The 10 Best Dog Toys of 2023 – Editors’ Pick

There is nothing better than a playful doggo. Well, maybe a playful ninja doggo, but you and I both know they won’t pet us! So, continuing with the playful pups, if you ever get tired of playing with your all energetic dog, you must consider getting him the best dog toy. And if you never get tired, well, you don’t exist!

While it is still under research that what makes the dogs so tirelessly energetic while having a good playtime, we must provide them with all the fun things that will add to that.

A dog toy does not only add to their playtime but also let them be relaxed and cheerful all the time. In a single sentence, you must get your pooch a dog toy, period! As nothing else will make you happier than seeing your dog lively all the time, right?

However, the market for dog toys is as wide as it gets. There are numerous toys available from countless brands. And it can also get confusing choosing the best and right toy for your dog.

And of course, that is why we are here, to help you out!

In this article, we have reviewed some of the best toys for dogs. Apart from our top 10 toys for dogs, we have also filtered them out for you to find the best for your dog.


10 Best Dog Toys of 2023 (Reviews)

Let us first go through the best choices you can make from below reviews. These are the top products from various categories.

Best Dog Toys

Editors’ Pick:

  • Best Toy for Most Dogs
  • Available in four sizes
  • Challanging & Irrestistible


Editor's Picks
1. Outward Hound Hide-A-SquirrelBest Throw and Fetch Dog Toy
2. Ethical Plush Skinneeez FoxSuper Soft Dog Toy
3. iFetch Ball LauncherBest Automatic Dog Toy

**Rated by experts at Petlovesbest at the time of publication. It has nothing to do with Amazon ratings and reviews.

Now that you know about the types of dog toys in the market. It is time for you to learn about the top ten toys that your dog will definitely love!

Also, our reviews are in-depth and unbiased for better convenience of our dear readers.

1. Ethical Plush Skinneeez Fox Stuffingless Dog Toy

Ethical Plush Skinneeez Fox Stuffingless Dog Toy


Is your dog a chewer and a destroyer? If yes then you probably would already be tired because of him destroying every single toy that you buy him.

The biggest reason for such behavior is the stuffing of the dog toy. The stuffing makes it really fun for them to chew and tear it apart.

So how about moving the stuffing out of the toy but still keep the fun intact?! Sounds fun, right?

Ethical Plush Skinneeez Fox is a stuffingless dog toy. It may look like a dead fox by the first look of it (which is also a downside of the product). However, it is a squeaker.

Unlike the traditional squeakers, this stuffless dog toy comes with an internal Crinkler paper. The dogs indeed get curious towards this odd sounding crunching sound.

Coming to the material, the toy does a great job in this department by the plush polyester fabric, which is so soft that your dog will surely fall in love with its touch. It is also possible that this may become your dog’s favorite sleeping buddy (yes, a dead fox!).

Being stuffless, this dog toy is designed to last long. Also, its design will not discourage the dog from tearing it apart (as it already looks so dead!). But we bet that your dog will be running everywhere with its new dead buddy in the mouth all the time!

A Quick Highlight of the Dog Toy!

Dogs love to carry this toy around. They also love to sleep with this little fox like it’s their comfy and cozy blanket. The Crinkly material is really something unique here. Overall, this is a fine product that is a worthy buy.

Yes, the product does not look so good by the first glance, but if your dog is going to love it then you have no other choice, do you?

  • Great stuffless design that discourages destruction.
  • Unique squeaking sound from the internal Crinkler paper.
  • Super soft plush polyester material is great to touch and safe.
  • Looks like a dead fox! Though it is totally fine.
  • Not for tough chewers.

2. Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel and Puzzle Squeaking Toy

Best Dog Toys


Dogs love squeaking toys. It’s really fun for them to see something squeak like a petite little creature. But on the other hand, dogs love to play hide and seek with those buggers as well.

So combining both these fun things, you get the Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel dog toy! It comes in 4 sizes. The final one being of ‘Ginormous’ size with 6 squirrels.

The squirrels are not that stuffy. However, they do come with a large squeaker inside.

Squirrels are basically hidden inside the trunk like structure or say tree. Then all that is left to do is call out your dog!

The dogs love snatching the squirrels out of the tree. In addition, the squeaking sound really makes it fun to play with. I’ve seen dogs playing with the toy for hours without getting tired.

Though this puzzle toy for dogs is not that sturdy. It has weak seams. So if you have a dog that loves to chew up things, you need to have a little guidance while him playing with it in order to make the toy last a little long.

The squirrels are of the perfect size to fit inside a dog’s mouth. And if you want to play throw and fetch with it, no problem! Squirrels are perfectly dense to be thrown away too.

A Quick Highlight of the Dog Toy!

