Greyhound Dog Breed: Characteristics, Facts, and Names

Greyhound Breed is larger than life personality that will not only adapt in your cozy apartment but also they never whine like other dogs. This dog breed has kept many people surprising for the fact that the fastest dog species is actually calm all the time!

This pooch breed has aerodynamical bodies which make run fast like a supersonic vehicle.

Greyhound Dog Breed Overview

Keep reading about this dog breed who has entertained millions of dog race fans, satisfied many fitness freak masters, played with babies carefully, and broken some food plates left on the tabletop accidentally.fastest dog breed

Group: Hound
Size: Large
Lifespan: 10 to 13 Years
Best Suited For: Everyone
Temperament: Noble, Calm, Independent
Exercise Needs: Moderate to High
Drooling Potential: High
Grooming Needs: Low to Moderate
Similar Breeds: Saluki, Whippet, Sloughi, Italian-Greyhound

1. Basic Features

fast dog facts

Greyhound is, of course, the pooch belongs from the hound family of dogs. It is the fastest dog in the world which can run as fast as 40 to 45 mph. In fact, a Grey-hound is the second fastest animal on Earth.

the Greyhound has a pencil-sharp skull that complements its aerodynamic body.

This is a medium-sized pooch that will stand on four legs to reach your waist-line. In fact, can lick your face even if you stand 6 feet 3 inches tall. Also, they have a long tail that subtly matches to the S-shaped double arched back.

Further, they have strong bonds with their human family. Due to their sensitive nature, they can abruptly respond upon finding tensed atmosphere. Also, they get stressed if you neglect them for a little longer.

2. Greyhound Origin

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Greyhound is an ancient breed that has never lost the charm since its discovery. We can find roots from 5000 ago in the Middle Eastern and Northern Africa region. Also, the Egyptians used this breed out of sheer fascination and royal outlook.

Not to mention the portrayal of this only dog species in the Holy Bible.

In fact, not only the Egyptians had praised this breed via the stone arts but also the Greeks and Roman poets spoke of them.

The European and Egyptian rulers of that era often engaged their dogs in an open field hunting game. It was the mainstream animal hunting sports during those periods.

Finally, Grey found its way to America in mid-80’s. However, it took almost a decade for this breed to attain the popularity. However, Grey-hound race community flourished as soon as the American Kennel Club had noted it.

3. The Personality of Greyhound

Greyhound is an athletic dog who excels in intelligence, calmness, and companionship. By the way, the Greyhounds experiences discomfort with strangers until they sense it is safe for you.

The Greyhounds have a commendable independent behavior that keeps them full of life even when you are not around.

These pooches love to chase any animal smaller than them i.e. cats, squirrels, etc. Although these pooches are athletic, have high chasing tendency they are highly trainable, obedient, and calm. Despite their large size, enormous energy levels they adapt to small apartments really well and do well on everyday short walks.

4. Greyhound Behaviour

The dog experts, vets, and many dog lovers call them a Noble dog breed. There are only a few breeds who have earned this label i.e. Great-Dane, Saint-Bernard, Grey-hound, Bloodhound, etc.

However, these pooches require companionship throughout the day. In fact, these dogs can experience extreme stress when their master neglect them for a long.

Apart from that, Greyhound understands human emotions pretty well.

In fact, these pooches can sometimes adapt their behavior from playful to subtle silent of they detect a toddler whining. Yes, Greyhounds are a baby-friendly breed and filled with baby-like emotions too.

5. Exercise Requirements

italian greyhound

A Greyhound has an athletic body which is capable of reaching the speed you can hardly cope up with a bicycle. However, these dogs do fine even on a small walk around your block daily. Additionally, this pooches can utilize most of your apartment’s space for their frequent strolls(inside the house).

6. Diet Needs

When we talk about an athletic dog breed, it shall consider a high protein and healthy fats as the diet. That too, when we have to consider a diet for our fastest running dog then protein, little carbs, and healthy fats for more calories are important.

7. Trainability

The Greyhound will score ten on ten when we talk about the trainability. Because they appear more like an obedient breed by choice than the ones who seek appreciation. However, they like the reward treats. Additionally, they often like accompanying their master even if it is on their bed for a night’s sleep.

8. Common Health Problems

Greyhounds are rather a tough and healthy dog breed than most of the others. However, this dog breed has some of the health issues noted in common. Speaking of which, the Gastric Torsion(Bloat) is one of those problems that some Greyhounds suffer.

Gastric Torsion is a common problem not only to Greyhounds but also all the huge-chested dogs.

Apart from that, Greyhounds are susceptible to Hypothyroidism. It leads the secretion of hormone from the thyroid glands. You can observe the symptoms i.e. over-weight, lethargy, dull eyes, irregular heat patterns, and panting.

In addition to that, there are rare chances for Greyhounds to acquire Osteosarcoma i.e. bone-cancer.

9. Who Should Adopt a Greyhound?

Greyhounds will adapt to everything around you as long as they have a company. More importantly, you shall consider the Greyhounds’ compatibility more than yours.

Greyhound is a dog breed who immediately befriends the whole family especially the kids.

Apart from that, this pooch can be a bit difficult to handle if you are single or live alone, going for multiple dogs is advisable then. Moreover, people who like to jog or go for a bicycle ride then Grey-hound will be perfect for you(you will mutually respect each other).

Never get this puppy breed if you cannot commit him a thorough company. Because unlike other dogs, a Greyhound instead of getting aggressive in lonesome situations, he will get immensely depressed.