The Best Wet Dog Foods of 2023 (Reviews)

Do you know that the best wet dog food has about 70-80% of the moisture to its total weight and has soft kibble in small proportion?

Some brands make the canned packs consisting of more than 80% of moisture.

Moisture content varies from brand to brand and from recipe to recipe but cans of dog food have a majority of moisture in it.

This type of food delivers more quality protein and lower carbohydrates. It has substantial fibers which makes it more suitable for the senior Fido.

Dog foods have many varieties in the market may that be kibble, treats, chews, canned or wet dog food. We present our ratings for the best-canned food for dogs in this article with all the information you need to know.


At a Glance: Best Wet Dog Foods

We have rated the canned products on evaluating those on various factors i.e. nutrients, quality, ingredients source, number of recalls, cost, complaints from users. Each of these products had some unique qualities. Hence, this summary of the highest rated wet dog food describes the unique factors on which the products hold their ranks.

Best Overall (Highest Rated): Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural

Our highest-rated pick for best-wet cat food is Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Canned Food because of its nutritional value, quality of ingredients and cost. It delivers the recipe with a nutritional value which is fairly better than its rivals.

Best Budget: Purina Alpo Chop House Wet Dog Food

Nestle’s Purina is the most economical food on our list, as we consider dollar cost per every ounce of food. Though this is the cheapest product, it delivers optimum quality ingredients and unique recipe that many pooches like.

Editor’s Pick: Nature’s Recipe Canned Dog Food

The blends of food and novelty of ingredients are worth every penny you spend. This formula has ingredients that are sourced from nearby facilities and cultivators which keeps the freshness intact.

Best Natural: Taste of the Wild Natural Dog Food

The canned pack from TOTW has best of the quality ingredients sourced from locals. Such Natural canned dog foods are far better than the dry ones as multiple processing is not required for preparing this meal.

Editor's Picks
1. Rachael Ray Nutrish NaturalHighest Rated & Best Pick
2. Purina Alpo Chop House Wet Dog FoodIn your Budget
3. Nature’s Recipe Wet Dog FoodBest Value For Money
4. Taste Of The Wild Natural Wet Canned Stew Dog FoodNatural Canned Dog Food

**Rated by experts at Petlovesbest at the time of publication. It has nothing to do with Amazon ratings and reviews.

Is Wet Dog Food Bad for Pups?

No, canned dog food is not at all bad for the dogs. You might have heard the phrase before “wet food is bad for dogs”, which is not true at all. Canned dog food has only one trait i.e. it is more expensive than the dry ones. Nevertheless, it is more beneficial than the dry ones.

Canned dog food that manufacturers produce is not perfect in every aspect but it surely is better than kibble or the dry dog food. Canning is a process of storing the food in an airtight can. It reduces the requirement of heavy processing and addition of synthetic preservatives. Preparing of wet food is also beneficial as it does not pass through excessive heat treatments and retains the quality of its nutrients.

Benefits of Canned Dog Food

As a pet parent, you are most of the times keen to know about the health benefits of different foods to your pet; so are you right now. Every type of foods has its own pros and cons according to the nutrient quality it delivers.

Wet dog food is advantageous to the dogs for several reasons but every pooch has unique preferences. Thus it is important to understand that not each of the benefits might suit your dog relying on his preferences. Similarly, not every disadvantage of wet food will harm your dog.

Wet dog food definitely proves to be better than the kibble dog meals in many aspects. This section in the apparent article explains the benefits of feeding canned food to your pooch. Advantages of the canned meal are as follows:

  • Canned food has substantial moisture, which helps in digestion, hydration, ingestion, etc.
  • It helps in keeping the body hydrated.
  • Minimum processing and synthetic ingredients.
  • It has high protein content.
  • Also, it has minimal carbohydrates content.
  • It contains good fiber amount.
  • Dogs like the aroma and are eager for this food all the time.
  • A minimum starch binder in this meal helps dogs suffering from yeast infection.

Wet vs Dry Food

There are four types of dog food that makers produce i.e. kibble, canned, chews, treat. Out of these four, only canned has major moisture content and can be called actual wet dog food.

While wet and dry dog foods are dominant and the pet parents prefer mostly these types of food. We have listed here the unique comparison factors on which each of these foods.

Wet Dog Food

  • Contains moisture up to 70-80% ratio.
  • Larger size kibble which is soft to chew.
  • Makers use airtight metallic can for the wet dog food.
  • No synthetic additives and heavy processing.
  • Dogs with dental ailments can consume this easily.
  • Good for picky eaters.

Dry Dog Food

  • Contains up to 10-20% of moisture.
  • Chewing exercises are good for facial muscles.
  • Plastic covers or thin foil sheet are its packing materials.
  • Heavy processing has to be done which might deteriorate nutrients.
  • Dogs with dental ailments might face a challenge in completing their meal.
  • Makers use starch as kibble binder.

The 25 Best Canned Dog Foods of 2023 (Wet Food Reviews)

We have categorized the best four factors on which you can find the products that suit your requirement the best. We chose these categories because these are the specific requirements of any pet.

1. Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Wet Dog Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Wet Dog Food


Ray foods deliver the top of the line ingredients and its quality is commendable. RR prepares its recipes without wheat, soy or corn which reduces the risk of developing sensitivities.

