Are Elevated Dog Beds Better? – Benefits of a Raised Dog Bed


Confused whether to buy an elevated dog bed or a foam-based one? Looking at the market and the variety of beds, it is pretty obvious to get puzzled. But worry no more! Petlovesbest has come to rescue you to make the right decision.

Firstly, there are various variants of the best dog beds on the market. But by a bird’s eye view, those can be clubbed in mainly two choices. First is the beds with foam-base and second is beds without foam or say elevated dog bed.

Let us take a deeper look into why elevated dog beds can be a better choice while buying a new pet bed.

Features that set Elevated Dog Beds apart

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#1. Better Air Circulation

Hot and humid days of summer can exhaust your dog if not provided proper relief. Elevated or raised dog beds provide the optimal air circulation all around the body of your pet. This air circulation keeps your dog cool even in the scorching heat.

The air circulation in elevated dog bed also keeps any stinks or odor from developing.

Most of the foam-based dog beds do not come with such air circulation. Thus, dogs refuse to use such beds on blazing afternoons.

#2. No More Debris

Most foam based dog beds have a lower ground clearance. Which result in collecting up debris below from time to time. As the consequence, after days of being at the same place, the dog bed becomes a blooming place for dirt and germs.

With raised dog beds, the floor below stays clean and free of germs. Moreover, house fleas often annoy our canines. But with raised dog bed, the fleas cannot jump at such height and your dog stays pleased.

#3. Comfortable and Easy to Get In!

The unique trampoline-like design of elevated dog bed allows the dogs to easily hop on and hop off as well. The foam used on the bed support the canine’s body evenly.

Unlikely, the foam based dog beds can get flattened at places that are more frequently used. Thus, cannot support the dog’s body as evenly as an elevated dog bed(of course, orthopedic dog beds are exclusion here).

#4. Sturdy

The raised dog bed have a solid metal body frame. The metal body frame gives the bed advantage of toughness and durability over the foam-based ones. Moreover, most beds come with a rubber grip on the legs. This makes the bed anti-slip. As a result, your dog can jump on as hard as he wants, but the bed won’t get away from its place.

#5. Portable

raised dog bed outdoors

Elevated dog beds can easily be disassembled. Also, it’s super easy to assemble them back into place. More to that, most beds can easily endure the harsh sun rays and water damage. All these characteristics make elevated dog beds an ultimate choice for travel and camping.

On the other hand, the foam-based beds with suede kind of covers cannot survive the scorching heat of the sun. Further, most sponged beds are not waterproof and don’t even dry easily. In addition, they are pretty heavy in comparison to elevated dog beds and are not easy to carry. Thus, foam-based beds can be the worst choice if you are looking for a both indoors and outdoors dog bed.

#6. No More Chewing

dog destructible behaviour

Dogs are curious fellows. They want to investigate everything that comes in their way. Have you ever caught your pooch red-pawed destroying your house when coming back from home? If yes then, well, stuffed dog beds might not be the one you are looking for.

Stuffed dog beds are inviting for dogs that like to chew-off things. Thus, look for a chew proof dog bed or a raised dog bed.

Raised dog beds don’t have any stuffing material for dogs to chew. Moreover, some of the raised beds are specially designed for hard-chewer dogs. These beds are extremely durable even if your dog loves scratching or chewing.

#7. Easy Peasy to Clean

We learned that elevated dog beds are dirt and water resistant. Yet if the dog makes any mess, the beds are super easy to clean. All you need is a wipe of a damp cloth, it will do the job.

If the bed is dirtier, you can wash it under a running water hose outdoors. Super easy, right?

There is no tiresome job of washing cover separately, removing stains, washing foam by hands and so on.

#8. Extremely Durable

Because of its simpler design and solid built, the raised dog beds are absolutely durable. If cared properly, these beds are going to last you a lifetime.

There are numerous such kind of beds available on the market with durability and chew proof warranty for a decent time span.

#9. Convenient

Raised dog beds are much cheaper than the foam-based dog beds available on the market. Regardless, raised beds are undoubtedly more durable than those beds, making them the clear winner.

#10. Replacement Parts

elevated dog bed benefits

By going for these beds, you are going to make a choice that might last a lifetime. But what if the upper fabric gets damaged? Do not worry, most of the raised bed manufacturer provide the replacement upper fabric, probably the only possible thing that can get damaged in these beds!

The Down-Side

Let us look at some of the reasons that might make elevated dog beds a wrong choice.

#1. Not Great for Joint Issues

If your dog has arthritis or any other joint problem, consider buying an orthopedic bed, which can be a better option for the comfort of your suffering dog.

#2. Say No to Cheaper Beds

Cheaper raised dog beds are made with absolutely pathetic fabrics. These fabrics are not stitched properly to the frame and can get torn or ripped easily.

#3. Not So Stylish

Most raised dog beds are not suitable for your home decor. Here, suede-fabric made dog beds are clearly the winner.

#4. Doesn’t Come Assembled

The bed doesn’t come pre-assembled. In most cases, you just have to screw the legs on. It is not tedious, but it can be annoying!


Elevated dog beds are particularly designed with a sense of comfort and durability. They can be a great choice if you want a long-lasting investment that your dog will undoubtedly love too.

All the features discussed above clearly indicates raised dog bed as the winner. So make a wise choice. At petlovesbest, we want the best for you and your pooch!

Lastly, if you have any queries regarding this post, ask it in the comment section below. We will be happy to serve you!

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