Big Barker Dog Bed for Orthopedic Aid (Reviewed)

Looking for the Best Orthopedic Dog Bed for your large-sized dog? Well, your search ends here! Today, I’ll be reviewing the Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top from Big Barker that I personally own for 6 months now.

And believe me, it’s one of the best you can get for your large-sized canine if he has any kind of bone, hip, a joint problem or simply to save the big guy from any trouble like arthritis or dysplasia in future as well.


The Big Barker Dog Bed Review

Big Barker Dog Bed for Orthopedic Aid


So, I’m a proud dad of a Great Dane named ‘Jasper‘. Almost 6 years old and probably weighs around 130 pounds. I’ve been buying a number of dog beds previously. A new one as soon as the older one wears out.

Yes, this is the thing with dog beds. Some of them come cheap, your dog would use it for a few months and boom, the cover gets torn up because of your pet’s scratching or nesting. And the foam loses it’s memory and flattens out and so on.

Which is why this time I decided to invest in a good quality dog bed that would last. With Big Barker, I can say that I ended my quest, as it has all the precious orthopedic features that your dog needs, plus these guys give a massive 10 Years Warranty on their product!

Here, I will list out the things I loved about Big Barker, things I did not like, for which dogs this product is suitable for, the price of the product, some other alternatives and lastly summing up with pros, cons and my final verdict. So fasten your seat-belts!

Features I Loved about Big Barker

Big Barker has manufactured this bed after years of intensive research. They’ve studied why other orthopedic beds have failed and have come up with this ultimate bed. They offer the highest quality assurance which their 10 years warranty approves.

The Big Barker comes in 3 sizes

Big Barker sizes
  • Large (48 X 30 X 7)(in inches)
  • Extra Large (52 X 36 X 7)
  • Giant (60 X 48 X 7)

There’s a size for all the bigger breeds. I got a Giant one for my Jasper but the size range offers a bed for almost all the breeds from medium to giant size. For example, Large-size can be optimal for labradors and Giant-size will perfectly support my ‘Jasper'(a Great Dane).

Giving more insights, Large size is for Labrador, Golden Retriever or Boxer sized dogs. Extra-Large is for any dog which is bigger than a Lab but smaller than the Great Dane. Giant size is specially made for dogs of the size of a Great Dane.

The Big Barker provides quite a room to accommodate big dogs. The Giant size can easily hold up two labradors. My Great Dane would all stretch out on it and still be very much comfortable(and he is a well-grown sized dog of his breed).

3 layer memory foam

The bed has 3 layer memory foam, which is the unique feature of Big Barker. It acts as an orthopedic foam. For big dogs, it is likely to develop hip, joint and bone issues. These issues may turn into arthritis or dysplasia in future. Therefore, it is crucial that you take care of your pooch before any of the symptoms even start to indicate.

big barker foam

The bed consists of 7 inches of memory foam. The middle layer has 3″ support foam covered by 2″ of comfort foam on each side providing relaxation for aging arthritic dogs.

My Jasper would hurt his elbow all the time from the floor. It was a while until I realized what was causing this. Many times, the owners of larger breeds be unnoticed about the joint problems that their canine suffer from. Therefore, these breeds need special care, especially when they get off the ground after a snooze.

But within a week of buying this dog bed, I started noticing the change. I believe, Jasper got a lot of good-good comfort from this bed, because every time his body felt sore after a long playtime, he headed to the Big Barker immediately for some hours and only wanted to be there. And within a few hours of naptime, he would get back with same bouncy, cheery energy!

If you have a pet with any kind of hip or joint problems, arthritis or dysplasia, BUY THIS BED!! Believe me, those old flattened out beds are going to cause nothing but more and more trouble for your furry little partner. From my own experience, I can say that it will save your pet from a lot of misery. If you want something different then consider these extensive reviews of best dog pillows. Moreover, you’ll feel a significant difference in his energy without a doubt which is totally worth it.

High-Quality Craftsmanship

best orthopedic dog bed

Whenever buying a product, the thing I pay the most attention to is its craftsmanship(Yes, I’m a sucker for art). The bed has a very well done stitching overall, from the inside of the cover to the outside as well.

It is made in the USA. Hand-made by a family based in California. Which is also good as it supports our economy, providing wages to hardworking American citizens.

Microfiber suede material is used to make the cover. A furniture-grade, American-crafted foam, which is highly durable.

It is always a big concern for owners who’s dog is a nester or a chewer. My dog is a nester and would scratch his paws for a few times before sitting on the Big Barker itself. And to my surprise, it is in great condition even after 6 months.

If you’ve got a chewer that loves to chew everything that comes in his way, don’t worry, you’ve got this. The material can hold up most of the dogs chewing. Yes, it is that sturdy.

Therefore, you can trust the material’s durability even if your pooch is a big-time nester or chewer.

