Blue Buffalo Basics Dog Food Review of 2023 | Healthy or Unhealthy

Blue Buffalo is a dog food as well as cat food brand based in America. This is the review of Blue Buffalo Basics which is one of the five product range of the brand. There are total of five product lines of this animal food brand which are as follows:-

Makers have engineered each of these product lines considering various conditions. As a matter of fact, amongst the stated five product lines, Basics is the dominant meal type for the pet dogs exposed to the homely atmosphere only.

We have also reviewed the best dog foods which include a complete range of dry, wet, organic, grain-free, and other types of dog foods.


Blue Buffalo Basics Dog Food Review

The below table shows the products manufactured by Blue Buffalo and its variants including Blue Buffalo Basics. In the table, products are categorized according to the type of recipe and corresponding columns show for which life stage it is suitable for.

Focused RecipeProductsProductsLife Stage
Turkey & PotatoDog-food-review-blue-buffalo-basicsCanned-healthy-dog-foodPuppy(0-1 year)
Adult (1-7 years)
Senior(8+ Years)
Salmon & Potato Healthy-dog-food-salmon-potatocanned-healthy-dog-food-blue-buffaloAdult(1-7 years)
Lamb & PotatoLamb-Food-without-grains-healthy-dog-foodhealthy-dog-food-canned-blue-buffalo-basicsAdult(1-7 years)
Duck & Potato
Adult(1-7 years)

Blue Buffalo Basics – Dog Food Range

These food variants categorized into 2 lead categories are:

Dry (Kibble): Grains, Grain-free


Along with two categories, there is further classification under the title ‘dry’ dogs-meal i.e. with grains and without grains.

Grain-free is only important to animals having allergies to grains, and nothing beyond that.

Also, grain-free certainly means gluten-free diet. Depending on the specific recipe, grains contented pack may or may not have gluten.

Along with two categories, there is further classification under the title ‘dry’ dogs-meal i.e. with grains and without grains.

Grain-free is only important to animals having allergies to grains, and nothing beyond that.

Also, grain-free certainly means gluten-free diet. Depending on the specific recipe, grains contented pack may or may not have gluten.

Major Nutrients in Blue-Buffalo’s Product-Line

When we talk about nutrients as experts, there are certain laboratory tests and justifications to follow. But if we judge nutrient needs as users, simply following the recommendations can be sufficient.

Again, elementary nutrients needed by any animal or human are Protein, Acids, Vitamins, and Minerals.

1. Protein

Protein helps in repairing the damaged muscles, tissues which happen in day to day activities. It maintains the bone structure and also in increasing the quality of hair and coat.

  • Turkey, Salmon, Lamb, Duck are rich sources of protein in the meal course.
  • Turkey meal, Lamb meal is considered to be threefold protein-rich than the raw source itself.
  • Pea protein is the content left after starchy content.

2. Fatty acids Omega 3 & Omega 6

Acids play a vital part in cellular repair tasks and maintaining the metabolism.

  • Flaxseed is the source of fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6.
  • Canola oil consists of omega 6 fatty acids.
  • Fish Oil has plenty of omega 3 acids.

3. Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the basic and complex source of energy producing agent. Fibers are the secondary part of carbs which help in digestion and health of internal organs. Not only it helps in easy bowel movements but also in active metabolism.

  • Potatoes are easy to digest carbs form available considerably. Though potato is an important ingredient but is insufficient for dog’s nutrition.
  • Pumpkin has an immense fiber and consists of antioxidants which help in digestion.
  • Pea fiber helps in easy digestion and promotes metabolism.
  • Barley grass is a nutritious ingredient.

4. Minerals

Minerals are responsible for numerous activities that happen in the body and help in smooth functioning of the organs, bones, and muscles.

Calcium Carbonate and Calcium Iodate important for bone fitness, it keeps hypertension and bad cholesterol in check.
The mineral – Dicalcium Phosphate utilizes calcium and phosphorous.

5. Vitamins

Vitamins too are responsible for numerous activities that happen in the body and absorb the daily nutrients that body requires.

  • The Blue Buffalo Basics consists of supplement for vitamin A which is not only good for eyes and hair but also teeth.
  • Thiamine Mononitrate (Vitamin-B1), necessary for utilizing carbs and protein.
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), useful for healthy skin and coat.
  • Vitamin B12 Supplement, necessary for the normal processing of carbs.
  • Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), useful in protein absorption and digestion.
  • Folic Acid (Vitamin B9), increases the health of the cells.
  • Biotin (Vitamin B7), is renown as H-vitamin. Promotes metabolism and fatty acids formation.
  • Vitamin C present in L ascorbyl 2 polyphosphate helps in maintaining the immunity of the body, repairing damaged body components.
  • Vitamin D3 Supplement, useful for healthy bones, ligaments, connective tissues.

Pros and Cons based on Various User Experiences

By introducing this meal, every animal will show different responses to this food. All animals function in a unique way.

We cannot presume their behavior and responses in a monotonous manner. So pros and cons will highlight the pattern in which majority of pets will respond.

  • Major ingredients used in Blue Buffalo Basics are very nutritious for every respective product.
  • Makers use High protein content such as Turkey, Salmon, Lamb, Duck.
  • There are no poultry by-products which are stuffed with cholesterol and animal fats
  • Easily digestible as it contains either potato or pumpkin as an ingredient.
  • The dedicated Blue Buffalo Basics product is available for every life stage of the animal.
  • Fruits are used as an ingredient.
  • The brand has recalled six times since 2009, of which 5 times after 2015
  • Products of Blue Buffalo Basics are expensive.
  • Caramel color is used which seems to be an irrelevant addition.
  • Many masters have common complain about bloody stools just after their dogs were introduced to this dog food.
  • Dogs already having the health issues or allergies have violently reacted to the Basics meal.

Similar Products

The product described above had many common complaints regarding digestion and appetite issues. The products which have rather positive comments on the points where the Blue Buffalo Basics lacked are explained below:-

1. Taste of the wild

Users have reviewed this product as the satisfyingly natural ingredient brand. As well as it provides with natural and raw tastes that pets would devour.

2. Zignature

It contains grain-free multi protein recipe. In addition, good for high protein requirements accompanied by fatty acids that are healthy for the heart. As well as rich fiber carbohydrates are present in the ingredients.

3. Acana

This brand has 60% beef, lamb, and pork including meat & liver. In which, the liver is processed using the freeze-drying method then mixed with the kibble. Apart from raw ingredients, herbs, veggies, and fruits are used to maintain immunity.

Similar Dog Food Reviews


  • Don’t choose this product if your dog has digestion ailments of any kind.
  • Nevertheless, this product line has brown rice recipe, suitable for young ones.
  • If the protein requirement is a priority, then this is the product will suit your pet.
  • Poultry based food ingredients imply a risk of catching bird flu or salmonella. Uniquely there is no poultry based contents are used.
  • Don’t switch to this meal if your pet is old-grown.

This review focuses on the factual data and the user’s experiences. It describes important nutrients requirements for dogs as well as nutrients supplied in the food range.

If you find this dog food perfect for your pet but he does not like it, wait for a couple of days or a week. He will develop an interest in that meal gradually.

Leave a comment if you have further queries about the explained pet meal. Also, let us know if we missed out on any topic in this review.

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