25 Best Grain Free Dog Food of 2023 – Buyers’ Guide

Grains are a complex form of carbs which are difficult to digest for the animals like canines. Furthermore, dogs are prone to develop skin irritation or flare-ups due to grains. In that case, grain free dog food proves to be the best for the allergens.

No-grain diet helps the dogs in many ways i.e. easy digestion, no side effects, settling the food allergy, eliminating complex carbs from the diet, etc.

All the animals have an incredible metabolism as compared to the humans as they engage in more physical activities. Genetics of respective animals allow them a definite mobility in the environment and flexibility in a diet.

The dog is one of the animals that has been dwelling with humans as a domestic animal for a long time now. Thus, they are very well accustomed to the food that humans feed them. Either it can be human food having grains or the packed dog food having grains. Grains are now a primary ingredient in the diet of many dogs.


Best Grain Free Dog Foods – At Glance

These are our top choices for the best grain free dog food of 2023

Best Overall: Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Formula

TOTW holds the top position in our grain free dog food ratings because of its quality of ingredients and economical price. It is a blend of multiple types of meat in a single product that dog loves.

Best Budget: Diamond Naturals Grain Free Real Meat Recipe

Meat protein in the recipe is a quality inclusion and the canola oil has many benefits in cardiovascular functioning. This brand leads the competition when it comes to the economic price tagging.

Best For Puppies: Nature’s Variety Instinct Grain Free Dry Food

This brand delivers novel meat ingredients along with maintaining the taste which is loved by most of the pets.

Best Natural: Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food

They use several exotic meat protein ingredients which develops soothing taste. This brand creates a blend of meat protein which is too good for their rivals to prepare.

Editor's Picks
1. Taste of the Wild – High Prairie Canine FormulaTop Dry Dog Food
2. Diamond Naturals Grain Free Dog Food Real Meat RecipeBudget Buy Dry Dog Food
3. Nature’s Variety Instinct Original Grain Free Dog Food Natural Dry RecipeDry Dog Food With Premium Ingredients
4. Merrick Dry Grain Free Dog FoodNatural and Healthy Dry Dog Food

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What is the Best Grain Free Dog Food?

A grain free dog food is generally required for the allergen or the pooches with sensitivities. It is not specific of which qualities are ideal for any no grain dog food, but some key qualities you should verify while buying the dog’s meal.

  • Nutritional importance
  • Suitable for certain diseases
  • Appropriate for different life stages
  • Fido’s preferences
  • Cost

A product comprising an optimum combination of all these factors is valid and counts as no grain free dog food.

Is Grain Free Dog Food Better for Dogs?

Grain free diet suits well to the allergen dogs who suffer from side effects or flare-ups due to consuming grains. In that case, YES grain free dog food is better for the dogs.

A diet meal having grains or not makes no difference to the dogs with a healthy metabolism and no allergy to grains. In addition, grains are a good source of fibers in the meal.

Not only grains deliver carbs in abundance to the consumer but also supports metabolism rate. Animals even having canine can stay healthy on a grain free diet, but meat canines like meat without grains because they are naturally meat eaters anyway.

Some of the grains contain gluten, which is a form of complex protein creating uneasiness in many dogs. Due to the presence of gluten in the diet dog tend to develop sensitivities towards grains.

Furthermore, pooches stay healthy on a gluten-free diet. Gluten is present in some of the grains, thus when a pack having grain free dog food tagline does not necessarily mean it is gluten-free. Rather, grains are the source of gluten thus when a pack having a tagline gluten-free means that the meal is grain free as well.

Advantages of Grain Free Dog Food

Firstly, grains in the food does affect the dog’s health having a grain allergy. But grain free recipe certainly maintains the health of a dog for a longer period of time than the grain contented diet.

In the grain free recipe, the meat ingredient takes the substantial places in the ingredient table. Meat protein have enough energy release on digestion as well as the fatty acids in them helps in easy digestion.

On the other hand, grains consist of carbohydrates which are difficult to digest when a certain amount of fatty acids are absent from the meal.

Grain free meals taste good because grains contribute to the meal with an acute taste.

Best No Grain Dog Food Review of 2023

We have covered the reviews of the ten shortlisted grain free dog food products. Each of the products has something unique to offer and some products offer a little less than others. Look at the pros and cons of the products, which will help you understand the product completely.

1. Taste of the Wild – High Prairie Canine Formula

Taste of the Wild - High Prairie Canine Formula


The name of the brand says it all, its products are comprised of utmost quality meat inclusions. TOTW sources its raw ingredients from nearby facilities and exclusive cultivators outside the USA. This company delivers a fine blend of raw content in the meal which many brands are incapable to do so.

