How to Choose a Dog Bed – Top 10 Tips for the Perfect Bed

Got a few extra bucks? Want to gift your dog something they would love? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then it’s time to buy your beloved pet their own dog bed.

Ever thought of living without a bed? No, right? It provides comfort, insulation, supports joints and gives a sense of security. the Same stays true for your dog!

It’s more of a necessary item rather than a luxury item. So when it comes to how to choose the right dog bed, the answers can be numerous. But don’t worry, here we are with our best tips to help you in choosing the right bed for your dog.

10 Tips to Choose the Perfect Dog Bed


Before we start off, keep in mind that all the factors below play a crucial role in choosing the perfect bed. Also, to understand that a bed should be something that your dog would not only love but also feel comfortable in.

1. Measure your pet before shopping

Choose Dog Sleeping Positions

Your dog must have enough space to doze off at the end of the day. So, you might need to buy him a bed of the perfect size. The proper method to do this is to measure your pet from his nose to tail and to that measure, add a few extra inches to make sure that the bed is of just right size. Keep in mind how your dog likes to sleep. Some like to stretch out on a lounge or sofa, which suggests the need for a bigger size. And some other like to snuggle in a cradled position, which will need a bed of rounded shape.

PRO TIP: Measure your dog when he’s sleeping.

2. The Weight of Your Dog

Weight plays a crucial role in choosing a comfortable bed for your dog. For example, bigger dog breeds like Great Dane or St. Bernard will require a bed with extra cushioning. Thinner cushions will not be enough to support their weight and will wear out in a shorter period.

For smaller breeds like Chihuahua or Maltese, you may choose a bed with less cushioning without hesitation.

3. Determining What Your Dog Needs

Dog Bed Feature

All the breeds have their own needs, some may have health issues and some have their own witty habits.

All these lead us to the answer of which bed might be just perfect for your beloved pet.

  • Does your dog have any joint or muscle ache problem? – Choose an Orthopedic one.
  • Does your dog like to snuggle up under your bed? – A hooded one might be the answer.
  • Is your dog drooly? – A waterproof one!
  • Does your dog have shorter fur or gets chilly easily? – Look for a heated dog bed or one with extra insulation
  • If your dog doesn’t like sleeping above the ground level, choose one with cooling pads.
  • Does your dog play out more often and comes home with his dirty little paws? – You’ve got to find one with a washable cover.

4. Choose Where You’re Going to Put the Bed

A dog likes to have his own territory, same as his ancestors.

Keep the bed in a cozy place and Do Not move it from its place. This will give them a sense that it’s their special place and will surely appreciate this.

Also, the place must be where all the members of your house like to hang out. Therefore, your dog won’t feel left out.

5. Choose a Design that Compliments Your Home

Choose Dog Bed Placement

Yes, if you’ve already chosen a place to keep your dog cradle at, as mentioned above, this might help you choose the right color and style while buying the bed. There are various options available in the market for styling, choose one as your taste!

PRO TIP: Choose a dog bed with contrasting color with your pet.

6. Go for an Easy to Clean Pet Bed

Choose Bed Easy to Clean

Often, while buying a bed people tend to pay more attention to the style and design. But rather than thinking of it as a luxury item, it’s more of a necessary item. Most of the time, after having his playtime, your pet might come inside with dirty paws and drooly mouth(Yes, we all know how it feels, right!?). A bed made up with just focusing on the sense of styling might be unable to provide you with the ease of cleaning.

Choose one that is either waterproof or has washable covers.

7. Durability

Often, while choosing a dog bed, you’ll come across some cheaper options. But keep in mind that these products will wear out quickly and will require replacement. So do focus on investing in a good quality product. Good quality material and craftsmanship is a must for a durable dog bed. In addition, if the cradle is waterproof then it might last even longer.

8. Choose the Best Material

Choose Dog Bed Designer

As we discussed in the tip above, material plays a critical role in the durability of the bed. But more than that, the material is responsible for many other aspects.

Some dog beds have material that smells, mostly because of the chemicals used in the making. Will your dog love the bed? Of course not. Also, some dogs are allergic to certain chemicals. Choosing an eco-friendly one might solve this problem for you. And do I need to remind you of the waterproof material?

9. Easy to Maintain

Beds are going to get dirty very often. Here, only having washable cover might not be helpful. Make sure to buy a bed that is easy to clean in overall. Meaning the rest of the bed must be easy to clean as well.

Dog Size

10. Age of the Dog

  • Is your dog still a pup?

Give him a cradle that is chew proof as puppies love to chew anything that comes in their way. Choose one with their comfort in mind.

  • Is your dog an old guy?

Give your old man a place with extra support, so he doesn’t get any joint pain or sores.

PRO TIP: If your dog is still a puppy, consider buying a bed appropriate for him when he grows up. Meanwhile, you may add a few extra blankets around him, until he grows into a big guy.

These were’s top 10 tips to choose the best dog bed. We hope this tips will be useful to you while buying a bed for your beloved pooch. And don’t forget to share your thoughts!

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