NomNomNow Cat Food Review of 2023 [Unbiased]

This is Mark’s personal experience and Unbiased review NomNomNow cat food.

My cat is amongst my most precious belongings. I always want the best for him. Theo is a 3-year-old Maine Coon and is always full of energy. However, I noticed a problem with his coat. It had lost much of its shine and Theo was himself no longer bursting with energy as before.

On closer examination, I found Theo was bored with kibble and was not as enthusiastic about food as he used to be. I approached the vet, who told me to make food more fascinating. He then told me about NomNomNow cat food subscription services that supplied customized fresh meals for cats.

NomNomNow Reviews of Cat Food

I soon signed up with NomNomNow. Within a month, Theo was back to enjoying his food and the shine on his coat had begun to return. He was back to his playful self and bursting with energy as before. This is my review of NomNomNow’s cat food.

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NomNomNow Cat Food: Customized Fresh Cat Food

I’ll start with my experience of ordering from NomNomNow and then go on to discuss the ingredients and recipes before finally discussing issues such as pricing, benefits, and delivery.

Ordering NomNomNow Cat Food

Cat parents have to subscribe to NomNomNow Cat Food through the company’s website. Once I began to sign up on their website, NomNomNow made me enter information such as my cat’s name, weight, targeted weight, age, and any other health sensitivities.

NomNomNow processed this information to determine what and how much my cat would need to eat and gave me a price quote for my trial order. After placing my first order, I could customize the frequency of delivery or make changes to my subscription at any time.

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While signing up, I was asked to describe any health issues that Theo may have had. It is important that Theo’s food contains a lot of vitamins so that he can stay young and energetic for a longer period. And this food claimed to be rich in vitamins and antioxidants that could delay aging.

Once all my cat info was entered, I got to choose the recipe I was interested in. NomNomNow offers two recipes – Chicken Chow Meow and Flavorful Fish Feast. I opted for Chicken Chow Meow. After I had chosen the recipes and opted for weekly delivery, I received an email specifying the next few steps and what I should expect in my first parcel. It also explained how it could be difficult for cats to transition to the new diet, but that they would be sending a booklet with the first order that would contain tips on transitioning.

Ingredients and Recipes

NomNomNow’s cat food allows customers to choose from two recipes – Chicken Chow Meow and Flavorful Fish Feast. Both recipes are fully human-grade and are prepared from fresh poultry or fish. The cooked meat is mixed with fruits and vegetables and is delivered as single-serving packets, making it easy for you to serve the right quantity to your kitty at mealtimes. These ingredients are different from dog recipes which you can read here in NomNomNow Dog Food Review.

NomNomNow Cat Food Reviews

NomNomNow cat food is made from select few ingredients and does not contain any artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or additives that can harm your cat.

1. NomNomNow Chicken Chow Meow Cat Food

NomNomNow Chicken Recipe

NomNomNow’s chicken recipe includes cuts of chicken muscle meat and organs.

The first ingredient is chicken thigh, which is a nutrient-rich cut of dark meat. The next ingredient is chicken breast, which is also rich in protein and nutrients. Chicken liver is mixed to provide a source of vitamins and minerals.

Carrot is the fourth ingredient added to increase the carbohydrate content and is a source of beta-carotene, an antioxidant. Spinach and asparagus are added as sources of other vitamins and minerals. Spinach strengthens both the immune system and the digestive system.

Cantaloupe is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and, amino acids.

Lastly, this recipe is reinforced with NomNomNow nutrient mix, a composite blend of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Broadly, this is a meat-based cat food recipe with high protein content (56%), moderate fat (34%) and low carbohydrate content (10%). Each ounce of chicken chow meow provides 33 calories.

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2. NomNomNow Flavorful Fish Feast

NomNomNow Cat Food Recipe

NomNomNow’s flavorful fish feast recipe is primarily made from tilapia and salmon, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and nourishing protein. Beef fat is included as a source of choline and unsaturated fatty acids.