  • Pet parents prefer this brand because of its raw inclusions in the pack.
  • Makers use a wide variety and novel meat.
  • Makers use an immense amount of fibers in their meals which helps in metabolism.
  • This brand is economic as compared to the premium brands delivering similar quality meals.
  • Taste of the Wild has had one recall in 2012 due to contamination, and the possibility of salmonella outburst.
  • Packets sold from late 2017 until early 2018 had some common complaints from pet parents of their pooches vomiting and suffering from diarrhea.
  • In rare cases, does not suit senior dogs who are older than 8 years.


This dog meal company tops our list competing against all other brands because it delivers every recipe free of grains. This brand believes in the theory that canines are natural meat eaters and shall eat meat and avoid grains! This dog meal has enough fiber content along with the fatty acids which help in digestion. Not to mention, the quality blend of meats used in one single recipe is commendable.

Don’t choose this product if your dog is facing some stomach ailments or weak metabolism. In that situation, your fur-buddy can suffer further digestive problems.

2. Canidae – Pure Dry Grain Free Dog Food

Canidae - Pure Dry Grain Free Dog Food


No grain formula of Canidae is appreciable as they utilize various meat in dominating proportions. There are meat ingredients in the top 8 positions of the ingredient table. Furthermore, there are many generous vitamin and mineral supplement inclusions in the list.

Sweet potato and chickpeas also share the top 8 position with the meat ingredients. Canidae is a bit pricey when compared to its rivals from this article; nevertheless, its quality ingredient and recipe is worth paying for.

  • Canidae uses human grade ingredient in the meals. Which makes it quite familiar to the per masters.
  • This brand is worth paying for.
  • High-quality meat protein addition is a plus point.
  • While the calorie content shows some substantial amount of calories in the animal’s diet.
  • Provides sufficient nutrients to active dog breeds or the active dogs.
  • Variety of products suit allergens, active breeds, seniors, pups, etc
  • Canidae recalled its dry dog food products stating possibilities of stock being contaminated with salmonella in 2012.
  • The recall was limited to dry foods.
  • There are common complaints regarding the packing done by Diamond brand. A couple of buyers found plastic sprinkles when they opened the pack.
  • Many dogs faced digestion issues when introduced to this brand


Canidae is suitable for the active dog breeds or the active dogs. High protein content is delivered along with the healthy fats in the diet. Thus, athletic pooches will benefit from this brand.

If your dog already suffers from digestion issues from any other dog food brands, then don’t try this brand. Let your little champion settle with the issue first and then jump to Canidae.

Economic price makes this brand attractive and so does its nutrient contents. You should select this brand by diagnosing your pet’s preferences and what Canidae offers i.e. nutritional details on the pack.

3. Avoderm Natural Grain Free Dog Food

Avoderm Natural Grain Free Dog Food


This company believes in benefits of avocado to an extent that they use avocado in every product. Avocado is a good source of fatty acids and fibers, it boosts immunity of the Fido. This product consists of the beef meal and chicken fat in its top four position in the ingredient list which means a fair amount of meat is used. Beef meal is considered to be high protein source and chicken fat consists of fatty acids and protein which help in metabolism rate. Although, the protein content in the pack seems to be below average which suits the less active dogs. Nevertheless, this recipe suits the pooches with digestive ailments.

Tomato pomace inclusion in the formula adds a good amount of healthy acids and fibers. A generous amount of vitamin supplements addition in the formula makes this product worth buying. This company produces everything in its facility and gets its ingredients from nearby cultivators. Thus freshness of ingredient remains intact.

  • Consists avocado which is considered to be a superfood. It is filled with fatty acids and fibers.
  • Many buyers are satisfied with the results.
  • Fruits inclusion is commendable.
  • Perfectly suits the dogs with less physical activities or having low protein requirements.
  • Makers never recalled their grain free dog food products.
  • Maintain a healthy and shiny coat and skin texture as well.
  • Many dogs are prone to developing irritation from avocado consumption.
  • Contains high carbs which can be difficult to digest.
  • Beef in this product can cause allergic side effects to some allergen dogs.
  • The company recalled grain contented product once in 2012, for possibilities of salmonella contamination.


This dog food is amongst the brands with good natural ingredient inclusion in its meals. This product comprises a below average amount of protein and high amount of carbs which makes it difficult for digestion. This product is not so cheap grain free dog food on the market when compared to most in the top rated list.

