25 Best Organic Dog Foods of 2023 | Brands Reviewed

We know food cultivation has many practices may that be for vegetarian or for non-vegetarian foods. Best Organic dog food is prepared by eliminating synthetic additives, chemical fertilizers, injecting growth hormone, genetically modified organisms(GMO), artificial flavors, food colors, etc.

Organic Dog food is just as similar to that of organic human food, only ingredients differ.

In the past years, farmers and animal-raisers practiced organic methods due to limited technological availability. But in recent times farmers and animal raisers follow technological advancements

i.e. synthetic laboratory solutions to achieve immediate results.

In the process, they deteriorate the quality. Thus, when it is impossible to meet food demands by following natural methods, people choose artificial methods for higher cultivation and profits.


Best Organic Dog Foods – At Glance

Before going into the in-depth reviews about products, let us take a look at some of the best products and their summary.

Overall Best: Wellness Simple Natural & Organic Dog Food

Our top pick for best organic dog food is Wellness Simple Natural Food because of many factors i.e. human-grade ingredients, high nutritional value, fair price, etc. Simple is not limited to any specific dog breed or life stage, it suits all dogs.

Best Budget: Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Organic Grain Dog Food

The Honest Kitchen takes pride in maintaining the hygiene of the production facility and also that of the source of its ingredients. They source the ingredients from nearby cultivation facilities which improve the quality of the product and maintains its freshness.

Best Quality: Wellness TruFood Tasty Pairings Natural Grain Free Wet Raw Dog Food

The Trufood product line is comprised of maximum organic ingredients of premium quality. It is not just the high price which makes it a premium dog food but the blend of ingredients prepared in such a way that any of its competitors fail to prepare.

Best Natural: Castor & Pollux Organix

Organix leads the competition when it comes to the best natural dog food under the category of organic food for dogs. As it comprises every ingredient sourced and prepared in such a way as to avoid the synthetic additives.

Editor's Picks
1. Wellness Simple Natural Limited Ingredient Dry Dog FoodOverall Best Organic Food
2. Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Organic Grain Dog FoodEconomy Organic Dog Food
3. Wellness Trufood Tasty Pairings Natural Grain Free Wet Raw Dog FoodGrain Free Dry Dog Food
4. Castor & Pollux Organix Chicken & Brown Rice RecipeNatural Dog Food

*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change

Why you need Organic Dog Food?

Organic food hardly comprises severe processing and does not have any synthetic ingredient. Furthermore, it reduces the possibility of catching the infection or allergies and increases immunity thus minimizing the time of the healing process.

Many users noted that their pet’s allergies instantly disappeared and intolerances towards different foods also reduced. Their health started to improve.

Whom to Feed Organic Food

Good health is mostly the result of natural food consumption. Organic dog meal proves to be the best for every kind of Fido, yet it is possible that some dogs resist feeding on the organic recipe at first but eventually get used to it.

Furthermore, it is advisable to feed your dog organic food if he is suffering from allergies and sensitivities of any kind or some digestive illnesses.

The reason behind feeding organic dog food to ill pets is that in most cases animals don’t do well on food synthetically prepared but do well on natural food.

Thus, feed organic dog food if your four-legged companion is suffering from these conditions i.e. skin allergies, stomach sensitivities, yeast infection, excess weight, hypoallergic, hepatic disease(liver disease). If you have a healthy pet that is not suffering from any allergies or sensitivity, then you can feed him any of the best dog foods available in the market.

Difference Between Natural and Organic Dog Food

Natural and organic food are two closely related categories of food. Yet, they are not similar as per the guidelines from the authoritative bodies respectively.

Association of American Feed Control Officials(AAFCO) states the natural dog food definition and National Organic Program(NOP) of U.S. Department of Agriculture(USDA) states guideline for organic dog food.

We have described both the definition of natural dog food and organic dog meal respectively in terms of regulatory factors.


  • Ingredients shall be from a natural source.
  • It can go through numerous process except for any chemical processing.


  • Ingredients shall be from a natural source.
  • Practice farming by integrating mechanical, cultural, biological method.
  • That shall ensure resource cycling by maintaining biodiversity.
  • Avoid sewage sludge, irradiation, synthetic fertilizers, genetic engineering.

Best Organic Dog Food Reviews of 2023

Here is our comprehensive review of the best organic dog foods.

1. Wellness Simple Natural Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food

Wellness Simple Natural Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food


This brand is renown for producing the organic food recipes as well as the human grade ingredients addition in the meal.

