The 10 Best Heated Cat Beds of 2023 | For the Winter Season

Are you going to let your cat get all chilly this winter as always? Or are you going to do something about it? Do not worry, we are here to rescue you with our Top 10 Heated Cat Bed Reviews!

Unlike other animals, cats do not have a very thick coat. Although they do have the capability of growing a winter undercoat, it is not enough to keep them warm in chilly winters.

We, humans, have various tactics in order to fight the intolerable temperatures. But being unattentive about our fellow cats is simply not acceptable.

Thus, hereby we present you our top 10 Cat Beds to keep your pet warm and snug this winter.


At a Glance: Best Heated Cat Beds

There are multiple types of cat heating beds. Some works on the self-warming principle, some on the heat reflecting and others come with an inbuilt heater and thermostat.

But before we move towards the in-depth reviews, take a look at our favorite cat beds.

K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed

Editors’ Pick:

  • Best Heated Bed for More Cats
  • Removable Heater from the bottom
  • Reliable & MET Certified


Editor's Picks
1. K&H Pet Products Thermo-KittyAll in one Heated Cat Bed
2. Milliard Thermal Cat MatBudget Buy Cat Bed
3. K&H Pet Products Indoor Pet HouseTravel Friendly Cat Bed
4. Milliard Portable Outdoor Pet HouseBest Outdoor Heated Cat Bed

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Why a Heated Cat Bed?

As I mentioned earlier, cats do not have enough thick fur to last in the winters. And that is also a reason why they need a hideout to shield against the chilly weather.

Also, do you turn off the heater when you leave for the work? Well, do not do that anymore! As just like humans, cats also feel cold and being their master, it’s our duty to guard them against all the threats.

And if you do not want to do that keeping your electricity bill in mind, then a simple solution is a heated cat bed!

Nowadays there are various cat beds available on the market with heating capability. Some of them come with a self-warming method and some with a heat reflection method. However, both the methods are quite alike.

A self-warming bed uses the warmth of the pet’s body and conserves it within to not to let the heat get absorbed by the ambiance. And thus, your kitty gets a comfortable and warm place to snooze away same as you in your blanket.

A heat reflecting bed has a Mylar or similar fabric within itself. A Mylar fabric is used to make space or emergency blankets. It is a plastic-like material that does not absorb the heat but reflects it on the cat’s body. As a result, your kitty stays warm.

Lastly, there is another breed of such beds and that is a bed with an inbuilt heater. These beds require a power input and operate on less power consumption (most beds from K&H uses as low as 4 watts of power).

There are cat beds in the market with a thermostat as well. These beds stay ideal when your pet is not using it and do not use up power. And once your kitty jumps up on it, they start giving them the warmth they need!

With a MET listed heated cat bed, you can be assured to keep the bed plugged-in the whole day without a worry of having any unpleasant incident.

Being exposed to unbearable cold, your kitty can be a victim of various diseases like catching a cold. And being their master, we surely do not want them to go through any misery because of our wrong decisions.

Also, if you are a stay-home kind of pet parent, you too should get your pet a heating bed. And why so? Well, it will stop them from jumping onto your bed every single time. It will also let them feel safe and be in their comfort whenever they need to.

And if you have just been a parent to little furballs(kittens), a heated cat bed will help their tender bodies to be guarded against the chilly weather.

Have you noticed kittens sleeping very close to each other? Well, that is all due to the fact that they require warmth, which they get by piling around each other and their mother.

To conclude this segment, by having a heated cat bed at your home, you can always be worry-free about your cat having any chills. Also, you can turn your heater off to save electricity and still be assured that your cat will be all warm and snug in its bed!

The 10 Best Heated Cat Beds of 2023 (Reviews)

Here are our favorites heated feline beds categorized according to their price and worthiness. Choose as you please!

1. Aspen Pet Self Warming Beds

Aspen Pet Self Warming Beds


You may have heard of the mylar blanket (also known as space blankets), they use the heat-reflecting technology in order to maintain the heat contained in one’s body. They are lightweight and used in emergencies.

The Aspen Self Warming Bed uses the same technology in their beds, which will surely be great to keep your cat snuggly warm.