Dogs can develop intolerances if their diet contains these three ingredients. This company is renown for the quality it delivers. Many pet parents have shifted to this product from different brands and continue with this. By looking at the flavors that Ray prepares are rich in protein and carbs.

No common complaint from parents has been noted for a very long period. There is brown rice in the recipe which suits the puppies. This tray of wet dog food contains a high amount of fiber that eases the metabolism and excretion process.

  • Rachael Ray never recalled their products.
  • Substantial protein content makes this a quality recipe.
  • Above average fiber content in this formula will help in digestion.
  • There is a lower amount of fats.
  • RR is economical compared to the quality it delivers.
  • RR use caramel color in this recipe, which is an unnecessary addition.


Rachael’s wet dog food appears to be having all the positives and almost none negative points in their account. These formulae have a generous amount of protein and carbohydrates. It will deliver tremendous energy to the consumer. This recipe is suitable for the young pups and active dogs as it has high calorie content and lower fats.

Ray’s extract their raw materials from the locals or the exclusive sellers. Also, the soothing meat company uses is natural and healthy.

Don’t feed this to the lethargic Fido because it will take longer for food to digest. Similarly, it could cause digestive ailments.

High fiber content makes it suitable for the senior pets but the only if they have proper and healthy digestion.

2. Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Canned Dog Food

Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Canned Dog Food


Core is just a subsidiary product line under the parent brand Wellness. This brand is renown for its blend of various meat protein into one recipe.

The meat protein that makers use, makes this brand stand out from the others who hardly manage to surpass Wellness. The apparent recipe comprises turkey, pork liver, duck and chicken meal which are rich in protein content and fatty acids.

Fatty acids ensure the cardiovascular activities and help in metabolism. Fruits and vegetable addition in the recipe adds a flavor along with nutritional value. As this recipe does not have grains, makes this recipe fit for the allergens and the ones with sensitives.

  • This recipe has a tremendous amount of protein i.e. more than half of the nutrient’s proportion.
  • Fruits inclusion is appreciable.
  • Notable vegetable ingredients make this recipe rich in nutritional value.
  • There is a negligible amount of carbs in the diet which makes it better for canines.
  • The company never recalled this wet dog food product line.
  • Various meat protein in the recipe are healthy for canines.
  • Low amount of fiber in this recipe is not desirable.
  • Wellness recalled its 3 different products once each.


Wellness is a brand which maintains its quality up to the mark. We have ranked this product on the second mark for many reasons.

Its nutritional value if so good for any dog that it eliminates the need for adding any supplements. Combination of high protein and lower carbs is just an ideal formula which will suit most of the dogs. May it be either young pups or the adult pooches, this will suit each of them.

Some senior dogs might face a digestive challenge with Core as it has high-calorie content. Observe keenly while feeding your senior dogs, also check if he has proper digestion. Don’t feed this to dogs having digestive ailments because its low fiber content might make it worse.

3. TOTW Southeast Canyon Grain Free Natural Food



TOTW, as the name suggests this company delivers most savoring and healthy wet dog food products. Makers believe in the saying that canines shall consume meat and shall eat it raw. Similarly, they produce the recipe which they claim it to be raw.

This company has numerous products which focus on different life stage and specific breeds. You can go through their menu of recipes and eventually you end up liking most of them. Taste of the Wild Southwest Canyon is one canned product containing no grains and no artificial additives.

This product has beef, beef liver, wild boar and lamb in its top few positions which means there is an utmost amount of meat protein in the meal. Fruits and vegetable inclusion in the product is commendable. Fruits help in maintaining the youthful skin texture and vegetable help in the nourishment of the body.

This recipe consists of an average amount of carbs, above average protein and low fats which is suitable for all the dogs. Many parents prefer this food over others because of its recipes, quality, economic rates, availability in the market.

  • There is above average amount of protein in this wet dog food, which is desirable.
  • Also, a fair amount of fibers in this diet will help maintain digestion.
  • Makers use numerous meats which adds up a cherishing taste and great nutritional importance.
  • TOTW holds average calorie content which suits dogs of all life stages.
  • Makers never recalled this product line.
  • This formula has a few carbs which might be difficult to digest.
  • Many parents have common complaints about their pets passing bloody stools or lost appetite.
  • Diamond recalled nine of its brands for salmonella infections, TOTW was one of those.


Taste of the Wild Southwest Canyon is an above average product which delivers an utmost proportion of protein, fats, carbs. Not only this product has an economic rate but also it comes with few of the best quality ingredients. TOTW has a huge buyer community which we cannot neglect because it means there are many loyal customers believing in its quality.

If your little companion is suffering from any type of ailments or has recovered recently then avoid this product. Feed this product only when your champ is healthy only then he will do well on this diet.

You can believe in this brand for several reasons we have explained and try for yourself and see the results. Most of the pet parents are satisfied with the quality and recipes TOTW offers.

4. Weruva Grain Free Canned Dog Food

Weruva Grain Free Canned Dog Food


The brand Weruva is quite a renown company for its quality and wet dog food. Makers claim of preparing its formulae by adding human-grade ingredients. For that claim, they also pass through the strict regulations check.

They manufacture their products in their facility in Thailand. Again, that does not compromise their quality as they are particular about their quality products. At first, Weruva started producing cat foods and eventually they adapted to produce the dog foods.

Many parents choose this product as it contains good quality meat, a fair amount of vitamin and mineral supplements.

