Chai’s Choice Dog Harness Review – Outdoor Adventure Pet Harness

Picking a dog harness can be a tricky and puzzling task. It can be tough to choose the right one among the wide range of dog harness available in the market. Thus here we are going to review the Chai’s Choice Dog Harness.

It is one of the finest quality adventure dog harness available in the market.

This harness from Chai’s Choice is an adventure harness. You can use it during any of the outdoor activities that you pursue. The harness comes with a nice tough built. So that your dog will not be left out the next time you go out on an adventure.

Let us take an extensive look at what makes Chai’s Choice the absolute dog harness for your canine.

Chai's choice dog harness



Chai’s Choice Dog Harness Review

For a harness to perform in the wilderness, it must have great agility. It should outperform any of the competitive harnesses in the aspect of toughness.

Besides being tough, it must deliver a great performance during the adventures. The Chai’s Choice Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness does exactly the same. It is not only sturdy but also well tested by the expert adventurers during expeditions with their dog.

The product is built from scratch by the brand just to make sure that the adventurer inside you and your pup does not face an issue.

Features of Chai’s Choice Dog Harness that We Loved!

Here are all the qualities of the Chai’s Choice that stands out among other products in the market.

Amazing Looks With Vibrant ColorsChai's Choice harness colors

One thing that grabbed our attention is the looks of the product. The product is quite stylish with eye-candy colors. It comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

Two-Point Leash Attachment System

It is a vital necessity to make your dog learn to walk properly. If your pup constantly pulls you while you both are out for a walk, it can damage the neck of your pup. Also, it can be harmful to your arm muscles in a long run.

To make sure that your pup learns to walk with you calmly and follow your lead, the Chai’s Choice comes with a 2 point leash attachment system. If your dog does not follow your commands and is a puller, you can use the front leash attachment point to train your pup.

By attaching the leash in the front, the dog will get pulled towards its sides whenever it tries to chase something. Such thing will stop the pet from pulling you and will make it learn to walk with you. And in no time, the dog will learn to walk with you side by side.

However, if you already have a dog that obeys to the commands or is already trained, you can use the leash attachment on the top of its back. It will allow you to go on comfortable long walks with your beloved pooch. Moreover, such attachment is also useful if you are out on some adventure in the wilderness.

Adjustable Snuggy FitChai’s Choice snuggy fit

The dog harness comes with adjustable side straps. Its perfect strap adjustment system will fit on your dog’s body heavenly. Further, you can use the Duraflex buckles to ensure the fitting of the harness.

In addition, there is a lot of comfy padding on the underside of the harness. The padding around the belly and chest of the pup will make sure that your pup does not get a wound or cut from the harness. Also, it is vital during harsh activities to keep your pup calm and comfortable.

Durable for Hardcore Outdoor Activities

The outer layer of the harness is made from Oxford material that is scratch resistant. Being scratch or abrasion resistant, it does not get torn by getting rubbed with another substance.

Being scratch resistant you can be sure that the harness will not tear by getting rubbed with rocks and woods during hiking in the wilderness.

3M Reflective Layer

It is tough to spot a dog on the road during nights. Especially if its eyes are not facing you. Thus to make sure that your pup stays safe from the rough drivers during the night, the harness material comes with a 3M reflective layer. The layer reflects the light and thus the dog can be seen from a far distance.

Comfortable Car Rides

We all know that the dogs love car rides, don’t they? But when you are all safe wearing the seatbelt, what about the safety of your pooch? Also, if your pup is all energetic in the car, it can cause a distraction. Thus the Chai’s Choice Dog Harness comes with a loop for the seatbelt.

The loop allows you to pass the seatbelt and make sure that your pup is calm and rests safely on the seat.

Who is it for

Chai's Choice Dog harness

The harness is ideal for,

  • Those who often seek adventures and wants their dogs to join too
  • Hikes
  • Long-running sessions
  • Night Walks
  • Safe car rides
  • To train your dog to walk with you side by side

Price of the Product

The price of Chai’s Choice Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness is quite competitive. While other products in the same price range do not offer much, the Chai’s Choice does not fail to amaze you with its amazing best in class features.

Owned by a retired Navy veteran of US, the quality of the harness is incredible. It is such great quality and appearance of the product that makes it one of the best dog harness to invest in.

  • Amazing eye-catching range of colors.
  • Durable to last in the wilderness.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • Fine padding for extra comfort and security.
  • Safety from vehicles at night because of the 3M reflective layer.
  • Dual leash attachment option.
  • Buckles sometimes fail to hold the dog while doing rough training.

Our Alternative Choice: Ruff Wear Front Range Dog Harness

Ruff Wear Front Range Dog Harness leash

The Chai’s Choice Dog Harness is a convenient yet packed-with features dog harness. It is great for outdoor activities and comfortable walks.

However, if you feel that you need a harness that focuses less on outdoor activities and more on controlling your stubborn puller dog. The Ruff Wear Front Range Dog Harness can be an ideal choice for you.

The Ruff Wear Front Range is a no pull harness with dual leash system. It is also ideal to train dogs to behave and obey its fellow human.

This premium harness comes with quality features like a light reflector for night walks and a dog id pocket to ensure your pet’s safety from getting lost.

It is so comfortable and snuggly that your pet will want to wear it all day long. However, extra comfort demands a few extra bucks. Thus the product is slightly costlier than the Chai’s Choice Dog Harness. Though it does come with some exciting features.

If you want to buy a harness that is great to train your stubborn puller dogs and do not mind spending some extra bucks on it, The Ruff Wear Front Range Dog Harness is your choice.

Check out the full product review of the Ruff Wear Front Range Dog Harness here.

Our Verdict

The Chai’s Choice Outdoor Dog Harness is our choice if you want an everlasting harness for adventure activities.

Its amazing quality and looks are worth every single penny you spend. Moreover, the feather soft padding ensures the comfort of your beloved pooch. This sturdy dog harness will last long while facing harsh conditions in the wilderness and will save your pet from injuries as well.

Overall, this dog harness from Chai’s Choice is a great pick whether you’re an adventurer, a runner or even a normal user.

We hope that this review helps you to choose the right dog harness for your pet. However, if you have any doubt or concern regarding the dog harness, let us know.

Because at petlovesbest, we are always happy to help you(and of course your pooch)!

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