Goughnuts Dog Toy Review – Virtually Indestructible, Really?

Goughnuts have reigned the indestructible dog toys market for a long time now. However, lack of reliable reviews on most of the E-commerce Websites asks for an honest review of these toys.

Are they really indestructible? Do dogs even love them? Are they safe for dogs?

Let’s find out!


Goughnuts Honest Review

So I needed to purchase something for my Black Lab Blacky. Blacky has always been a tough chewer. He always seems to chew something off whether it be couch cushions or his own bed. He has even torn apart the toys that I have gifted him throughout these years.

If you have a dog that loves destructing things, you’d know my suggestion because as much as I hate his guts to destroy things, I love to see him happy and all zealous when it comes to playing with toys.

Getting a suggestion to try out Goughnuts dog toys from a colleague, I bought the most popular product from Goughnuts and that is their Goughnuts – Original Dog Chew Ring. And here is how my experience has been.

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1. Goughnuts – Original Dog Chew Ring

Goughnuts – Original Dog Chew Ring


I was really excited to see receive Goughnuts Original Chew Ring. But to my disappointment, what I received seemed like a piece of crap with green color over it! Yes, it was ugly and to be honest, an eyesore, without any exaggeration.

The toy felt like it was made from some tough rubber, which I believe was tougher than anything else that I’ve had before. However, it was soft enough for my dog to chew on.

Goughnuts chew ring is apparently designed by a team of mechanical and polymer engineers, which explains its rigidness and their claim to replace the product if your dog is able to chew off the outer layer and that too for free!

The best thing about this product is that it may not look well but it truly serves the functionality that a dog toy needs. I mean, it is tough, dogs love to chew it, you can play throw and fetch using it. And the best of all, it floats on the water, which makes it a great water, beach, pool toy for dogs!

After using this classic ring toy from Goughnuts for a few months, it turned out that this was one of the toughest dog toys I ever got for Blacky! I mean, we played with this toy on almost all kinds of terrain whether it be our backyard, concrete road, beach, pool, everywhere! And how can I forget the tough chewing that Blacky did to the ring? Nevertheless, the Goughnuts Chew Ring stayed invincible and endured all the hardships to my obvious surprise.

  • Made in the USA.
  • Safe and ideal for teething puppies though it may be a little heavy for some.
  • Floats on water.
  • Great for throw and fetch.
  • If your dog is able to chew it off, which is unlikely, you get a new chew ring for absolutely free.
  • Not aesthetically pleasing. However, there are multiple color options.
  • A little heavy for small pups.

And following the success of the ring, both for me and Blacky, later on, I bought a few other Goughnuts Toys. See my review for each of those Goughnuts products below.

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2. Goughnuts TuG – Interactive Large Dog Toy

Goughnuts TuG – Interactive Large Dog Toy


The first thing that I bought after the chew ring was this Goughnuts Tug toy. It is made with the same rubber that is used in the other products. However, this is made for Tug of War whether it be dog or human!

Dogs love to play tug of war and so does mine. Therefore, I bought this double ring. It can be used to play tug of war with the dog by yourself only or if you have another dog in the house, both are surely going to enjoy the fun of Goughnuts TuG.

Keep in mind that this toy is designed for large dogs. It is not suitable to be used with smaller pups due to safety issues. It can hurt them without you even knowing. So buy with a caution.

The toy is about a feet long, which makes the right size for a dog to force on. Price is also about the original chew product. So I’d say one can surely invest in this product if they have multiple dogs or a dog that loves snatching! 😛

3. Goughnuts – Indestructible Power Stick MAXX

Goughnuts – Indestructible Power Stick MAXX


The next in my Goughnuts Review is Goughnuts Indestructible Power Stick. If your dog is also a professional chewer and can rip apart almost anything, then take a look at this Goughnut MAXX Power Stick!

If you think that it is a simple stick, well, I’m afraid that you might be wrong! Yes, it is not an ordinary power stick, it is one of the strongest dog toys on the market. It has the natural shape of a stick and dogs love to chew it.

Another striking feature of this power stick is that it has a patent pending safety indicator. This will allow you to know if the product is about to give up in case of excessive chewing. The product is made with two layers, the outer is black and the inner is red. If you ever notice the red layer on any part of the toy, it is time to replace the toy.

Being not so heavy, this product is suitable for dogs of all sizes. It is also great with teething puppies. This may not seem like an investable product at first but as Goughnuts’ specialty, once you’ll see how durable these products are, you’ll surely find it worth the money.

Also, if you are dealing with an incorrigible chewer, this product will make sure that all of his excess-energy is exhausted and your shoes and pillows are safe!

4. Goughnuts Ball – Chew Toy for Dogs

Goughnuts Ball – Chew Toy for Dogs


Dogs love ball! They can spend hours and hours after a silly little boy. However, most of these balls cannot endure the hard chewing and teething of dogs as they are just not made to serve the purpose. But worry no more! Here is the Goughnuts Ball to solve all your worries.

Goughnuts Chew Toys are some of the best toys that you can find on the market due to their toughness and durability. They are made from the same proprietary material that they use in their other tough products. It is one of the best chew toys for puppies available in the market.

The real differentiator between the cheaper balls on the market and Goughnuts ball is durability that this product assures. While the cheaper products will require you to change the balls every other month for sure, this product is going to last until your dog gets tired from playing with it (do dogs get tired of dogs?!).

The Goughnuts Dog Ball is available in multiple aesthetic colors. It is also a great interactive toy. Being made in the USA, it has the materials that are safe to your dog.

5. Goughnut Maxx 50 Strongest Chewproof Dog Toy

Goughnut Maxx 50 Strongest Chewproof Dog Toy


Last in our Goughnuts Dog Toy Reviews, it the Goughnuts Maxx 50. It is the toughest Goughnuts Toy ever as they make it with a proprietary blend of material that is not only tough but also fun for dogs to play with.

It looks almost identical to the original chew ring that we reviewed earlier. However, it comes with a yellow indicator that signifies that it is the toughest and strongest Goughnuts dog toy ever.

This dog toy is virtually indestructible with a guarantee from the manufacturer. If your dog is able to chew it off, you get a new one for free. But believe me, it is highly unlikely to be chewed off that easily unless you have a team of dogs specializing in tearing things apart.

So if you are facing problems with a dog that is expert at destroying toys, get him this one. It will surely make him realize that he is not invincible!

Being a little tougher than the original Goughnuts Chew Ring, this will cost you just a few bucks extra. However, it is all worth it if you have a destroyer.

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The EndNote

If you are dealing with an incorrigible chewer or destroyer dog, you must go with Goughnuts. Their toys are super-tough comparing to any other toy on the market. Kevlar and other plastic toys are not even a match to their durability.

If you have a destroyer like a pit bull, this one may be your resolution to all the problems. It may cost you a little bit more than other products. It’s all worth it though.

For dog parents that are looking for a chew toy for their puppy, you may go with the original chew ring or the power stick. They are tough and gentle for a small teething pupper.

For those that are dealing with a larger dog that loves to snatch or play Tug of War, fo with the Goughnuts TuG.

Lastly, if your dog is a destroyer of things like a pit bull, go with the strongest Goughnuts MAXX 50. And the Goughnuts Ball is a great buy for all of them.

So that’s it, fella! This was all about the toughest Goughnuts Dog Toys. They may be a little heavier due to their proprietary material but it is not a hindrance at all. So do not be skeptical, go and get your dog a durable, tough Goughnuts dog toy.

If you have any other query regarding Goughnuts dog toys, let me know in the comments below. I’ll make sure to answer them all.


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