Similarly, parents prefer Wellness Simple more than any other brand when it comes to natural or organic dog food.

This formula comprises of lamb and lamb meal as its key ingredients as both of them are at the topmost position in the list which is a generous addition.

The apparent product holds the first position in our dog food ratings because it has earned the trust of numerous customers over a long journey in the market. It delivers the quality, easy to digest recipe, appropriate ingredient which will suit your pet.

  • Wellness has never recalled their product line – Simple.
  • Makers use human grade ingredients in their formulae.
  • Many parents found this item to be perfect for their pet irrelevant to his breed or life stage.
  • Suits the pooches having allergies or sensitivities.
  • Contains plenty of fatty acids which maintain metabolic rate and shiny coat.
  • The company Wellness recalled thrice but two times out of those were voluntary.(products didn’t include Simple)
  • One out of three recalls had chances of salmonella outburst.
  • This organic dog food is simple is a bit pricey.
  • Parents had common complaints regarding loose stools, diarrhea, and appetite loss of their pets.
  • Picky eaters might not crave for this recipe in the beginning.
  • Simple contains grains which might not suit some allergens.


The Wellness pet food company appears to have huge buyers mass for their organic dog food products, which is a positive aspect. This company never recalled the apparent product line.

Simple is a formula which will suit the animals with sensitivities and lower immunity. This will help build the immunity and flush out toxins that are difficult to digest from the body as it contains minimalistic ingredients. Furthermore, the recipe does not contain synthetics and essences.

This formula seems to be perfect for the Fido falling under the senior life stage category. Because makers have used ample amount of fibers and a generous amount of proteins. Thus, your little champ with poor metabolism can also stay healthy on this product.

2. Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Organic Grain Dog Food

Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Organic Grain Dog Food


As the name suggests, this brand is well-known for its quality recipes. The company believes in the pure atmosphere i.e. its manufacturing facility should prepare the organic dog food.

The whole grain chicken recipe is amongst the top rated dog’s organic food products. This recipe comprises of single source chicken and various organic ingredients. Utilization of fruits is also commendable.

The nutritional value of the meal is great, meat protein proportion to that of fats helps in maintaining the energy levels in the body of a consumer. There are immense sources of fibers, vitamin and mineral supplements.

  • Many parents rate this organic dog food as the best in terms of quality and economic price.
  • Medium amount of protein content helps the pet with poor metabolism.
  • The meal consists of human grade ingredients.
  • There were no recalls of this product.
  • There are generously fatty acids inclusions. It helps in maintaining shiny coat and metabolism.
  • Fruits addition is a plus.
  • Ample amount of carbohydrates will slow down the digestion process.
  • The company recalled once, its Verve product line for severe salmonella infections.


This product is suitable for the dogs suffering from the packed dog foods. As this meal recipe is comprised of utmost organic ingredients and natural preservatives. Furthermore, it matches the nutritional requirements of almost every pooch irrelevant of his life stage or breed.

The kibble tastes delightful with the chicken as its chief ingredient. The recipe will help in boosting metabolism as it has fibrous content and substantial fatty acids. If your Fido has sensitivities or lower immunity, then this is the brand you are looking for.

Don’t push your dog to eat all his servings at once because picky eaters might take some time to develop a liking for the taste that this formula has.

3. Newman’s Own Organics Canned Grain Free for Dogs

Newman's Own Organics Canned Grain Free for Dogs


Organics is a subsidiary of the Newman’s Own Inc. which the daughter of the latter company owner owns.

Organics focuses on preparing the recipe which suits all sorts of pets along with keeping the organic ingredients in the meal. This recipe includes guar gum which is unique for any dog food recipe. Organic ingredients are plentiful and of high quality.

Newman’s have never recalled any of their product which shows how particular they are in terms of maintaining the hygiene and quality of their product.

  • Makers have never recalled any of their organic dog food products.
  • A high proportion of protein is present in the can.
  • Canned food is easy to digest.
  • Most ingredients are of purest organic form.
  • Moisture content helps in proper ingestion of the food.
  • Canned food is difficult to feed than the kibble.
  • Organics is a bit expensive as compared to other products on the list.


This organic dog food brand seems to be the one with the immense amount of protein, which makes it suitable for the younger dogs and the athletic dogs. It is really noteworthy of this brand who is capable of making a protein to carbs proportion so high. It helps in improving the digestion and boost metabolic rate.