The squirrels squeak, It’s great for some hide & seek and perfect for throw & fetch. What else do you need? And if your dog chews them out you can refill the tree with any other stuffed toy. This toy will surely keep your pup busy for hours.

Such puzzle dog toy stimulates mental state of the dog. It also helps to transfer the excess energy into something good. And with great customer feedback, this dog toy is surely a go-go!

  • Squeaking squirrels that hide in a tree! Great fun for dogs to find them out and make them squeak.
  • Great for throw & fetch.
  • Perfect size of the squirrels.
  • Available in 3 sizes.
  • Keeps dogs busy for hours.
  • The squirrels have weak seams.
  • Not for big-time chewers.

3. KONG Wob Dog Toy


Dogs love having treats. However, these treats do no last long against the utter impatience of the dog. Also, having some quality playtime is really necessary for any dog. So why not combine both these together! (believe me, the best of the innovations are emerged by combining two ideas together)

The brand name Kong is not unknown for most pet owners that like to purchase quality stuff for their pups. Kong products have always proved to be the best in the industry for its toughness.

Kong Wobbler is a treat dispensing dog toy in the shape of, of course, a wobbler. It can be filled up with a variety of treats by its twist to open hassle-free function.

There is a hole on the upper side of the wobbler. The dog has to do a lot of tricks to get the treats out of there. Also, being a wobbler, it is really fun to play with, for dogs. It makes it really challenging for the dogs because of the rolling and wobbling action and more challenging as the number of treats is reduced.

Many of the treat dispensers on the market are not chew proof and get bitten apart by the chewers. However, the Kong Wobbler Treat Dispensing Dog Toy is quite the opposite here. It is made with toughest of the materials in the USA.

A Quick Highlight of the Dog Toy!

Kong Wobbler allows your pet to taste their favorite treats with a quality playtime. Its unique wobbling shape makes it challenging for the dog to get the treats out and encourages to learn new tricks. Coming from the industry best brand, this treat dispensing toy is surely a heck of a deal!

The Kong Wobbler also helps in preventing rapid eating in dogs, which can cause health issues. All in all, there is nothing much to complain about this product by Kong.

  • Great wobbling shape for a treat dispensing dog toy.
  • Rolling, wobbling design makes tough for the dog to get the treats out.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Chewproof.
  • A quality product from Kong!
  • The hole is not adjustable. Smarter ones can easily emply the wobbler in couple of minutes.
  • A little noisy!

If you think the treat dispenser is dispesing too much, just make a cover on the either side near the hole from inside. It will surely help!

4. Mammoth Flossy Chews Cottonblend Color 3-Knot Rope Tug

Mammoth Flossy Chews Cottonblend Color 3-Knot Rope Tug


For those who enjoy having quality playtime with their dog, there is a new dog toy in the market for that. You may have had many games of tug of war against your dog when you try to snatch something out of that troubled fella’s mouth.

So to make the competition official, Mammoth has come with this idea of a Tug-of-War toy for you and your pup. The tug is made of Cottonblend Color and is non-toxic as well.

Dogs enjoy chewing on the tug all the time. But the product will not give up that easily. Yes, there will be certain strands coming out from the rope but that is acceptable considering it being a rope. It has 3 knots on it so that your hands will stay away from the dog’s mouth while playing with it.

A Quick Highlight of the Dog Toy!

Mammoth Flossy Chews Tug is a great product to have fun with your dog. It is even helpful in maintaing your dog’s oral hygiene. For the pups that suck on literally everything, this product is a great buy!

Moreover, the rope flosses up the dog’s teeth and removes plaque and tartar. So if your dog is chewing a lot, do not worry, because he just aiming for a better oral health!

If your dog loves to suck on the socks or other dirty clothes, you’ve got to buy this tug.

  • Great for some tug-of-war action.
  • Helps to keep the dog’s oral hygiene.
  • Great for dogs that love to suck on clothes.
  • Non-toxic and made with cottonblend colors.
  • The fiber strands tend to shed.

5. iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs


Dogs love to play throw & fetch all the time! And when it is a competition about who will get tired first, the obvious winner will be the dog (how can you even stand a chance?). This game also helps the dog to fulfill his daily need for exercise and playtime as well.

However, for many pet parents, it is not possible to play with their dogs all the time, or even every day.

So here is the perfect solution to the problem with this iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher!

This ball launcher for dogs works in a simple way. The ball is put on the top hole and after a few seconds, the ball gets launched for your dog to fetch. The dog fetches it and puts it back again on the top. As simple as that!

However, you may need to train your dog a little bit to put the ball back again on the top. But once the little fella understands the mechanism, there is no chance of stopping him. It will become his favorite toy regardlessly.

This ball launcher for dogs makes use of small tennis balls. However, there is a larger variant available as well.

