NomNomNow Dog Food Review of 2023 [Unbiased]

This is Mark’s personal experience and unbiased review of NomNomNow dog food.

Nobody ever wants to compromise with the dog’s health. And I’m no different. I have four dachshunds – Max, Rudolf, Jack, and Buddy. They are all hyperactive and very affectionate. However, they are very choosy eaters. It soon began showing on their health.

Too much running and chasing without sufficient nutritious food was taking a toll on their health. They were losing weight with each passing day and my attempts to get them interested in their food were not bearing results.

I tried changing dog food brands in the hope that it would improve the situation but even with all the changes in the dog food, the needle on the weighing scale remained untroubled.

However, while I was in the midst of checking out different dog food brands, I came across an advertisement for NomNomNow Dog Food on Facebook.

Fortunately, I still had the conviction of trying out one more dog food brand and placed an order. The change that overcame the dogs was just spectacular. They were lapping up their food with gusto and within the first month, they had started gaining tangible weight.

NomNomNow Fresh Dog Food Delivery Service Review

That has made me research and review NomNomNow Dog Food for our loyal readers.


NomNomNow Dog Food Review: Personalized and Custom

Firstly, I shall share my experience of ordering and then we will discuss the food quality and its value for money.

How they personalize food for your dog?

Before I decided to order NomNomNow dog food online, I decided to check their availability on Amazon and Chewy. However, NomNomNow is not available on any e-tailing websites except their own.

After logging on to their website, while setting up my initial account, NomNomNow let me enter my dogs’ height, weight, age, and health goals to gauge portion sizes. After this was completed, the company gave me the option of a weekly, biweekly or monthly package of high-quality cooked food for my dogs.

My first order arrived with our initial food selection along with samples of the other options that they offer in case our dog liked something else, we could decide to switch. The staple options come in beef, turkey, chicken, and pork varieties, which means NomNomNow is a pioneer in offering choices.

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Recipe & Ingredients

Each NomNomNow recipe is prepared by Dr. Justin Shmalberg taking into consideration the exact quantity of nutrients dogs need. All food is made freshly to order every week at the NomNomNow facility and you can feel assured that you are not getting frozen-leftovers that are months old.

NomNomNow is confident that the fresh ingredients in its food will help to achieve the health goals of your pet and reduce the number of visits to the vet. The company offers a 30-day guarantee complete with a guide that will tell you how quickly the results will start showing and the company forecasts a shinier coat and reduced allergy symptoms by the fourth week.

At the time of writing this review, NomNomNow has 4 excellent recipes to choose from:

Heartland Beef Mash

NomNomNow Heartland Beef Mash

NomNomNow’s beef mash contains a higher concentration of fats and relatively lesser proteins compared to their other recipes (23% Proteins, 53% Fats and 19% carbohydrates). Compared to kibbles, the nutrient profile is much better.

Tasty Turkey Fare

NomNomNowTasty Turkey Fare Recipe

NomNomNow Turkey Fare is a favorite because of its high protein content and relatively lower quantity of fats (34% protein, 39% Fat, 27% Carbs). The nutrient profile is very much closer to very high-end kibble.

Chicken Chow-wow

NomNomNow Chicken Chow-wow Recipe

NomNomNow’s Chicken Chow Wow is the lowest carb offering (40% Protein, 49% Fat, 11% Carbs). A longer transition period may be needed if your dog is currently eating kibble with a high concentration of carbs.

Porkalicous Potluck

NomNomNow Porkalicous Potluck Recipe

NomNomNow Porkalicious Potluck is very much similar to Beef mash in nutrition analysis (27% Protein, 54% Fat, 20% Carbs). The major difference in this recipe is that it contains ground pork instead of the ground beef in Beef mash.

The company prepares all their foods in their own specialty kitchens, where chefs cook your dog’s food using only fresh ingredients with all the care that we might expect at a top-notch restaurant. According to the company’s website, this fresh ingredient diet may require a brief transition period as your dog’s tummy gets used to the new food. Pet parents have to just stick to their program, and results will start showing in no time.

