10 Best Dog Harness Reviews of 2023 – Top-Rated & Buyers Guide

Does your dog drag you behind when you take him out for a walk? How often do you look like a fool when you go for a run with your pooch but the little fellow pulls you after those speeding squirrels? Well, in clear terms, do you take control of your pet or is it him that controls you? If the latter is true then you desperately need a dog harness.

You may say that you already have a dog collar on your pet and why to go for a dog harness?

The answer is-

The technology has evolved and so have we. The dog collar is a thing of the past now. All the veterinarians now suggest using a dog harness instead of a collar.

And why so? There are several reasons. For instance, the dog collar puts excessive pressure on your pup’s neck whenever it gets pulled.

Now imagine, as a dog how painful it must be to get choked everytime you try to chase something interesting.

In the past, the dogs were used to serve as working or service dogs. But nowadays the dog breeds have evolved to be more of a man’s companion. They have developed more tender necks. Therefore a collar for a pulling dog is nothing but torcher.

The dog harness was initially built for working dogs to equally distribute the overall weight over a dog’s body. Harnesses provide a simple mean to distribute the pulling weight over the dog’s upper body rather than concentrating on its neck.

The utility of a dog harness is not limited only to the pulling dogs. They are available for a variety of purpose and in multiple designs to satisfy your need.

But the chief motto of a dog harness is to make your pooch be easily handled by you and be less susceptible to injuries.

Because of multiple varieties available in the market, the owners often get confused about buying the perfect harness for their dog.

That is why in this article, we are going to review some of the best dog harness available in the market and help you choose the perfect one for your pup.


Top-Rated Harness for Dogs – At a Glance

Before moving into the in-depth reviews of 10 Best Dog Harness of 2023, let us take a look at petlovesbest’s favorites for the various categories.

The Best Dog Harness

Outdoor Adventure Harness from Chai’s Choice

Outdoor Adventure Harness from Chai’s Choice: This harness from Chai’s Choice is basically an adventure harness. Which means it is so sturdily made that it can last the harshest of the conditions. It comes with a soft padding so that your dog doesn’t get hurt. The beautiful styling, comfortable padding, and tough build make this harness the best dog harness you could possibly invest in. Besides such features, it comes with car seatbelt holder for safety during driving and two leash attachment points to train your dog. Also, the reflective layer on the top will guard your dog against rough riders.


Best Budget Dog Harness

Easy Walk Harness by PetSafe: If you are looking for a budget harness to take your dog on pleasant long walks, this super-cheap harness from Petsafe can be your choice. This harness features all the basic characteristics of the premium harnesses on the market. Moreover, it comes with a 4-point adjustment system to fit your dog perfectly. Also, its soft nylon straps make sure to not to harm your pooch’s tender skin. The harness with its no pull design, trains the dog to walk with you side by side. Overall, Easy Walk Harness tops on our list of the best budget dog harness.


Easy Walk Harness by PetSafe

Best Premium Harness

Noxgear LightHound

Noxgear LightHound: For Owners looking for something extra in a dog harness and are willing to spend a little fortune for that, Noxgear LightHound is the one for you. It comes with optical fiber LED on the top that can change into 8 different colors. Further, this LED can glow in 6 different modes making your dog a true party-starter. Apparently, the sole purpose of the LED panel is to save the dog from drivers at night time. This LED panel is rechargeable with 8 hours of battery life and the whole harness can be easily washed in the machine. A premium dog harness with premium features!


Best No Pull Harness for dogs

Ruff Wear Front Range Dog Harness: This all-day adventure harness from RuffWear comes with a 2 spot leash attachment system. Using this harness you can train your puller pup to behave and he will be walking with you side by side in no time! The feather padding ensures that it can be worn every day and on the long hikes as well. Moreover, Ruffwear has put a lot of effort in adding extra features to the harness, such as the dog id pocket near the neck so that you can be sure of your dog’s safety on leash-free walks and a light reflector on the back for the road safety from rough riders during the night.


Ruff Wear Front Range Dog Harness
Editor's Picks
1. Outdoor Adventure Harness from Chai’s ChoiceOverall Best Dog Harness
2. Easy Walk Harness by PetSafeBest Budget Dog Harness
3. Noxgear LightHoundBest Premium Harness
4. Ruff Wear Front Range Dog HarnessComfortable No Pull Dog Harness

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Types of Dog Harnesses

There are several types of harness based on the purpose and design. Let us take a deeper look into each of the types to be more insightful about choosing the best dog harness for you.

1. No Pull/Front-Clip Harness

A no pull harness, as its name suggests is designed for the dogs who pull. It consists of a front attachment point for the leash. Therefore called ‘Front-Clip Harness’ as well.

Some dogs are born chasers. Everything that grabs their attention whether it be a pesky squirrel, nesting birds or another dog, they want to chase them all. Sometimes, the owners whose dogs are big chasers develop sores on the shoulders and wrists due to the strain caused by their pet’s pulling. Such behavior needs to be changed by training.

A no pull harness works on the principle of rotational energy. When a dog pulls the leash by chasing in front, the front attachment point makes them turn towards the sides. Hence, the dog gets unable to move in the front direction.

As the dog becomes unable to move in the front, by the time the training gets finished, the dog learns to walk with its master side by side.

This technique is far better than pulling the collars. As dog collars put a lot of strain on the dog’s neck. A harness distributes all the weight over the dog’s front body from neck to the chest. Thus your dog won’t get choked the next time the leash gets pulled.

However, it is essential to choose a harness that perfectly fits the dog. Check out the measurement guide that the brands provide and buy the one that would fit your dog. Otherwise, a loose harness can make the dog slip right through it and make an escape. While a tight harness can harm the dog’s delicate skin and it can get cuts and bruises.

2. Back-Clip Harness

A back clip harness is the one for more relaxed walks with your dog. It comes with an attachment point on the back where the dog leash can be attached. However, this dog harness is made for the well-behaved good boys only!

If your dog behaves well when you take him out for a walk and does not try to chase everything that comes in the way, you can get a back-clip harness. Also, if you have already finished training your pup and now that he obeys your commands, get him this harness so that he can enjoy the walks too.

A back-clip harness is almost same in the build as the front-clip harness, given that the point of leash attachment changes. Therefore, the weight gets spread over the dog’s chest and back. Though this harness should be used with caution because if your dog would start to pull, you might not be able to stop him.

Also, if you’re looking for a harness to tie your dog, then a back clip harness is the one. But make sure to invest in a harness with a lot of padding and air flow. A harness with mesh padding can also be helpful in keeping the pet sweat free. Also, there are plenty of harnesses available on the market with fluffy cushions and straps with soft nylon. Do keep an eye on those while buying such harness.

3. Service Dog Harness

A service dog harness comes with a variety of features for the working or service dogs. These harnesses were first developed for the working dogs to carry weight. It distributes the load over the dog’s whole body and makes it easier to carry. Such dog vests are used to indicate a service dog.