You can adjust the launch distance of the ball depending upon the ambiance you are playing in. It lets you choose one of the three launch distances, being 10, 20 and 30 feet. So if you are playing indoors, just choose the distance that will not break any of your furniture or appliances!

The ball thrower dog toy works with both 6 C-cell batteries or a power cord.

A Quick Highlight of the Dog Toy!

It is super advisable to keep your dog busy and keep him from getting bored and anxious, which can result in stress. iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs helps you to keep your dog busy and happy even when you are not present in the house. It’s a great product and surely a solid investment.

An automatic ball launcher can be like a boon for yourself and a dream of your pup. If you really like to invest in something great, just go for this product, it will surely not disappoint you.

  • Automatically throws the ball without human help. Though some supervision is recommended.
  • Works both with a power cord and batteries.
  • There are three launch distance options so that you can choose accordingly with the ambiance.
  • The dog can play with the ball launcher for hours and get all that excess energy out. An obvious requirement of a healthy pup.
  • Makes use of small tennis balls as being built for small pups.
  • Great for the pet parents that can’t spend the time with the dogs all day long.
  • Balls are made from cheap materials. Petlovesbest will recommend you to replace them with a better product like Kong. Else the product is just fine.

6. Hyper Pet Dog Tail Interactive Dog Toy

Hyper Pet Dog Tail Interactive Dog Toy


Wiggling moving things seems to get a dog’s attention every time. In our experience, dogs may not be getting bothered with their own wiggling tail, but they surely mind if it’s not their very own.

This Doggie Tail Dog Toy from Hyper Pet is made for hours of entertainment for a dog. The wiggling doggie tail works on AAA batteries. It wiggles, jumps and makes barking sounds. This is pretty much enough to make a dog spend hours playing with it.

Such toy can be great with dogs that are hyperactive and need a source of entertainment all the time.

The toy functions using 3 AAA Batteries. To maximize its functionality, the dog toy gets shut off after a specific time interval of staying ideal.

This electronic dog toy is of decent size. Great for a medium or large sized dog. However, it may not be perfect for a small dog. Do check out the dimensions before ordering.

The build quality of the product is not bad. It can withstand minor chewing. We do not think that this product can last against a moderate amount of chewing. Though with a little supervising, we think the wiggling tail can be a great source of entertainment for both you and your dog.

There are other 3 variants available from the brand. These three happen to be an owl, a hedgehog, and a crab. In our opinion, the standard tail version works perfectly.

A Quick Highlight of the Dog Toy!

This bizarre electronic dog toy may not be built that strongly. However, it does not fail to amuse the dogs and the owners as well. It may not last much longer but it does not even cost that much. So for such price, the fun your dog is going to have is just priceless!

It may not be a long lasting investment but we guarantee that it will be worthy fun while it lasts.

  • Hours of great wiggling fun for dogs.
  • Comes in 4 variants.
  • Works efficiently with 3 AAA batteries.
  • Makes a number of bizzarre sounds.
  • Too big for small pups.
  • Not much durable and definitely not advisable to left with the dog alone.

7. Nite Ize GlowStreak LED Dog Ball

Nite Ize GlowStreak LED Dog Ball


It’s a bummer when you have to stop your playtime just because the sun has gone down. But not anymore, as Nite Ize has come up with this ultimate LED Ball called the GlowStreak LED Dog Ball.

The GlowStreak comes with a securely screwed LED that is inside the rubber ball. It comes in 3 variants. First is Disc-O (Alternating), which is nothing but a color changing LED ball. The others are Disc-O W/SpotLit, and Red.

All the balls are made of durable rubber. However, they are not meant for chewing. To make sure that the batteries are out of the dog’s reach, the LED is secured with a screw.

Moreover, this dog toy is waterproof and floats. So you can use it in the pool too for some throw and fetch action. And how about using it at night?

The balls are motion activated. Meaning, they glow up when under a motion. Simply bounce the ball and it will glow up!

In the state of being ideal, the LED will turn off after 10 minutes. The batteries will last for approx 35 hours and are easily replaceable.

A Quick Highlight of the Dog Toy!

The Nite Ize GlowStreak LED Dog Ball is one heck of a ball. It is an amazing product that not only your dog but you will enjoy as well. It can be used during the dark hours and even in the pool. The product has been extremely praised by the customers and is surely a must-buy product.

All in all, this ball can be the perfect LED ball you can ever hope. It has to be saved from getting chewed which can be a downside, however, it cannot get any better than this.

  • It’s amazing to see LED changing colors while playing throw and fetch.
  • Allows you to play in dark hours too.
  • It is waterproof and can be used in the pool.
  • All the three variants are amazing and worthy to invest in.
  • Not chew proof.