This product costs a bit due to the nutritional value it offers. It is a plus when this product suits all the dogs falling under different lifestage.

  • High protein content makes this wet dog food product healthy for active pooches.
  • A tiny amount of carbs are good for active digestion.
  • Makers never recalled any of their product lines.
  • Salmon recipe delivers lean protein which is fit for almost every Fido.
  • Pumpkin in the diet helps in digestion and helps in cardiovascular functions too.
  • Weruva costs slightly more than most of the parents could afford.
  •  Salmon is at a lower position in the ingredients list i.e. its proportion in the diet is low.
  • Potato starch can trigger yeast infection to the sensitive pooches.
  • Potato can increase gastric trouble for adults and seniors.


Weruva is a brand which delivers its wet dog food with soothing taste and utmost nutritional qualities. This recipe seems to be containing the quality ingredients in which meat proteins are chicken and salmon. Moreover, both of the meat deliver desirable lean protein to the consumer.

The number reflects high protein amount, most of the rivals on this list can hardly deliver the nutrient level that this product does. Picky eaters can take some time until they like this meal.

This product has an acute smell that most of the new eaters avoid. This is an all life stage dog food i.e. it will suit all types of dogs. A couple of parents complained as they received dented product from the seller.

5. Holistic Select Natural Wet Grain Free – Beef Pate

Holistic Select Natural Wet Grain Free - Beef Pate


Holistic is one of the subsidiaries of Wellness pet food company. The parent brand holds a reputable position in the pet foods community.

Holistic has a clear image as it has never recalled any of their products. Furthermore, Holistic delivers premium quality animal products with a reasonable price tag. Fruits inclusion in this formula adds a delightful taste to the meal.

Also, the meat protein in the product is quite filled with fatty acids. Fatty acids contribute to healthy functioning of the heart and maintain a shiny coat.

Grain free recipe counts good when we are talking about canines. Many pooches develop intolerance by consuming grains.

  • Holistic never recalled their wet dog food products.
  • This formula has a substantial amount of protein.
  • It has lower carbs which are a good quality.
  • Makers use novel meat protein for the product.
  • The product comprises a high amount of fats.
  • It has an average fiber content.


This product contains an above average amount of nutrients. It is somewhat similar to that of the Wellness dog food in terms of protein content.

This recipe suits puppies and active dogs as it has good protein in it. Maker prepares this product by adding utmost novel meat ingredients which is desirable. Picky eaters will love the recipe because meat in this diet helps them adapt to the typical taste which they avoid.

Yet this wet dog food product proves to be good for digestion, as many parents say that. The brand produces a premium quality product with the fairly affordable price. Don’t feed this to the pooch suffering from pancreatitis or chronic digestion diseases.

6. Cesar Gourmet Wet Food

Cesar Gourmet Wet Food


The company Mars Inc. manufactures the Cesar products, it is popular for its chocolate bars. Cesar has a huge buyer community despite not heavily investing in marketing their products.

People love this brand for the reason that most of them found their pets doing better on this diet. Though the ingredients seem to be less than perfect for normal pet foods yet dogs love Cesar. It has a pleasant aroma and taste as the pooches never avoid this meal.

In the apparent packet, there are four types of formulae i.e. grilled chicken, oven roasted chicken, turkey, and duck as its focus ingredients.

These formulae constitute healthy dog food in terms of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Nutritional quality of this wet dog food product is as good as any other premium dog food product.

The recipe contains a fair amount of fibers which are good for digestion and bowel movements. Also, the pack consists of apt vitamin and mineral supplements.

  • Cesar never recalled any of these products.
  • This pack offers four different recipes all of which are decent.
  • Producers use various types of meat in the recipe.
  • Makers had to recall their filet mignon flavor for plastic pieces that contaminated the meal.
  • This wet dog food product is quite expensive compared to the ingredients it offers.
  • Ingredient section does not clearly state the use of which animal’s liver.
  • By-products of meat are not desirable.
  • There is an added color which is worrisome.


Looking at the ingredient table, Cesar seems to be just one product with flashy constituents in its recipe. It appears that most of the meat inclusion are not specific i.e. which animal’s liver get in the recipe.

Beef by-products are not equal to the protein actual beef offers. Makers state the inclusion of meat, chicken, and beef by-products which might add some harshness to the consumer’s digestion tract.

There is a fair amount of fiber content in the meal which is desirable.

There are immense protein and desirable carbs in the pack which will suit young and adult pooches. Don’t feed this to the senior dogs or to those having a poor metabolism. This product seems appealing to many parents after they start feeding their pups.

A couple of users reported of their champ doing well on this food. Cesar has considerable customer community, which partially validates the claims this brand make on their quality.

7. Nature’s Recipe Wet Food for Dogs

Nature's Recipe Wet Food for Dogs


Recipe holds a reputation in the market for its pet food. Nature’s recipe has various recipes as famous as the canned ones. We show here its tinned product with its nutritional importance.

The brand produces the blend of ingredients which is delightful and consists of a single meat source. By that, the makers eliminate the possibilities of avoiding food for picky eaters. This brand holds its position in the top-rated wet dog food because it never had to recall any of its canned products. No recalls is a considerable sign of the product’s quality and particularity.

Looking at the ingredients, this product focuses on chicken as its chief ingredient followed by the chicken broth. Top ingredients generally develop the taste of the whole recipe and thus chicken seems to be an appropriate addition. Sunflower oil proves to be good for the heart and also maintains a shiny coat.

