Russian Toy Dog Breed: Characteristics, Facts, and Names

Ladies and Gentlemen, dog lovers or even pet parents of any kind animal, here we present the Chihuahua look-alike dog breed! In fact, this one will not be as annoying as the Chi pooches are. We are talking about the ‘Russian Toy’ who is one of the smallest dog breeds i.e. close to Chihuahua. These furballs are little lap creatures, playful souls, stubborn gut, and they are good at gaining attention.

You will learn about the tiny pooches who live life the king size kind of attitude. It is one of the best things about them will make you want them as your pet.

Russian Toy Dog Breed Overview

Russian Toy Dog Breed Overview

Group: Toy Group
Size: Small (3 – 6 pounds)
Lifespan: 10 to 15 years
Best Suited For: Everyone
Temperament: Loyal, Charming, Affectionate, Smart
Exercise Needs: Moderate
Drooling Potential: Low
Grooming Needs: Low to Moderate
Similar Breeds: Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier, Toy Fox Terrier, Papillon dog, Affenpinscher.

Russian Toy Characteristics

As we said, the concurrent dog species is a complete Chihuahua look-alike. In fact, there is not much of a difference between the sizes of these two pooch breeds. Moreover, it confuses many dog people to recognize the Russian Toy from the Chihuahua breeds or vice versa.

one of the smallest dog breeds

There are two factors contributing to the overall characteristics of the Russian Toy i.e. temperament, and Physical features. You shall find both of these factors in the section below in the same order. Also, try to learn about the Chihuahua temperament see for yourself that these two species have a lot in common.

Temperament of Russian Toy

Russian Toy is a friend of friends and sometimes uses you as their couch, because they are lap dogs!

In fact, if someone could rate a dog breed on the scale of 0 to 10 for severity of being a lap dog then the Russian Toy would be in a leading spot.

Apart from that, the Russkiy Toys are very popular for their playful and energetic traits. They would keep playing with a few toys for the whole if you throw a play at them. Although they have a fragile body they can exercise more than the most of the small-sized pooches.

Adding to the fact, most of the Russkiy pooches love to go for long or hectic walks. However, you shall take care of their little necks and use a harness instead of a collar. Because the stubborn nature and limited sniffing sense will encourage them to follow a scent even if you restrict his motion by pulling the leash.

In fact, when you pull the leash while the Russkiy has a collar, it directly impacts the skull and facial organs. Even the situation could worsen during the severe impacts from the collar that eyes could pop out from the socket. It is not a new learning for most of the pet parents that using a collar can directly affect the neck and facial organs.

Coming to the funny part of the Russkiy breed, these pooches are clowns for no reason at all. They are pretty great at gaining attention from the people around them. In fact, they will urge you to pay attention(pawing at you, whining) to them if you decide not to for some instance.

Further, only for that reason, the pooches will follow most of your commands i.e. for pleasing you. On the contrary, they have some problem with accepting a majority of commands. There the terrier personality plays its role. Therefore, training the Russian Toy can be a lot of patience, and perseverance.

Physical Characteristics

To start with the physical characteristics of the Russian Toy, we will say they are tiny, toy-like pooches. If you are five feet six inches tall then four Russkiy pooches can sleep on your lap. Not to mention that they will use your lap more than their own dog bed.

Russian terrier toy will stand just an inch taller than regular cats. Otherwise, they can measure in between 7 to 10 inches tall and about 15 to 20 inches in length.

Moreover, the Russkiy will get along with your family in a jiffy but will hang around with you(favorite-ones) more often. However, these pooches have a hard time coping with the small kids in the house. There are two reasons that these pooches will hate kids.

First one being, they see the kids as their rivals because kids steal all the attention they used to get from you. Secondly, while playing some notorious kids will roughhouse the pooch because of its lightweight.

types of russian toy dogs

Apart from that, there are a total of two types of Russkiy pooches. And their classification in done on the basis of their coats. You will observe the Russkiy pooches to have either a smooth coat with short hair or a dense thick coat.

Even both these types of pooches can have slightly differing temperaments or traits. However, both will not leave your lap till you stand up forcefully. Furthermore, the long-haired Russian Toy coaches have distinct and irregular fur growth. There will be a dense fur on their hind legs, lower body, chest, ears, and tail.

Facts About Russkiy

Coming to the interesting facts about the Russian Toy pooches, apart from the fact that they are clowns! (Pun intended)

American Kennel Club(AKC) Took Long to Approve the Russian Toy Pooches

Russkiy pooches had a label namely ‘Miscellaneous Class’ that people will observe to be effective after June 2018. Apart from that, AKC validated Russkiy pooches to compete in companion competitions from 2010. In fact, AKC recognized the pooch breed as an individual in 2008.

Short Haired Russian Toy is Different From Long Haired Ones

There is a notable difference between the temperament or traits of both types of Russkiy pooches. The ones with long-haired will be calm towards all the family members and kids-friendly. On the other hand, the short-haired Russian Toy will be more aggressive towards all the strangers and find difficult to get along with kids.

Russian Aristocrats Used to Pet Russian Terrier Toy Dogs

During the late 18th and earlier 19th Century, the Russian Aristocrats dominantly owned the Russian Toy pooches. Owning a Russkiy was very popular amongst the bureaucracy too during those times.

Names for a Russian Toy

If you are planning to get one from the Russian Toy puppy sale or already got one apparently then you shall consider these names.

You can go through the names suitable for a male Russkiy:

  • Buddy
  • Tucker
  • Mr. Lo/Low
  • Oliver
  • Choco

And, here are the names suitable for the female Russkiy pooches:

  • Sisilla
  • Angela
  • Elf
  • Lola
  • Penny

The EndNote

Here, folks, we conclude our article on the Russian Toy Fido breed. We hope, now you have a different and a better picture of Russkiy after reading this article. Also, feel free to comment your query to us, we will be happy to address your doubts.