How to Introduce Your Dog to a New Dog Bed? – Tips & Tricks

Let’s say you did all the research and bought your pup a suitable brand new dog bed. And you’re hoping that he’ll hop on and love it right away. Well, for some people this might be the case. But for others, well, the idea seems too far-fetched. There can be several reasons behind this.

Nevertheless, we have the idea of what’s wrong and what you need to do to make sure your pup falls in love with his new dog bed. So fasten your seatbelts!


Why Your Pooch Won’t Accept the new dog bed?

how to introduce new dog bed

Well, there might be several reasons behind your pet acting so stubborn. Here are some of the reasons why your dog might simply fall in love with his new dog bed.

Not a part of his territory!

First of all, dogs are a territorial breed. They count everyone they live with as their pack and everything in their surroundings as their territory. Which means that it may take some time for them to accept a new thing as a part of their territory.

Suppose, your dog already has a bed but it is not in that great shape as it used to be. Therefore, you went out and bought him a new dog bed. It’s understandable that he won’t accept the new bed right away. But why so? Because of your dog thinks of his old bed as his territory and won’t simply leave it.

The Scent

dog sniff everything

The old bed has the scent of his own. Apart from him, the old bed has the scent of everyone in the house, or you can say his pack. Hence, he won’t simply leave it.

The new bed comes with the smell of chemicals used to construct the bed. It is unfamiliar to your pet. In other words, his new dog bed just doesn’t smell like his own territory.

The Place

Perhaps, you might have chosen the wrong place to put the bed. Is the place familiar to your dog? Is the bed at a place where everyone hangs out?

A Confused Pup!

confused dog new bed

Has your dog had a dog bed before? If not, then perhaps this might be the case why he still sleeps on the couch or floor. Your dog might simply be unaware of the idea of a dog bed! Hence, you might need to make him aware of what purpose his new dog bed serves.

What You Need to Do

Here’s how you’re going to do it. Keep calm and follow our step by step guide to introduce your dog to the new dog bed.

Get Rid of that Stinky Old Bed

dirty dog bed

Before you introduce your dog to the new bed, this the first thing you need to do. Which is getting rid of your dog’s old bed.

This is to make sure that your dog doesn’t have a chance to go back sticking to that old bed of his. Meanwhile, you can work your way to familiarise him with the new one.

Wash It

Most of the new dog bed come with a strong chemical-ish smell. This is not only unfamiliar but also irritating for your dog. If the bed has a too strong smell, consider washing it and then only go ahead.

Add Your Scent

add scent to dog bed

Now, that the bed is free of that chemical smell, what you need to do is add some of your own smell to the bed.

In order to do so, simply rub your hands on its surface. If there are more family members in your house, ask them to do the same. This will make the bed smell like a part of his pack.

Pour Your Dog’s Scent

This is important as if you do this, the dog will stop considering the new bed as an intruder. Take any old cloth or sheet that has your dog’s scent and place it on the top of the new dog bed.

Sooner, your dog will surely come to check out why the bed smells so familiar. And if everything’s fine, you’re going to succeed for sure.


give dog treats

Keep on trying to make your pup recognize the new dog bed as a part of his home. Every time your dog makes use of the bed, make sure to reward him with a treat.

Treat your dog every time until he accepts the new bed as his own.

Dogs can be tough to handle, especially when they refuse something you bought for him. Yet, understand that a dog is like a newborn baby, they have their own tantrums. Our suggestion is to be patient and work along with him. After all, you are the only one your pooch will listen to!

Meanwhile, if you have any queries or suggestion, say aloud in the comment section below. At PetLovesBest, we will be happy to help you. As always!

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