  • Makers have never recalled their wet dog food product line.
  • High protein content in the pack adds nutritional value to the meal.
  • A lower amount of carbs will contribute to the healthy digestive system.
  • This formula has high fiber in the recipe.
  • The company has recalled one of their treats products. Nevertheless, canned meals were not involved.
  • Many parents had a common complaint about their pet losing appetite.


A chicken recipe that Nature’s Recipe produces, has some of the most nutritional ingredients in the formula. By looking at their clean recall record, it is sure that the company is considerate of their quality and reputation.

The apparent formula contains desirable proportions of fats and protein content. This recipe is suitable for puppies and adults as the fiber and calorie content in the pack nourishes them appropriately.

Picky eaters might love this when you use it as a topping on kibble. Many masters use this trick to feed their pets with a variety of tastes along with the required nutrition.

8. Blue Homestyle Lamb Dinner Recipe

Blue Homestyle Lamb Dinner Recipe


This is one of the most reputed dog snacks producers that we see in the market. Blue Buffalo claims its recipes to be natural. They have various formulae which are prepared to suit all sorts of breeds and life stage. The company even produces special recipes for the allergens.

We recommend this brand for its utmost quality protein ingredients. This recipe consists of lamb, lamb broth, and lamb liver which is a quality inclusion. The formula does not have wheat, corn or soy means the makers have eliminated the allergic constituents from the product.

Many parents have shifted to this brand after trying several brands and follow this till date. Blue certainly has an army of loyal buyers to their side who believe in Blue’s quality.

  • Blue Buffalo never recalled this recipe.
  • There is nice meat quality in the wet dog food product.
  • Blue doesn’t use chicken by-products, corn, wheat, soy. Those could develop food intolerance.
  • Firstly, makers recalled other product of the same product line.
  • Secondly, they have recalled other product lines numerous times.
  • It has a high fats proportions.
  • Low protein content in the pack is undesirable.
  • Many users complained about their pets passing bloody stools.


Blue appears to be a promising product in terms of the novel ingredients and also as a natural food producer. The current recipe offers too much fat which could be dangerously unhealthy for pets.

Furthermore, it has lower protein count than most of its own products. A lower amount of protein and fats is a general requirement of the senior Fido. In contrast to that, this product delivers high fats and low protein.

Going through the complaints from the Blue users, we found tons of positive feedback from happy customers as well as vets. But on the other hand, Blue also has many customers who are unhappy with the brand.

There were common complaints from parents, stating their pet started passing bloody stools, vomiting, losing appetite. However, negative feedbacks were outnumbered by the positive ones.

Thus to cut the story short, we advise you to keenly observe your pet during his pre and post feeding time. If you find something fishy, consult a medical expert or try changing the food.

This formula proves to be the best for the puppies if some protein supplements are mixed with it. It will suit the pooches of small breed size who are active throughout the day.

9. Whole Earth Farms Grain Free

Whole Earth Farms Grain Free


Merrick Pet Care owns the Whole Earth, but the latter brand neither use a tag of its parent company nor sells under its name. Whole Earth seems to be outstanding for its healthiest dog food on its own. It has never recalled any of its product line which is not the same scenario as its parent company.

The recipe suits animals falling under any life stage. Looking at the ingredient table, there are top five healthy meat ingredients and there is no certain artificial additive. Whole Earth has an undeniably good taste which most of the dogs like. The company maintains its integrity by using its raw materials sourced from the near-by facility and some exclusive sellers.

  • Makers never recalled any of their wet dog food product lines.
  • High protein and an appropriate amount of carbs are of good nutritional value.
  • The formula has an average amount of fiber, good for young and adults.
  • Whole Earth is economical pet food brand.
  • Some of the parents complained about their pet throwing up after consuming this food.
  • There were some complaints of pooches losing appetite from this recipe.
  • Many buyers complained that can be often weighing irregularly.


Whole Earth has a good nutritional value considering the current product. Makers have used best quality ingredients and blending those into one recipe for maximum nutrition is notable.

Protein amount in the meal is substantial for every dog but observe for the seniors. There is a desirable low amount of carbs which would keep the good health of the consumer. Fats in the diet is a bit on the higher side; nevertheless, it will help contribute calories to the eater.

Overall, this product is an all life stages product and does not harm the allergens and sensitives.

10. Purina Alpo Chop House Wet Dog Food

Purina Alpo Chop House Wet Dog Food


Nestle runs this subsidiary Purina which dominates the market with its several pet nutriments. Alpo is one of the product-lines that Purina sells, it is specifically for all life stages. Accordingly, The formula comprises an average amount of fibers, protein; also the fats and carbs proportion is such that it suits almost every pet.

The current product consists of two different flavors and both of which have similar top ingredients. Similarly, The taste will also be somewhat the same and on the other hand, it saves dogs from developing intolerances.

  • Maker never had to recall this wet dog food product.
  • The diet has an appropriate amount of carbs.
  • The product is extremely economical.
  • Purina recalled its several times its other products.
  • Many parents complain of digestive issues of their fur-buddies after feeding this food.
  • This product has excess fats and low protein which is not healthy.
  • Meat by-products are not preferable for eating.
  • Also, makers don’t disclose that which animal’s meat by-products they have used.
  • Makers use color additives which is not a healthy ingredient.