8. Trixie Mad Scientist Dog Puzzle Toy

Trixie Mad Scientist Dog Puzzle Toy


When it comes to toys for dogs, one of the most favorite for dogs is a puzzle toy with treats. Trixie Mad Scientist is a treat dispensing toy but with a little twist.

It comes with 3 beakers which can be filled with various types of treats. Then you just have to shut the lid and wait for your dog to try reaching those yum-yums. Believe me, it is really amusing and adorable to see a dog using his brains to get the treats out!

This puzzle dog toy comes with 2 sets of different lids. You can interchange the lids to make it more challenging. The treats will only come out if your dog flips the beakers upside down in proper position.

The bottom of this Mad Scientist puzzle is added with rubber. So that it does not flip aside when your dog forces its paws on the beakers.

The build quality of the product is very good and it comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer as well.

A Quick Highlight of the Dog Toy!

Trixie Puzzle Dog Toy is one of the most innovative puzzle game you can find in the market and dogs love it. As the dog masters getting the treats out of the toy, you can increase the difficulty level to keep the fun intact. It is super fun and worth bringing home for an amusing treat time!

All in all, this Mad Scientis puzzle will surely add more fun and amusement to your dog’s treat time!

  • A great treat dispensing puzzle dog toy that brings fun to the treat time.
  • You can adjust the difficulty level by interchanging the lids.
  • Rubber bottom so that it does not flip aside.
  • The build quality of the dog toy is nice and comes with a one year warranty.
  • Trixie Mad Scientist is quite lightweight, which makes it tough to stay at the place even with the rubber feet. Fixing the toy to the ground can solve this issue.

9. Trixie Pet Products Chess Puzzle Game Toy

Trixie Pet Products Chess Puzzle Game Toy


Dogs really enjoy having treats. Though it is advisable not to spoil the little fella by treating him without a reason. Also, giving the dog some mental stimulation is necessary as well.

So how about solving a puzzle in order to retrieve the treat? Sounds fun, right? Dogs are smart little fellas and luckily they’d do everything to get a treat!

Trixie Chess Dog Toy is a lot of fun when it comes to hiding the treats. Basically, there are sliders and chess pieces, under which you can hide the treats. Once your dog sniffs them out, it’s up to him how he chooses to get the treats out.

The game is available in multiple types and levels. There are basically 3 levels. Level 1 being the easiest, while level 3 for Pros!

Overall, the build quality of this chess toy is decent. Though we think that the sliders could have been smoother. Still, there is nothing much to complain about. The price of the dog toy is also reasonable to the quality.

A Quick Highlight of the Dog Toy!

Trixie Interactive Puzzle game is by far the best in the puzzle game department. It generates interest and helps to relieve stress in dogs. Make the dog’s treat time more fun and challenging using this toy!

All in all, this puzzle game can be a nice addition to the pupper’s treat time. However, smart dogs find out the pattern of the game very soon, which may make them find out all the treats within few minutes.

  • Games are available in 3 difficulty levels.
  • Price is decent.
  • The build quality is good.
  • Helpful for good mental stimulation of the dog.
  • Prevents rapid eating of the treats.
  • It should have been bigger to increase the difficulty.

Petlovesbest will recommend hiding fewer treats to make it more difficult and rewarding for the dog.

10. Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers

Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers


Dogs love chewing on things. However, aggressive chewers can be a nightmare. They love to and want to chew on everything, even your shoe, right?

To control the destructive chewing of the dog, you have to give something to chew on! Yes, you heard it right. Give the dog something really tough and fun to chew on and there will be a noticeable difference in his destructiveness.

Dogs naturally love to chew bones. Benebones are nylon made bones with distinct and tasty flavors.

There are 3 flavors available, which are Bacon, Chicken, and Peanut. All these flavors are natural without adulteration. And dogs really love to chew them up all the time.

The shape of Benebone is quite unique as well. It comes in a capital Y like shape, which can be easier for the dog to handle and chew endlessly. Also, the taste and scent of these chew toys are great and they last for a while as well.

Benebone Chew Dog Toy comes in 3 sizes. Perfect for small pups to dogs up to 90 lbs.

These nylon made bones are super tough, even for the most aggressive chewers. Although they should not be ingested. So supervise your dog accordingly.

Benebones are 100% made in the USA. All the flavors and bones are manufactured in New York only.

A Quick Highlight of the Dog Toy!

Benebones Chew Bones are best when it comes to dog toy for aggressive chewers. It does not only help in controlling the destructive behavior of the dog but also gives them an irristible treat to chew on. These products last long and are highly recommended by petlovesbest.

The look of this dog toy for aggressive chewers is totally natural. It does not look like an artificial product at all, which makes it more irrisistible for the dogs.

