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Last year Shyloh, my dog, had some issues with digestion. He was constantly hungry and used to throw up almost every day. Eventually, he started skipping his meals for days. This became a serious issue and so I had to take him to a vet. It was his food that was causing all the issues. He was not getting the required nutrients in his food. A friend of mine suggested me to change his diet completely and shift him to Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food. After some thorough research, I came across this product and was convinced enough to give it a try. So, I immediately changed my dog’s food to Science Diet.

And WOW!!! In just a couple of days, he showed great signs of recovery. Also, his bowel movements reduced. He started eating twice a day. There was a noticeable difference in my dog’s energy.


Hill’s Science Diet Adult Advanced Fitness Dry Dog Food Review

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Dog Food


So, here I am sharing my experience after using this product from Science Diet. I hope my review will help you choose from the best dog foods for your pet. Let us understand the in-depths of this product.

Benefits of the Science Diet Adult Dog Food

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Advanced Fitness is a premium dry dog food. This product has the flavor of Chicken & Barley. It comes in the size that weighs 38.5 lb. The primary ingredient in this product is Chicken. It is ideal only for adult dogs between 1-6 years of age.

If I am to discuss the benefits of this product, I would have to list down all of the major ingredients that are included in it. Let us understand the ingredients of this product in deep.

Major Ingredients

Based on the requirement of our dog we have to decide the product that perfectly suits his health in a complete way. For this, it is important that we know the ingredients in the product. So, let us get to know the major ingredients of this product –

1 Chicken

The key ingredient in Hill’s Science Diet is Chicken. Chicken is a rich source of protein. Proteins help repair muscles and maintain a body weight that is ideal. Raw Chicken has about 75% water contents. But meat content is reduced down to fractions after it is cooked as most of the moisture is lost.

2 Barley

Barley is a bundle of selenium and copper contents in it. Barley is a source of starchy carbohydrate and various fibrous nutrients. As it is so rich in fibers, it makes the process of digestion in dogs very smooth and avoids any kind of complications.

3 Brown Rice

Brown Rice is a great weight reducer. It is a complex carbohydrate and a complete blend of anti-oxidants. After cooking it is easy to digest. It also helps in maintaining the sugar levels in the blood which may prove to be a boon for the diabetic dogs.

4 Oat Fiber

Dietary fibers are obtained from oats. It is a perfect blend of soluble as well as insoluble fibers. It also enhances the process of absorbing nutrients. Mainly it helps in improving the quality of stool and makes the process of digestion easy.

5 Corn Gluten Meal

When starchy carbohydrates are separated from Corn, a residue is left behind. This rubbery residue is Gluten Meal. Despite its name, Corn Gluten Meal does not actually have contents of gluten. It mainly constitutes of corn proteins. Gluten Meals are very much less nutritional as compared to other meat-based proteins.

NOTE If you ever discover Gluten on the list of ingredients on Dog food, inquire about the meat contents of the Hill’s Science Diet.

6 Chicken Meal

Chicken Meal is an important ingredient in any Dog food. Basically, Chicken Meal is obtained as an end-product after the process of cooking. This process is known as Rendering. Even after the process of Rendering, more than 75% protein is left out which is far more than a whole chicken. Chicken Meal has almost 250% more protein contents than fresh chicken.

7 Whole Grain Sorghum

Whole Grain Sorghum is a gluten-free grain. Gluten-Free Grains are a tremendous source of fibrous nutrients. It has a chewy texture and is mild in flavor.

Apart from the above-listed ingredients, this product has many other ingredients that are sources of various nutrients in lesser proportions.

Nutrients of the Science Diet Advanced Dog Food

Food products are judged on the basis of the nutritional value they hold. The judgment is based on the basic nutrients required. The list goes as follows –

1 Proteins

Proteins are the basic building blocks of Life. It is necessary for building and maintaining body and muscles. In addition to that, Proteins help in repairing torn muscles. Also, It helps in maintaining body weight. Dogs may face health issues if they do not get proteins in sufficient quantity. Their immune system will become weak, energy levels would fall down, also their coat would start fading. So, it is seriously important to include Protein rich food in our Dog’s diet. In Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food, there are two ingredients that are very high in Proteins – Chicken & Chicken Meal.