Don’t feed this to the senior dogs, they require a small amount of protein and high fibrous content.

Canned food might seem to be a mess while feeding and cleaning your champ’s bowl. Also, you shall not use canned foods for a long time once you open the lid.

4. Evanger’s Organics Canned Grain Free Organic Cooked Chicken

Evanger's Organics Canned Grain Free Organic Cooked Chicken


Evanger’s has a product line namely organics which delivers organic dog food of various flavors. It has a good reputation for its organic items.

This is one such recipe that delivers the perfect balance of nutritional constituents. Makers use a proper blend with equal protein and carbs amount in the meal.

Guar gum is a unique ingredient for dog food. Decent amount of mineral and vitamin supplements help to ensure nutritional quality of the food. Makers have used above average sources of fibers, which helps maintain metabolism.

  • Evanger’s never recalled their Organic product line.
  • This brand is amongst the most loved dog food brands.
  • There is no synthetic addition to the recipe.
  • This product is economical compared to other products on the list.
  • Canned food is difficult to feed than the kibble.
  • Evanger’s recalled three of their canned product lines due to a fatal drug of meat treatment was present in the can.
  • This company has faced some serious FDA allegations.
  • Many parents complain about their dog losing appetite and severe illness.


Evanger’s Organic is a type of meal series which comprises of dog food with organic ingredients. On the other hand, this brand has crossed its path with the FDA regarding various allegations couple of times. Due to that, the brand-name has faced big a damage to their reputation.

Nevertheless, this organic dog food product has gained many positive feedbacks as well. Dogs with picky eating habits also crave this recipe due to healthy meat content. Nutritional quality is just perfect with equally proportioned protein, fats, and carbs contents.

Organics is one of the best-canned dog foods available to the pet moms and pet dads. But at times, feeding canned food can be difficult in order to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the dog’s eating place. we advise you to wash the food bowl just after your little champ finishes and rinse it before feeding him again.

Don’t feed your fur-buddy if he has had any digestive ailments recently. Or rather, start feeding this product in slight proportions mixing it in the apparent dog food you are feeding him.

5. Wellness Trufood Tasty Pairings Natural Grain Free Wet Raw Dog Food

This brand is renowned for producing organic food recipes as well as the human grade ingredients addition the meal. Trufood is the formula that Wellness produces focusing on utilizing only natural and organic ingredients.

Natural Grain Free Dog Food


Similarly, as a parent preferring natural or organic dog food for their pet will likely find this product appropriate to their expectations. This food pairing formula comprises of chicken, green beans, and chicken liver as its key ingredients which are a generous addition as these are at the topmost position in the list for taste as well as health.

It proviides the quality, easily digestible recipe, natural content in the pack which suits your fur-buddy.

  • Makers use human grade ingredients in their formulae.
  • An immense amount of protein is present in the formula.
  • Suits the pooches having lower immunity.
  • Veggies addition is a plus point.
  • Trufood is expensive than most of the products on our list.
  • Pea protein are a mediocre quality


The Wellness pet food company appears to have huge buyers mass for their products, which is a positive aspect.

Trufood is the solution producers have prepared help dogs with lower immunity and frequent digestive ailments. This will help build the immunity and flush out toxins from the body as it contains organic and natural ingredients. Furthermore, the formula is free from synthetic ingredients and essences.

Wellness Trufood is one of the most expensive brands which you will find in the market. It is a luxury for a dog when his master feeds him this kind of food. Buying a larger organic dog food packet can save you a lot of fortune in the longer run.

6. Castor & Pollux Organix Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

Castor & Pollux Organix Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe


Merrick Pet Care owns Castor & Pollux which itself has a huge reputation for producing healthy food for dog. Castor & Pollux produces many recipes to facilitate various nutritional requirements of dogs. Organix is one of those, makers have specially prepared this category to deliver complete natural food with organic ingredients.

Many parents and vets prefer Organix due to its natural and organic ingredients. Organic chicken is the chief ingredient of this product followed by the chicken meal which is a healthy addition to the kibble.

Ample amount of mineral and vitamin supplements constitute a useful addition to the recipe. Makers have used above average fiber sources for the recipe. There is organic sunflower oil and salmon oil which helps in cardiovascular activities and maintains a shiny coat.