Suitable for the dogs not involved in physical activities throughout the day. Puppies stay healthy on this food even when their protein requirement is higher than adults. Carbs addition in the meals helps in metabolism up to a certain limit.

Don’t purchase this no grain dog food if your pooch is not an allergen, instead go for other product under the same brand.

4. Merrick Dry Grain Free Dog Food

Merrick Dry Grain Free Dog Food


This is one of the most preferred American dog food brand which instills its faith in the buyers with its natural and organic pet food. Looking at the product i.e. grain free dog food, it comprises of the beef as its major ingredient which requires immense care to keep it free from contamination.

But Merrick takes utmost care in maintaining the hygiene level while preparing and packing its products at its facility. There is lamb meal which is threefold nutritious than the lamb meat protein itself. Pork fat as an ingredient adds a soothing taste to the meal as well as contains fatty acids which helps the heart and maintaining metabolism rate.

Salmon fish is at a lower position in the ingredient list which indicates its lower proportion in the whole meal. Although a small amount of salmon will add significant protein, fatty acids and adds flavor to a meal.

A generous amount of quality fruits are included in the recipe which benefits the skin texture and digestion. Makers use sweet potato which is easy to digest and has a good taste.

Furthermore, there is a substantial amount of fiber source inclusion in the meal which contributes to healthy digestion and easy bowel movements. There are many vitamin and mineral sources added to the recipe along with the supplements.

  • The brand has never recalled any of its grain free dog food.
  • Makers use quality protein.
  • Various meat additions to the meal is a plus which provides great taste and nutrition.
  • Usage of fruits is commendable, fruits help in digestion and maintain skin texture.
  • Merrick delivers numerous variety focusing on multiple needs of various dogs.
  • Makers source the ingredients from nearby cultivators, the freshness of ingredients remain intact.
  • Merrick recalled the treats product line between 2010 to 2011 four times and two times expanded the recall number immediately.
  • Carbohydrate content exceeds the protein proportion in the meal, which might develop digestion ailments.


Merrick grain free dog food is a commendable dog food product. Makers tend to strictly follow the hygiene standards levied by FDA. Meat protein in the meal is up to the mark that brand promises. If your dog is a picky eater, then this product will suit him better as the blend of meat with other ingredient has a soothing taste.

This product might not suit the active senior dogs or the large breed dogs who require more protein in their diet. Nevertheless, this product suits the pooches who don’t regularly engage in physical activities and have sensitive digestive tract.

5. Nature’s Variety Instinct Original Grain Free Dog Food Natural Dry Recipe

Nature's Variety Instinct Original Grain Free Dog Food Natural Dry Recipe


Instinct pet food is a subsidiary of Nature’s Variety pet food company which is a renown brand. This is a product line which produces no grain recipes. Furthermore, they do not use soy, corn, wheat or preservatives because that tends to develop intolerance in the animals.

Dogs allergen to those ingredients immediately shows flare-ups or irritation. The fish meat protein proves to be the best lean protein. Further, top three position in the ingredient list consists of fish meat protein.

Salmon oil is at a lower position in the ingredient list but has a nutritional importance to the meal. Salmon oil contributes to cardiovascular activities, maintaining a shiny coat, and active digestion.

Makers have used an utmost amount of vitamins and mineral supplements which helps in increasing the nutritional value of the meal. The inclusion of fruits is commendable as well as the carrot, peas have high fiber content which helps in digestion and easy bowel movement.

  • Firstly, the salmon recipe provides rich lean protein to the consumer.
  • Secondly, top four ingredients in the list are fish protein or fish meal protein.
  • Instinct Original’s never recalled its salmon recipe.
  • A high amount of protein and fats make this formula nutritionally rich.
  • A low proportion of carbs means easy digestion for active and not so active dogs.
  • This brand has had recalls of its products several times. Nevertheless, not this product line in particular.
  • Pea is a below average protein addition.


Instinct is a high protein and fats recipe which contributes to maintaining immense energy and nutrients value in the meal. Active dogs, puppies with more protein requirements can stay fit on this diet. Furthermore, as it contains a high amount of fats which supply energy to the consumer makes it suitable for the athlete dogs.

Don’t feed this to the dog not committing to any physical activity through the day. Be careful while feeding this to a senior dog or to the one having sensitivities. Many pooches love the taste as well as stay fit on this formula.