The heated cat bed is available in three variants. A rectangle lounger, a pillow bed, and a donut-shaped bed. All the beds use the same technologies to keep your kitten warm.

The most amazing thing about this bed is that it does not use any electric power. And thus, is pretty safe for your pet.

The lightweight feature makes the bed easy to carry with you so that your cat remains by your side every time.

The different variants make it feasible to choose according to your cat’s preference. If she likes to sleep leaning on something, choose a donut bed or maybe a lounge bed, if she sprawls out or curls up then go for a pillow bed.

Being able to accommodate cats of most sizes, this cat bed is surely one of the great choices available in the market.

  • Comes with a self heating feature, same as a mylar blanket.
  • Available in 3 variants to choose according to your pet’s need.
  • Can accommodate cats of most sizes.
  • This heated cat bed is lightweight to carry with you all the time.
  • The cat bed is available at quite a budget price.
  • Because of the self reflecting feature, it can be a bit noisy when your cat walks on it.
  • If you live in a warm climate, this one might not be for your cat, especially during summers.

2. K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed

K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed


With thousands of satisfied customers, K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty can be the best choice when it comes to buying a heated cat bed. And with such astonishing feedback from around the globe, the brand is surely a dependable one.

K&H Thermo-Kitty Cat Heating Bed comes in a simple oval shape with raised walls. Here the walls are self-warming to keep your kitty at ease. The bottom contains a soft cozy pillow to support your cat’s body while the sides are filled with foam and covered with fleece to give it a striking look.

Below the bed, K&H has provided a heater, which operates on the presence of the cat. To be more clear, whenever your cat is on the bed, the heater will automatically start heating up. Also, the heater, as well as the fleece cover of the bed, can be removed for an easy wash.

The heater is removable and can be put out if there is no need to warm up the bed. And the best thing is that it uses only 4 watts of energy to keep your pet warm, which is energy efficient as well as safe for your pet.

You can keep the bed plugged in for 24 hours without a worry. However, this bed is made to be used indoors only.

Choose from 2 size variants, a 16 inch and a 20 inch one according to your cat’s size.

Being such an amazing product with best in class features, this heated cat bed is surely a great investment.Pros

  • One of the best and reliable products on the market.
  • The heater is removable if not needed.
  • The overall design is quite comforting for the cat.
  • This K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed uses just 4 watts of energy to operate which is safe for the pet.
  • It comes in 2 sizes to choose from.
  • The components can be easily machine washed.
  • It can only be used indoors.
  • The walls are thin and sometimes do not maintain the oval shape.

Best Budget Heated Cat Bed

Milliard Thermal Cat Mat

Milliard Thermal Cat Mat: This one is a reliable cat bed with amazing functionalities. It makes use of the heat reflecting the technology of Mylar fabric(same as in the emergency blankets) to keep your pet cool. Being a self-warming bed, it does not require any power supply and thus can be used at the most places without worrying about things like cord length and your pet’s safety. With its fascinating 2-sided design, this cat mat surely delivers more than its cost!


3. Hooded K&H Heated Cat Bed

Hooded K&H Heated Cat Bed


This hooded heated bed is an addition to the K&H Pet Products’ well acclaimed Thermo-Kitty series. It comes with an addition of a hood to keep your cat even warmer!

The hooded K&H Heated Cat Bed is the same as the previous model and can be turned into the same by zipping the cover off. If you live in a cold climate where the cat needs to be even warmer, choose this one rather than the normal Thermo-Kitty Bed.

Operating on mere 4 watts, this cat bed is really certified safe for every kitty. Plug it in the whole day without a worry.

It also comes in 2 size variants, a 16 inch and a 20 inch one. And the whole thing can be easily machine washed by removing the components apart.Pros

  • With a few extra bucks on the base model of Thermo-Kitty, you get the hooded one, which is indeed a great deal!
  • 4 watts of energy saving power consumption.
  • Safe for all your pets.
  • Comes in 2 sizes.
  • This hooded K&H Heated Cat Bed can be transformed into normal one by zipping of the hood.
  • Greatly comfortable for cats of all age.
  • For warmer climates, the hood may not be needed at all. However, it is a great addition for winters.
  • It is meant for indoor use only.