Alpo is a subsidiary product line of Purina which is basically a combination of formulae.

Nutrients proportion is appropriate for the food which focuses on all life stages. Thus, you can feed this to your champ no matter if he is a pup or an adult. Good fiber content and low carbs boost the digestion process and maintain healthy internal organs.

This formula delivers utmost calories, thus it will energize your little buddy for active behavior.  There is nothing to worry while feeding this to your champ if he is healthy. Try to avoid shifting your pup from another brand to this brand over a short span of time. Because your champ can take up to 3 months to get accustomed to this product.

Buyers Guide

Here is the perfect comprehensive guide for you to choose the best wet dog food.

What is the perfect Canned Dog Food?

It gets confusing while you walk down the aisle in the market and see overloaded racks showing dog foods which can suffice all the dogs in your locality. It can get difficult for you to choose between those brands as those deliver the quality up to the mark.

Furthermore, brands exaggerate on explaining the nutrient value with catchy tagline or anime. We have shown few qualities of the dog food which counts as qualities of best-tinned dog meal.

  • Nutritional Value

Living beings consume food for satisfying their hunger, their nutritional requirement, and for relishing the taste. While selecting the food, you as a parent shall take care of your champ’s needs and preferences.

The meal pack you select might have the best qualities compared to other brands but it is not necessary that it will suit your dog. So, observe the dog’s preferences and choose the food.

Each nutrient is important in the recipe of the meal, even if those are in different proportions. Thus, there you have an advantage for getting the best of your requirements. Protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats and fatty acids are necessary for the diet, which you have to make sure of selecting.

High protein and fats are an ideal diet for the young ones and athletic champs. On the other hand, senior pooches require a lower amount of fats and protein.

  • Size of the Pack

Unlike the dry meal, you need to feed the wet dog food to your pooch within 2 to 3 days once you open the can. Manufacturers produce wet food in the airtight cans which isolate the inside food from the outside contamination. But after you open the can, that moisture goes through oxidation and becomes rancid within a couple of days.

There is feeding guide behind each can, or follow the guideline if you are visiting a vet. Thus, choose the size of the tin in such a way that your champion can finish it within a day or two.

  • Calorie Content

An authoritative body lays out norms for specifying the calorie content of the formula behind the pack. Every manufacturer has to follow that mandatory rule.

A calorie is a form of energy that accumulates as fats in the body. On the pack, calorie content shows the numeric value of metabolizable energy available per unit cup of serving. This energy releases once the food passes through all the digestive processes. Higher the numeric value, more will be the amount of energy release after metabolism.

  • Guaranteed Analysis

The can comprises of nutrients in different proportions, which the company specifies each nutrient proportion in percentage. The major nutrients find a place in the guaranteed analysis column i.e. protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, acids. This nutritional information on the meal can help you to know if the product meets your requirements or not.

In the wet food, there is a high amount of protein and lower carbs which suits young pups. On the other hand, senior will require a lower amount of protein and fats.

  • Grain Free/Gluten Free

Carbs are available in the grains in abundance, which might prove difficult to digest for some canines. Similarly, gluten is present in some grains which might prove difficult to digest for some pooches.

It is not necessary that dogs suffer from indigestion, in many cases dogs have suffered from skin irritation and intolerances. Try to rotate the diet in a couple of weeks to save your Fido from catching intolerances towards grains if he is fine with it now.

Five Popular and Good Wet Dog Food Brands

We have listed the best-tinned food for pooches by evaluating the products on several factors. Every animal might have a certain preference towards food.

In addition, it is very possible that your little guy wouldn’t eat any of the food that we ranked. Even the qualities that each brand delivered were so appealing that it made evaluation difficult. We believe there are more than just ten products best for different dogs. Thus, we list here five more brands which offer a promising quality of products.

  1. Purina Moist & Meaty
  2. I & Love & You Beef Booyah Stew Grain Free Canned Dog Food
  3. Purina Beneful Prepared Meals
  4. Pedigree Chopped Ground Dinner
  5. Castor & Pollux Organix Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Wet Dog Food

Based on Requirements

In recent days, pets adapt to the environments of shrinking homes. Also, their diet has also changed over the span of decades. In addition to it, the pet foods these days prepare unique recipes to suffice animals having different health conditions.

Gone are those days when a pet used to get nutritious raw food directly from the ranch or butcher’s shop. Nowadays most of the pets get packed food, which some dogs find difficult to adapt. Here we list down the type of dog foods focusing on specific nutrients.

#1 Organic

When the ingredients are extracted from natural sources by following mechanical, biological and conventional farming. In case of meats, the source animal should have had an organic food diet and access to open land.

Then both of the vegetarian and non-vegetarian ingredients can be called organic. Similarly, an organic pooch meal having moisture around 80%  are organic wet dog food.

#2 Low Protein

Protein is a nutrient which helps in bodily strength. It contributes to repairing the muscles and tissues. Overall energy and health partially depend on the protein content of the food.

Excess protein intake is difficult to digest, in extreme conditions it can start developing into undissolvable stone. Therefore, animals with poor metabolism and lower energy requirements shall consume foods with low protein.

#3 High Protein

Protein constitutes to major energy supply to the body. It is responsible for the internal organs healing process and curing the torn muscles and tissues.

It is also a key substance that develops nails and coat of animals. Therefore, it is important for an active dog to have high protein content in its meal.