6. Diamond Naturals Grain Free Dog Food Real Meat Recipe

Diamond Naturals Grain Free Dog Food Real Meat Recipe


Naturals Grain Free dog food is one subsidiary of Diamonds pet foods which delivers the grain free dog food to the animals. This series of recipes consists of a meat protein on top of the ingredient list and canola oil in the latter spot.

Meat protein in the recipe is a quality inclusion and the canola oil has many benefits in cardiovascular functioning. Canola oil consists of fatty acids which help in maintaining heart’s health. As well as it helps in maintaining healthy and shiny coat.

Fish meal in this recipe is a good source of protein is in the second position. Pea and pea-flour are good sources of fiber and plant-based protein and carbs.

Sweet potatoes, raspberries, blueberries, tomatoes help in easy digestion, maintain the skin texture of the animal. The formula uses a low proportion of protein which will be perfect for the adult and senior pooches. Natural sources of protein i.e. chicory roots, peas help boost metabolism. A fair amount of vitamin and mineral supplements in the recipe help maintain the nutrition requirement of a dog.

  • Makers never recalled their grain free dog foods.
  • Canola oil is in the ingredient list which consists of immense fatty acids helpful for heart functioning.
  • This product line doesn’t use wheat, soy, or corn which can cause allergic side effects.
  • The formula suits the active dogs who engage in physical activities throughout the day.
  • Delivers immense lean protein which helps your pooch stay fit.
  • Makers recalled their grain contented product thrice in 2012 due to possibilities of salmonella contamination.
  • This formula has below average amount of meat protein addition.
  • High carbs present in the recipe can cause difficulty in digestion.
  • Parents have complained about loose stools and diarrhea in many cases.
  • Common complaints about skin irritation and flare-ups due to sensitivities keep coming.


The grain free dog food formula generally meant to deliver the allergen’s needs. On the other hand, this meal is not an appropriate choice for the allergen little champs. This recipe suits well to active dogs having an astonishing metabolism. Don’t shift your little buddy to this formula immediately, give enough time for transition and let your fur buddy accept the food.

This formula does not suit the animals with digestive ailments or sensitivities.

7. Blue Buffalo Freedom Dry Grain Free Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Freedom Dry Grain Free Dog Food


The freedom this one out of five product lines Blue Buffalo produces. This focuses specifically on the grain free dog food for pets who are picky eaters, as the grain add up a specific taste in the meal which can lead a dog to dislike the food.

This Blue Freedom consists of lamb as its meat protein as a major ingredient along with turkey which both are nice protein sources. Chicken meal comprises the protein which is richer than the chicken itself.

Flaxseed as an ingredient constitutes fatty acid for the meal, which is an average source of fatty acid. There is a fair amount of important vitamin and various minerals supplements addition in the food.

Potatoes are a source of carbs and even help in metabolism, carrots are rich fiber and vitamin source which again helps in digestion. Fruit inclusion is plus which creates good flavor and helps in maintaining skin texture. Blue products are dominant amongst the other brands on the list as many parents prefer this.

  • Major ingredients used are very nutritious.
  • Makers use high protein content such as Turkey, Salmon, Lamb, Duck.
  • There are no poultry by-products, which are stuffed with cholesterol and animal fats.
  • Easily digestible as it contains either potato or pumpkin as an ingredient.
  • The dedicated product is available for every life stage of the animal.
  • Fruits as an ingredient is a healthy inclusion.
  • The brand has recalled six times since 2009 out of which 5 times after 2015.
  • Products of Blue Buffalo Freedom are expensive.
  • Caramel color is used which seems to be an irrelevant addition.
  • Many masters have common complain about bloody stools just after their dogs were introduced to this dog food.
  • Dogs already having the health issues or allergies have violently reacted to the Freedom meal.


The company Blue Buffalo is renown for its high protein and novel meat inclusions in one product. Life protection formula product series focuses on the specific requirements of the pet who have allergies or sensitivities. There is a vast buyers community of Blue who trusts the brand for its quality ingredients.

This formula contains a high amount of protein which suits an active dog. Don’t feed this to your dog if he has digestive problems.

8. Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Dog Food Recipe

Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Dog Food Recipe


Merrick runs the Whole Earth pet meal company which is based in Texas, USA. Whole Earth is a brand, comprised of many novel meat recipes, yet they have an excellent record of maintaining hygiene up to the norms of FDA.

This company is renown for its natural and soothing formulae which many dogs love. They fetch their ingredients from the local cultivators and facilities which keeps the freshness of the ingredient intact. It has a fair price deal for any of its recipes, that makes it stand out from its rivals selling similar quality meals.