Some of the service dog harnesses feature a section to put custom labels and let the people know not to touch or pet the service dog. Because a service dog’s job is to protect his fellow human and a pet or even an eye contact may distract him from his job.

As the time passed, people started using service dog vests to carry dog supplies. Many people who often go hiking and camping prefer such harness for their dog. As the service dog harness features a few removable or nonremovable pouches and within them, you can carry the supplies for the dog itself such as dog food or first-aid kit.

Using such harness, the dog will be able to carry his own supplies and you won’t have to carry some extra weight. Moreover, service dog harnesses are popular among users for non-working dogs as well because of their strength and durability.

4. Head Harness

A head harness looks more like a horse’s bridle. It is designed to train ill-behaving dogs and make them follow the commands. And to train the notorious dogs that are really tough to discipline by any domestic users.

The design is more like a muzzle with a leash. Now a muzzle is something that safeguards the mouth of your dog with a web-like structure. So that your dog does not eat anything that he should not. People often use a muzzle for the dogs that love to chew things and get in trouble because of swallowing harmful stuff.

A dog head harness puts pressure on the dog’s head when the handler wants to control the dog. This forces the dog to stop doing something wrong. While other harnesses focus on distributing the weight over the chest of the dog, a head harness puts the stress on the head so that when the dog tries to overpower the handler it can’t put much energy into that.

However, a head harness must be used by expert trainers only. Because if the dog gets out of control, a novice may put more tension on the harness. And as a result, it can harm the dog’s spine or eye and injure him. Therefore, it should never be used by someone who is not an expert in handling dogs.

Also, if your dog faces any problem in breathing, you must not use this kind of harness. Because the pressure from the harness can choke the breathing of the dog. Hence it may increase the problems for the dog and you might need to see a veterinarian very soon.

5. Mobility Harness

The mobility harnesses were designed to help injured dogs to heal. Sooner they started being used for paralyzed dogs as well. So if your dog has paralysis, a broken limb or a weak hind problem, consider buying him a mobility harness.

A mobility harness gives support to the dog’s body. It helps the dogs in moving around despite the health issues and injuries. Therefore your dog feels independent and secure.

There are multiple types of mobility harnesses available in the market based on the problem of your dog.

i. Lifting Harness

You can use a dog lift harness to support the dog whose limbs are still alright but a little weak. Dogs suffering from arthritis or other bone problems require such harness to have support while walking. A lifting harness comes with handles using which the dog handler can help the dog to climb stairs, walk or reach higher places such as the seat of a car.

The dog lift harness supports the middle portion of the dog’s body. It gives him support from down under and puts its limbs at ease while walking. It also helps canines that have recently gone through a surgery.

ii. Rear-end Harness

A rear-end harness is suitable for dogs who have paralysis or weakness in their rear two legs. It fits at the bottom of the dog’s body near the tail. The harness has to be lifted by the dog handler and the dog becomes able to walk using his front two legs. Most rear-end harnesses come with a hole for the dog to pee without having to remove the harness.

Some rear-end harnesses come with a wheelchair. Such wheelchair that consists of two wheels at the rear part of dog’s body. This allows him to walk without the human-support. Do check out possible options as per your convenience.

iii. Full Body Harness

A full body dog harness is meant for the dogs that need a lot of body support to move around. Mostly, it is used for dogs that are at their final stage arthritis or have gone through a surgery recently. This harness mostly comes with two handles to hold. One that supports the front body from shoulders and the other one near the tail that supports the rear body.

Keep in mind that you cannot lift your dog using this dog lift harness. If you do, it might result in a spine injury as your dog is already in pain.

iv. Amputee Harness

Sometimes dogs lose one of their limbs because of an accident or a medical condition. Such dogs limp as they walk. They face a lot of difficulty in moving around. An amputee harness is specifically designed for these Tripawd dogs. It gives support to the torso where the dog has lost a limb. There are different harness for dogs who have lost the front limb and those who have lost the rear one.

v. Back Brace

A back brace is specifically designed for the dogs suffering from IVDD. A dog suffering from IVDD has a slipped disk condition. A condition where one or more discs go through a lesion. A back brace limits the movement of the spine of the dog. As a result, reducing the pain of the dog effectively.

A back brace gives comfort to the dog as it fits naturally. It is great for prevention of the back problems as well. If you realize that your dog is facing any problem including arched back, paralysis, back pain, stiffness in back then you should consider buying this harness. It comes with basic features including the utility for the dog to urinate.

Before buying a back brace make sure that it fits the dog naturally and puts enough pressure on the back for the dog’s comfort. Also, you can easily put the harness on and off.

Best Dog Harness Reviews of 2023

Let us move into the in-depth product reviews of the best dog harness in the market.

#1. Expawlorer Big Dog No Pull Harness

Expawlorer Big Dog No Pull Harness


While buying a dog harness that perfectly fits your dog is crucial, owners often find a problem finding a harness that perfectly fits their large sized dog. Big dogs require a harness that is big enough to fit their rib cage. This is why Expawlorer has come up with a harness to perfectly fit your large sized dog.

Expawlorer Large Dog Harness is a no pull harness. While Big dogs can promptly cause difficulties to handle them, especially for women and seniors, a no pull harness makes you be able to perfectly control your large canine.

Expawlorer No Pull Harness

The harness comes with a neoprene reflector on the back. A reflector is something that shines brightly at the night time when some light flashes on its surface. Due to the reflector drivers will be able to see the dog at the night time. This ensures the safety of your canine on the roads during the night.

The Big Dog Harness is made from top-notch materials with super durable quality. The big straps on the back will ensure to fit your pooch just perfectly. It also has a sturdy rubber handle on top of it to easily handle the mischievous big guy. The straps come with easy to release buckle so that you don’t have to break a sweat.

The product comes in 3 sizes from medium to extra large, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your big man. Moreover, the harness comes in 7 attractive colors, something you do not expect from a product so budgetly priced.

  • A low budget no pull harness for big dogs.
  • The neoprene reflector for the safety of the dog at night time.
  • Sturdy trainable handle with rubber grip.
  • Breathable and durable fabric.
  • Easy to release buckles.
  • Some users have reported the buckles to be loose.
  • Harness slips from the dogs with less neck girth.

Overall Product Summary

This big dog no pull harness from Expawlorer does its job in fitting your big sized dog perfectly. It comes with fantastic features such as neoprene reflector and sturdy material at a real budget price. Although this might not be the best harness for hard pullers, it efficiently does the job when it comes to handling less stubborn dogs.

#2. Ruff Wear Front Range Dog Harness – All-day Adventure

Ruff Wear Front Range Dog Harness


If you want an all day harness for your dog and do not mind spending some bucks on it, Front Range Dog Harness from Ruff Wear might be the one for you.