  • Made in the USA product manufactured in New York.
  • All the flavors are natural and super yum (according to the dogs!).
  • The unique Y shape works great for the dogs to chew up in any position.
  • The flavors last for a while.
  • These nylon bone chew toys are super tough and designed for aggressive chewers.
  • These bones cannot be ingested. Supervisen is recommeded.

The Dog Toys Buyer’s Guide

If you haven’t already decided the best dog toy for your pup then go through our Buyer’s Guide. It’s insights will surely help you to choose the best toy for your dog.

Why Buy a Dog Toy for Your Pup?

Here, the question should be – why not?

It is useless to ask but I’ll still do, did you enjoy playing with toys in your childhood? Of course, you did.

But unlike humans, who give up playing with toys as soon as they get mature (perhaps, our toys just get more expensive!), dogs enjoy playing with toys all the time. There is no bar of age for dogs to play with toys.

In other words, as much as a little puppy enjoys playing with his toys, an older pup will feel the same thrill regardlessly.

Dogs seek companionship. Also, for them, any time is the playtime. But when their fellow humans do not spend the time with them. It can get tough for the dog to handle the loneliness.

Such a thing happens to the dog parents that have a full-time job and do not have enough time to spend with their beloved pups. Being isolated every day, the dogs can get anxious. And as a result, you’ll notice some chewed shoes or destroyed pillows when you get back home. And believe me, it can get much much worse.

But on the other hand, the dogs are curious creatures. They are curious and playful. So if provided with something they can enjoy, like a dog toy, it will help them not to get distracted and anxious. Even a simple chew toy can help the dogs to pass the time easily.

Also, thinking that the pup does not need a toy is just cruel. Get one thing sorted in your mind that toys are not just for playing. As toys help kids to get better skills, have better mental stimulation and of course, the physical development, the exact same way, toys help a dog to get better health and stay away from anxiety.

Can Toys Improve a Dog’s Health?

As I said before, dog toys can help the canine in stimulating mental and physical health. Let us discuss that in details.

It is important that you brush your pup’s teeth every single day. Yes, not brushing the teeth regularly can result in many health issues. However, most dog parents miss out on this fact and do not brush their pup’s teeth. And as a result, the pet suffers from diseases.

Dogs are just like kids, they do not like their teeth getting brushed! But it is important that you clean their gums and teeth. Or else the tartar and plaque will build up and cause health problems.

So what does all this have to do with dog toys? Well, it has to. As a simple chew dog toy can help in cleaning dog’s teeth and result in a better oral hygiene. Being the saliva and mouth clean, there will be fewer chances of internal organ damage too.

So better oral hygiene and protection from heterogeneous diseases!

Now let us talk about mental health, shall we?

No human being likes to be left alone, nor does your dog. Being alone results in distraction of thoughts. So your dog may suffer from behavior issues like barking a lot, tearing up things, destruction, not following your command etc. The situation can be critical if you leave your dog home alone every day.

But there’s good news! Dogs are easily engaged in everything that grabs their attention. As an example, your dog can spend hours with his favorite chew toy and will not get distracted because of you not being there.

In addition, there are a number of puzzle toys for dogs available in the market. These toys are heaven for curious canines. They are great for nice brain stimulation too.

Here, you also need to keep in mind that dogs can suffer from anxiety. This anxiety in a long time can turn into depression and will make your dog go all sad and not cheerful at all. You do not want your pleasant little dog to suffer from such issues, right?

Concluding, better mental health if provided with a toy!

Types of Dog Toys

The market for dog toys is really diverse. It can be really tough to choose the right dog toy for your dog and without the proper knowledge of what is out there, it can be really troublesome.

So let us first take a look at the major types of dog toys in the market.

1. Chew Toys for Dogs

Our first type of dog toy does not really need an introduction, does it? A chew toy is something soft yet tough that your dog can chew on easily.

There is no denying that dogs love to chew everything. For some pups, nothing is none-chewable. If it fits their mouth, it can be chewed!

So how about providing them with something that they can really enjoy and chew as long as they want. Moreover, it will also take some burden off your shoulders, right?

Also, as we mentioned before, a chew toy can help to keep the dog’s mouth hygienic. And saves him from oral infections.

Some dog parents also apply tasty treats like honey all over the chew toy. So that the dog can enjoy both the chewing and treat fun!

Some dogs are hard chewers, so make sure to invest in a really tough one. But for younger ones, go for rubber material.

2. Interactive Dog Toys

Interactive dog toys mean nothing but something that can interact with the dog in any way. Meaning, it should not be a one-sided action.

Among the all the toys, an interactive dog toy is the most favorite of a cheerful pup that likes to have companionship.