There is a blend of multiple types of meat, all are at the top of ingredient list which makes a complete meal. There is a usage of sweet potatoes which is a form of carbs and easy to digest. Pea consists of fibers and protein which adds up to the total protein content in the meal.

Salmon oil is at a lower position in the ingredient list which means its proportion is less in the recipe. Nevertheless, salmon oil contributes to the total nutritional benefit; it helps in digestion and cardiovascular activities and maintains a shiny coat of your fur-buddy.

  • Salmon oil is healthy for the nourishment of coat.
  • Makers have never recalled the product.
  • Decent protein, low fats and high carbs which makes this formula good for active animals.
  • Poultry ingredient in this series of products can be harmful due to contamination from an unhygienic poultry farm.
  • Some dogs don’t like the aroma of this meal and refuse to eat despite their hunger.


Whole Earth is a company which is free from any allegation of contamination. It contains an average proportion of protein and fats while having high carbs which can be harsh for the pets with digestive ailments and stomach sensitivities.

Whole Earth uses a mixture of meat protein which develops a good taste which many dogs love. On the other hand, due to a usage of various raw ingredients, the smell becomes so strong that some dogs don’t prefer this food.

9. Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain

Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain


Rachael Ray is a celeb cook running her own pet food brand by her name. Her recipe is manufactured by Ainsworth pet nutrition company. Ainsworth has established its brand name seven decades ago and they take up the manufacturing tasks of this brand.

Nutrish Zero grain is a product line under Rachael Ray which is free from grains, gluten, chicken by-product, preservatives.

This company delivers the quality ingredients with no harmful preservatives and no synthetic additions. It uses natural chicken flavor which adds to the taste that canines love. Makers add salmon meal and menhaden fish meal, it is threefold protein rich content than its meat itself.

The raw and natural content in the pack makes it healthy for a pet. Plenty of supplements are added by which complete vitamin and minerals need will be satisfied. Sweet potatoes and dried potato are next to the fish meat in the product which is a form of carbohydrates and easy for digestion.

Many animal parents loved this formula for their pet and have shifted their pets to this.

  • The recipe consists of a decent amount of protein, high carbs and a fair amount of fats. This proportion of nutrients is healthy for active dogs.
  • Rachael Ray never recalled any of its formulae.
  • This formula consists of salmon which is a healthy lean protein source.
  • Makers don’t use poultry by-products.
  • The formula is comprised of high fiber proportion.
  • This recipe contains pea protein which is a below average source of protein.
  • It costs a bit as compared to the grain contented meal.


This formula contains no grain, no poultry by-products which makes it best for the allergen Fido. Its high fiber content boosts metabolism and makes it easy for digestion. While the dogs having weak metabolism and sensitive stomach can feed on this. This brand proves to be one of the best for a small breed, senior dogs, and puppies.

Don’t feed this to the pet with digestive ailments, high carbs in this diet will make it worse.

10. Zignature Trout and Salmon Meal Formula

Zignature Trout and Salmon Meal Formula


This is the brand which might burn some holes into your pocket, while your Fido will enjoy it. Nonetheless, Zignature sources and utilizes the ingredients from nearby cultivators or facilities.

This is the producer which have never faced criticism regarding their consistency in delivering the quality product. The novelty of meat protein in the formula is commendable. Zignature doesn’t produce any of its product containing grains, which makes it suitable for this rating.

  • This has major salmon and trout blend consisting of immense fatty acids.
  • Zignature has not recalled their product once.
  • Many owners have shifted to this brand from the others and continue with it. This brand has plenty amount of protein content in it.
  • Many owners had common complaints that their furbabies were drinking more water than usual.
  • It costs a bit too high if you compare with the products.
  • As well as dogs had frequent stomach aches, an unhealthy trace of feces.
  • There are no treats available in this brand. Treats are also a form of dog food and many owners expect to buy.


Again, this is a premium product with the high budget tags. But prices like these will come along when the product is that well and good for the dog.

Zignature is one such brand which has some unique recipe formula not to mention that it has never recalled its products ever. It produces the packs free from gluten, chicken, potatoes that makes it suitable for larger pooch category.

Zignature is well suited to all the dogs falling under any life-stages. Allergens also benefit from the chicken-free, gluten-free, grain free diets. If you have more than one dog or multiple breeds at home, this brand will suffice all their nutritional needs but at the same time burn a huge hole in your pocket. Some Zignature buyers switched on to a different brand as this was getting a bit too expensive.