  • Makers never recalled any of their product.
  • The ingredient list is majorly filled with organic constituents.
  • Merrick Pet Care Inc. owns Castor & Pollux which itself is a reputed petfood brand.
  • There are no common complaints about this product.
  • Moderate fruit inclusion enriches the quality of the meal.
  • This one of the premium brand but with an economical price tag.
  • This brand has had some recalls but apparently not in the FDA recall database. There were no recent recalls.
  • There is lower protein but higher amount of fats and carbs which is not desirable.


The recipe comprises of utmost natural and organic contents on the meal. Dogs with picky eating habits and sensitivities. Meat protein in the pack is just commendable as it has pleasant taste as well as good smell.

This recipe has below average amount of protein proportion in the meal, on the other hand, there is a substantial amount of carbs and fats in the meal. Therefore, this formula is suitable for medium aged dogs.

Avoid feeding this to the young active dogs or add protein supplement along with the meal.

7. Trudog Naturals Real Meat Organic (Freeze-Dried)

Trudog Naturals Real Meat Organic


Trudog is a brand with a promising meat protein ingredients, which is truly appreciable. The fiber content in the meal is above average which will suit almost every dog falling under different life stage.

The brand claims not using any synthetic, preservatives, grains, cheap fillers which ruins the nutritional value of any product. Recently in February and April, they recalled their products due to a possibility of salmonella-infected ingredients. However, they retrieved infected products batch and settled the issue with users.

The formula has major fats content which provides energy to the consumer, but it suits the pooches with a physically active life. The amount of healthy fats is a necessity for active dogs who require more energy than those dogs not engaging in physical activities at all.

  • There are low carbs in the formula and moderate protein content.
  • The formula has novel quality meat ingredient.
  • There are no common complaints from the parents.
  • Trudog has recalled their products recently in February and April 2018 due to severe salmonella infections.
  • Trudog is a bit costly.
  • There is a high amount of fats in the pack.
  • Can be unhealthy for large breed dogs or lethargic dogs.


This product seems to deliver a fair amount of protein and low carns which is desirable. On the other hand, it has a higher amount of fats in the recipe which could be harmful to dogs.

Meat protein in the ingredient table is fairly positioned according to the number of proportions appropriate for any dog. There is novel meat inclusion which your little buddy will love.

Young, active, and athletic pooches will benefit from this kind of nutritional value. We strictly advise, not to feed this recipe to lethargic and not so active dogs.

8. Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Food

Hill's Science Diet Puppy Food


Hill’s Science Diet deliver various products which suit every type of dog with severe medical conditions too. Its prescription diet delivers a specific recipe for different illnesses that dogs suffer.

This is an economical brand which maintains its quality and unique recipes for different dogs. There is a decent amount of meat protein in the recipe. This formula has an appropriate number of vitamin supplements and mineral supplements.

There is ample amount of fibers in the meal which helps in digestion process. Fruits addition is noteworthy, fruits contribute to the soothing taste of the meal as well as maintains the health of skin and coat. Makers use a decent amount of vitamin supplements in the food which is appreciable.

Science Diet is one such cheap dog food on the market which has almost every ideal nutritional value and utmost quality product.

We ranked it in a lower position knowing that it has many positives than negative only for the reason that couple of parents had common complaints about their dogs responding abruptly after consuming this food. However, most of the vets prefer this brand for the pooches suffering from any ailments.

  • Science Diet has numerous formula to suit every condition of your dog.
  • There is a fair amount of fibers which help in digestion of it.
  • Suits pups who require high energy and a fair amount of protein.
  • Science Diet has recalled their products twice, in which one had salmonella infection traces.
  • A lower amount of protein is not a good sign.
  • High fats and carbs proportions will slow down the digestion process and ultimately deteriorate it.
  • It has immense grains, which might affect the allergen or develop sensitivity.


This pack is perfect for the puppies who require more energy from the food i.e. fats, carbs, protein. Moreover, for the young pooches, it is favorable to feed them with simple carbs and healthy fats instead of high protein. Because high protein requires immense acids to break it down to release energy, pups don’t necessarily have that kind of capability.

Don’t feed this to senior dogs and to those dogs having issues with his digestive tract.

9. Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe

Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe


The Merrick owns Whole Earth but it never labels its tag on the pack. It is more of a merger than ownership when it comes to product sales.

Whole Earth is quite a young brand in the market selling their recipes along with experienced ones. But, astonishingly has succeeded in finding an appropriate place in the consumer dominant market. Thanks to their eradication of grains, artificial additives, etc from the packets.