Ruff Wear is a well-known brand for its premium quality products. This All-day Adventure harness also comes with premium quality build and a premium price tag.

Outdoor Adventure Harness from Chai’s Choice

The motto of Ruff Wear is to build sturdy products that can be comfortable for all the adventure activities. To build something that is so reliable and convenient for a long period of time. Thus the product has amazing features such as soft padding at the belly part that gives an effortless support to the dog’s body. The attachment rings are made of aluminum giving all the sturdiness that you need.

This dog harness comes with 2 attachment points. One at the front making it a no pull harness and other on the back for more comfortable walks. You can choose to use the front attachment point while training your pup and the one on the back for light jogging.

Harness features a reflector for the safety of the dog from traffic at dark hours. Another significant feature is the dog id pocket where you can put the necessary information. Moreover, the built is so rich and satisfying that your dog will love to wear it, all-day, every day.

  • Two way attachment points that make it both a no pull and a supportive harness.
  • Premium quality build.
  • Comfortable enough for all-day use.
  • Padded bottoms near belly and chest for effortless support.
  • Extra features such as the built-in dog id pocket and a reflector.
  • Have to spend a few extra bucks.
  • Stitching of nylon straps has caused issues for some users. Though you can easily repair it.

Overall Product Summary

The Ruff Wear Front Range Dog Harness is so cozy and enjoyable that your dog would not want to get out of it. It is the premium quality dog harness with a lot of extra features and a demanding price. Owners who are facing problems with their puller dogs, this harness does its job effortlessly and even allows you to change it back to a support harness once your dog is trained.

#3. Noxgear LightHound – Reflective Dog Harness with Multicolored LED Fiber Optics

Noxgear Reflective Dog Harness with Multicolored LED


Noxger LightHound is an outstanding harness with innovative design. Its unique features will make all the watchers go wow and will surely add to your dog’s coolness.

noxgear LightHound Revolutionary Illuminated and Reflective Harness

This super-cool harness comes with built-in optical fibers that can change into 8 different colors. It doesn’t require any special battery, just charge it to full and you will have a battery life of 12 hours. Moreover, the dog harness can blink lights in 6 different patterns including disco mode. So the next time when you’re having a house party, all the eyes will be on your dog only!

The basic idea behind this colorful dog harness is to create something for the safety of our pet as well as to make it an eye-candy. You can see the optical fiber LED from the distance of half a mile. As a result, your dog will always stay safe from the rough riders.

Along with the LED panel, the dog harness is designed in such a way that it can be worn with any other accessory your dog already has.

The best thing is that the optical fiber doesn’t add to the cleaning of the harness. If it gets dirty just drop it in the washing machine.

  • The unique 8 different LED light panels with 6 blinking mode.
  • Adds to your dog’s safety from the riders.
  • Can fit along with any other dog accessory such as dog collar.
  • Easy to clean.
  • No battery indicator.
  • Not for the dogs who pull.

Overall Product Summary

This highly rated dog harness will make your dog a party-starter with its amazing optical fiber LED panels. Its 6 modes changing LED flash will make your dog an eye-candy wherever he will go. The unique design makes it easy to wear upon any other kind of dog accessory. And besides those LED panels you can wash it directly in the machine, worry free!

#4. Kurgo Tru-Fit No Pull Dog Harness with Seatbelt Tether for Car

Kurgo Tru-Fit No Pull Dog Harness


From a brand like Kurgo that promises only the best quality products, Kurgo Tru-Fit is an everyday dog harness to take your dog for relaxing long walks. The harness comes with a seatbelt tether. This seatbelt tether will help your dog to be safe and let you concentrate more on the driving rather than keeping an eye on the pet.

Kurgo Tru-Fit Harness with Seatbelt Tether for Car

This harness with no pull feature for the handling of your puller dog also comes with a unique 5-way fitting system. Such that you can ensure a perfect fit for your pooch. Besides the fitting system, the harness has Weinerlock buckles for the easy putting on and off of the harness.

Often while carrying pets in the car, they create a distraction which can lead to accidents. But the seatbelt tether of the harness makes sure that you and your pooch both stay safe. So whenever on a ride, be worry-free about your dog.

Also, this no pull harness is amazing to train your pup to behave on the walks. Therefore making your pup a well-behaved fellow every time you go jogging. Once your dog is all trained, you can move on to the attachment on the back.

Kurgo provides a lifetime warranty on this dog harness. So be sure about the durability of the product. Although keep in mind that this is not a running harness. It is more of an everyday harness to walk and train your pup.

  • A no pull harness with car seatbelt tether.
  • Ensures a perfect fit for your pup.
  • Two attachment points for the leash.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Not meant for hardcore activities such as running.
  • Not enough padding for the comfort of the canine.
  • A little bit heavy.

Overall Product Summary

Kurgo Tru-Fit truly fits on your dog’s body like a charm. This everyday dog harness comes with a car seatbelt tether so that you can ensure yours and your pooch’s safety while driving. The front attachment point allows you to train your pup and then move on to the one on the back. Moreover, this sturdy product comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer!

#5. Easy Walk Harness by PetSafe

Easy Walk Harness by PetSafe


Petsafe is a brand that makes pet products for dogs and cats having online stores all over the world. The Easy Walk Dog Harness by PetSafe is a dog walking harness made to make your dog walks more hasslefree. Keep in mind that this is a walking harness and is not designed to tie your dog outside or use it throughout the day.

Easy Walk Harness by PetSafe

It comes with a 4 point fitting system that ensures the perfect fit for your pup’s body. Two buckles are near the chest area and other two on the back and under the belly. With various sizes available for the product, you will find an ideal fit for your dog. Though this dog harness is not ideal for canines with a lower height.

Great thing is that if your dog is a puller, you can control him easily using this harness. The belt on the chest makes sure that the dog doesn’t get choked if the harness gets pulled. Furthermore, the harness doesn’t allow the dog to escape from the harness.

The front D ring on the chest disallows the dog from pulling the leash and running after his fantasies! It makes your dog learn how to walk side by side with you. Even the harness is super-easy to put on and remove, making your daily walks more enjoyable. Its soft nylon bands will make sure to not to hurt your dog while putting on and off.

The Easy Walk Dog Harness comes with proper instructions on how to perfectly fit it on your dog. The harness is super cheap. In addition, it comes in a variety of eye-catching colors to choose from. So walk your dog with great control and styling altogether!

  • Super-cheap compared to other premium products.
  • Amazingly fits your dog with 4 point fitting system.
  • Comes with soft nylon straps so that it does not annoy your pup’s skin.
  • Great for daily walks and to teach your dog how to walk side by side.
  • Not ideal for dog with lower height.
  • Not suitable for tying your dog outside.
  • Can get damaged as it’s not much weatherproof.
  • Not for the dogs that love to pull hard.

