Ruff Wear Front Range Dog Harness Review – All-day Adventure

Are you facing trouble controlling your puller dog? Or do you wish to buy an all-day wearable harness for your pooch? Well, as long as you don’t mind spending a few bucks for the comfort of your pup, the Ruff Wear Front Range Dog Harness can be an ideal choice for you!

Ruff Wear is a premium brand that provides premium quality products for your pup. The Front Range Harness is a no pull harness with dual leash attachment s\\ystem that allows you to control your beast without much hassle.

In this review, we will be doing an extensive inspection of all the features and the performance of Ruff Wear Front Range Dog Harness. We will study the pros and cons of the product and will take you to a verdict whether this product will satisfy your needs or not.


Ruff Wear Front Range Dog Harness Review

Ruffwear Front Range Harness


Being one of the most preferred choices for thousands of pet owners, the Ruff Wear Front Range does offer some amazing features that a dog harness seeks.

Let us take a deeper look at why Ruff Wear Front Range Dog Harness is a top notch quality dog harness that will secure your investment.

Features of Ruff Wear Front Range Dog Harness that We Loved!

Besides being a no pull harness for dogs, the Front Range Dog Harness is packed with many extra features. Thanks to such features the product stands out among the competitive premium range products in the market.

Here are such features that you might want to know about the harness.

Dual Leash Attachment Option

Are you confused about what type of dog harness to buy for your puller pup? Well, if you buy a no pull harness, what about when the dog learns to not to pull at all and becomes an obeying little dog?

Worry no more, because the Ruff Wear Front Range Dog Harness comes with a dual leash attachment option. You can use the front attachment while training your pup. And when the pup gets all trained to walk beside you, you can use the attachment point on the top of the back of the dog. This type of leash attachment will allow you to go on hassle-free walks with your pup.

Ruffwear Front Range Harness design

Reflector for the Traffic Safety

Whether it is human or dogs, being on the roads during the night is a threat for both. The speeding cars might not see the dog until it’s too late. Thus to save your pet from any kind of misery, the Ruff Wear Front Range Dog Harness comes with a light reflector on the top of the back.

If you are on a walk with your pup at night, on a road without much lighting, the threat of accident increases. The light reflector reflects the light back to the vehicle driver from a far distance. As a result, your dog will be noticed before gets too late.

This will allow you to go out for a walk before the sunrise and be out on the roads after the sunset as well. So be free to go on adventures with your pup regardless of day or night.

Sturdy and Comfortable Build

Ruff Wear specializes in making sturdy products that are comfortable for the dog as well. The harness comes with extra padding on the underside where it contacts with the dog’s body. Because of such padding, wearing the harness gets comfy for your little pooch. As a result,  the Ruff Wear Front Range Dog Harness can be worn all day long.

Also, the harness is put through many tests to make sure it lasts during rigorous activities. Thus you can trust the quality and toughness of the product without giving it much thought.

Some Extra Features

The Ruff Wear Front Range Dog Harness does come with some exciting features.

It comes with a pocket for dog id near the dog’s neck. It serves the same as the id that you hang on the collar of the dog. Thus it makes you assured about your pet’s safety during the leash free walks.

Also, the harness is so comfortable and snuggly that your dog can wear it all day long.

Who is it for

Ruffwear Front Range Harness top leash

The harness is ideal for,

  • Hassle-free running sessions
  • Adventure activities
  • Worry-free walks during dark hours
  • To train stubborn puller dogs
  • For all-day use

Price of the Product

The Ruff Wear Front Range Dog Harness is a premium quality dog harness among the wide range of products available in the market. Besides being a top-notch quality premium product, the price of the product is not too much. With so many features and comfort for your dog to wear it all day long, the price is rightfully justified.

Thus you can go on with investing in the product without a concern. We assure you that your investment is going to last for a long time.

  • Two way leash attachment points for puller and well-behaved dogs.
  • Reflector for worry-free walks during dark hours.
  • Effortless padding for the extra comfort of your pooch.
  • Premium quality dog harness.
  • Comfy and snuggly for all-day use.
  • Dog id pocket near the neck for extra safety of your pup.
  • You have to spend a few extra bucks compared to cheaper options.
  • Stitching on the straps could have been improved.

Our Alternative Choice: Chai’s Choice Dog Harness

Best Outdoor Adventure design by Chai's Choice

Well, there is not much to complain about the Ruff Wear Front Range Dog Harness because of the amazing features it provides.

However, if you prefer to go with a cheaper alternative, we will suggest buying the Chai’s Choice Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness. This product has been one of our favorites because of the amazing features it provides. Besides being a low price range product, features of the Chai’s Choice Dog Harness does not fail to amaze you.

It is a premium quality dog harness also comes with a dual leash system. It is scratch resistant and is specially designed for outdoor adventure activities. The extra padding of the harness keeps the dog comfy during hiking like rigorous activities. And it also saves the dog from low light traffic with the light reflector material.

Overall, besides being a cheaper product, the Chai’s Choice Dog Harness is not an inferior option at all.

Check out the full product review of the Chai’s Choice Dog Harness here.

Our Verdict

With thousands of satisfied customers, the Ruff Wear Front Range Dog Harness has nothing to complain about.

This premium quality dog harness will satisfy all the needs of your pup and you. With beautiful design and a wide range of colors, it will make everyone fall in love with the adorableness of your pup.

Because of the effortless padding and snuggly built, your pet can wear the harness all-day long comfortably.

Also, the dual leash system makes it convenient to train your pup and turn him into an obeying pet. Its reflective surface will help you to stay out for the walks, whether it is day or night.

Lastly, the dog pocket id will help you to track your lost pet if such unfortunate incident occurs.

Concluding, we hope that you make the right decision for the comfort of your pup by buying him a harness.

Meanwhile, do let us know if you have any concern regarding the product. We will make sure to answer your every single concern. Because at petlovesbest, we are always happy to help you!

Meanwhile, do not forget to check out other reviews and articles at petlovesbest!

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