4. K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Mat

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Mat


Now that we have seen two of the great products from K&H, here is another one! Although this time, it comes with a different design and same functionality.

Cats can be demanding. But in some cases, these little furballs like to snooze on the carpet or mat of your house. If your cat is one among them, this bed is for you, my friend!

This mat style bed from K&H comes with a heater inside a soft cover. And same as the other product, this heater is removable as well so that you can easily wash off the remaining bed in a machine without a hassle.

The heated cat bed operates on 6 watts of energy and is MET listed for the safety of your kitten. It comes with a built-in thermostat that adjusts the heat according to the body temperature of your cat.

Moreover, a mat style heated cat bed can be ideal for large sized cats, as it gives quite a room for the cat to stretch out. And the more exciting thing is that the cat will still be warm beside stretching out because of the heat from the bed.

Being manufactured by K&H, this cat bed is surely a great & reliable choice for all the feline lovers.Pros

  • Ideal for bigger cats and those that love to stretch out.
  • Efficiently works on 6 watts and is MET listed.
  • Comes with a built-in thermostat to adjust according to cat’s body temperature.
  • The heated cat bed is easily machine washable by removing the heater.
  • It is cheaper compared to the other Thermo-Kitty Products from K&H.
  • Less comfortable because of the lack of cushioning.

5. K&H Pet Products Indoor Little Red Barn

K&H Pet Products Indoor Little Red Barn


If you are looking for a perfect stylish home in which it can stay warm and snuggly, this little red barn is just for you(sorry, for your cat!)

The 600 Denier nylon fabric makes the heated cat bed water resistant. However, do not consider this as a signal to use it outdoors. The bed is meant to be used indoors only as it comes with a thermostat. Though the fabric saves it from various liquid spills for sure!

This bed/house comes in 2 variants. One with heater and second without a heater. You can choose one as you please. However, there is not much price difference between the two variants so we will suggest you go for the with heater version only for a better investment.

The heated cat house is made lightweight to make is portable and it can even be broken down into small components to carry it away for travel purpose.

All the K&H products are MET listed, which means that they are safe for your pet for sure. It stays 10-15 degrees above the atmosphere temperature even when not in use.

This stylish heated cat bed is a great one if you want your cat to be warm and cozy at the same time!Pros

  • One of the most stylish heated cat bed in the market.
  • Keeps your cat warm and cozy at the same time.
  • Stays 10-15 degrees above the atmosphere temperature even when not in use.
  • MET listed for the safety of your pet.
  • Can be broken down to carry it for travel purposes and is lightweight as well.
  • Comes in 2 variants. One with heater and other without one.
  • With 600 Denier fabric that is water resistant to prevent liquid spills.
  • Cannot be used outdoors.

6. Meowfia Premium Cat Bed Cave

Meowfia Premium Cat Bed Cave


Without any electric heater, this heated cat bed can be considered a self-warming bed. Made from 100% Marino wool, this bed can keep your kitty warm and snug without any power consumption. Also, they claim to keep your cat cool in summer as well!

However, this might not be the best cat heating bed as it can keep your kitty’s temperature just a few degrees varied from the atmosphere. Though if you live in a warm climate and do not undergo chilly winters then this might be the one for you.

Do you own a big cat or a small kitty? Meowfia will home all of them without a complaint. And if you are a fashion-frenzy? If yes, then this cat bed will add to your home decor with its super modern handmade design.

This wool made bed is soft, warm and flexible. In addition, it is odor, dirt and stain resistant as well. So that you don’t have to worry about the cleaning anymore.

The 2-in-1 heated cat bed can be transformed into an open bowl like shape in an instant for the cats that don’t like to be hiding all the time.Pros

  • Super modern 2-in-1 design.
  • Keeps the cat warm in the chilly weathers and cool during hot summers.
  • Handmade by experts at Meowfia.
  • The marino wool is super soft and warm and chemical free.
  • This heated cat bed might not be great for super chilly weathers.
  • A bit Costly.