This brand food is expensive, no doubt about that but on the other hand, the company has consistently delivered the quality food. So, if you could afford and don’t want to compromise the quality, this is the brand you are looking for

Buyers Guide

If you are new to purchasing food for your four-legged buddy, then you need to go through this guide to completely understand the needs of your dog. Also, this guide will help you to understand the importance of various characteristics in the grain free dog food.

Best Grain Free Dog Food Brands

This review shows our 10 top-rated grain-free dog food products but considering the fact that not every dog responds the same to a similar diet. Thus, if you don’t find the above-listed dog foods good enough to match your requirement; then we suggest you refer the following top 5 dog foods brands. We have reviewed the overall best dog foods to make it easy for you to find the complete range of food for your fido.

These are the dog foods which did not make on our top 10 list because it lacked one or two qualities. That doesn’t mean those dog foods are good for nothing, those have something unique to offer which you might be looking for.

  1. Victor Dog Food Grain Free
  2. ZIWI peak NewZealand Lamb
  3. Purina Beyond Grain Free
  4. I and love and you Dog Food
  5. Acana Heritage Meats Dry Dog Food

Based on Protein & Fats

In any food recipe, makers use plenty of ingredients. Thus it becomes important to know the combinations of ingredient constituting total protein and fats.

There are many products in the market which deliver protein and fats in higher or lower proportions each. Here follows a list of a certain requirement in nutrition and ingredients.

#1 Low Protein

Protein constitutes bits of help in healing and repairing of muscles during damage and fatigue as well as it helps in delivering energy after digestion. Protein seems to be heavy substance for digestion. It takes good metabolism to utilize protein which appears natural to young pooches or the athletic dogs.

On the other hand, the dogs with limited physical activities find difficult to digest high protein food and lead to severe health problems. Thus, low protein formula is required to meet the requirement of certain pets with lower physical activities.

  1. Holistic Select Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food
  2. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Dog Food

#2 High Protein

Protein constitutes bits of help for active healing and repairing of muscles during damage and fatigue as well as it helps in delivering energy after digestion.

Puppies ranging from zero to one year of age have a tremendous metabolic rate, thus require a high protein diet. Furthermore, the athletic and performance pooches also require high protein meals to facilitate their nutritional needs.

  1. Wyong Ferret Epigen 90 
  2. Evo Grain Free Dry Dog Food

#3 Low Fats

Fats are just a form of energy for the body stored under the skin, which provides energy to the body during elongated starvation. On the other hand, fats prove to be dangerous when frequent draining is not achieved by active physical works. Low fats diet proves to be best for most of the animals having an active or lethargic lifestyle.

  1. Wellness core Naturals Grain Free
  2. Blue Freedom Grain Free Dry Dog Food

#4 Chicken Free

Poultry is prone to catch infectious diseases i.e. salmonella and bird flu in its products if hygiene is not maintained. These infected poultry products can damage the consumer’s health. Therefore, many parents prefer to feed their pets a chicken free meal.

  1. Zignature Trout and Salmon Meal Formula
  2. Nature’s Variety Instinct Original Grain Free

#5 Soy Free

Soy holds a huge amount of toxins. It can cause gastric trouble, affects protein synthesis leading to deficiency of amino acids and its utilization. Thus, if your pet shows uneasiness after consuming soy contented meal then you shall avoid the soy in his diet.

  1. Nutro Grain Free Natural Dry Dog Food
  2. ZIWI peak NewZealand Lamb

Based on Breed Size

Diet for every specific species is quite unique and hence requires perfect ingredients which provide required protein, fibers, vitamins, minerals, etc.

#1 Toy Breed

Toy breeds require a tiny amount of protein and an average amount of carbs. An immense amount of vitamins and minerals are essential to them. These are the two dog meals we like because they include ingredients which are not harsh for the little dogs.

  1. Wellness Core Small Breed
  2. Avoderm Natural Grain Free Dog Food

#2 Medium Size Breed

Pooches who grow to an average height and weight to that of most of the dogs are medium size breeds. Most of the dogs are medium size breed dogs i.e. weighing more than 20 pounds and taller than 14 inches.

  1. Avoderm Grain Free Natural Dog Food.
  2. Zignature Turkey Dry Dog Food

#3 Large Size Breed

Fido falling under this category are huge in size and heavy in weight. They require a certain type of food which suffices their nutritional requirements. We have listed the food product having utmost protein and fats contribution to the meal and maintains metabolism.

