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It is true that we all love our pets, but are we showing it the way we are supposed to be? To be able to make our pet feel safe, warm and comfortable is what all of us are looking for and Aspen Self Warming Cat Bed is just the right thing you and your pet cat needs!

Imagine this, your cat is sleeping on your bed, all stretched out and it looks so comfortable; wouldn’t it kill you to wake it up and hence prevent it from completing its dream to catch all the mice in the world?


Aspen Self Warming Cat Bed – A Revolutionary Product with an Innovative Design

Aspen Self Warming Cat Bed


Aspen has taken over the pet world by introducing its new, self-warming bed line. This heated cat bed has a soft and cozy outer fabric and a unique Mylar core that literally reflects your cat’s own body heat.

Your cat will appreciate it so much and you will never have to go looking for you cats again because it will be practically living on the Aspen Self Warming Cat Bed.

The Mylar lined inner core is such that it creates a pocket of warmth anytime your cat gets into the bed. This layer of material generates warmth by reflecting your pet’s body heat back into its fur.

Why You Will Like It

Some of the Aspen Self Warming Cat Bed’s most prominent features are listed below, these traits are common to all of the cat self warming bed variants found on the Aspen petcare store.

1. They’re super soft

The Aspen Self Warming Cat Bed is soft because of the fabrics that are included in making these have faux lamb’s wool. It has a wide wale corduroy which is also very soft and the base is made non-skid hence you won’t find this bed lying everywhere around the house. Even if the label says cat warming bed, you can cheat and allow your dog to get in it too if it fits.

You know what else is super soft?

2. Needs no electricity hence hassle free

These cat warming beds are safe and hassle-free as you don’t have to plug it into an electrical outlet every time. You get a constant source of heat all around the year without having to take care of the wires and space a regular bed warmer takes. It becomes an essential accessory to carry along with you when you and your pet travel a lot.

3. Safe for your kittens

Some cats like biting and chewing everything, an electric bed warmer is a problem and a reason for a headache for cat owners. This self-warming cat bed comes to the rescue of such owners and kitties.

4. Easy to clean

The Aspen Self Warming Cat Bed is easy to clean. You could put it directly into the washing machine or drier. If you’ve got a bigger sized pet warming bed, you could wash it on your own. These self-warming beds don’t have any zippers so you don’t have to worry about zipping or unzipping it while cleaning, it goes into the machine in one piece.

5. The perfect companion for older cats

When a cat gets old, it develops joint pains, aches all over the body and it is unable to move around as swiftly as it used to when it was younger. Aspen Self Warming Cat Beds become the perfect bedding for such cats and the additional heating helps a lot as these kinds of cats are sensitive to colder climate.

What else do cats love?

Why You Won’t Like It

The only downside of this product is the crunchy noise it makes. The Aspen Cat self-warming Beds tends to make a crinkly sound whenever the cat gets inside or whenever the cat shifts.

Sizes and Availability

The Aspen Self Warming Cat Bed is suitable for almost all size of cats and also for small sized dogs. They come in 35 inches, 27 inches and 19 inches variants. These self-heating beds are available online on Amazon, Petsmart, and Petmate. Other than the variations in sizes these beds come in different shapes fulfilling separate purposes.

The Lounger bed variant which measures 30 by 24 inches, has plush high walls that surround your cat. This provides warmth and comfort for pets that like support while relaxing.

The cats who enjoy stretching out will prefer the Pillow bed variant, it has an open design that allows them to shift as they want. They are also the perfect solution for houses that have multiple cats as the universal sizing is comfortable for both small and large cats.

Those cats who like to curl up when they relax would prefer the cuddle cup bed. This bed provides a sense of security and warmth to the cat.

My Verdict

Aspen Self Warming Cat Bed is a benchmark product in the field of self-heating pet beds. Both the critics and customers equally consider this product to be of top quality. The self-warming technology, anti-skid bottom design, varieties available-all of the features prove that it is something that a cat owner won’t regret spending money on. I would recommend you to take the plunge and get this self-heating bed. Your cat is sure to appreciate all the warmth and comfort it gets.

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