The concurrent product contains many useful ingredients which have a soothing taste and health benefits to the consumer. Top ingredients are chicken and turkey which provide lean protein compared to that of beef and pork. While salmon oil addition is a plus which helps in cardiovascular activities of the body and also maintains a shiny coat.

  • Whole Earth never recalled any of their products.
  • There is a fair amount of protein and fats in the pack.
  • Fruits inclusion is a plus, it helps in maintaining skin texture.
  • It comes with an affordable price tag.
  • Makers have used major carbs substance which can hinder the digestion process.
  • Not suitable for the elderly and senior dogs. This formula only suits field pets, athletic pooches.


There are a moderate number of organic contents in the pack. Which ranks this product in the lower position on the list.

But that does not mean this product cannot compete with other rivals because Whole Earth produces every product with utmost natural ingredients in the pack. Thus, many parents choose this product over others.

This recipe will suit best to the dogs with active metabolism because this formula comprises a high amount of carbs.

10. Sojos Complete Natural Grain Free Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food

Sojos Complete Natural Grain Free Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food


This is an American brand which establishes its name for delivering quality dog food. Similarly, its price is quite high just that of any other premium brand with a giant price tag.

Sojos is ranked at the bottom of our list because of its average nutritional value to huge price ratio. The fiber content in the pack is just commendable, it is quite more than most of the brands. Low amount of fats will help in lean energy gain for any dog. As this expensive brand has limited buyers you will find this brand in selected pet stores.

Nutritional value that this formula delivers is great as it has substantial meat protein, whole egg, fruits, broccoli(rarely seen in dog food), supplements of vitamins and minerals. This recipe suits allergen and dogs with sensitivities.

  • Sojos never recalled any of their product lines.
  • Moderate amount of protein is a substantial addition to the meal.
  • A high amount of fiber in the meal will ease digestion and ease bowel movements.
  • There is major carbs content in the meal. Carbohydrates can be difficult to digest.
  • Sojos is one of the costliest dog food on the market.
  • The organic dog food packet reads just a couple of vitamins as well as minerals on the ingredient list.
  • Many parents complained about a strong smell that their pets avoid to eat.


This is one of the premium brands available on the market but it marks its importance due to its natural ingredients, unlike every premium brand.  Sojos is quite an average product looking at its protein to fats ratio, not to mention this recipe has immense carbs and fibers. Carbohydrates can be difficult to synthesis as it is a complex form of energy supplying substance. Thus, this nutritional value will suit young pups and active Fido.

Price of this brand is sky-high, compared to other brands on this list are available at a fairly cheap rate in the market.

Don’t feed this to senior pooches if they already are suffering from digestive ailments. If your senior pet is doing good with digestion then this pack will suit your dog.

Best Organic Dog Food Brands of 2023

It is not fair to list ten products claiming them to be the best (it is valid in most of the situations while considering common requirement factors of dogs). Because living organisms behave uniquely to foods, there are requirements more than we could generalize.

Every company delivers some unique features in their food which suits specific dogs than most of the dogs. Therefore, we present here the list of five organic dog food brands(which missed the top 10 spots due to a reason or two) available on the market.

  1. Avoderm Natural Dog Food for Rotational Feeding
  2. Nutro Wholesome Essentials Chicken, Brown rice, Sweet potato Recipe
  3. Taste of the Wild
  4. Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain Organic
  5. Petguard Vegetarian Dry Dog Food

Based on Proteins and Ingredients

There are numerous brand and their products on the market, each of those deliver the nutritional need in one way or the other. Therefore, to know the importance of different types of formulae or to know which dog food falls under the specific category of nutrition, go through the recommendations.

#1 Low Protein

Lower protein is a perfect nutritional requirement for the senior dogs. The only reason behind that is, senior Fido doesn’t have an active metabolic rate and cannot indulge in extreme physical activities. Low protein diet also suits the pooches with digestive ailments or intolerances.

  • Sojos Complete Natural Grain Free Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food

#2 High Protein

Protein is a nutrient which helps in rehabilitation of muscles, it provides the growth to the young ones. High protein is a must along with some minerals for the growing body of the young pups. Protein increases the vitality of the body and makes it capable to withstand physical activities throughout the day.