Overall Product Summary

The Easy Walk Harness by PetSafe is specially designed to make your dog walks easy and more enjoyable. Its no pull feature will prevent the dog from chasing those funny squirrels and make him learn to walk with you side by side. It is super cheap and will not cause a dent in your pocket. The soft nylon straps will not annoy your dog and will make him fall in love with the product. Overall the easy walk harness is a Yes-Yes from us!

#6. Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness from Chai’s Choice

Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness from Chai’s Choice


Chai’s Choice is a brand that specializes in making outdoor adventure products for our canines. This harness from Chai’s Choice is specifically designed for adventure activities so that your dog won’t be left out in any of the adventures that you do.

Outdoor Adventure Harness from Chai’s Choice

The first thing that got our attention is the amazing look of the product. Its beautiful range of colors will surely make your dog an eye-candy. The styling of Oxford material outer layer is durable and scratch resistant. The Duraflex buckles help to increase the strength of the whole dog harness. Making it the perfect choice for the big adventures.

All the straps on the harness come with adjustable settings. This is will allow you to make it perfectly fit on your dog. Also, there is padding on the chest and belly side of the harness. Thus your dog will have a soft padding to rely on and will be safe from any injuries because of the hardcore activities.

Does your dog constantly distracts you while riding in the car? Well, not anymore. With the handle that comes at the chest part of the harness, you will be able to pass on the seatbelt. Thus no more disturbance while driving.

There is also a 3M reflective layer on the dog harness. This reflective layer is easily visible even in low light conditions. Hence people will be able to see your dog from a far distance and it will be safe from rough drivers.

The harness also features a two-point leash attachment system. The front D-ring for your ill-behaving under training dog while the other one on the back for common purposes.

  • Beautiful colors and design.
  • Great durability to last in rough adventure activities.
  • Car seatbelt hook for the safety of your dog.
  • The 3M reflective layer on the back to be seen even at night.
  • Dual attachment points for the leash to train your dog.
  • The buckles are not strong enough to hold a large sized dog.

Overall Product Summary

The Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness from Chai’s Choice is the perfect choice for people who go on adventures often and do not want their dogs to be left out. The sturdily made harness will stay strong even in the harshest of the conditions and will save your pet from any injuries. The car-seatbelt feature will allow the dog to be safe and non-disturbing while driving. In addition, the beautiful styling and colors are going to make everyone fall in love with the coolness of your pet!

#7. EzyDog Convert Dog Harness

EzyDog Convert Dog Harness


The Convert Dog Harness from Ezydog is a trail ready dog harness. The harness is specifically designed to be used for adventure purposes and service dogs. It has twice the features than a service dog vest harness. With loads of features, the convert harness delivers a top-notch quality.

EzyDog Convert Trail-Ready Dog Harness

The dog harness features innovative side straps that firstly contain the reflective materials. So that your dog will be seen from a far distance and be safe from the traffic. The harness also features an LED mount for limited sizes. The LED mount can be a crucial feature when working at night time or in emergencies. With Convert Saddle Bags Attachment, the harness can be transformed into a backpack as well, making it a perfect service dog harness.

Another feature we liked about the harness is that the side straps allow you to add custom service dog badge for your dog. The fabric is breathable and will not strain the skin of your dog. Even in longer hikes, the fabric allows the dog to be cool and pinch-free. Also, the outer shell is made of polyester material that adds to its durability.

Besides the features and toughness, the people at EzyDog has focused on the comfort of the dog as well. Its material ensures that the dog stays cool and pleasant while the utilitarian design makes it easy for the dog to be hike-ready anytime!

  • A great dog harness for service dogs.
  • Great for long hikes.
  • The breathable fabric does not hurt your pooch’s skin.
  • Features a side mount for the LED light.
  • The accessory attachment point on the side.
  • Reflectors both on front and back sides.
  • Runs a little smaller on size.
  • A little bit bulky.

Overall Product Summary

The Convert from Ezydog is a great harness for service dogs. It is loaded with features that make it the best choice for long hikes. The extra features such as the LED mount and reflectors make it perfect for night hours as well. However, besides being a little bulky the harness is all set to provide your dog the best possible comfort and ease.

#8. OneTigris Training Dog Vest

OneTigris Training Dog Vest


If you have a service dog or you often go out on long hikes and are looking for the perfect vest harness for your dog then OneTigris Service Dog Vest Harness might be the one you’re looking for.

OneTigris Tactical Dog Training Vest Harness

OneTigris comes with 3 detachable pouches on the vest. In these detachable pouches, your dog can carry supplies for himself and others. For example, if you go for a long walk, the dog will be able to carry his own food and water. Moreover, in one of the pouch, you can carry first-aid supplies. So that in case of emergency you will be able to take care of your dog.

The service dog vest harness comes with a lovely sense of styling. The webbing on the top will allow you to add any custom badges for your dog. Through customization, you can make your dog look like a real hunk!

Also, the tough dog vest comes with a water-resistant mesh on the bottom. This mesh will stop any moisture to make its way to the dog’s body. This feature can be very handy in the winters and rains when there is too much moisture in the air. Moreover, the mesh at the bottom makes the vest breathable. So that your dog will stay cool and will not sweat in the scorching heat.

There is a lot of movement at the bottom when a dog moves. Keeping this in mind the dog vest harness comes with elastic strap at the bottom that adjusts itself as the dog moves or sits. Although there could be a little more padding near the chest area. But it’s not an issue since the vest adjusts on the dog’s body pretty well.

  • Military Grade Dog Vest Harness.
  • Comes with 3 detachable pouches to carry supplies.
  • Upper webbing panel can carry custom badges.
  • Beautiful design and colors of the vest.
  • The mesh at the bottom to keep the dog cool and pleasant.
  • The mesh is also water resistant to protect from moisture in such weathers.
  • It is quite costly compared to common dog harnesses. Although its not an issue as the quality of the product is top notch.
  • The detachable pouches are a little bit heavy.
  • There could be some more padding near the chest area.

Overall Product Summary

OneTigris Training Dog Vest is a military grade product for your working dog. Using this dog vest you will be able to carry your pet’s supplies on the long hikes as well. The 3 detachable pouches allow carrying different kinds of stuff at the same time. Moreover, the vest is made from a high-grade tough material with features to keep your dog in the possible comfort.

#9. Julius-K9 IDC Harness for Dog

Julius-K9 IDC Harness for Dog


While looking for the best harnesses all over the market, this particular harness caught our eye with its amazingly cool colors. This product is available in more than 20 colors and patterns. To be honest, I doubt if I can even name so many colors! Keeping the jokes apart, the harness does know its work and has received overwhelming feedback from the customers all over the world.

IDC Powerharness for Dogs from Julius-K9

Julius-K9 IDC Dog Harness is a two-way hook and loop harness. Basically being a no pull harness it comes with a front hook system for the leash. Great for a dog who knows how to pull. Also, there is a side-bag attachment choice and mount for the flashlight.