A major type of interactive dog toys can be treat hiding toy. Here, the treats are hidden under some layers of the puzzle. The dog has to solve the puzzle in order to reveal the treat. The puzzle can be of endless types, which is also the best thing about such a toy.

It develops curiosity in the pup and if successful, rewards them with a treat! It is also a great mental stimulator.

Another one of my favorite interactive dog toys is a ball thrower. The ball thrower is a simple throw & fetch kind of toy. It throws a ball to a distance, which encourages the dog to go and fetch the ball. And when taken back by the dog, it throws it again, endlessly(well, of course, until your dog gets tired)!

A great exercise toy for the dog and the fun of throw and fetch without the need of their human fellow too!

Personally, interactive dog toys are my favorite.

3. Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

A treat dispensing toy can be a disk, a ball, a wobbler or any other shape. It doesn’t really matter actually.

The most popular one among the dog parents is the wobble one. It just wobbles around the floor as your dog pushes it. But is has a dispensing hole at the bottom. And through that hole, the treat dispenses.

The toy can be filled up with the treats earlier. Dogs can smell the treat through the small hole at the bottom and by wobbling it, they get their reward.

The task can be made more fun by putting different shape of treat inside the toy. It will make it tougher for the dog to have the treat.

Make sure to invest in a product that does not require a custom treat. Some products on the market require a treat from the brand itself, all the other treats does not work, which is kind of a bummer!

4. Blind Dog Toys

It can be tough to enjoy a game with a visually impaired dog because of the obvious threats to them. However, you can buy them a toy that they can have fun with, using their other senses.

Did you know that blind dogs can enjoy a game of throw and fetch too?

Just buy them a toy that makes a lot of noise. A toy that makes sounds that last longer and can be heard clearly can work fine as a blind dog toy. With their sense of hearing the sound, the dog can fetch the toy for you. Though make sure that there is no threatful entity present in the perimeter.

Another type of toy that can be great with blind dogs is a scented dog toy. These dog toys come with a specific fragrance. Once getting familiar with the smell, the dog can easily find the toy with its sharp smelling abilities.

Blind dogs do love the toys that make a lot of noises. It makes it fun for them to play with. But for some dogs, too much noise can be a threat as well if they are sensitive to sounds. Nonetheless, be sure about everything.

5. Electronic Dog Toys

Electronic dog toys can be super fun with unique abilities. From a talking plush toy to a wiggling tail, they make it fun for the dog. A ball dispenser is an electronic dog toy too.

Great thing is that dogs love something they can interact with. So yes, electronic dog toys are a kind of interactive dog toys only.

Unlike those conventional dog toys that dogs have a one-sided relationship with, these toys mechanically interact with them.

Did you know that there is a toy that makes 20 different animal sounds? Now you do!

6. Dog Toy Balls

So what is the most common dog toy? A ball!

Balls have always been the favorite toy for dogs. But the problem here is that those regular tennis balls that you have at home get torn apart by a dog’s sharp teeth.

But do not worry, you just need to buy a proper dog toy ball. And the good news is that they don’t even cost that much. In addition, these balls are made with tough and durable materials that will not get damaged by the dog. Also, these dog balls are made from non-toxic materials that won’t harm the dog.

In the market, there are balls that can make different sounds, have a unique scent and maybe some taste as well. With so much to choose from, you really have to get your dog one.

7. Dog Puzzles

Dog puzzles can be a great tool for the dogs to kill the time. Dogs are born smart and curious (well, the most of them!). Smart dogs love playing with puzzles.

Researchers state that an average dog has the intelligence level same as a 2 to a 2.5-year-old human child. Which clearly means that your dog cannot play a game of chess with you every evening, though they clearly have the ability to do some intelligent stuff.

A great way to train a dog to solve a puzzle is by treating them with their favorite food.

8. Squeaky Dog Toy

Dogs are adorable. And adorable pups combined with cute toys is the greatest thing ever!

Dogs love squeaky toys. At first, they may not pay it much attention but once they hear the squeak, they are like – now you have my attention!

My neighbor’s dogs always used to drag their squeaky toys around and jump on it, repeatedly. You can consider their behavior similar to that of a child that gets encouraged to run around more because of the squeaky shoes.

Though most squeaky toys are tough, still make sure that the product is made with good quality material and is durable. As once the toy will stop making the squeaking sound, it will not fascinate the dog anymore.

9. Plush Toys

We highly recommend plush dog toys for puppies. It may help them to get some good cuddling sleep.

Also, for good big boys that are calm and does not destroy things can be trusted with these toys. It may even become their favorite for no reason at all!

They come in various shapes the same as of a child’s toy. Also, some brands also manufacture the plush toys that can squeak or talk.

All in all, a plush dog toy can be a great partner for the good boys!