Protein also builds the muscles and tissues of the body. Therefore, this diet is necessary for the young and athletic pooches who require more amount of protein. Don’t choose this diet for thee senior dogs as they have poor metabolism and cannot synthesize the protein well,

  • Trudog Naturals Real Meat Organic (Freeze-Dried)

#3 High Calorie

Fats and carbs cater the calorie content in the organic dog food. A calorie is a measurement of energy that body gets after digestion of the meal in the digestive tract. Higher the value of calorie means more the metabolizable energy source is available in the food.

Senior as well as obese pets shall not consume a high-calorie diet as they are incapable of utilizing all of the energy. Hence, excess energy gets accumulated in form of fats under the layer of skin.

  •  Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Organic Grain Dog Food

#4 Low Fat

Fat is a form of energy gathered in the body. The body uses it during a starvation period, thus it becomes necessary to utilize the fats on a frequent span of time. Otherwise, the fat accumulates in large proportion proves to be unhealthy for the body.

  • Wellness Simple Natural Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food

#5 Chicken Free

Commercial poultry farming has a bad reputation for its unhygienic maintenance. In those conditions, any poultry products catch the contagious disease i.e. salmonella and bird-flu. In the like manner, consumers of those poultry products also catch the infectious disease

  • Trudog Naturals Real Meat Organic (Freeze-Dried)

#6 Soy Free

Soy holds a large toxin amounts. It can cause gastric trouble, affects protein synthesis leading to deficiency of amino acids and its utilization. Therefore, in case if the consumer shows symptoms of illness after feeding on a soy diet then immediately stop using that recipe.

  • Castor & Pollux Organix Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

#7 Grain Free

Many pooches are allergic to the grains and gluten, thus it becomes necessary to avoid grains and gluten in their meal.

Gluten is a form of protein which pooches have a hard time synthesizing. Some of the grains have gluten content which makes those grains difficult to digest as well.

Moreover, grains are a complex form of carbs which releases energy but are hard to digest. There avoid grains while selecting an organic packet for your champ.

  • Evanger’s Organics Canned Grain Free Organic Cooked Chicken

Based on Breed Size

Here are some of the best organic dog food based on the size of dog breed.

#1 Small Dogs/Toy Breed

Toy breed is a category in which the tiny dog breeds find their place. Those pooches are active and consume less quantity of meal. Thus, they require the food which delivers their above average protein requirement and with minimum harshness. Wet food is preferable for them which we have listed below.

  • Newman’s Own Organics Canned Grain Free for Dogs

#2 Medium Sized Dog Breeds

Medium size breeds are those in which majority of pooches find a place. They have up to 20-25 pound of weight and height of approximately 14 inches of the adult males.

  • Wellness Trufood Baked Blends Natural Grain Free Dry Raw Dog Food

#3 Large Breeds

Large breed s the category of giant and heavy bog breeds. They require the food in huge quantities and of utmost nutritional quality. Thus, the meal pack with high protein and average fats is preferable.

  • Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Grain Organic Dog Food

Based on Age

Here are some of the best organic dog food based on the dog’s age.

#1 Puppy

The pups have a growing physique and their bones and muscles are developing, as well as they are active throughout the day. Therefore, they require more amount of protein and healthy fats in their diet plan.

On the other hand, their digestive tract is delicate and cannot handle any harshness in the food. Puppy is a life stage, where a dog of age 0-1 year falls under the puppy category.

  • Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Food

#2 Adult

The adult category is another life stage segment which comprises of dogs from 1-7 years of age. These pooches are the ones with maximum immunity and energy thus they require an utmost amount of protein and fats in their diet.

  • Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe

#3 Senior

Pooches who have crossed 8 years of age are called as seniors dogs. Having said that, the senior dogs require a diet of minimum harsh ingredients, lower protein amounts, more of fiber content in a minimum food quantity.

  • Castor & Pollux Organix Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to the buyer’s guide for best organic food for dogs. Here, we will guide you through with everything you need to know about the organic dog food.

What is the Best Organic Dog Food

Our rated list states the best organic food after consideration of many factors such as quality of ingredients, nutritional value, cost, complaints from users, recalls. But if not considering the brands in the rating bracket and rating organic dog food then we have to consider the following qualities in the dog’s food.

1. Organic Ingredients Source

The dog meal products do not necessarily consist total organic substances if it is mentioned somewhere on the bag or can. USDA has specified certain regulations for displaying an organic label on the packs. By which, the buyer can understand the extent to which that product is genuinely organic.

At the beginning of this article, the definition states guidelines or conditions for organic dog food. There are certain norms for brands to follow i.e. if the product consists of 95% to 100% of organic ingredients can display USDA organic dog food label on the front of food bag or can.

