5 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the World [Updated in 2021]

Dogs have been and will always be one of the most important companions to humans. Similarly, when we talk about dogs in the world then we are talking about the humongous population of 89.7 million in the USA only.

Ever funny, active, lazy, snuggle-ly, rambunctious, irritated, guilty, howl-ly, bark-y, hungry, gassy-explosives, and what not…

There are many phases of the dogs if not all of them are the traits of a single dog. And, we love them for the affection they give. Hail-back if the above line provoked you into getting a pet because you need to see the traits, health delicacies, and nutritional needs of these breeds.

Go through the list of dog breeds and see whose characteristics suit your lifestyle the most.

Famous Dog Breeds in the World

Here are the five most popular dog breeds which even American Kennel Club has acknowledged.

#5. Beagles

fifth most popular dog breed of 2018

Beagles are the cutest hounds, the energy balls filled with witty behavior that will keep you entertained even at the most critical times. On the other hand, these pooches will measure up to 15 inches tall lying between the small and medium dog breed category mark.

Further, the Beagles are the happy-go-lucky characters which blend in with the small ones in the family as well as the elder ones.

They are affectionate and loyal towards their people to the point that you shall expect them to do the Fido-talking to you. Also, they will befriend other dogs as well as humans apart from your family.

#4. French Bull Dog

most popular dog breed

Here, we have the dog species which has gained a lot of attention in recent years. Moreover, the other dog breeds on this list have neither faced a downfall nor popularity.

Whereas, the French Bull Dog is the only species to have climbed the popularity chart.

All, for this reason, these pooches are have an ugly-cute personality, rugged stance, and long ears. French Bulldog has a huge place in their hearts for their people. Also, they are keen on picking up human emotions too.

#3. Golden Retriever

side face golden retriever

Reaching closer and closer to the interesting dog breeds, Golden Retriever has its place fixed in the top threes in the chart. And why not?

The furry creature who grows from being the cute puppy furball to being a cute witty furball in the adult life.

In fact, they will remain energetic throughout the day and need an active lifestyle hence.

Golden Retrievers are equally friendly towards other dogs and the family members. Despite their bodies growing up to 25 inches tall and weighing about 75 pounds, the Golden Rets are extra cautious towards the smaller family members. Not to mention, they are devoted to saving their human family if ought to a risk.

#2. German Shepherd

side and front face of german shepherd

Talking about a dog willing to fight against Threats, German Shepherd has found a permanent place in the hearts of Pet Owners.

German Shepherds require proper training and discipline right from their puppyhood. It will further enhance their sniffing, tracking, guarding skills. Hence, they are useful are service dogs and in the forces.

With or without the training, German Shepherds are loyal, courageous, and athletic creatures. However, they blend slowly with other dogs and stranger. In fact, they are most territorial compared to other dogs on this list. Also, training the German Shepherds will require a certain amount of patience from your end too.

#1. Labrador Retriever

most popular dog breed of the decade

Coming to the most popular dog breeds which will run longer, faster than you can. In the same manner, they will grow fatter and lazier than you if you tend to show laziness around them.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Labrador Retriever the dog breed it is! They have been the most popular dog breed since decades if not a century. Labradors are affectionate, loyal towards their people.

They blend in easily with everyone right from family to strangers and other dogs.

Moreover, Labradors are called the ever hungry pooches and known for their happy-go-lucky nature. You can even find their tails waggling at your smallest expression of paying attention. They remain exceptionally healthy throughout their lives.

This species can pick-up on obedience, sniffing skills, tracking, etc. if trained properly. In the same manner, you can inculcate the guard-dogs instincts in them along with their natural retrievers. Not to mention, Labs can grow agitative if they have a lack of company.

The EndNote

In the end, this was the list of 5 most popular dogs according to the majority of dog parents.

Anyway, which dog breeds would you like to include in this list apart from these five?

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