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Last year when my kitty, Lucy, grew from kitten stage to adult I had to face issues as to what to provide my feline that keeps her active and makes her happy. I started her feeding with which she couldn’t take in properly. She started throwing out multiple times a day. It was really bad for her. So, I took her to a vet and after examining her he told me that she was too sensitive to the food that I was providing her with. And told me to change her food to Hill Science Diet Hairball Control Cat Food.

Wow!!! Drastic Difference. Only after a few days, her digestion started getting back on track. Moreover, I learned that it’s time to switch to adult cat food from kitten food. She started eating her foods with great enthusiasm and also used your litter box regularly. Also, her skin became softer and shinier than ever before. As of now, it has almost a year and my cat is perfectly fine enjoying her daily meals of Hill Science.


Hill’s Science Diet Hairball Control Cat Food Review

Hill Science is a pretty old brand that makes foods for cats and dogs. The main mission of Hill Science has been to strengthen the relationship between pets and their owners. It provides a wide range of variety to choose from for your pets. Specifically talking about the Hill’s Science Diet Hairball Control Cat Food, this product comes mainly in two categories –

Adult Dry

It is for the felines between the age of 1-6. This is the age when the cats get to become strong physically and become healthy. They require protein in large amounts so that it would help their body grow with pace. They require their diet to fulfill all of the nutritional requirements.

Hill’s Science Diet Hairball Control Food for Adult Cat


Adult 7+ Dry

It is for the cats above the age of 7 that falls under the category of mature. As is the case with we humans, similarly cats require different nutrients after attaining a certain age. So, Hill Science has a dedicated food product for the cats above the age of 7. It has been formulated as per the requirements that they have.

Hill’s Science Diet Hairball Control Food for Adult 7+ Cat


Featuring the Ingredients

A food product gets its rank on the basis of the ingredients that it is made up of. Every feline is different in terms of tastes and requirements. So, it is an important role that we pet owners have in our hand so as to look for the nutritional info a food product holds before feeding it to our pets. Let’s get to know as to what makes Science Diet Hairball Control product perfectly complete that our finicky feline friend loves to devour it.

#1 Chicken

As is the fact, Cats are obligate animals. They require meat contents in their diet in order to sustain. So, here it is in this product as the key ingredient. Chicken! The inclusion of chicken in a cat’s diet is so necessary for her to maintain a healthy body and stay fit. There are more than 75% water contents in raw chicken which reduces down to fractions once it gets on fire and is cooked. Chicken fulfills the requirement of meat in cats providing the necessary nutrients. Chicken is a protein-rich ingredient that is present in this product.

Cats require proteins in higher amounts than humans and dogs. Consider proteins to be the most important nutrients that cats require. But cats require different forms of proteins of different quality alongside balancing needs for different nutrients so as to maintain an optimal health. Proteins are the basic building blocks that take part in the proper building of the tissues, muscles, various organs, skin and blood.

Cats require more of animals-protein rather than the plant-protein. This is because cats get their energy from proteins, unlike other animals. They require certain of the amino acids that would make the processes smooth enough without adding any complications.

Apart from the chicken, Science Diet Hairball Control has many other key ingredients that count for –

  • Whole Grain Wheat
  • Corn Gluten Meal
  • Pork Fat
  • Chicken Meal

These ingredients count for various of the health benefits for your cat. But I would want to mention few of the other ingredients that are used in this product in lesser proportions but hold a significant impact on the health of the felines.

#2 Fish Oil

Fish oil is the extracts from various oily fishes – Trouts, Salmons, Tunas, Mackerels and many more. These are a great blend of fatty sources also including the most required Omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil is a great way in treating the inflammations. It is also to be used against allergies and reducing the itchiness and also dandruff. It also lands hand in the development of eyes and brain.

Most of all it helps in reducing down the hairballs in cats. This is required for the cats that are going through the problem of throwing out constantly. The use of fish oils in a cat’s diet has helped immensely in slowing down the growth of cancer.

Hill’s Science Diet Hairball Control has contents of fish oil in it that help our feline friends reduce the number of hairballs.

#3 Dried Beet Pulp

Beet Pulp is the remains left after the extraction of sugar. Beet pulp is a great source of insoluble fiber that helps in the digestion of food in cats making it healthy. It favors the growth of the probiotics in the gut thereby stimulating the process. The pulp helps in adding moisture to the foods that improve the quality of the stool in cats. Many cat food and nutrition experts have listed such kind of fermentable dietary fiber, Beet Pulp in the requirement list for the cats.

Beet pulp is used in lesser proportions in this product which supplements the need for fibers in our felines.

#4 Apples & Brocolli

Apples and Brocolli are considered to be invaluable dietary fibers that provide Vitamin C that helps boost the immune system of your felines thereby keeping them away from many of the diseases they may fall victim to. Apples are a great source of anti-oxidants that would prove to be of a great help in the treatments of joints. These also help in promoting the gastrointestinal health along with keeping the heart healthy making the release of toxins from the body an easy task for the body.

Apples & Brocolli have been used as complementary ingredients that enhance the nutritional value of the product.

These ingredients used in this product that significantly fights the issue of hairballs in cats and making the process of digestion in them smooth enough for them to handle.

Coupons & Ratings

Talking about the pricing, Hill Science Diet Hairball Control Food is available in 3 sizes – 3.5, 7 & 15.5-lb bag with prices accordingly. This lets pet owners choose the size that they require for their feline friend. You can purchase this product online from various websites that have the franchise to sell it. You can check it mainly on its official site of Hill Science. I personally find it most cheap while purchasing from Amazon. The prices are not always the same and keep on changing depending on various factors.

There is an additional discount that Amazon provides if you subscribe to a certain product for some specific period of time. Purchasing it from Amazon for a certain number of times entitle you for an additional discount. Personally speaking, I have been purchasing it from Amazon for quite a while and have faced no issues regarding the product or anything else. It’s perfect!!!

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I hope my review could be of some use to you. Share your experience and let us know your experience after using this product.

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