10. Tug of War with Dogs?

So can there be dog toys that you and your dog both can enjoy, together? Of course, there is!

The tug of war rope is a brand new range of product introduced in the dog toy market. Have you played tug of war with your dog when you try to snatch something out of his mouth?

Now make the game official by buying a tug of war rope. These ropes are made from environment-friendly materials and therefore, is safe for the dog to bite. Also, this dog toy is durable, tough and chew proof. So that your dog can happily chew it even when you’re not playing with it.

Also, if you’ve got more than one dog, they can battle off with each other in a tug of war.

How to Choose the Best Toy for Your Dog?

The definition of best dog toy depends upon the pup himself only. Meaning, there can be different best dog toy for each of the pups out there.

If you keep an eye on some factors, you will likely find the best toy for your dog. Let us take a deeper look at these factors.

#1 The Age of Your Dog

One of the most important factor while considering a dog toy is the age of the pooch.

Young dogs are more energetic, while most of the mature ones like to stay calm. Young dogs and puppies like to chew a lot too and can be aggressive chewers.

For young aggressive chewers, you can buy a nylon chewing bone toy. However, the same toy can be a threat for an old dog’s teeth as they can be too tough to chew on.

For young ones, interactive toys can work best. I.e a ball thrower, treat hiding puzzle etc.

For older ones, seek for something more comforting. And if you are looking for a chew dog toy, go for something like Kong which is rubber made and not too tough.

#2 The Size of the Dog

Most brands nowadays manufacture toys of all sizes. For small pups to larger ones.

However, you must always check out the dimensions before ordering a dog toy. As it is no use if the dog cannot fit the ball in his mouth. Get my point?

With the size of the dogs, their strength varies as well. Let’s suppose if you have a giant Great Dane with a lot of paw-power, he can easily knock off and break the toys, even those that are meant for large dogs.

#3 Type of the Dog Toy

When choosing a dog toy, the type really affects the choice. There are more than a dozen types of dog toys available in the market. Some of them we already discussed in a section above.

There are tons of chew dog toys, balls, disks, puzzles, treat dispensers, plush toys and squeaky toys available in the market.

Besides that, for some dogs, simple things such as your old shirt which has your scent contained within can also be very comforting. Dogs love their master’s old clothes and blankies. Although at some point they are going to destroy it while playing with it recklessly but that should not be a problem.

And if your pooch loves to swim, give that little Michael Phelps a floating toy. Yes, you are not the only one that like a duck floating in your bathtub! Dogs love to fetch floating toys in the pool as well. Do try that out.

#4 For Highly Energetic Dogs

Young puppers have a lot of energy. If you have such an energetic dog, buy a toy that lets them take off that excess energy.

A great option can be something that involves physical tasks. Such as ball or disk fetching. Such toys can help to take that excess energy off from the dog.

And if you don’t have much time to spend with your dog, you can consider buying him an automatic ball launcher. Such ball launchers are getting quite popular with dog parents as they allow the dogs to play all the time without human involvement!

Simple chew toys and tugs can also help to reduce stress.

#5 Easily Bored

Some dogs are easily bored. For them, all the things must be done with more excitement and fun.

For such dogs, a treat puzzle dog toy can work fine. Such toy hides the dog treats with various opening functions. The dog has to solve them all in order to reach to the treat inside.

Treat dispensing dog toys are great with such dogs too as they make the dog to do some work in order to reach their favorite treats.

#6 Gentle Doggos

Some dogs are just calm and gentle. They do not chew off master’s shoes nor their clothes. For such good boys, plush toys work best. They love carrying their little plush fella in their mouth all the time.

Moreover, dogs also love the squeaking sound. And if given a squeaking toy, they’ll not stop until the toy gives up!

#7 Make Sure that the Material is Non-toxic

Chewing is a common trait of almost every dog. They will try tasting everything they are given just to make sure it isn’t another tasty treat from their master!

Because of such habit, dogs and pups often find themselves in a difficult situation. If you buy your dog a new toy, keep in mind that they will try to fit into their mouth for sure. Which also suggests that the material should be non-toxic because you do not want your pet to need a vet visit, do you?

#8 Choking Hazard

As dogs love to put everything inside their mouth, there is always the danger of choking. If given a toy with small pieces, a dog can easily swallow such stuff and worse, can get choked.

If your dog does like to chew everything, make sure you do not get him a toy that can be a threat to his life.

#9 Change the Toys Once in a While

Dogs are the same as humans. They get bored really fast. Any toy that you give him, no matter how much he likes it, will not fascinate him the same in a few weeks.

So one thing you can do here is to get your dog multiple toys and then sneakingly keep on changing each of them after a definite period of time.