#4 High Calorie

A calorie is an energy measurement unit. For the eatables, a calorie measures the energy that food releases after digestion in the eater’s body. It is also known as measurement unit of metabolizable energy.

Therefore, higher the value of calories higher will be the energy from that diet. Body stores excess amount of calories in the form of fats. Utilizes it during starvation.

We advise you to choose high-calorie diet if your pet is young or an adult even if they are lethargic. At a young age, pooches require more energy to sustain to that of the senior age.

#5 Low Fat

In recent times, we observe many bloated pets around the corner of the street or the park. Yes, animals also are prone to getting fat due to lack of physical activities and the limited dwelling areas(their master’s house). Generous owners also sometimes make the situation worse by feeding the dog more than he needs.

Due to a hectic schedule, the masters also are incapable of taking their pets for regular long walks. Some try to reduce the feeding number of meals but that can rather develop serious problems. To control this problem, masters can adapt low-fat diet for their pups.

#6 Chicken Free

Makers source chicken from the enclosed poultry farm or rarely from the field raiser. Poultry farms do not maintain the hygiene levels of the livestock in order to reduce the cost.

In addition to that, the poultry farm’s unhygienic conditions lead to developing the diseases i.e. salmonella and bird-flu. Therefore, it becomes difficult to track the poultry product health while using it as an ingredient. It is better to eradicate that source of infection from the diet.

#7 Soy Free

Soy has a large number of toxins. That will develop gastric troubles, hinders protein synthesis and leads to amino acids deficiency and its synthesis too.

Hence, if the dog has symptoms of illness post his feeding time on a soy diet then adamantly stop using the apparent diet.

#8 Grain Free/Gluten Free

You will observe many pooches are allergic to grain and gluten, therefore avoiding grains and gluten become necessary. Gluten is a protein compound pooches have difficulty in synthesizing. Grains(some grains) have gluten, which makes the grains hard to digest.

In addition to it, grains are complex carbs and need more time to get digested in the digestive tract. Thus, avoid grains when you purchase organic dog food for your champ.

Based on Breed Size

It is a known fact that the dog food manufacturers produce products specifically for some breeds. No, not for each breed exclusively but for generic categories of dogs. Dogs are categorized into three different sections i.e. small, medium, and large breed. We have listed here different dog foods for specific breed category.

#1 Small Dogs or Toy Breed

Toy breed Fido are energetic and lively throughout the day. They require a good amount of protein in their diet, but along with lower fats and higher fibers.

There should not be any bit of harshness from a heavily processed ingredient. Apart from the nutritional requirements, they need smaller sized kibble or the dry matter in case of a wet dog food. Large kibble or dry matter can easily get chocked in their digestive tract.

#2 Medium Sized Dog

Medium sized dogs are those who weigh 30-60 pounds and adult males grow up to 14 inches tall. Most of the pets fall into this category. These pooches require a substantial amount of protein, vitamin, fats, and carbs.

#3 Large Breeds

The dogs which weigh more than 60 pounds or grow taller than 14 inches fall under this classification. These are huge and consume food heavily.

They require quality and quantity both in abundance. Not all the products will offer the nutritional need that this dog needs. You will have to feed large Fido their kind of food.

Best Dog Food for Based on Age

We talked about how different types of breeds require different types of food. Similarly, we need to know how different life stage of the pooch will have their nutritional requirements.

#1 Puppy

Puppies are active all the time and their growing body needs a maximum amount of protein and calories. In their tender age, pups don’t have a good immune system. Therefore, they require the diet with maximum nutritional importance and minimum harshness. Pups of age 0-1 year fall into this category.

2 Adult

Adult dogs are the ones having 1-7 years of age. During this phase, pooches are capable of adapting to almost every dog food as they have good immunity.

3 Senior

Senior are those having an age of more than 8 years. These dogs neither require more nutrients nor more quantity of food. There shall be optimum fiber content and minimum processed ingredients.

For Different Conditions

Below are the wet dog food recommendations based on various conditions.

#1 Yeast Infection

Basically, yeast infection is a result of warm or moist body surfaces, which are generally the joints. Starch takes the form of sugar after metabolism. Yeast nourishes the sugar content in the body. Therefore, the starch intake indirectly determines the possibility of yeast development in the body.

Generally, the kibble is filled with starch because it acts as a binder for the kibble. However, canned dog foods have lower to none amount of starch depending on the brand and its recipe. Furthermore, avoid grains, synthetically processed products, fruits, artificial sweeteners.

Weruva Grain Free Canned Dog Food – Jammin Salmon

#2 Hypoallergenic

Pooches flush a protein from their skin and salivary glands, that will affect other living beings
coming in touch with that dog. Adding more, the protein deteriorates after being suspended in the atmosphere by shedding hair from his coat.

Thus, pooches shedding less will have the protein on them. It also affects their masters with sensitivities. There are food diets solving the problem, it reduces the bacterial deposition on the fur and it is an effective diet.

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Potato & Duck Formula Canned Dog Food

#3 Obesity

Wet pet foods have a high amount of calorie content compared to the dry dog food. However, not only obesity directly depends on the nature and quality of the meal but also on the feeding time.

There are several factors which can cause over-eating in dogs i.e. frequent meals, large quantity meals, elongated starvation, a long duration between two meals, high-calorie foods, lower activities of a pooch, etc.

