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Fancy Feast, a name known to all pet owners is a brand that is helping millions of pet owners who want to feed their pets with good food like Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers!

It has been serving for more than 30 years. Nestle Purina PetCare, a subsidiary branch of Nestle, based in Missouri, acquired it and is known for making quality cat food, treats, and litters for pets. It is probably the first ever brand to make gourmet food made for the felines.

Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers

Cats are desert animals. This means they are very less likely to drink water on their own. It becomes our lookout to make sure they remain hydrated all of the time. So, it is always advisable to include wet foods in their diet.

Also, Cats are obligate carnivores. Meaning they require proteins from animal meat rather than the plant-based. The diet of felines is totally different than that of humans and dogs.

Cats are born hunters and not gazers. Cats digestive system works in a way that makes it fairly easy for them to digest meat-based products. So, they require proteins in large amounts and that too the ones they get from animal meat and not from plant-based products.

Furthermore, Cats lack the ability to produce Taurine, an acid that is present only in animal meat. It is an essential amino acid felines require so as to help in the functioning of the heart and other elegant body organs.

Moreover, it is a vital nutrient cat require to fight against blindness. Also, Taurine helps in the enhancement of the reproductive performance in the female cats and kittens.


Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers Gourmet Wet Food

Fancy Feast is a complete pack that looks after all of the requirements of the felines alongside providing a variety of flavors to choose from. All of the above issues are taken care of by Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers Gourmet Wet Food.

Talking of the flavors, Fancy Feast comes in wide range of flavors that you get to choose from for your feline friend.

Listed below are the flavors that are served in thick gourmet gravy your cat is going to devour-

1. Chicken Feast in Grilled Chicken Flavor Gravy

2. Turkey Feast in Roasted Turkey Flavor Gravy

Chicken Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers Gourmet Wet Food


Small and delicate bites of chicken and rich and thick gravy that adds great taste and moisture contents to the food.

Turkey Feast in Roasted Turkey Flavor Gravy


Feeding your felines Turkey occasionally is always a great idea to keep supplement their diet.

3. Salmon Feast in Seared Salmon Flavor Gravy

4. Ocean Whitefish & Tuna Feast in Sauteed Seafood

5. Chicken & Beef Feast in Grilled Chicken Flavor Gravy

6. Beef Feast in Roasted Beef Flavored Gravy

Chicken & Beef Feast in Grilled Chicken Flavor Gravy


Grilled Chicken flavor gravy having the feast of chicken and beef to in their diet enhances cat’s health.

Beef Feast in Roasted Beef Flavored Gravy


Roasted beef flavored gravy having bites of beef would provide your feline with required proteins, vitamins & minerals.

7. Salmon & Sole Feast in Seared Salmon Flavor Gravy

8. Chicken Hearts & Liver Feast in Grilled Chicken

Salmon & Sole Feast in Seared Salmon Flavor Gravy


Salmon is the best ingredient for the cats that devour seafood. Complemented by savory salmon flavor gravy making it delicious.

Chicken Hearts & Liver Feast in Grilled Chicken Flavor Gravy


Adding chicken heart and liver in the juicy grilled chicken gravy makes it a delicious and nutritious way to feed your cat.

These are 8 flavors by Fancy Feast for the Gravy Lovers. You should consider visiting a vet and discuss health issues regarding your feline friend and then choose which flavor best suits her. As in the case of humans similarly, Cats are choosy in regards to food.

Every Cat has her own requirement and taste for the food. You have to figure it out so as to what food best fits your feline’s health.

Nutrients in Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers

Fancy Feast has crafted ingredients and excitements in your finicky feline friend’s diet for over 30 years. They have used portions of poultry, seafoods, and beef that helps felines satisfy their craving for animal meat and also water.

Feeding your felines with Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers is always a great idea as it is a complete blend of nutrients that cats require so as to stay healthy and fit.

#1 Proteins

Proteins are the basic building blocks of the body. One thing to consider is the quality of protein.

Cats require proteins from meat contents which is totally different from what dogs require.

Unlike other omnivores, Cat’s body requires proteins in large proportions.

Cats get their basic energy from the consumption of proteins which is required for the proper functioning of muscles and various processes.

Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers comes in a variety of flavors to choose from – Chicken, Chicken hearts, Chicken liver, Beef, Seafoods, Turkey, etc. which are a great source of proteins. No matter which flavor you choose, this product is a blend of proteins that would help your cats grow and maintain their health.

#2 Carbohydrates

The carbohydrates in cat foods are obtained mostly from the plant. It is broken down into smaller sizes and made it suitable for digestion. Carbohydrates are present in plant-based products – rice, corn, barley, oats, etc.

As such Carbohydrates are a great source of nutrition to include in a pet’s diet. But in case of Cats, it may prove to be causing various health problems including obesity and digestion problems. Cat’s digestive system is not made to digest excess of carbohydrates.

So, if carb content is provided in higher amounts than it would be stored as excess fat which could make your cat obese.

Need not worry, Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers includes carbohydrates in amounts that are suitable for the felines to digest.

#3 Fats & Oils

Fat is an essential nutrient in our feline’s diet. It provides that necessary fuel that helps run the body in a smooth way. Fats provide protection to the internal organs and helps in making them efficient. Omega-3 & Omega-6 are two of the pretty important fatty acids that work as natural healers against inflammation.

Fish oil is one of the most important ingredients to include in a feline’s diet. There are multiple benefits to list down while talking about oils in cat’s diet. It helps to make cat’s coat shinier and nourishes her skin. Alongside, it also works improving the immune system thereby preventing health issues. It also helps in making vision healthier.

There are various ingredients in Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers that helps your feline get a good source of fats and oils in the amounts they desire.

#4 Vitamins

Vitamins are one of the most essential nutrients for your cat. It would not be possible without the inclusion of vitamins in her diet for a cat to function properly. Vitamins help in balancing the ratio of calcium and phosphorus.

These are necessary for the proper functioning of organs. Vitamins also help make the nervous system healthy and help the skin and coat to shine and makes it more healthy.

There are various vitamins included in Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers – A, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12, D3. It provides a complete blend of all the vitamins required by a feline.

#5 Minerals

Minerals are responsible for all of the physiological activities that happen. Minerals work as an oxygen carrier and transport oxygen to and from different parts of the body. They also majorly contribute to the formation of enzymes and balancing the pH value. Minerals play a pivotal role in the process of nutrient utilization.

Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers is a blend of a variety of minerals that contribute to the smooth physiological functions. It includes various elemental minerals – Calcium, Phosphorus, Manganese, Potassium, Sulfate, etc. in different forms.

These are the major nutrients present in all of the products of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers. Fancy Feast is the #1 brand making gourmet foods for cats.

Pricing, Coupons & Ratings

Fancy Feast is one of the cheapest cat food brands I have come across. It provides the type of food your cat is going to love devouring at a pretty low price!

So, it is a win-win situation for you. Also, you get access to such flavors your cat is going to enjoy. The prices may vary depending on where you get your product.

There are multiple ways you can consider purchasing Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers. But I would suggest you get it from Amazon. Amazon provides pretty decent discounts to most of its products. Furthermore, subscribing to the product entitles you to an additional discount. So, it would go pretty easy on your budget.

You would not want to feed your cat with something that may cause problems for her later on. So, it is always best so as to visit a vet before finalizing the diet for your pet cat.

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I hope my review would guide you in buying suitable food for your cat. Let me know your experience with this product in the comment section below.

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