Moving ahead, the allows putting interchangeable patches on the top. So that you can customize the harness and make your dog look like a real tough-guy.

The dog harness is great for canines with short heights such as Bulldog, Pitbull etc. It’s tough to get a perfect fit for these dogs. But Julius-K9 does not only fit perfectly on the dog but also makes them look like a champ!

If we talk about the built of the product, then they claim the straps to be made in Germany which is quite tough. The inner material is ECO-tex, which is breathable and keeps the dog at ease. You can easily put it on and off. In addition, the small details such as buckles too are of certified quality.

  • Amazing range of colors with more than 20 colors and patterns.
  • Great for short to medium-sized breeds like bulldogs.
  • Great built with top-notch quality materials.
  • A no pull harness for the stubborn dogs.
  • Velcro to put interchangeable dog patches.
  • Handle on the top to control the dog.
  • Costs a little bit more than regular products.

Overall Product Summary

Julius-K9 IDC Harness is one of the coolest dog harnesses available on the market. With their assurance for highest quality, they have an overwhelming customer feedback from all over the world. Along with the toughness of being a no pull harness, it also provides a great range of color and pattern choices. With padded mesh at the bottom and the attractive looks, Julius-K9 IDC makes their cut in our top 10 dog harnesses.

#10. Comfort Fit Metric USA Small Dog Harness

Comfort Fit Metric USA Small Dog Harness


When there are numerous dog harnesses available on the market, it’s really tough to find a harness that perfectly fits your small pooch. It’s a fact that dogs with different body types require a different harness. So will a harness designed for a large sized dog like a German Shephard or a Lab will fit a Pug? Obviously not. That is why Comfort Fit Metric USA has come up with the perfect dog harness for your delicate pup!

Your small dog requires some extra care to its skin. Ensuring that the dog feels comfortable, the harness is all cushiony at the bottom side. Moreover, the hair does not get stuck with the harness as its bottom is not mesh.

Soft Padded Puppy Harness from metric usa

Small dogs often easily escape from their harness. Thus Comfort Fit Metric has come up with a revolutionary design. They have provided 2 D-rings, each near the buckle end strap. This ensures that when you put on the leash, the dog will not be able to escape from it. Yet its a piece of cake to put the harness on and off.

If you like to give a personal look to your dog’s accessories, the dog harness comes with a detachable tie. On this detachable tie, you can write the name of your pet and make your pup look like a stud!

Comfort Fit Metric is Made in the USA, with great craftsmanship. It has both interior and exterior padding, giving it a premium look. Also, keeping in mind that the harness is to be used by small dogs, it is quite lightweight, weighing only 2 oz.

Overall, the Comfort Fit Metric Small Dog Harness is a great harness for small breeds. Breeds like Pug, Pomeranian, Terriers, Beagle, Bulldog and a lot more can benefit from this dog harness. It is also great to handle your dog with great care. Thus without a doubt, this dog harness stays on top of our small dog harness’s list.

  • One of the best small dog harness on the market.
  • Snuggy cushioning on both top and bottom.
  • Anti-escape system with 2 D-rings.
  • Easy to put on and off.
  • Amazing craftsmanship and looks.
  • It is really lightweight. Apparently featherweight!
  • Detachable tie for customization.
  • It is quite cheap compared to other dog harnesses.
  • Apparently, not a great fit for Chihuahua breed. Do check out the measurement guide before purchasing.

Overall Product Summary

Comfort Fit Metric Small Dog Harness is an amazing choice for owners with small breeds or puppies. The stunning cushioning on the exterior and interior parts make sure that your dog stays snug. It is easily worn and does not allow the dog to escape like other harnesses. It is also surprisingly lightweight and has great craftsmanship. With all such features and beautiful build, the Comfort Fit Metric Small Dog Harness is on the top of our choice for small harness.

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the perfect dog harness for your dog is a crucial task. It depends upon numerous characteristics and how those characteristics affect your pooch and you. So before you make a decision of which harness to go with, take a look at our detailed buyer’s guide to help you choose the best for your dog.

Do keep in mind that by following these guidelines you might have a better chance of buying the perfect harness for your dog. However, these guidelines are general and do make necessary changes as per your pup’s need.

What is the Best Harness for Dogs

As mentioned before, a lot of things put together create an ideal harness. Such a harness that is durable, comfortable, effective, yet stylish enough to outperform the others.

So what characteristics make a dog harness the perfect harness for your pooch? Let us take a deeper look.

i. No More Choking

The sole purpose of developing dog harness was to distribute the carrying weight on the dog’s body. It further got popular as we realized that it also helps to handle our dogs without choking them. A harness is designed such way that puts all the pressure on the dog’s chest and upper body rather than the neck. Wherelse the dog collar does nothing but to choke the dog.

Thus choose a harness that is not too fit around the dog’s neck. Else there is no meaning of buying a harness for your dog.

ii. A Snug Fit

It’s essential that the dog feels comfortable in its harness as he might have to wear it for a longer period of time. For the dog to be such relaxed in his harness a snug fit is a must.

Most of the brands provide strap pulling system to ensure a proper fit. Do keep in mind to have a good number of such adjustment points.

However, a snug fit does not mean that harness just sticks with the dog’s body. It must provide a proper gap for your dog to move. So go for a comfortably fitting dog harness.

iii. Easiness of Cleaning

Many dogs love to nestle. Even those who don’t go mad when looking at dirt and mud. So it’s not a surprise that the dogs are going to chase the things that fascinate them The dogs are going to get dirty and so are their harness. Thus, it is crucial to buy a harness that is easy to clean.

Make sure that the harness is machine washable. Because hand washing a dog harness can waste a lot of your weekend snoozing hours.

Adding, do look for easy to clean materials. A lot of materials that absorb the moisture end up keeping the liquid stains forever. Also, do keep an eye on the features on the harness that might make the cleaning and the washing tough. Because obviously, you do not want your dog to wear a dirty harness and ruin his coolness!

iv. Compatibility with Dog’s Movement

When you buy a dog harness for your pooch, it is important that the dog feels easy and comfortable in moving around. Often, people end up buying a harness that just fits the dog. Such tight fit makes the dog uneasy while walking and running.

Sometimes, the closures of the harness, most probably a lock-in buckle or a velcro opens up while on a walk or during some other activity. This is due to the fact that the buckles are there to ensure the fitting of the harness, not to make him walk like a puppet with tight clothes. In clear terms, do buy a harness that has a snug fit and fit it on the dog’s body such that the dog gets enough space to move.

v. Toughness and Durability of the Material

Maybe the most important characteristic of any product to worth the penny is its durability. A dog harness is going to get through many harsh situations such as being dragged in the mud, some chewing and biting, a lot of liquid spills and much more.

