The FREE Crochet Cat Beds Patterns & Ideas of 2023

Fan of handcrafted products? Here are some knitted and braided beds for your kitty. Buy a Crochet Cat Bed and get a handcrafted touch to your home decor!

Even if not a fan of handmade stuff, we insist you buy one of these beds. And why so?

All these beds are made with hypoallergenic materials. Such materials does not cause any allergies to your cat’s tender skin and are super comfy as well. Also, they are chew-safe and low-maintenance!

On the other hand, the factory made cat beds come with manmade fibers that can be toxic to your kitty.


The 3 Best Crochet Cat Bed Patterns of 2023

Here we are going to review the top 3 crochet beds on the market. We will let you know everything and how it can be beneficial for your kitty.

See it for yourself and make a wise choice.

premium Crochet Cat Bed that can be machine washed

Editors’ Pick:

  • Best Handmade Bed for Most Cats
  • Available in two sizes and four colors
  • Soft, Comfy & gives warm feeling


Editor's Picks
1. Popular Chunky Knit Crochet Pet BedAll-inclusive Crochet Cat Bed
2. Chunky Wool Cat Nest Crochet BedEconomy Crochet Cat Bed
3. HAC Pet Supplies Chunky Crochet Cat BedNatural Wool Crochet Cat Bed

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1. Budget Pick: Chunky Wool Cat Nest Crochet Bed

Chunky Wool Cat Nest Crochet Bed with eye-catching colors


Available in multiple eye-catching colors, the Chunky Wool Crochet Cat Bed is a fine choice.

Made from wool yarn, this bed is hypoallergenic, so that it will not cause any problem to your pet’s sensitive skin.

It does not let the moisture stay within the bed and thus is antibacterial as well, unlike the other cat beds that absorb the moisture inside and hence become a breeding place for the bacteria.

Being knitted, it is not recommended for a machine or even a hand wash. Though you can surely dry clean it in order to remove any dirt and stains.

The wool is amazing enough to keep your kitty warm and cozy at the same time. So that your kitty can get a safe and sound sleep!

  • This Crochet Cat Bed comes with amazing eye catching colors.
  • Keeps your cat warm and cozy with fine grade wool.
  • It is antibacterial and keeps the moisture away to keep the cat away from germs.
  • Cannot be given a machine wash.
  • As being handmade, the bed can shed a little.

 Looking for an Adorable Cat Bed?

2. The Best: Popular Chunky Knit Crochet Pet Bed

premium Crochet Cat Bed that can be machine washed


Unlike the other beds on the market, this bed is made using hollow cotton tubes filled with Hollow fiber braided together beautifully. It is hypoallergenic and does not produce any allergies to tender pets.

The biggest benefit of this bed is that you can give it a machine wash! on the other hand, the woolen beds do not allow you to do that and make you give it a handwash or dry clean. This one can make the cleaning hassle free and save you a buttload of money.

Moreover, This Chunky Knit Bed can be an awesome gift for your kitty. And an amazing pick if she has just been a mother of furry little kittens.

Available in 4 colors, 2 sizes and a premium price tag, this Crochet Cat Bed is surely the best one.Pros

  • Each Crochet Cat Bed is handmade with precision.
  • Made of hollow cotton tubes filled with Hollow fiber, this bed is easy to care and can be given a machine wash.
  • Hypoallergenic and toxic-free.
  • Great for cats and kittens.
  • Costs you a few extra bucks.
  • There can be a little bit of shedding from the bed as it is handmade.

3. HAC Pet Supplies Chunky Crochet Cat Bed

HAC Pet Supplies Merino wool Crochet Cat Bed


Made from Merino wool, this bed is 100% natural, soft and breathable. It is fluffy and your cat will fall in love with it on the first touch because of its smooth surface. Merino wool is also known for its insulation capabilities.

Due to the insulation, your cat will not only stay cozy but warm as well. Being surrounded by all the sides, your cat can have a nice burrowing feeling which will lead to a sound sleep.

Though this crochet cat bed is not recommended for machine wash. You can give it a hand wash with some mild detergent or a dry clean only.

The bed is available in various sizes, starting from 12 inches to 22 inches. And if you wish to have a different sized bed, these guys can custom-make it for you too.

Available in 6 different color patterns, this bed is surely a great choice!Pros

  • Made from 100% merino wool, this bed is soft, cozy, warm, breathable and comfortable.
  • One can order a custom sized dog too.
  • Comes in 6 beautiful colors.
  • You cannot machine wash this Crochet Cat Bed.

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The Verdict and Pattern Free Ideas

Did you found the perfect one for your kitty? I’m pretty sure you did. And if not, I’m right here for you.

Let me know all your queries and concerns. I’ll answer them all with all the knowledge I have.

Till then take care of your little furball!

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