IAMS Sensitive Stomach Cat Food Review & Ratings | 2023

IAMS Sensitive Stomach Cat Food is from one of the popular formulas namely ProActive Health. IAMS is a common name among pet owners that is specialized in making quality foods for dogs and cats. It makes foods for dogs and cats of all ages. IAMS mainly follows 3 formulas on which all of its food products depend – ProActive Health, Healthy Naturals, and Premium Protection.

Various experts in the field of nutrition and veterinarians came together to formulate these formulas that made this brand successful.


IAMS Sensitive Stomach Proactive Health Cat Food Review


No matter what, every cat deserves to be fed cat food that help satisfies her hunger and provides her with all of the nutrients that she requires. IAMS Sensitive Stomach is perfectly balanced with ingredients that enhance the process of digestion in cats. It enhances the process of digestion in cats.


Talking about the contents, it has chicken as its major ingredient. Apart from chicken, it has a complete blend of ingredients that fulfill all of the nutritional requirements of the cats while smoothening the process of digestion in them. Let us understand the major ingredients that make it a complete IAMS Sensitive Stomach Cat food.

Major Ingredients

IAMS Sensitive Stomach has chicken as its primary ingredient. Along with it, it has ingredients that are a complete source of various vitamins – E, A, B1, B6, B12, D and folic acid.

#1 Chicken By-Product Meal

Chicken By-Product Meal is a major component of this product. It is basically a dried up chicken meat that has moisture contents as low as 11%. Few of the characteristics of chicken meal make it less flexible to use with respect to regular chicken meat.

Talking with regards to nutrient content, Chicken meal provides nutrients in much more amounts than the chicken. Some nutritionists even believe chicken meal provides 5 times protein than the chicken. Also, chicken meal helps in the process of digestion and makes it more smooth.

The major drawback in having chicken meal as the main constituent is its lack of water contents in it. Cats are ancestrally desert animals. So, they are very likely to drink water on their own. So, it is always best to include ingredients in amounts so that felines remain hydrated throughout the day by the water contents that they get from their foods.

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#2 Corn Meal

Corn Meal is basically the residue that is left over after corn is processed and turned into syrups and sweeteners. It is added to the foods which help in increasing the amounts of protein in the foods. It also helps in keeping the shape of the dry food kibble intact.

Corn Meal has contents of protein but it is not of the type which is required by the felines. Cats are obligate animals. That means they require meat contents in their diet so as to sustain. So, it would be better if cats are fed meat contents in much higher proportions than veggie stuff.

#3 Brewers Rice

Brewers rice is the smaller kernels of rice. We extract it from the larger kernels. The kernels that are perfect are used in human foods. While the kernels that break down and become small or are of low quality are used in foods for cats and dogs.

Brewers rice is a blend of carbs that is so easy to digest due to the presence of fibrous proteins in it. It is always important to mention how much importance does fibrous protein hold in pet’s diet. Fibers help in making the process of digestion smooth and also helps in gastrointestinal problems.

It is a fact that the fragments contain lesser amounts of nutrients than the whole grain. It is not harmful to include brewers rice in cat’s food as an ingredient. It’s just up to you to make sure that your feline is not allergic to it.

#4 Dried Beet Pulp

We extract sugar from sugar beets. A pulp remains after that process of extraction. This pulp actually has very fewer sugar contents in it. But still, this pulp is a great source of fibers and can provide lots of energy. So, adding beet pulp as the ingredient in the foods of cat helps them to improve the quality of their stool. As it has lots of fiber it makes the digestion of food smooth. It also helps solve problems related to stomach.

Also, beet pulp is a great source of energy. It keeps your pet healthy and makes it fit all the time. Alongside, it also maintains the health of your cat and helps enhance it.

Listed above are major constituents of this product. There are many other ingredients that count to the nutritional value of this product. Taurine present in this product maintains the functioning of the heart.


IAMS Sensitive Stomach is a perfect blend of fibers and prebiotics and beet pulp that helps enhance the nutrient absorption capability of your feline. It has loads of anti-oxidants that enriches her immune system. The inclusion of fatty acids makes her skin and coat healthy and shiny. IAMS Sensitive Stomach Cat Food also has L-Carnitine that formulates her metabolism and thereby increases her the strengths of her defense system.

Following are few of the merits of this product-

  • Follows ProActive Health formula
  • Well- balanced diet
  • Enhances digestive health
  • Meat is the main Ingredient
  • No artificial fillers


  • Since Sensitive Stomach changed to Healthy Diet, it has caused problems for many felines and their owners.
  • Packaging Issues

Directions to Feed

No matter what you include in your feline’s diet, it is always important that you follow all of the directions that have been given for feeding. How much you feed your feline cat depends mainly on her weight. There are various factors you would have to consider before feeding your finicky friend –

  • Weight
  • Age
  • Breed
  • Indoor/Outdoor Cat
  • Whether she is pregnant

Feeding is always an important aspect when it comes to pet owners. The health of your pet depends totally upon you. So, it is your duty so as to provide your cat with the best that suites her and fulfills all of her nutritional requirements.

According to me, IAMS Sensitive Stomach is a perfect blend of the ingredients that fulfill the requirements of the felines. But still, do not rush into finalizing a perfect diet for your feline as it would affect her health straight away and make her sick. So, consider visiting a vet and discuss all of the issues of your feline friend and then get to a solution deciding which food to provide.

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I hope my review of this product will make it easy for you pet owners so as to decide a perfect food for your feline. Kindly let me know your experience with this food product in the comment section.

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