A tough dog harness must be able to endure all these hardships and still do its best to guard your dog. Do look for military grade materials before investing in a costly harness. Such materials are really hard to wear and will last for a longer time than the nylon and polyester.

If the harness comes with a padding, it must have a water resistant cover saving it from dirt and liquid. A liquid spill on non-water-resistant padding will get absorbed and sooner the padding will wear out without a notice.

The dogs are powerful beasts even if they are of the size of a pug! They do a lot of rough play-time throughout the day. So to be sure that the harness will last long, go straight for a double stitching. A double stitched fiber is going to endure the stretch, while a single stitched fiber will tear out soon and will make a dent in your pocket.

There are plenty of products available in the market with abrasion resistance. An abrasion resistant material does not wear out by rubbing with other materials.

vi. Handling Comfort

A good dog harness does not only comfort the dog but also gives the handler the ability to handle the dog effectively.

For instance, the harness with no pull feature allows the handler to handle the hard puller dogs from chasing pesky squirrels. In this situation, if you are not able to handle the dog effectively then there is no point in investing in a dog harness.

Another focus should be on the leash. Many brands provide a leash that is size adjustable. Using this you might be able to change the length while on a walk and while on a run.

A dog that loves to pull his owner, sometimes causes to damage their guardian’s shoulder and arm muscles. For this, there are specifically designed leashes available with jerk resistant spring. This spring absorbs the jerk just same as a jumper in the motorbike does and therefore saves the handler from muscle damage.

vii. Sweat Control and Air Flow

If your pup is going to wear the dog harness throughout the day, obviously, it’s going to sweat a lot. When you will be on a hike or some adventure, the dog is going to sweat. When you go on long runs, the dog is going to sweat. If you tie your dog outside with harness put on, again, the dog is going to sweat as well.

So where is all this sweat going to go? A matter to put some focus on, right?

Do not worry, because there are a lot of products on the market with mesh padding. These mesh paddings ensure the airflow around the dog’s skin. As a result, it does not allow the sweat to stay there for a long time. Therefore, your dog stays dry and cool even after roughest of the activities.

viii. Resistance from Moisture

Do you live in near the tropical areas? Do you live in a humid weather? If you do so then there will be a lot of moisture in the air. Clothes and things like dog harness absorb this moisture.

When you go for a morning walk with your pup, the moisture in the air might get trapped in the dog’s harness. Hence, making the harness wet and uncomfortable for the dog.

To resolve this, look for a product with water resistant mesh bottom in a harness. Such harness will keep the moisture away from dog’s body and as a result, your dog will be comfortable and pleasant even if the harness gets all wet.

Also, choose a product that allows plenty of air to flow. This airflow will dry the moisture in the harness quickly and will make your dog a cheerful and lively pup that everybody is going to love.

ix. Easiness of Putting On and Off

When you’re looking for a dog harness that your pup can wear all day long, this might not be an issue. But for those who are looking for a dog walking or running harness, an easy-to-wear harness is a must. Because obviously, you do not want to waste most of your exercise time on putting the harness on and off.

Some harnesses that come with a lot of unnecessary tightening points are a nightmare. Such harnesses are not easy to use and even inconvenient for your time. Although there are harnesses specifically designed to be easily put on despite having a lot of fitting points.

Sometimes, harnesses with velcro are great to make the task simpler and faster. Although do make sure that the velcros are sturdy enough to handle the stretch and strain, else they might open up in between the walk and your dog might be able to escape.

x. Cost

The market for harnesses is really wide. With a lot of brands and a lot of varieties, there are numerous options to choose from. Which also means that the price varies from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars.

You might want to buy one according to your budget. But beware! Do not go for a product that is an easy bargain. By buying a dog harness for your pooch, you are making a long time investment. By buying those super cheap products you might end up investing in a worthless product.

Often, these super cheap harnesses are made from such material that’s not durable and they wear out very soon. Sometimes these cheap materials might even harm the skin of your pup. And if not made scientifically, they can even develop sores and cuts on your pooch’s skin.

So cost might be the key factor in purchasing a harness but go with a good brand that you can put a trust in. And do not fall for those super cheap wrongly advertised products.

xi. Safety

The safety of your pup is the biggest concern that should be on your mind while purchasing a dog harness. As mentioned earlier, those falsely advertised products on the market are not clinically tested. These products might come at a low price and provide a lot of features that big brands do. But these products might harm your pet’s tender skin in a long time.

A product that is not tested for the safety of the pet is not reliable at all. Sometimes, their fitting and poor padding can make bruises and cuts on the dog’s body. Materials made from harmful chemicals can give your dog skin allergies.

Further, to ensure the safety of the dog, there are a lot of brands on the market that provide extra features in the dog harness such as reflectors, LED mounts, good padding, and many more. A reflector is something that reflects the light, made to save the dog from harsh traffic situations at night time. An LED mount can be utilized in case of hiking, camping at night and for the working dogs.

xii. Style

The last but not the least is the style or appeal of the product. When you are making an investment for your dog, you obviously want your dog to look good.

Thankfully, there are a lot of products on the market with beautiful colors and patterns. And did we mention the harnesses with blinking LED panels?! You might want to choose as per your taste or something that goes along with your dog’s personality.

Do not neglect the appearance of the dog harness. A good boy with a cute little harness is going to get a lot of attention and appreciation from people. And dogs love attention, don’t they?

Good Dog Harnesses based on Activity

A good harness is something that implements the functionality it is designed for. If you are looking for a harness for a specific activity, here’s our list of the top harnesses based on various activities.

To Stop pulling: Ruff Wear Front Range Dog Harness

Ruff Wear Front Range Dog Harness

It is really annoying if your dog keeps on pulling you to the distraction every time you go out for a walk. Sometimes it is even harmful to the arm and shoulder muscles and you might get strain in muscles.

The Front Range Dog Harnes is a sturdy harness from Ruff Wear. Ruff Wear is known for their tough and top quality products. This dog harness is great to train the hounds who pull and to make them walk-friendly.

It features a 2 point leash attachment system. Here you can attach the leash to the front to train your dog to walk in a behaved manner and perhaps side by side with you. Once you ensure that the dog is all trained and well-behaved, you can change back to leash attachment at the rear part of the harness.

This rear-attachment is only for the dogs that listen to their master’s command. It allows you to go on more relaxed and comfortable walks with your pup.

Other features of the harness include great padding, light reflector, and a dog id pocket.

Overall, Ruff Wear Front Range Dog Harness is the best no pull harness you can invest in because of the premium quality they offer.

For Pulling: Canine Equipment Ultimate Pulling Dog Harness

Canine Equipment Ultimate Pulling Dog Harness

Well, while its true that a pulling dog is really annoying but sometimes you want your pup to pull you intentionally. Often used by sledgers for their dogs to guide them on the snowy trails. Its also useful when you want to go on handsfree walks with your dog or while climbing a ridge.