Best Premium Cat Heating Bed with Great Features

K&H Pet Products Indoor Little Red Barn

K&H Pet Products Indoor Pet House: Also called the Red Little Barn, this cat bed is one of the most stylish products on the market. With reliable less power consuming and MET listed heater that is removable as well, this product makes its mark on everyone with its cozy and adorable look. Here the heater automatically functions when your pet is using the bed and stays ideal when not in use even being plugged in. With great material and trustable brand as K&H, this heated cat bed is our favorite premium pick!


7. Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler


The Deep Dish Cuddler really stands up to its name as it is indeed quite deep to let your cat burrow underneath!

If we talk about its functionality then it is not the regular plug-in kind of heated cat bed. In fact, this one is a self-warming bed and keeps the kitty warm with the fabric itself. Although it may not be as functional as the beds with the in-built heater.

During their greying age, cats often develop bone and joint issues. It is vital that we provide them with proper comfort and support to keep them relaxed and away from any misery.

For such need, this OrthoComfort Heated Cat Bed comes with orthopedic bolsters(one of 12″ and other 9″). These bolsters allow your cat to get amazing comfort and support to their aching bones.

Moreover, the bed is made with premium quality fabric and is machine washable. So do not worry about having a stinking bed in your living room anymore.

The bottom is waterproof to save it from any accidental water spills and let it be safely put at places like lawn or the poolside.

The bed is made from chemical free materials. This keeps your cat from having any allergies or toxic smell from the bed. The virgin AirLOFT fibers used in the padding of this bed are made to last you long. And therefore will result in a good investment.

Available in numerous color choices, this bed is surely a well-thought product from the Sheri.Pros

  • Great design with amazing eye-catching colors.
  • The bolsters indeed work well to give orthopedic support to your kitty.
  • Its deep bowl like design allows the cat to snug itself in and have a comfy sleep.
  • The materials are toxic-free and hence are safe for your pet.
  • The virgin AirLOFT fibers last 3 times more than the regular ones.
  • With a justified price tag, this heated cat bed is surely a great pick.
  • Waterproof bottom allows it to safely put on wet surfaces.
  • Does not contain a heater.
  • Recommended for the Small sized Kitties only.
  • The side walls are wobbly and the shape of the bed does not stay intact. Although the bed is just as soft and snug as mentioned by Sheri.

8. K&H Pet Products Leopard Cat House

K&H Pet Products Leopard Cat House


Those who are thinking why we keep reviewing products from K&H Pet Products, well, K&H is THE brand when it comes to a heated cat bed. Surely there are many competing brands in the market but most of them fail to reach the K&H Standard.

So here is another product from K&H! The super stylish Leopard Cat House is for your wild little cat. It looks amazing in any living room and is easy to set up.

Its 12×17 dimensions are large enough to accommodate any cat. It can be the perfect hideout for your Kitty.

The bed comes with a built-in heater(You can purchase one without a heater too), which is removable and operates on mere 4 watts. The product is MET listed and thus, is safe for your cat.

There is a limited one year warranty on the product by K&H. Although I’m pretty sure, you will not need to use it unless there is a manufacturing defect.

The base is made with a soft microsuede material and the side walls are strong plastic to keep the bed intact for a long period of time.

This heated cat bed only gets warm when your pet is lying on it. Else, the bed remain approx 10-15 degrees above the ambient temperature.Pros

  • Contemporary look with a Leopard print all over the product.
  • Sturdily made with Solid plastic walls, though it is covered with soft microsuede for your cat’s ultimate comfort.
  • Operates on 4 watts and is MET listed for safety.
  • Only functions when your pet is lying on top of it and thus conserves energy.
  • One year warranty from K&H Pet Products.
  • Comes in two variant to choose from-one with a heater and other without one.
  • There are complains of the cat bed having a small heating unit.
  • Cannot accommodate bigger kitties.

9. Milliard Thermal Cat Mat

Milliard Thermal Cat Mat


For cat parents who do not want to spend a lot of money after premium products, this one is for you!

