The 9 Types of Dog Beds for Your Pooch

Check out these 9 different types of dog beds that your pooch will love. They are based on different requirements of your dogs for beds.

With millions of families keeping dogs as their beloved pet, the market for a dog bed is huge. And because of numerous brands being in the business of pet bed, a large number of choices are available for pet owners.

As the market for pup bed is versatile, there are various types of products available to choose from. All these variants are derived from the characteristics and qualities a dog requires.

Let us take a look at what are these best dog beds and what features they present.


1. Raised or Elevated Dog Bed

Raised dog bed

A raised or elevated dog looks like a trampoline at first sight. However, it is kind of trampoline in a way but with less bounce.

A raised or elevated dog bed comes with a simple metal frame with four legs and a supportive fabric on top of it. Just like the trampoline.

It is widely used for dogs that chew because of having minimal structure. And thus it prevents the chewing of the dog. This also adds to the durability of the bed.

The biggest benefit of a raised dog bed is that both indoors and outdoors. As it does not contain foam, you can wash it with ease. And the minimal construction makes it convenient for traveling purpose as well.

2. Bolster Bed

Bolster Bed 1

A bolster bed comes with supportive bolsters on one or more sides of the bed. Mostly, the bolsters are made from heavy cushioning. Such that it can easily support your beloved pup.

With various possibilities in design, often this kind of bed come with a couch like build. And contains cushioning at the bottom as well.

Many dogs love to sleep by leaning over something. Something like a cushion. A bolster dog bed does exactly the same and allows the dog to lean on and have some great sleep.

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3. Donut Bed

Sheri Best Friends Luxury Donut Cuddler

A donut bed, as the name suggests, comes with a donut-like structure.

It comes with the center part of the bed being at a lower level than the surroundings. It is also one of the mainstream types of dog bed with cushioning at the bottom.

Dogs that like to sleep in curled up position love this kind of bed. Also, the dogs that love nesting, find it wonderfully comfortable.

It provides the dog with a sense of security. Hence, benefitting in a better sleep.

4. Hooded Dog Bed

cave dog bed

As we said before, the dog beds are built by studying the natural behavior of dogs. So you might have noticed dogs digging a burrow like structure. Sleeping in such den makes them feel safe and relaxed.

A hooded dog bed comes with a covered top. It can be in various shapes including a cave, box or burrow like structure.

This kind of dog bed makes your pet that likes to burrow get some good sleep.

5. Crate Pad

Crate Pad

Crate pads are mattress like structures. They are designed to be used in a crate.

People often use crates to transport dogs. You can also use it to keep your newborn puppies safe and sound. Some people like to use it for their pet with anger issues.

However, for whatever reason there might be for using a crate, you must have a comfortable bed for the dog to sleep on. As the structure of the crate is quite rigid in itself.

A crate pad provides comfortable bedding for the dogs while being in a crate. And gives them a homely feeling. K9 Ballistics TUFF Bed Crate Pad is one of such popular crate pad you can buy.

6. Pillow Bed

pillow dog bed

A pillow bed is nothing different from a pillow beside being of substantially large size.

Pillow beds are often used for large breeds. Large breeds require ample amount of space to spread their limbs on. Hence, beds with space limitations cannot carry them optimally.

A pillow bed is great for pets that like to sleep all stretched out. Also, the stuffed soft cushioning of the dog bed keeps your pet quite pleasant.

7. Orthopedic Dog Bed

k9 ballistics luxury orthopedic bed

With growing age bones of dogs get weaker. They get more susceptible to bone and joint pains. Some dogs also develop diseases like arthritis or hip dysplasia.

A best orthopedic dog bed helps such dogs by supporting their aching bones and joints. Such dog bed comes with a memory foam inside.

The memory foam changes its shape with the dog’s body and bounces back to original shape as soon as the dog gets up. Such dog bed optimally provides comfort for your pet in pain.

It is not only useful for the dogs with bone issues, it provides comfort to dogs with no issue at all as well. Products like Big Barker Dog Bed supports the dog’s body from the beginning. Thus, the dog does not get susceptible to the diseases with growing age.

It is known that large breeds tend to get bone and joint issues while aging. An orthopedic dog bed is a perfect choice for such dogs.

8. Cooling Bed

Cooling Gel Dog Bed

Unlike humans, it is tough for dogs to keep up with increasing heat. Mostly because of their dense fur. The dogs that require a cold climate, may not adapt well to the hot and humid weather of yours.

As a solution, there are cooling beds available in the market. A cooling bed is infused with water or gel. Such gel soaks up the heat from dog’s body and keeps him cool during scorching heat.

However, it is recommended to keep it away from direct sunlight as the gel inside may get heated up.

A cooling bed is a perfect choice for pet owners that own a breed that require a cold climate. It will help you to keep your dog calm and cool no matter how scorching heat is there on the outside.

9. Heating Bed

K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed

A heated bed is ideal to keep your dog warm in the cold weather. It comes with a heater inside the bed. The plug must be connected with an electric outlet.

Such dog bed comes with a thermostat so that the bed does not over-heat. It just warms up to keep the dog at its ideal body temperature.

It is great for winters and can be used throughout the year in cold climates.

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