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Wet Canned Dog Food

#4 Skin Allergies

Skin texture is the result of metabolism and digestion. Better the digestion healthier will be the skin quality. A healthy digestive tract helps in maintaining the skin texture. In rare cases, harsh environment, unhygienic dwelling contributes to the skin allergies.

It generally develops flare-ups and rashes on the skin. Thus, the product fit for pooch having skin allergies shall consume food comprising easily digestible ingredients. Ultimately, he will adapt to the environment only when he gets optimum care for the allergies he has.

Hill’s Prescription Diet Skinn/Food Sensitivities d/d Canine Salmon Formula

#5 Sensitive Stomach

Many pooches have this problem due to the harsh environment, highly processed foods. In most of the cases, unhealthy water and unhygienic environment also cause sensitive stomach. Either the pup is not able to digest the nutrients properly or the harshness in the food is affecting him.

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Gastro Intestinal Low Fat Canned Dog Food

#6 Liver Disease

Liver disease can easily occur in the pets. This disease is due to excess copper deposition in the liver. Generally, the meat i.e. salmon, duck, pork consists of a higher amount of copper. Moreover, the diet deficient of fatty acids is responsible for the improper synthesis of the protein which also contributes to the damage.

What to Look for in a Canned Dog Food

Below are the things to keep an eye on while purchasing Canned Dog Food.

1. Nutritional Value

Living beings consume food for satisfying their hunger, nutritional requirement, and for relishing the taste. While selecting the food, you as a parent shall take care of your champ’s needs and preferences.

The meal pack you select might have the best qualities compared to other brands but it is not necessary that will suit your dog. So, observe the dog’s preferences and choose the food.

2. Manufacturing Date

Tinned food for dogs are airtight and provide isolation to the food in the can from outside contamination and oxidation. Look for manufacturing date to be as latest as possible. Seller stack the products which take some time to sell. Thus if you visit to buy healthy dog food on the market while they are low on their stock, then you might find the products with older manufacturing dates. No doubt, these products are within the expiration limit but the freshness changes when it is a bit older.

3. Effective Feeding Time

Canned food pack are airtight and keeps the food safe for a longer time. But once the can opens, food gets rancid within a couple of days. Thus, once you open the can feed your pet then finish the can within 2 to 3 days after opening. Store the can in dry and cool place after opening.

4. Cost

This food is more expensive compared to that of the dry kibble. Nevertheless, if you own a pet and cannot afford premium food then it is acceptable. You can feed your dog on economic wet dog food available in the market. It is not necessary that an expensive product will be best for your companion.

There are numerous companies that deliver the quality food at an economical price. It will not be of such rich quality as that of any premium food. But when your champ is doing good then the food is good. That can develop immunity in the dog towards different types of foods.

5. Allergic Content

Producers follow the set of recipes that they are good at. Even though, a renown brand’s recipes can also prove to be the reason for the pooches with allergies towards certain ingredients.

Meat protein is prone to catching infection when makers don’t maintain hygiene. Grains and gluten in the meal can trigger an allergy to the sensitive Fido. Try to avoid the content of the meal which your dog is allergic to.

6. Dog’s Preferences

Like humans, dogs also have preferences for the meals depending on its smell and taste. Observe if your little champ prefers any specific type of food. Cater him the recipe that fits according to his liking.

Also, keep your four-legged companion on a rotational diet. Because feeding him a single type of food will develop intolerances towards that food.

7. Quality of the Can

While buying the wet food, contamination is a greater risk than any other. Can with corrosion can poison the food inside. Therefore, avoid buying the cans which have even a little bit of corrosion signs on it.

Well, some cans get corrosion from the inside and you can only know once you open the can. In that case, avoid feeding that to your champ and return the product to the seller.

8. Popular Dog Food

Buyers might find some dog’s eatable products suitable according to their limited experiences. In contrast to that, it is advisable to choose the product which most of the users buy. Afterall their experiences are also worth noting the quality of the brand they buy.

9. Quality of Moisture Liquid

The liquid in the can is generally the water blend of the ingredients. Moisture in the tin depends on the liquid content. Many parents prefer this type of food because of its moist kibble, higher nutritional quality. The moisture level should not lower than 60% of the total weight of the pack. Therefore, check for the moisture proportion in the pack.

10. Dry Matter Basis(DMB)

In the canned dog food, measuring nutrients according to the DMB is essential. Dry matter in the can constitutes the total nutritional value of the meal.

The liquid is just a quality volume filler. While in the guaranteed analysis section, the percentage value of any nutrient shows its proportion w.r.t. the total weight(including liquid). Thus, you can calculate the total nutritional proportion by considering the dry matter basis and eliminate the liquid from the equation.

What to Avoid in a Canned Food for Dogs

Let’s see the thing you should avoid while buying wet dog food.

1. Poultry By-Products

Poultry products are a rich source of protein and fatty acids. So, why do you need to avoid the by-products?

There is a difference between the poultry by-products and the poultry products. Poultry products which are rich in nutritional value are chicken, chicken meal, eggs, etc. While the by-products are the leftover from the poultry source i.e. claws, beak, etc. which are waste fillers in the meal.

By-products don’t add any qualitative importance to the recipe. Also, that increases the chance of stomach upset or developing sensitivities. Furthermore, infected poultry products are potential sources of the bacterial infection i.e. salmonella and bird-flu.