This blanket-like looking product is, in fact, a cat mat. It uses the heat reflecting technology to keep your kitty warm. To elaborate properly, whenever the cat sits on the mat, the reflective plastic material in the middle layer of the cat mat reflects back the warmth of cat’s own body!

This plastic-like material is Mylar foil, the same that gets used in a space blanket! As a result, your cat stays warm even in the chilly winters without using any electricity. Also, the material is durable and super comfy!

The heated cat bed comes with 2 sided styling. On the one side, there is leopard or cheetah print(well, I can’t differentiate between the two, sorry!) while on the other side there is solid black fleece. You use the bed on either side and will get the same warmth without fail.

The Milliard cat mat can be easily given a machine wash. Just pick it up and throw it away in the washer. No more troublesome hand washing!

Lastly, as an addition, the cat mat comes with a hangtag, so that you can hang it when not in use.Pros

  • A budget choice with great functionality.
  • Makes use of the mylar fabric same as space/emergency blankets.
  • Hangtag to put it away while not in use.
  • 2 different patterns on each side.
  • Besides being advertised as an easy to machine wash product, in some cases, the cat mat does not hold up well. We recommend you to hand wash this product.

10. Milliard Portable Outdoor Pet House for Cat

Milliard Portable Outdoor Pet House for Cat


A pet house is everyone’s favorite. But how about a pet house with a heater? Great right?!

This Milliard Portable Outdoor House is made from 600 denier nylon canvas and is water and scratch resistant. You can set the whole house up in minutes as the joints come with either velcro or zippers, which is quite easy to attach.

Unlike the other products, this heated cat bed can be safely used outdoors. Moreover, it also comes with a grounded plug, for safety against electrical faults. Also, the power cord is coated with PVC to make it chew proof and save your pet from shock.

It comes with a vinyl cushion that is attached with a heater and has soft padding for your cat. And the roof can be opened up if your cat does not like much insulation.

This pet house is one of the best cat houses and is designed very thoughtfully. It has dual entrances to make sure your cat does not get cornered up. Also, the doors have transparent flaps to let the heat in and also let your kitty peek out.

All in all, this heated cat bed is a great deal for all the kitty owners!Pros

  • One of the few heated cat bed that can be used outdoors as well.
  • Amazing thoughtful design.
  • Power cord coated with PVC to make it chew proof and save the pet from shock.
  • The plug is grounded to prevent electrical faults from reaching the product.
  • The material is water and scratch resistant.
  • It is cheaper compared to the similar product from K&H Pet Products.
  • The velcro and zipper on the top are weather proof. Thus the bed fails in rainy season.

Best Outdoor Pet House

Milliard Portable Outdoor Pet House for Cat

Milliard Portable Outdoor Pet House: As most of the heated beds on the market are not meant for outdoor use, Milliard stands out with this top-notch Pet House that can be used outdoors as well! Here the material is tough and water-resistant, the PVC coated power cord is chew proof and the plug is grounded for superior safety and reliability. Moreover, the design is very thoughtful with two-way transparent doors and exposable roof. On top of everything, the price of this feature-packed bed is convenient, which makes it a great choice!


So here’s our promising buyer’s guide that will help you to choose the best heated cat bed for your feline.

What is the perfect Heated Cat Bed? How to Choose One!

Choosing a heated cat can be confusing as there are multiple factors related to making the right choice.

But you do not have to worry. As we have done it all to let you know what to look for and how to choose your perfect kitty bed!

Below are the factors you need to consider in order to choose the right bed:

Indoor or Outdoor

The first question you need to ask yourself is whether you want a cat bed for indoor use or do you want to put it in the garden, poolside or any other place.

Maybe you want a heated cat bed for traveling. And that is not a bad idea! As your cat will always be comfortable and feel homely because having its cat bed always around.

If you are looking for a cat bed for indoor use, do check whether it is weatherproof or not. As most of these bed are not. Having a power cord and electric supply, there is a threat of shock in outdoor ambiance because of moisture and other elements.

However, if you are looking for an indoor bed, make sure it is as lovely as your adorable kitty! Because you want her to feel like a princess, don’t you?