Convenient Packaging

Since my canines were eating kibble, I wanted to transition them to a fresh food diet gradually. Luckily, NomNomNow did this for me by prepackaging smaller portions for the first week while my dogs switched from kibble to fresh food.

The best thing about feeding my dogs NomNomNow was that I just had to open the packs and pour the contents out into the bowl, without any need to measure! Those guys at NomNomNow had portioned out each bag with the perfect quantity of food for each of my dogs, keeping in mind an ideal body weight for them. I no longer needed those cups that measure kibble.

Benefits of Fresh Foods like NomNomNow

I could very well feel the following changes in my dogs after introducing them to NomNomNow fresh dog food:

  • Upbeat at meal-time (week 1)
  • Lesser excreta and greater energy (week 2)
  • Started showing considerable weight gain (week 4)
  • Shiny coat and lesser allergies (3 months)
  • Less number of vet visits (7 months)

My dogs were more energetic because fresh food is easily digestible and gets better absorbed in the body, providing more energy. They had developed a stronger immune system, as all of NomNomNow’s recipes are rich in Vit A, Vit C, and Zinc. This helped to keep my dogs healthy.

Although I was confident that I could cook meals for my dogs, I was not very confident about preparing balanced meals. Also, I needed to spare time to shop for the ingredients. Balanced meal recipes can only be prepared by professional vet nutritionists. I tried to get a recipe developed for my dogs but I was told I would be charged $500 for a recipe for each dog. That worked out to $2000 for all the four.

This is why NomNomNow dog food was a great alternative for me as I wanted to feed the dogs only the best by giving them fresh dog food. They already have a veterinary nutritionist to work out exactly what my dogs need to eat and how much. You can check out few other options like the best dry dog foods or Dr. Marty Nature’s Blend Dog Foods.

Fresh diet compared to a raw diet

The fresh diet from NomNomNow is cooked food and should not be confused with raw food. Cooked food enhances digestibility. Absorption of nutrients, such as carbohydrates and proteins, is better with cooked food than in the case of raw food.

Cooked food is also safer because it decreases the intake of bacterial content. Raw diets, on the other hand, utilize parts of the animal that are not necessarily classified as human-grade or restaurant quality. They can contain ground bone and organ meat. Therefore, the quantity of calcium and nutrients can vary depending on the animal it is from.

NomNomNow will never use anything that isn’t human-grade.

Does it offer value for money?

This brand is not for you if you are looking for something that is going to save money. The kibble bag that costs $20-$30 in the store will last you for weeks, whereas NomNomNow will siphon $200-$300 out of your wallet each month.

However, what I might have saved with kibble, I may well have ended up spending more in other unexpected ways. These unexpected ways could have taken the form of more vet visits because of a low-quality diet, or non-pecuniary costs such as taking the time to portion my dogs’ meals and trips to buy dog food.

Delivery of NomNomNow Dog Food

NomNomNow’s mode of delivery is very convenient. They send me an email after the food is shipped, so I know when to expect it. Thanks to the packaging, I do not need to be home to take the delivery. My fourth order also contained some emergency meals for the dogs. That way, if there is a problem with delivery, my dogs will still be able to have their meals.

I do not like to dwell on how many times I have made a special trip to get dog food because I overestimated how much dog food was left. You can very easily count the meals you are left with NomNomNow.

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The EndNote

There are several personalized dog food companies on the market but NomNomNow stands out for offering fresh, cooked meals the recipe for which has been prepared by a vet nutritionist with a lot of experience.

Overall, NomNomNow packs human-grade ingredients and the fresh balanced meal is customized as per the needs of your canine pal. It deserves one shot from your end even if you are not looking to switch over your canine companion from a raw diet.

If you are one of those who have already tried out NomNomNow, please let us know your opinion about it in the comments section below.

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