Canine Equipment Ultimate Pulling Dog Harness for Extra Large Dogs

This pulling dog harness features extra soft lining on the straps for extra traction. This makes the act of pulling easier and convenient for the dog.

The central motto of the dog harness is to divide the weight on the shoulders and chest of the pup which avoids undesirable pressure on the neck and back or the dog.

It also features an anti-slip feature to make sure that harness stays in place while pulling the weight.

It also comes with a Secure Snap Shackle system. This allows the guardian to detach herself from the dog if she starts to lose control.

For Walking: Easy Walk Harness by PetSafe

PetSafe Easy Walk Harness for walking

If you are willing to go on relaxing long walks with your pup, this dog harness from PetSafe can be your best choice. As the product name suggests, the harness is specially designed to walk your dog.

The Easy Walk Harness from PetSafe is a no pull harness. It is useful to train your dog to walk side by side. It stops the dog from chasing the distractions and pulling you towards it. The harness also provides good handling comfort so that you can handle your mischievous dog in worst of the situations.

The dog harness is made for regular walks, thus can be easily put on and off. The fitting straps are of soft nylon material to make sure that it doesn’t harm your dog’s skin.

The 4 point fitting buckles will make sure that the harness fits the dog perfectly and he does not escape away.

This super-cheap harness is for daily walks and is not made to use throughout the day. It also comes in a variety of eye-catching colors to choose from.

Good fitting, convenient walking, cheap price and great handling control make this harness one of the best walking harness for dogs.

For Running: Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness from Chai’s Choice

Chai's Choice Dog Harness for Running

For a harness to be great for running, it must soak all the sweat of the dog with ease. Along with absorbing sweat, it should have a great airflow to keep the dog’s skin dry and keep the dog cool. A harness with great airflow also saves the dog from the scorching heat.

The Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness from Chai’s Choice has all these characteristics and which makes it the perfect choice for a running harness. This adventure harness from chai’s choice is designed for the hardcore adventure activities. Its primary use is for activities like hiking or camping but its amazing features make it great for running too.

The harness has enhanced soft padding to keep the dog pleasant and comfortable. There is enough padding on the chest and the belly to support the dog even during toughest of the running. It has Duraflex buckles that strengthen the whole dog harness and keeps it all together during your running routine.

The outer oxford material of the dog harness is durable and abrasion resistant. With enough adjustment options, the harness fits the dog of any size perfectly. It also has a handle on the chest part to safeguard your dog in a car. Moreover, the reflective layer on the top makes the dog visible from a good distance at night time. Which helps the dog to be safe from rough vehicle drivers.

There is a two-point leash fixing system so that you can use the front point while training your dog and the rear one on the back while running.

For Hiking: The Convert from Ezydog

EzyDog Convert Trail-Ready Dog Harness

The Convert Dog Harness from Ezydog is designed for adventure purposes and gives great support to the service dogs. This rugged and tested hiking dog harness has loaded features that make it the perfect choice for hiking enthusiasts.

The harness comes with reflective side straps so that the dog can be seen from a far distance even at night time. Often during the night, the hikers face visibility problem and so do their dogs. To solve this, Ezydog has come up with an LED light mount on the harness. So just equip your dog with an LED light and enjoy the adventure at night time as well.

Often on the hikes, the adventurers need extra supplies and if you are taking your dog with you then you will have to carry the dog supplies as well. But the Ezydog harness comes with an attachment option for saddle bags. Here you can carry the dog supplies and first aid kit as well.

The fabric used in the dog harness allows smooth airflow which means it is breathable and the dog stays cool even after a long day of hiking. The utilitarian design makes the harness tough and hike-ready anytime.

Have you heard about the GoPro Harness for dogs?

Check out our GoPro Dog Harness Review- Fetch – See the World From Your Dog’s POV

For Car: Kurgo Tru-Fit

Kurgo Tru-Fit Dog Harness for Car

Dogs are playful creatures. For them, the whole day is a playtime. Especially when they are riding in a car. They get easily excited when in a car. It’s great that it pleases you to see your dog happy but it should even make you worry about your dog’s safety. For the dogs that get too excited and distract the driver, a seatbelt is a must.

To resolve this issue, Kurgo Tru-Fit has created a dog harness with a car seatbelt tether. The seatbelt tether makes sure that the dog stays safe during the ride. It will also let you focus on the driving and make you worry free about your furry little pooch.

This quality dog harness also comes with a no pull feature to train your pup for the walks. Your pup can wear this harness all the time. It has a good 5-way fitting method to ensure the perfect fit. The Weinerlock buckles allow the harness to be easily put on and off.

With the lifetime warranty from the Kurgo, you can be worry-free and make the rightful investment.

Top-Rated Harness Based on Breed Size

Different breeds require distinct harness based on their size and body specifications. However, there are products specifically designed based on the size of the dog. Here’s our top-rated harness based on breed size.

For Small Dogs: Comfort Fit Metric Small Dog Harness

Comfort Fit Metric Small Dog Harness

Small dogs often require the most voguish of the products to match with their adorableness. However, it is really tough to find the right fit for small pups.

Comfort Fit Metric USA has specifically designed this harness for your dogs like the Chihuahua, Pug, Pomeranian, Bulldog and many more small breeds. This elegant harness comes with extra padding and cushion at the bottom so that your pup stays all comfy in his harness throughout the day. The inside material also makes sure that your pup’s fur does not stick in there.

Another big concern with most small dog harness is that the pup usually finds a way to slip through and makes an escape. To make sure this does not happen with your pup, this harness comes with a two D-ring leash attachment system. So as long as the leash is attached, the dog won’t be able to run away.

Also, this beautifully crafted dog harness comes with a detachable velcro tie, where you can write your pup’s name and let everyone know who the pooch is! On top of it, the harness is ultra-light, same as your small pup!

For Medium Size Dogs: Julius-K9 IDC Harness

Julius-K9 IDC Harness

While there are harnesses specifically made for the dogs of small and large size, what about the dogs that come in the mid-way? These dogs, such as a bulldog, pitbull, beagle, and others have their own fit just as the small or large dogs.

Julius-K9 IDC Harness is available in a variety of sizes, it is highly recommendable for the breeds with medium to small size. The reason is that the IDC Dog Harness fits completely to their girth of the neck. And for any harness to perfectly fit a dog, it must fit the neck of the dog.

Some medium-sized breeds such as a pit bull or a bulldog convey a lot of strength despite their medium size. While many of these medium-sized breeds can show signs of stubbornness, Julius-K9 IDC Harness is a no pull harness. It allows to perfectly handle the mischievous kid in your dog. And if your dog is already a good boy, do not worry! Because it has a two-way leash attachment system for more comforting walks.