  1. Blue Wilderness grain free Adult Dry Dog Food
  2. Nutro Grain Free Natural Dry Dog Food

Based on Age

The formulae makers use to nourish any specific life stage has importance to dogs. For example, puppies need more protein and easily digestible ingredients and on the other hand, an adult will require an average amount of protein.

#1 Puppy

Puppies require more protein and fats in their diet to match their requirement in their growing phase i.e. 0-1 year. On the other hand, at this age puppies have delicate digestive tract and some are prone to allergies. In that case, they require the diet which can deliver with maximum nutrition and no harshness.

  1. Taste of the Wild grain free High Protein Natural Dry Dog Food
  2.  Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe

#2 Adult

Fido is an adult if his age ranging from 1-7 years. They require a decent amount of protein depending upon their breed. In general, they can stay fit on a low protein diet.

  1. Rachael Ray Zero Grain Natural Dry Dog Food
  2. Purina Beyond Grain Free Dog Food Recipe

#3 Senior

Dogs of age more than 8-year fall under this category. At this age, the protein requirements of a pooch are the minimum quantity with maximum fibrous content in their meal. They need a diet with soothing taste and low energy constituents in the recipe.

  1. Nutro Natural Dry Grain Free Dog Food
  2. Orijen Senior

Based on Different Health Conditions

Any medical condition or sensitivity of your little guy can be controlled with certain consumption of food and specific diet. Allergies or sensitivities can partially be avoided by using a perfect diet that suits your champ.

#1 Yeast Allergy

Starch is a complex form of carbs, which behaves as sugar after metabolism. Yeast feeds well on the sugar which implies yeast feeds on starch. While starch is the primary addition which binds the kibble in a uniform shape. The bag would just be powder if starch is not used. Thus in no grain dry dog food, dogs having yeast infection shall keep away from the kibble. We have listed the following foods which don’t develop yeast infections in the consumer and help in recovering sensitivities.

  1. Wholesome Homemade Grain Free
  2. Precise Naturals Grain Free

#2 Hypoallergenic

Dog flush out a type of protein from its saliva and skin pores, which could affect other beings who come in contact with that source. Additionally, that protein can be degraded when suspended in air or on the floor by shedding his hair from the coat.

Therefore, the dogs who don’t shed their hair up to the certain number will have that source on their coat all the time. This affects humans with sensitivities. The foods which solve the problem of bacterial deposition on the coat and many parents like it for its effective diet.

  1. Pinnacle Grain Free Dog Food
  2. P.S. Complete Grain Free Dog Food

#3 Skin allergies

First of all skin flare-ups are mostly due to indigestion or poor metabolism. A healthy stomach solves many of the skin problems so as to constitute a healthy skin texture altogether. Furthermore, some foods boost the metabolic process as they are made easily digestible ingredients.

  1. Addiction Grain Free Dog Food Dry Formula
  2. Wellness Simple

#4 Sensitive Stomach

Animals have commendable metabolism if they are active throughout the day. Moreover, in urban areas, many pets seldom have long walks or active routine. Then it is natural to have sensitive stomach where the pooch is not able to digest every kind of dog food.

Sometimes, the sensitivity develops due to the surroundings with polluted air, unhealthy water, etc. With repetitive consumption of unhealthy foods lead to violent stomach irritation. The list shows the dog foods which are easy to digest and does not have any harmful side effects to the pooches with stomach sensitivities.

  1. Hill’s Diet Low Fat GI Restore Dry Dog Food
  2. Nutro Natural Dry Grain Free Dog Food

What to Look for in a Grain Free Dog Food

While selecting a grain free dog food many things will attract you, either that will be the soothing texture of the kibble or a catchy tagline. Those are just marketing factors which the company lays out for the customers. Instead, you should go through the in-depth factors of what the brand actually offers and is healthy for a dog.

Go through the considerations we have listed.


There are many variables for selecting an appropriate no grain dog food, keeping in mind the necessity of grainless food in the first place.

Dog foods without grains contain approximately 10-12% of moisture which helps in ingestion of the mouthful meal. Kibble is available in huge packs which last for a couple of months where the wet dog food will last a couple of days after the can is once opened.

We highlight here some important factors to keep in mind while selecting a grain free dog food.

1. Nutrients

Nutritional need is the most important factor to look while selecting any grain free dog food. A dog food comprised of quality nutrients ultimately will suffice the hunger of the dog.

The important nutrients which have to be included in a dog’s diet i.e. protein, carbohydrate, minerals, vitamins, fatty acids. Not to mention, every nutrient will not be needed in the same amount. A perfect blend of these nutrients is required which can sustain a dog’s health.