2. Cheap Protein

Companies producing the dog’s nutriment are capable of mixing the plant-based protein into the wet dog food. But most of those sources neither add qualitative importance to the meal nor quantitative. If the plant-based source adds a substantial amount of fibers in the meal, then we can count it t be worth the recipe. But in reality, it is just an economic filler in the food with below average quality.

3. Unknown Ingredients

If you are reading this, and want to understand the importance of every ingredient that producer uses. Then we suggest you go through the evaluation of ingredients in the dog food. Try to understand the importance of specific ingredient in your pooch’s diet. Avoid selecting the formula having unknown ingredients in its list. Because that might be just a synthetic flavor or a taste enhancer.

4. Falling for Innovative Commercials

Pet parents(you) are easy to trick, animal food brands can easily convince you to buy any animal food product with an innovative commercial approach. Advertisers know it for the matter of fact and trick you again and again with some catchy tagline or a cute animal theme. Keep in mind your actual motive to buy the product and also your pooch’s needs.

5. Low Fibers

Fibers are good for metabolism and smooth bowel movements. Fibers are a key substance which keeps your pet’s digestion right on the track. It is important to have a good amount of fiber source in the meal. Many companies fail to deliver the rich fiber content, avoid the products having low fiber proportion in the pack.

6. Contamination Signs(corrosion)

Canned or tinned dog meal gets its name from the packaging method, the producers use. They use aluminum or tin material to make a can and pack the meal. Some metals are prone to corrosion i.e. oxidation while coming in contact with moisture and air.

As we know, wet food comprises about 80% of moisture which is one of the two oxidizing agents for metals. While air can only come in contact after the can is in use.

Therefore it is safe to consume wet food quickly after opening the can. It is possible that the can has corrosion right before the packaging of food. Thus, check for any signs of contamination from corrosion while serving the food.


Here are the frequently asked questions about the wet dog food.

1. How Much is Wet Dog Food Safe To Feed a Dog?

As we all can agree on the point that the appetite of different dogs is different. Nonetheless, there is a generalized feeding guide that most of the leading dog food brands display at the back of the product packet.

We all agree on another point that feeding guide sometimes is not suitable for your specific pet. To understand the quantity of the feed for the dog can vary depending on factors i.e. calorie content, the life stage of your pet, his breed, physical activities, number of daily meals, etc.

Calculate, from this equation about how much to feed your fur buddy.

Calories required per day = 110 x (weight of your pooch in kg)^0.75

Now, divide the calories required in a day by the total number of meals your dog gets.


  • The dog is up to 3 months old, he needs 4 meals in a day.
  • If he is from 3 to 6 months old, he needs 3 meals in a day.
  • The pooch is more than 6 months old, he needs 2 meals in a day.

Mixing Dry and Wet Dog Food

The practice of mixing dry and wet dog food is prominent in the pet parent’s community. But understand this, unlike human food toppings are used for taste enhancements; these dog foods are equally nutritionally healthy dog foods. By mixing you are not only enhancing the taste but nutritional value also.

In case of, we can mix canned and kibble in equal proportions if their calorie content is somewhat equal. Or add a major proportion of either wet dog food or the dry dog food depending on whichever has a higher calorie content. You can also check out the best dog foods to find a complete range of both, dry and wet dog food.

Note: Don’t just fill your champ’s bowl full so that he can eat his meal whenever and in whatever quantity he wants. In that manner, you will not be able to monitor his intake volume and time when he eats.

Also, don’t practice this feeding technique when you have more than one pet at home. Because it again becomes impossible to monitor if each of them is eating in proper quantity or not.

2. Is Wet Dog Food Bad For Puppies?

Small pups require more nutrition in the meal, which wet pet food consists. Puppies have tiny food pipe which means the food shall either be of a small size or easily chewable. Canned products prove to be easily chewable.

No, the wet dog food is not bad for puppies. But avoid feeding a high-fat soft meal to them because it might develop stomach sensitivities after consumption.

3. Does Wet Dog Food Cause Diarrhea?

There are several reasons which can cause diarrhea in dogs. Stomach sensitivity, stale or recalled product, indigestible ingredients, heavily synthesized ingredients, etc can be the possible reasons. It is possible that a dog facing any of the stated problems and suffer diarrhea but it is not definite of the wet pet food is solely responsible for it.

No, wet dog food does not cause diarrhea. Loose motions can be due to any reasons but wet pet food being responsible for it.

4. Mixing Dry and Wet Dog Food?

There are several benefits and disadvantages of the dry and wet dog food respectively. It can be delicious for the dog when you mix kibble and canned food. Many picky eaters will adapt to the food once you start feeding them the mixed food.

Feeding your pet on the same diet for long can develop intolerances towards that specific diet. At times, picky eaters avoid the food due to lack of changing diet. Neither humans nor animals like the same recipe for a longer period.

Mixing the dry and wet food can increase the quality of the meal, has nutritional benefits, easy for revolving the diets, can help the little pups.

Mixing the dog food can be advantageous, firstly for the nutritional benefits and secondly for the pleasant taste. You can use the canned food as a topping. Or completely mix both the meals to obtain a soft kibble and chewable liquid dog food as a result.

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So this was petlovesbest’s take on the best-wet dog food reviews. We hope that it helps you to find the best healthy canned food for your furry little partner.

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