2 Fatty Acids

It is important to add calories to our Dog’s diet. Omega-6 Fatty Acids are present in this product with a perfect blend. These acids help in boosting the cell functions. Also, they look after the cell membrane structure. Chicken and animal fats are a complete source of Fatty Acids.

3 Vitamins

Vitamins in the diet are necessary so as to maintain the functionality of brains and muscles. This product is a complete clinically proven blend of Vitamin C & Vitamin E. Vitamin C has the role of repairing various damaged body organs. Moreover, Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant that elongates a cell’s life. This blend of Vitamin C & Vitamin E in Hill’s Science Diet is a support system for healthy immune system.

4 Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the basic energy providers that maintain our body functions. Carbohydrates are converted into simple sugars and can easily be absorbed. Complex sources of carbohydrates are broken down before they can actually be absorbed by the body. In this product, various ingredients have carbohydrates present in them. Barley, Brown Rice and Corn Gluten Meal are rich carbohydrate sources.

There are various other nutrients present in the product that nourishes skin and helps dogs get a shiny coat. It has no added artificial colors or flavors.

Who It’s For?

Every dog owner would want his/her dog to become healthy and strong. This product from Hill’s Science Diet is ideal for all adult dogs that fall in the age group of 1-6 years. This is the age when the dog grows rapidly. For this dogs would require protein-rich foods. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Advanced Fitness Dry Dog Food is a complete food package for a Dog. Its main key ingredient Chicken is a rich source of protein that is required for the growth of a dog. It would enhance dog’s growth and also keep it healthy and fit.

NOTE – This is not suitable for puppies and pregnant dogs.

Pricing & Purchasing

Most of the adult dog dry foods available in the market are expensive. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Advanced Fitness Dry Dog Food is one of the cheapest dog foods of this quality that is available in the market. In my opinion, I would say money should not be a factor in purchasing food for our pet. Our pets love us dearly and all they want in return for is love and care. So, I would say it is the duty of each and every pet owner so as to fulfill the basic requirements of their pets.

  • Improves skin
  • Shiny coat
  • Natural ingredients
  • Balanced Nutrition
  • Clinically proven Anti-oxidants
  • Fun-loving Flavors
  • No artificial colors & preservatives
  • No standardized recipe
  • Bit costly
  • Available only in the U.S.

Alternate Product

Hill’s Science Diet has a variety of products available for dogs. They have products which are suitable for dogs of different age, breed, gender, etc. Also, Hill’s Science Diet has launched an alternative to this. It is basically a newer version of this. It has introduced a new flavor – Lamb Meal in it. Also, it is available in terms of small bites. And the product is available in various sizes according to its weight so that users can buy it as per their requirement.

As this is not suitable for dogs below 1 years of age so, Hill’s Science Diet has a dedicated product that is made specifically for the puppies –

Alternative: Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Food

Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Food


You bond with your puppy in its first year which is important. It becomes a part of your family. Also, it is the time when it grows rapidly. Moreover, it learns behaviors in early stages. So, it is important on our part to make sure our puppy is well fed. So consider choosing the right food for your cute little pup. This product is for puppies only. It fulfill’s the nutritional needs of your little one.

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My Final Opinion

I have been feeding my dog, Shyloh with this product for 11 months. As a result, he showed signs of recovery immediately. Right after changing his diet, there was a positive transformation in his health. Also, he recovered very quickly from the issues he was facing. And now he devours it. Also, his coat has turned super shiny. And there have been no health issues for the past so many months. As a result, he seems to be energetic all the time and is always full of life.

In conclusion, I am completely satisfied with this product in all the aspects and would continue feeding my dear Shyloh with it.

Kindly share your experience in the comments section.

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