2. Allergic Ingredients

Every dog does not respond alike while consuming similar meals. Some dogs might be allergic to grains, meat, beef, dairy products, etc. As a master, you should obviously are aware of it.

Dogs unknowingly consume everything which you feed them, therefore it becomes your responsibility to cater a perfect dog food to your companion which he is not allergic to.

3. Dog’s Preferences

Ideal dog food will not perfectly be suitable for your fur-buddy, dogs also have preferences, sensitivities towards specific foods. So this is the factor you need to consider while buying the food bag i.e. what food will not suit my pooch.

4. Popular Dog Food

When you find a dog food on the market very appealing to you but has minimum buyers or no regular buyers, then don’t prefer that product. There is a reason why every brand does not manufacture in huge quantities, which is – buyers don’t prefer their products. Don’t buy until you go through substantial reviews of that product.

5. Budget

You have a limited budget to spend on a dog food is totally acceptable. When you can feed yourself economic eatables so why not feed the same to your little champion. Don’t think highly of a big budget product is apt for your pooch.

Quality products have a higher cost, we agree. Although there are many economic brands available in the market which delivers enough nutritional value to your pet’s diet. Furthermore, don’t stretch too far on choosing a low-quality dog food because a little bit of harsh ingredient can deteriorate pup’s health.

What to Avoid in a Grain Free Dog Food

Learn why you need to avoid these things in a grain free dog food. Ultimately these factors will ruin the taste and health benefits which your dog should get.

1. Poultry By-Products

Poultry products which are infected can infect the consumer with diseases like salmonella or bird-flu. It is not necessary that the poultry stuff is bound to infect the consumer because the fresh poultry substance is as beneficial as any other meat ingredient. Poultry products are contagious when cultivated in unhygienic conditions.

2. Manufacturing Date

Look for the fresh packet from the shelf in the market because there might be a pack which has an older manufacturing date on it.

Stacking the products in huge numbers is the reason we find the old products on the rack. If you buy the older manufactured bag then there are more chances of the food tasting stale or unfamiliar to the dog.

3. Pack with Holes

During transportation or stacking in the warehouse, the bags get spoilt, damaged, from the surroundings. In many cases, the insects or intrude the bags and spoil the edible things. So, if you find the bag with holes even the smallest ones; don’t buy that bag or return if already bought.

4. Falling for Innovative Commercials

Brands selling their recipes know how to connect with animal lover pet parent. They market their products stating fairly exaggerated qualities. That only you could know the truth once you buy their product.

Innovative advertisements could easily trick you into buying their product. Hence, make sure of their claims are legit while you refer the reviews online.

5. Synthetic Addition

Nutrients or ingredients in the dog food prepared synthetically is a big no-no. Synthetic preservatives are added to the food by which the food will last longer. On the other hand, this practice will decrease the nutritional value of that parent ingredient.

Commercially available foods have preservative of one type or the other, thus its eradication is inevitable. Instead, you can select the food which has a minimum amount of synthetic additives in the bag.

6. Anything Unknown

While selecting the dog food you need to learn and understand the ingredient chart and guaranteed analysis printed on the back of the pack. Anything in the ingredient list which is synthetic or unknown inclusion probably preservative which ruins the nutritional quality of the meal.

It is not necessary that everything you don’t know is unwanted in the product. When you learn which inclusions are actually needed in the products then you will be able to find out the ones not needed at all.

7. Low Fibers

This is the most important substance to consider as it helps in active metabolism. Additionally, it cleans the digestive tract by easing out the bowel movement. A high amount of fibers help to tone of the skin texture and avoid skin bourne diseases or infection.

In the pack, fiber from the cheaper source i.e. pea fiber will neither increase the quantitative importance of the meal nor qualitative substantially. So, consider the value of the ingredient to the meal as an ingredient.

8. Cheap Protein Sources

Meat protein is considered to be the best for the canines and not the plant-based protein. Although, plant protein is important as an ingredient but does not match the quality of that of meat.

9. Believing Premium Brands Blindly

Premium ingredients in the pack will cost more is an understood fact. On the other hand, it is not true that an expensive dog food will have the novelty of quality ingredients. Many of us blindly think the same when we a costly dog food i.e. it has exotic ingredients. Brands could cost more depending on many factors i.e. its geographic location, distance from raw cultivators, taxation scheme in that area, etc.

Hence, Don’t blindly consider buying the premium dog food from the market. Even if the dog food has actual quality ingredients, still there is a possibility of your dog might not like it.

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