With tough materials and Germany made straps, this dog harness is really reliable and tough both.

Moreover, the harness comes in stunning colors and patterns ranging from more than 20 choices. With the interchangeable patch on the top, you can easily customize the dog harness and make your dog look like a stud!

For Large Dogs: Expawlorer Big Dog Harness

Expawlorer Big Dog Harness

Many of the products that come in size to be usable for all breeds, fail to deliver a quality experience for large dogs. Large dogs require a harness that completely fits their large rib cage.

Most of the large dogs are extremely powerful. They can easily cause problems for the dog handler. Thus the dog harness we choose must be helpful in handling them with ease. Expawlorer Large Dog Harness is a no pull harness. It allows handling the dog with great easiness. And also makes sure that your muscles do not get hurt while handling the beasts.

If you need to guide your dog with hands, the harness also features a handle on the top. The sturdy rubber handle allows you to handle the mischievous pooch without any discomfort.

The harness is made of highest quality materials and is super durable. Moreover, it comes with extra features such as a reflector on the back and attractive colors at a budget price.

Safest Dog Harnesses based on Age

While buying a dog harness, another thing to consider rather than size and activity is the age of the pup. Dogs of different age require a different harness to fit their physical characteristics.

Safest Dog Harness for a Puppy: Puppia Dog Harnesses

Puppia Dog Harness for puppy

While puppies can be one of the most adorable things on the earth, they also need accessories that are equally cute and adorable.

To suit their innocence, Puppia Dog Harness comes with a really eye-catchy and appealing design for your adorable small pup.

Along with the visual appeal, a harness for puppy must have enough padding to support their tender body. This harness for puppies comes with a lot of cushiony padding. Moreover, it is lightweight as well. It is so flexible that it moves along with the movement of your pup.

The harness is breathable and will allow your puppy to grow from all the sides. It is made from polyester and is really durable and sturdy.

While a puppy does not require many features in the harness, the best thing about this dog harness is its amazing colors. The harness is so beautifully crafted that it will catch the eye of everyone at once. This remarkably cute harness from Puppia will absolutely add to the adorableness of your puppy and will make him a happy little pup!

Safest Dog Harness for an Adult Dog: Ruff Wear Front Range Dog Harness

Ruff Wear Front Range Dog Harness for Adult Dog

Dogs in their adulthood are at the highest peak of their strength and endurance. While they most probably grow completely until their adulthood, it is really essential that we handle these beasts effectively.

A dog that has just got out of his childhood is full of energy. And not to our surprise, it puts all this energy in all the possible things it can.

The Front Range Dog Harness is a sturdy no pull harness. It comes in a number of sizes to fit your pup. With its no pull feature, the harness lets you handle the dog if he tries to pull you towards something. And if so, you can easily divert his direction with the use of the leash. This is quite useful as an adult ill-behaving dog can easily get into a fight with other dogs during a walk.

The Front Range allows you to train your young pup and turns him into a good boy that listens to his master’s commands. Afterward, you can change back to the rear leash attachment point for more smooth running sessions.

Along with good training, an adult dog also requires a great support for the rigorous activities they do throughout the day. And without a fail Front Range Dog Harness delivers a great sense of ease with its comfort padding and all-day wearable design.

Other features such as a dog id pocket and a light reflector make the product stand out from its competitors.

Safest Dog Harness for a Senior Dog: Blue Dog Lift Support Harness

Blue Dog Lift Support Harness for Senior Dog

Same as the humans, as dogs grow older, they develop mobility problems. Senior dogs are susceptible to bone and joint issues such as arthritis, hip dysplasia and many more.

To support such arthritic dogs there are orthopedic dog beds available on the market. These orthopedic beds provide expert comfort to the dog’s aching bones.

But when the dog is not in his bed and needs to move around there must be something to support him. For such problems, there are specially made mobility dog harness on the market. These dog harnesses support the dog to move around without much pain.

Safest Dog Harness for a Senior Dog

The Blue Dog Lift Support Harness is one of the best mobility harnesses on the market. It comes with a support pad that goes below the center part of the dog’s body. And via the handles on the straps, you have to lift the dog up. This reduces the amount of pressure that the arthritic dog feels in his aching joints.

The soft velcro on the straps is sturdy enough to handle a heavy dog’s weight. The unique design of the dog harness allows you to lift the dog without much discomfort. You can easily help your dog in activities like climbing stairs and to get into a car seat and many more.

Moreover, this mobility dog harness for senior dogs is also useful for dog’s who have recently gone through a surgery or an injury.


Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

How to measure a dog for the harness?

All the dog harnesses from various brands come with different built and specifications. Some are specifically designed for big or small dogs. Before buying a harness check out the size chart provided by the brand itself and measure your dog accordingly.

How loose/tight the harness should be for your dog?

The harness is to support the dog, not to choke it. However, it also should not be too loose or your dog might just slip right through it. Thus the harness must never be too tight or too loose. Ideally, the girth of the neck should match accordingly with the dog.

How to clean/wash a dog harness?

With different materials used in making, different dog harness comes with different washing or cleaning guide. Before beginning read the cleaning guide carefully. However, you can clean most of the dog harness easily in the machine. But if not specified in the guide, wash the harness with hands using warm water.

How to use the seatbelt tether?

A seatbelt tether comes with a universal seatbelt tongue. One end goes to the dog and the other easily slips into the seatbelt port. However, keep in mind that most of the seatbelt tethers are for tethering only and might not be a life-saver.

Should I buy a dog harness with a leash in front or top?

You can use a front leash harness to train your dog to walk properly. You can also use it if your dog acts stubborn on the walks. On the other hand, the top attachment is for comfortable running sessions or adventure activities. Moreover, some of the harnesses also come with both the front and top attachments.

How to make sure that my dog does not escape from the harness?

In most cases, this does happen if your dog is facing towards you and the leash is on the top. In such situation, a little pulling can let your dog out of the harness. However, we’ll suggest you buy a harness that fits your dog perfectly. And if your dog is in between the sizes, choose a larger one.

My dog is a puller. Should I buy a no pull harness or a harness with two attachment points?

A no pull harness allows the handler to control the dog with ease. It is also essential in training the dog. A dog harness with two attachment options will be handy in comfortable walks once you complete training your dog. However, if you feel that your dog is stubborn enough to not to be trained easily you can also choose a no pull harness.

My dog often gets cuts from the harness. What should I do?

The most probable reason for the dog to get cuts is the fitting of the harness. Make sure that you buy a harness that is of the right size for the dog. And do not squeeze the harness too tightly on the dog’s body. Keep some space to allow the dog’s joints to move and have enough airflow.


We hope that our review of 10 best dog harness of 2023 helps you to find the best harness for your pup.

Do check out the other reviews and articles at petlovesbest.

Meanwhile, let us know if you have any query or concern. We will be happy to serve you, as always!

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