Type of Technology the Heated Cat Bed Uses

A cat bed with heating capability mainly comes in 3 variants.

  • A Self-warming Bed:

This bed does not contain any heater or power supply. It simply works on the principle of absorbing and conserving heat form your pet’s body.

Whenever your cat uses the bed, the fabric around her body absorbs the heat and retains it for a long period. And as a result, your pet cat stays warm and comfy!

  • A Heat-Reflecting Bed:

Such a bed makes use of a Mylar fabric or similar material. These are plastic-like materials that reflect the heat and do not let it get absorbed.

The same technology is used in space blankets or emergency blankets. By reflecting the heat, it makes sure that the heat is not absorbed by the ambiance and as a warm body is already in touch, it provide even more warmth to the body.

  • A Cat Bed with Heater:

These beds have an inbuilt heater. It comes with a power cord and a plug. Make sure that the plug is grounded for safety against electric shocks from voltage fluctuation.

Also, the power cord should be safe enough that a single bite from your kitty should not be able to reach the core.

There are cat beds in the market with a thermostat as well. These thermostats automatically adjust according to your pet’s body temperature.

Safety of Your Kitty

First things first, the most important thing for you is your pet’s precious life, right? Thus whenever you decide on a heated cat bed, make sure it is safe for your cat.

No matter how stunning feature a product may have if it is a safety threat for your kitty, mission abort! I repeat mission abort!

Makes sure that the cord for power supply is well coated and chew proof.

The Size of the Bed

Another thing is the size of the heated cat bed. Sure there are plenty of replacement policies provided by the brands. However, a bed that can just fit your cat is not how you measure the size.

The bed should be able to accommodate your cat in whatever position she likes to sleep. If the cat can only fit in the bed by curling up, but she likes to sleep stretched out, there is no point in investing in such a product, right?

Thus make sure that the size is not only able to contain your kitty, but can also let her sleep comfortably.

Easy to Clean

A heated cat bed normally comes with a power supply cord and of course, a heater. Make sure such things are removable. Else you might end up buying a trash bag that stinks and cannot be cleaned.

All the animals carry a lot of germs with them. Along with the germs, there are the dirty paws, dirt, mud and many more.

If not cleaned frequently, the cat bed will become a breeding place for bacteria and hence the awful smell. Also, such things will affect your dog’s immunity and make them fall sick often.

Most of the heated cat beds come in with more than a single segment. If these parts are not easy to assemble, there can be a lot of trouble and wastage of time in removing and washing them. Though, there are some good brands that make beds in which all the parts are joined together using velcro or zippers. Opt for such a bed!

Make sure that the bed is machine washable. As hand washing an entire bed can be tiresome. But a machine wash will let you perform the task hassle-free!

Natural Fabrics

When it comes to buying a pet bed, things need to be as natural as possible. Because a pet’s body is not familiar with the chemical-made products. And hence can cause allergic reactions.

Moreover, fabrics made from a chemical process emit a toxic smell and can be poisonous to your pet (remember, pets have better noses and a stronger scent sensation than us).

Also, if your pet is a chewer, a bed with artificial materials is off limits! Because chewing on toxic materials can be hazardous to your adorable little kitty.

The Comfort

Last but not least, comfort! A bed with amazing features but no comfort is no less than a piece of junk.

A kitty bed has to have a comfortable padding, feather-touch feel, warmth and a sense of security!

Keeping that in mind, according to many pet owners, their pets enjoyed a donut-shaped bed the best.

As such a bed allows them to sleep curled up or leaning on the sidewalls. And helps them feel secure all the time. In addition, the pet will also stay cozy, snug and warm!

Similar Cat Bed Reviews

The endnote

Choosing a heated cat bed can be one of the wisest choices you may make for your kitty. It will not only keep your kitty warm but also give her a homely, secure and comfortable feeling.

So these were some of the best beds out there on the market. Make sure you choose wisely keeping the comfort and safety of your cat and also its functionality.

Meanwhile, if you want to know more about any of the mentioned products or have any doubt, just comments in the section below.

We will make sure to let you everything. As we at Petlovesbest, deeply care for you and your kitty!

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