There are two vegetable ingredients. The first is cassava root, or yuca, which is a source of Vitamin C, Calcium, and minerals. The second is the carrot, which is a source for the antioxidant, beta-carotene.

Apart from this, the recipe is tempered with NomNomNow’s nutrient mix, which is rich in essential minerals, vitamins, and amino acids.

This recipe is, broadly speaking, a fish-based food rich in animal protein (50%), moderate fat content (45%) and very low carbohydrate content (5%). Flavorful fish feast contains about 39 calories per ounce.

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Benefits of Feeding NomNomNow to Cats

NomNomNow Customized Fresh Cat Food

The following are some of the health benefits associated with fresh pet food:

  • More Energy: NomNomNow is easier for cats to digest and therefore is better absorbed in the body. This translated into more energy for longer playtime and exercises.
  • Shinier Coat, healthier skin, brighter eyes: The cat food also contains a NomNomNow nutrient mix that contains all naturally occurring minerals and vitamins. These make the coat shiny and eyes more bright.
  • Healthier immune system: The essential nutrients in the NomNomNow nutrient mix also keep the immune system strong.
  • Lesser excreta: The cat will poop less. His body will absorb the nutrients better and without any non-essential additives and grains, less food will be excreted. It means less poop-scooping and less litter.
  • Better hydration: Cats get most of the water they need from the food they eat. If they aren’t eating a moisture-rich diet, it can result in serious health issues for them.

How does the food stay fresh?

The meals were delivered just days after being prepared and the delivery box had multiple ice packs and special insulation to ensure that the food remained cold. On delivery, the food is refrigerated, and not frozen.

The food is good in the fridge for one week. If you have subscribed to a biweekly or monthly plan, only then the surplus is sent to the freezer until you are left with very little in the fridge. The frozen meals take 24-48 hours to defrost in the fridge.

Is the NomNomNow cost justified?

Every NomNomNow subscription is differently priced based on the cat’s weight, delivery frequency, your cat’s unique needs and how many cats you are ordering for. Taking into consideration the variation in all these factors, NomNomNow would cost between $2 and $6 per day.

My cat is 9 lbs and the weekly delivery plan cost me about $4.31 per day. Those who opt for a monthly delivery plan can see their cost drop to $2.62 per day, all the variables staying the same.

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Price is NomNomNow’s biggest drawback. But the benefits of fresh, simple, species-appropriate food, far outweigh this limitation. I’ve considered making homemade food for cats but have been constrained because of the time and energy needed to do so, and NomNomNow is just the right solution for me.

NomNomNow has researched and worked out the formulations for simple, homemade-style foods so that I don’t have to find time and energy to do it on my own. The subscription model is very convenient because it allows me to receive a batch of cat food according to a schedule I can decide and control.

NomNomNow is an excellent choice for cats with health issues. The low carbohydrate content of their food is great for diabetic cats, and cats with IBD will be able to digest their food better. Also, cat parents who are struggling to find the right food for their cat’s need will get an opportunity to interact with the company’s nutrition experts.

How does the delivery schedule work?

The food is cooked from fresh ingredients every weekend and despatched just within a day or two. In my case, the food came quickly and I was kept updated via emails every step of the process. Based on your preference, and the freezer space, it is possible to select a weekly, biweekly or monthly NomNomNow delivery plan.

Note: There are a few best cat food options available in the market including Dr. Marty Nature’s Feast Cat Food and Blue Wilderness Cat Food.

The EndNote

There are so many cat food companies on the market but NomNomNow’s subscription-based fresh cat food delivery service stands out from the rest. The cat food that is delivered is customized according to the needs of your cat.

Delivered as single-serving packs, you don’t have to measure how much is to be served at each meal. All that needs to be done is to open one pack and pour the contents out into your kitty’s bowl.

We hope that you will try out NomNomNow just once, even if you are in no mood currently to transition your kitty from kibble/raw food to fresh food. And in case you are already a user, do let us know your opinion about NomNomNow in our comments section below.

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