Products having 70% to 95% organic ingredients can state three organic ingredients on the front of the food bag or can.

While the products having organic constituents below 70% can mention the specific organic ingredients in the ingredient table only.

2. Nutritional Value

Food consumption is not only meant for relishing tastes and satisfying hunger,  but also satisfy the nutritional requirements simultaneously. You need to understand your dog’s nutritional requirements and choose the appropriate organic meals for him accordingly.

Overall any dog food shall consist of a good proportion of various nutrients by which the complete nourishment of the pooch becomes possible.

The nutrients need not necessarily be in the same proportions in the recipe but in optimum proportions. Look for protein, carbs, fatty acids, fibers, vitamins, minerals on the packet in appropriate proportion.

3. Size of the Pack

The manufacturer produces organic dog food according to its standard or norms. There are no standards for maintaining the size of the packet, makers do this only to facilitate the buyers and manufacturers themselves. So, let us say the sizes available in the market are small, medium, and large for the sake of simplicity. So, when to buy a small pack or the medium or the large?

If you have used the brand and trust it for its quality, then you can opt for the large bag because those bags are cheaper to buy compared to small pack in total. On the other hand, if you are new to the brand and not sure whether it will suit your champ, then go for the small packs.

4. Calorie Content

Every company has to follow the mandatory rule of mentioning the calorie content below the nutritional value table or ingredient table. Calorie content is a numeric value which describes the metabolizable energy.

Combination of ingredients contributes to the total nutritional value of the food. When the consumer does not utilize this energy by doing physical activities, its accumulates in form of fats under the skin. The body utilizes fats in a situation of elongated starvation.

Therefore, select the organic dog food product with optimum calorie content that suits your companion. Because smaller pups require more of energy and on the other hand senior pooches require a lesser amount of energy to sustain. Bigger the calorie content number more will be the metabolizable energy release from that recipe.

5. Guaranteed Analysis

Guaranteed analysis shows the measure of every nutrient in the meal in percentage value. That is a qualitative measurement of the food. Go for an appropriate amount of fats, carbs, and protein as per your pooch’s requirement.

Nutrients that make the healthiest organic dog food i.e. protein, fibers, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids should be in an appropriate proportion. Every animal will have unique nourishment requirements hence, selecting an apt mixture of nutrition is important for the dog’s health.

6. Grain-free or Gluten free

The grains are mostly a rich source of carbs, and carbs can be difficult to digest for the canines. Similarly, gluten is a type of protein present in some grains also can be difficult to digest.

Furthermore, in many cases pooches show growing intolerances towards grains and can develop skin flare-ups. Thus, observe when your dog is not responding well to the grain diet then shift him to the grain free one.

What to Look for in Organic Dog Food

Now that you know what are the factors to avoid while buying a dog food product, here are the important factors to go for. Since there would be a lot of glittery things about every product which is doing well in the market but not adding much to the diet value.

Hence, try not falling for creative marketing techniques, cute dog in the advertisement. Instead, go through the following section for selecting the best organic dog food for your pooch.

Considerations for Selecting Organic Dog Food

It was difficult getting this list prepared considering the benefits of the organic dog food. Just verify that dog food you buy has these factors.

1. Nutrients

First things first, getting an organic dog food or any other such product requires you to look at the nutrient value. Since it will not only help your little pooch have the perfect growth but also facilitate the adults Fido to have a healthy life.

You shall look for the vital nutrients and their proportion. It includes carbs, healthy fats, protein, fatty acids, etc. Make sure, these ingredients are in optimal ratio.

2. Allergic Ingredients

Coming to another category, you shall avoid getting the product with the ingredients your dog is allergic to. Because no one other than you are capable of knowing this fact. In fact, your dog will not give you any time to consider knowing about food after getting it home. Your pooch will directly gulp it down just to have the allergic results.

Hence, keenly look for the product which does not have any ingredients that set your dog from being healthy.

3. Dog’s Preferences

If we continue with the previous subsection, then dogs will also tend to have preferences of food. They dislike some tastes and aroma of the food also, depending upon the way you have trained them.

In this case, you shall get the food that your dog will like as well as his body(allergenic dogs).

4. Popular Dog Food

Getting an organic dog food which is popular amongst most of the pet parents then it is a plus. Since it will directly imply the positive feedback of the customers. In the same manner, avoid the appealing/glittery dog food which does not have any recognition.

