the other end.

chihuahua dog breed overview

Group: Toy Group
Size: Small (<6 pounds)
Lifespan: 14 to 16 years
Best Suited For: Everyone
Temperament: Sensitive, Affectionate, Kid-friendly, Energetic
Exercise Needs: Medium
Drooling Potential: Low
Grooming Needs: Low
Similar Breeds: Russkiy Toy, Toy Fox Terrier, Papillon dog, Yorkshire Terrier, Pomeranian, Affenpinscher.

Chihuahua Characteristics

smallest dog breed

Chi is a renown species that most of us have seen somewhere in the movies, on the street, or as the Chihuahua Mexico or Mexican Restaurant logo. That would include the teacup Chihuahua sized slender body, eyes slightly popping out of the socket and little floppy ears.

Learn about the traits that our Chi possess on a regular basis. It will make the whole scenario clear and understanding the Fido breed becomes easy.

Chihuahua Temperament

Here we will describe the temperament of the pooches that can differ from one pooch to another. In fact, you will not find any of the traits we have stated here resembling from your Chihuahua mix.

chihuahua temperament

Starting with the anger first, angry Chihuahua mode is the code of conduct apparent breed will present towards anyone. Inside their heads, they feel like the superior of all. It is a similar trait to that you will find in Pomeranian, etc. Despite being the dog lover, the apparent breed pooches annoy their parents.

Furthermore, this very characteristic sometimes drives danger towards the weak Fido. Therefore, you need to consider to lock the pooch securely that he does not get into a fight with any other creature just to get beaten. In fact, consider this point as the top priority before searching the chihuahua puppies for sale.

Apart from that, there are many other traits this breed possess that makes them one of the best dog breed. Firstly, it will be an understatement to say that they are utmost loyal to their people. Despite the pooch showing anger towards their people does not mean he will be mad at them.

Chi uses that anger to defend themselves from any unwanted cuddles/petting coming from people.

Moreover, a Chi will get into any kind of fight with a stranger or another animal upon detecting danger for you. However, there is not much they can do with their ‘toy Chihuahua’ stance.

Adding to the fact, these dogs are really great with blending with the kids. Well, they would also love to be around smaller humans. The kids-Chi bonding can go on as long as the kids do not roughhouse the pooch.

In fact, this becomes very easy for kids especially when they have lightweight Chi around them. That is the only reason the pooch can get mad or even try to attack the kid in severe situations.

The Physique of The Deer head Chihuahua

deer head chihuahua

Coming to the physical characteristics of the concurrent breed. There is the unique feature about the Chihuahua puppies i.e. Molera. In fact, this is the only breed to have such a feature during the puppyhood.

apple head chihuahua

Molera is a delicate spot in their skull over their forehead. It will stay diminish gradually when they start growing. However, that spot will not vanish during all their age. Having said that, they have a huge brain compared to the body size. Also, that their head resembles that of the deer, and people often them apple head Chihuahua species for these two reasons.

Furthermore, their bodies are very small that their organ arrangement also differs from that of the large breed dogs. Along with the interior organs, their exterior body parts i.e. feet, tail, etc. have miniature size.

Facts About Chi

You will see some of the facts about the Chi pooches that most of the pet parents hardly know about. Go through this section to learn about the fun facts about the Chi pooches.

Types of Chihuahua

long hair chihuahua

Many people put their knowledge in a discussion related to Chi topics, especially about their types.

To break the bubble or the myth, there are only two types of Chi pooches that you will ever find.

And, American Kennel Club(AKC) that classification also recognizes it the same way. The classification is based on coat-types Chi pooches have.

Adding to the fact, the first one out of two is the long-haired Chihuahua. And another one is with minimum fur i.e. hairless Chihuahua(unofficial name).

The Chihuahua is Named After a City in Which Country?

People of Mexico have named the apparent dog breed as ‘Chihuahua’. Because this breed had originated in the city called Chihuahua in Mexico.

Adding to the fact, a local cheese brand from that region earns the nickname as ‘Chihuahua Cheese’ because of the similar reason. (in fact, there is no association of dog with the brand)

Smallest Dog in the World

We all know that the apparent breed has the Guinness World record to its name for the ‘Smallest Dog in the World’ title. But there is also more to it, Chihuahua is the sole winner of the other two titles i.e. ‘Shortest dog(vertically)’ and the ‘Smallest dog(horizontally)’.

Clannish Tendency

Clannish is a term described for a creature if they like the company of the similar breeds more than from other breed ones.

Thus, a Chi will get along with another Chi in a jiffy but will hardly blend with any other pooch species.

‘Teacup Chihuahua’ is a Marketing Technique!

You might have come across the term ‘Teacup Chihuahua’ on the Chihuahua meme or other posters. However, it just a marketing tactic many brands or breeders use. Teacup might describe the small size of pooch but not about the Chi in specific.

Names for Chihuahua

If you are planning to get a pet Chi or name him/her then you can follow this list of unique names that suits your puppy.

Firstly, go through the Chihuahua names that you find suitable for your pooch:

  • Coco
  • Tinkerbell
  • Tito
  • Boo Boo
  • Sisilla

Also, see the names from Mexican origin for the male Chi:

  • Juan
  • Pedro
  • Carlos
  • Jorge
  • Raúl

Finally, look at the female pooch(Chi) names from the Mexican origin

  • María
  • Margarita
  • Rosa
  • Silvia
  • Valentina

The EndNote

Here, folks, we conclude our article and hope that you found the apple head pooch likable. Not to mention that, take care of Chi’s head because the Molera can instantly impact the brain upon a hard tap/slap. Also, feel free to reach us in order to know something in specific about the pooch species.