Easy to clean

You can remove the cover easily, unlike the other products that make you wrestle to remove the cover. It’s also simple to put the cover back on. Moreover, the whole thing is easily washable. Which is a great upside if your dog is a drooler like mine.

big barker two dogs

I’ve washed it quite sometimes as my dog would come home with dirty feet after his play-time. After each wash, the bed seems just like new. It gets easily cleaned in the washing machine. Which will make your task a lot easier. If the cover is not quite dirty, a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth would work fine too.

The foam can be washed too. However, I won’t recommend that as it will take quite some time to dry up. Keep in mind that the bed is not entirely waterproof. So you might want to consider buying a waterproof liner that stays inside of the cover over the foam.

Other features I liked about Big Barker are the headrest which my canine loved especially and the grand 10 years Warranty, which makes it so trustworthy.

What I did not like in Big Barker?

The price of the product is the other side of the story. What I want to let you know here are the things I disliked after having the product for last 6 months.

So, I had placed the bed in the center of our living room. We did not move the Big Barker from its place for a few days. But as soon as we did, we found out that the cover had left some stains on our wooden flooring. Soon I realized that after initial wash, the cover doesn’t behave in such way, just same as a new pair of jeans.

Also, the cover material catches heat pretty quickly. Making it uncomfortable for Jasper to rest on warm summer days. Though this can be solved by using a cotton sheet on the top of the cover.

Moreover, the cover material is not waterproof. So you might consider buying a waterproof liner externally which stays inside the main cover and over the foam material.

Who will like Big Barker?

Big Barker is built specially for large and extra large sized dogs. Bigger dogs are prone to develop bone and joint problems as they grow older. It is uniquely engineered for the larger breeds to provide optimal support to their joints.

Big Barker Giant

In brief, Big Barker is for:

  • Large to extra-large sized dogs. i.e From a Labrador or boxer to a St. Bernard or Great Dane(Like mine)
  • Dogs with arthritis
  • Canines with Hip Dysplasia
  • Pets recovering from an injury or surgery
  • Dogs with Lyme disease
  • Older canines

How much does it cost?

The only downside to Big Barker is the price range. It is virtually expensive than any other product in the market.

Though it is worth it, many can not afford to buy a product this costly.

Here, the price of this product depends upon the size you’ve selected. The large is the cheapest one and the price rises as we reach the giant size.

It made me concern as well before buying this product. But when you think of it as a Warranty to last for 10 years, believe me, it is worth the investment. Moreover, do I need to remind you of the misery of pain it will save your pet from?

  • Sturdy, big and comfortable for larger breeds.
  • It is available in 3 sizes, making it easier to choose as per your need.
  • The best orthopedic bed for relief from joint pains and other medical issues.
  • Memory foam is just outstanding and provides great support for your pet.
  • Easily cleanable and washable with machine wash.
  • Handcrafted in the United States of America.
  • The assuring 10 years money-back Warranty from Big Barker if the bed loses its shape for more than 90%.
  • The price can be the biggest trouble here. The Big Barker is costlier than most of the products available in the market. Though its very much worth it.
  • The cover material heats pretty quickly.
  • No waterproof liners inside. You will have to purchase this externally.
  • Does not support smaller breeds. Although there is another variant available for smaller breeds from Big Barker itself.

Alternative Products

I’ve used quite a number of products before coming down to Big Barker. From my own experience, I can say that no other product serves the purpose as good as them when it comes to being an Orthopedic Bed.

This bed is not suitable for small breeds, as the memory foam cannot support lower weights. For that, Big Barker has come up with ‘Big Barker Junior‘. Which will be great for breeds smaller than a lab or golden retriever.

Moreover, many dogs are nester. They love to dig up their own home. If your dog is also a nester, consider buying this ‘Suede Dog Bed By Majestic Pet Products’ that we just loved. It gives them the feeling of being nested from all around, and they love it! Do remember, this bed does not have any orthopedic support for your beloved pet.

The Verdict

Big Barker the Best Premium Orthopedic Dog Bed available in the market. Built with superior quality material and American craftsmanship. It provides optimal support to your beloved pet. The orthopedic memory foam supports the joints and bones of your pooch and saves them from being damaged in a longer timespan.

Here, the price can be the downside but the comfort they guarantee for your pooch is just beyond awesome. And how can I forget about the 10-Year Money-Back Warranty! Do keep in mind that you might have to buy a waterproof liner with this product. For me, I wish if I had bought this bed before buying any of the not so durable pieces of junk which got flattened out within few months of use.

So without further hesitation, you may buy the Big Barker for the optimal orthopedic comfort of your big guy, he will love it for sure.

That’s all, Folks!

Have you bought this Big Barker dog bed? Or do you have a dog with joint, hip, bones or arthritis problem? For any further help, just let us know. Because at Petlovesbest, we will be happy to help you, as always!

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