There are reviewers, laboratory experts, pet experts who will try that product giving a thorough report. Thereafter, you can start getting a not so popular if you find it intriguing but not before that.

5. Budget

Finally, a budget is an important aspect of getting any organic dog food that too, when the organic products are reaching sky-high prices. We would suggest you research properly about every product available on the market. In fact, you shall go through each of the products on our reviews to get the best out of it.

To say so, there are a few products which nails their marketing tactics, sourcing the raw materials, packing costs to deliver the quality food at an economical price. It won’t do any harm to your dog if you get the right one.

Just don’t spend too much on the unworthy products because there are cheaper products on the market popular for their quality. In fact, many parents get it wrong when we say quality and premium products. Well, quality and premium products come at a price but not all of them. Get an optimum priced organic dog food rich in nutrients value.

What Organic Dog Food to Avoid

You have seen the organic dog foods to go for and when should you avoid. All of these factors described organic dog foods on its external appearance and qualities. In addition to that, there are many intrinsic factors which you shall consider to get the best organic dog food.

1. Poultry By-Products

Poultry ingredients for organic dog food is a quality addition as far as the freshness and processing remain to a safer extent. However, poultry by-products are just different from the actual poultry meat.

The by-product can anything of a chicken i.e. meat, beak, claws, organs, etc. There is no clear mentioning of the about the ingredient then it is not advisable to get that product at all. Because it seems like a loophole that one can exploit being at the manufacturing end.

2. Manufacturing Date

As we mentioned, sourcing the raw materials from distant places can compromise the freshness. In a similar manner, the supermarkets and pet stores tend to maintain the stocks to an extent that they might even miss the expiration date in rare cases.

As a matter of fact, the products that you see on the racks of such shopping places can have an older date if it has not passed the expiration date. Still, the product will not remain eatable for a longer time after you buy. Because the product with the expiration a few weeks after your purchase is not the best scenario.

3. Pack with Holes

Storage and transportation of organic dog food will have many intricacies. Firstly, the packets getting ripped during transportation is a common occurring. In fact, it can lead to accidental contamination.

Additionally, the packet can have holes on it because of the bugs feeding on it have made it possible to enter the pack. These things are not anywhere close to acceptable but very difficult for the manufacturing brand to take care of.

Nevertheless, without blaming anyone, you can get the organic dog food without any signs of ripped pack or holes on it.

4. Falling for Innovative Commercials

You know it as much as we do, all the dog food manufacturing brands spend a huge amount on branding. It accelerates their sales and helps them reach the expected sales figures.

On the other hand, it can have people thinking about the exaggerated marketing plan to be real. Now, this should not happen in any case. Keep yourself aware of where the product stands. In addition to that, you can start researching about the nutrient values of that product from our reviews.

5. Anything Unknown

Continuing with the previous subsection, you shall learn to read the ingredient list and nutrient values table. It will help you to understand the ingredients that you will be feeding your dog.

It will educate you about the ingredients which are useless or cheap. In fact, avoid getting the product if you find the presence of synthetic ingredients.

6. Low Fibers

Here we have one of the most important factors to consider, fibers are important for a healthy digestive tract and metabolism. A good amount of fibers becomes a necessity once the dog reaches his adulthood. Additionally, it gets even important when the dog becomes a senior.

As a matter of fact, fibers will indirectly maintain skin health along with the digestion. Hence, prefer organic dog foods which have more fibers.

7. Cheap Protein Sources

Cheap protein ingredients are just other factors you shall avoid. Since some of the manufacturing brands will include cheap protein sources like pea-protein to constitute the total protein proportion.

Actually, it doesn’t add up to the organic dog food for its qualitative side. Whereas, you can emphasis on getting the meat based-protein sources more than the cheap ones.

8. Believing Premium Brands Blindly

Coming towards the end, premium organic dog foods appear to be the ideal choice for our dogs. However, it is not a true case for every situation. Even the brands which charge too much don’t include the ingredients worth the cost.

There are a few factors which play an important role in affecting the costing of organic dog food. It includes transportation, preservation, extensive packaging, extreme taxation schemes, etc. which elevates the price.

Therefore, do not blindly judge a product to be good enough if they have big price tags.

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When it comes to nutrition and health, nothing can beat organic food as it comes without artificial additives. And which is why we at petlovesbest, recommend you to go for organic dog food.

If you have any queries, let us know. We will love to solve them all!

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