Dogo Argentino Dog Breed: Characteristics, Diet, Training, Facts, and Names

The Dogo Argentino is a powerful and protective breed. He is athletic and is known to be a hunter. Also known as the Argentine Dogo or the Argentinian Mastiff, these dogs are known for their loyalty. Generally identified as hunting dogs, they have strong hunting extinct. They are big-time hunters and are also used to hunt wild boars and other animals. These dogs have a territorial nature as well.

Dogo Argentino Dog Breed Overview

dogo argentino dog breed overview

Group: Miscellaneous
Size: Extra Large (80-100 pounds)
Lifespan: 10-12 years
Best Suited For: Families
Temperament: Affectionate, Friendly, Protective
Exercise Needs: High
Drooling Potential: Moderate
Grooming Needs: Low
Similar Breeds: Cane Corse, Rottweiler, American Bulldog

1. Basic Features

The Argentine Dog is a large dog. He is well-muscled and is powerful. They have a wide chest which is deep set. Their head is massive and round. They have a black nose and dark brown eyes which are set well apart. The ears of a Dogo Argentino are cropped and set high. They have a thick white glossy coat. Some dogs may also have a black spot on their head which is known as the Pirata. However, this mark may not be accepted in all clubs.

The Dogo Argentinos are also used for police work, search and rescue, military work and also as service dogs.

If trained properly, they also make great watchdogs as well as family companions.

2. Dogo Argentino Origin

The Dogo Argentino was originated in 1928 by Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez. As the name itself suggests the dog was developed in Argentina. This dog was created to be a good hunter and a guardian. The dog was developed with the intention to create a dog who was a loyal pet as well as a great hunter.

Several breeds were crossed to achieve this perfect dog. Some of them are the Great Pyrenees, Irish Wolfhound, Pointer, Great Dane, Boxer, Bull Terrier, and the Spanish mastiff to name a few. However, soon after people started using this dog for dog fighting because of its strength, stamina, and fearlessness.

3. The Personality of Dogo Argentino

The Dogo Argentino is said to have a dual personality. On one side he loves his family and is a loving protector. However, on the other hand, he is fierce and a powerful hunter who is capable of taking on a wild boar too.

Dogos are vigorous dogs and can get rowdy especially at a young age.

It is important that you keep with busy with enough exercises which keep him mentally stimulated.

However, the dog will not get aggressive without a reason. Dogo Argentino is a gentle dog on the inside. While he is with his family, the Dogo Argentino loves cuddling and staying closer to them.

4. Dogo Argentino Behavior

dogo argentino temperament

This dog is a gentle combination of gentle and fierce. He is strong-willed and independent. He loves his family and is welcoming to the guests as well. However, on sensing a threat the dog will immediately spring into action. They have a strong prey drive as well. They will chase cats and other smaller animals including small dogs.

It is important for the owner to be assertive and act as a pack-leader otherwise the Dogo being independent will assume the role.

5. Exercise Requirements

The Dogo Argentinos need a lot of exercises. Daily walks and exercises are a must. Moreover, indoor activities and teaching the dog new techniques may also be helpful. This dog has a lot of energy and it is important that you channelize it in a positive way.

Outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, and other sports are a great outlet of this energy. Along with this physical exercise, mental stimulation is also important. Therefore, mental stimulation like games and puzzles would help them avoid boredom and anxiety which could lead to destructive behavior.

6. Diet Needs

dogo argentino basic features

It is important to give a Dogo Argentino a proper diet in order to maintain it’s strength, stamina, and power. Fresh foods can be a great choice for them balanced between chicken, lamb, fish, and beef along with some chicken and vegetables. Dry or canned foods are one great option too. These diets are balanced and will provide your dog with all the required nutrients.

7. Trainability

The Dogo is an intelligent breed and responds well to training. Positive reinforcement techniques should be used. The Dogo Argentino may not respond very well to a punishment based training.

Basic obedience and socialization should be started at an early age. Basic training should start as soon as you get him home. As this will ensure an all rounded growth of your dog.

8. Common Health Problems

dogo argentino and her pup

There have been a few health problems commonly seen in the Dogo Argentino. Hypothyroidism, deafness, glaucoma, laryngeal paralysis and hip dysplasia are some common problems seen.

About 10% of the total population of the Dogo Argentinos are deaf in one or both ears. This is due to pigment-related deafness which is mostly found in white colored dogs. Studies have also found out that over 40% of Argentine Dogos have malformed hips which can cause lameness.

Skin diseases are also very common in the Dogos. They can get chronic allergies easily hat can even cause various bacterial infections. These dogs are also at risk of bloat like all deep-chested breeds.

9. Who Should Adopt a Dogo Argentino?

These dogs love their families and are good with children too. However, strangers including children may not be very welcomed.

Also, they have a strong prey drive which does not make them very suitable for families with other smaller pets.

A house with a yard is preferred. However, they generally do well in apartments as well as long as their need for exercise is met.

Lastly, Families who are looking for a pet who is fierce, protective and loving at the same time should definitely adopt a Dogo Argentino.

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