Based on your Requirements

Check out following different toys based on your requirements.

#1 Indestructible Dog Toy for Aggressive Chewers

Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone: Aggressive chewers can be the worst nightmare of many dog owners. They tear apart every single thing that comes in their way.

Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers


Luckily, there are products that can endure the tough bites from the dog. Such a product is Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Dog Chew Toy. It is an artificially made nylon bone.

These nylon bones come with natural flavors for your dog to devour on. There are 3 flavors – Chicken, Bacon, and Peanut. All these are free of adulteration.

The best thing about these bones is that they are super tough and cannot be easily broken. So your dog will be enjoying the flavorful bone without you having to worry about him ingesting it.

Though this super tough bone can be hard on older dogs’ teeth. For such dogs see the product listed right below.

#2 Best Chew Toy for Puppies

West Paw Zogoflex Qwizl Treat Dispensing Chew Toy: Small pups have tender teeth and so do the senior dogs.

Best Chew Toy for Puppies


You may find your pup chewing on multiple things because of teething. However, it does not mean that the pup can chew hard dog toys too.

West Paw Zogoflex is a treat dispensing toy. You just put the treats inside this toy and the dog will chew them off.

The material of this chew toy is really tough. However not tough enough to injure your pup.

Because of its unique shape, you can put multiple types of dog treats inside the toy. It makes eating far more fun and rewarding for the dog and also increases the life of your precious treats!

Also, we loved all the three colors of the dog toy. They look really cool and perfect for an adorable puppy.

#3 Best Interactive Dog Toys

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher: Without a doubt, my favorite interactive dog toy is this iFetch Ball Launcher. It’s a ball launcher for dogs to play throw & fetch all by themselves, as much as they want! Simply a dream come true for any dog!

Best Interactive Dog Toys


The machine has mainly two openings. One to throw the ball and the other for the dog to put the ball back. Once the dog fetches the ball, he has to put it back on the top opening of the ball thrower and within a few seconds, the machine throws the ball again.

This ball launcher toy for dogs can throw the ball in 3 specified distances – 10, 20 and 30 feet.

The best thing that we loved about this toy is the dancing paws of the super-excited dogs while playing with it.

Such a toy is great for pet parents that don’t have enough time to spare for their dog’s playtime. It gives the dogs the physical exercise that they need and also exhausts all of their excess energy.

#4 Best Puzzle Toy for Curious Fellows

Trixie Mad Scientist Dog Puzzle Toy: A great puzzle toy is something that keeps the dog puzzled every single day even if he discovers the mechanism to get the treats out.

Best Puzzle Toy for Curious Fellows


The same thing is done by Trixie Mad Scientist. It comes with three rotational beakers in which you have to put the treats. Once you put the treats, your work is done. Now your dog has to work his way to flip the beakers and get the treats out.

If the dog puts too much force then the treats won’t come out because of the rotational energy. Thus the dog has to find that sweet spot.

Even if your dog finds out the sweet spot, you can increase the difficulty level by interchanging the lids. Here, 2 set of different lids come with this dog toy.

What sets this puzzle toy apart from other dog puzzle toys is that the dog can actually see if there is any treat left inside for him.

So just put the treats in and let that mad scientist work his way out!

#5 Best Master & Dog Game Toy

Chuckit! Ball Launcher: Without a dispute, everyone knows that the best game a master and a dog can play together is of throw & fetch. However, there can be a difference in opinions about whether it is stick, ball or disk throwing!

Best Master & Dog Game Toy


Chuckit! Ball Launcher is not a machine that throws the balls around. In fact, it is a tool that helps you to throw the ball.

Dogs, when it comes to playtime, rarely get tired. And if you are playing their favorite throw & fetch, there is no chance that the pup is going to let you off that easily! Though a lot of throwing and fetching may not cause much stress to the dog, it can surely stress up your shoulder or arm.

The Chunkit! Launcher reduces this stress from your arms. It helps you to throw the ball farther with less energy because of its amazingly engineered shape. Also, bending down a lot while picking up the ball can be tiring. But the handle on the top of this dog toy allows you to pick up the ball without bending down. Exciting, right?!

The brand claims that it can throw the ball 2 times farther than you usually used to. So now everyone, regardless of their age, gender can perfectly exercise their dogs.

So now enjoy tireless throw & fetch with your pup!

#6 Best Toy for Blind Dogs

PetQwerks Talking Babble Ball: Blind dogs may have lost their ability to see things. But as they lose one of their sense, they can use their other senses more efficiently to perceive things.

PetQwerks Talking Babble Ball


Babble ball is a talking ball. Whenever your dog will touch the ball or will try to chew on it, the ball will respond with one of its 20 funny sounds. Such ball will surely fascinate your dog and will bring something new on the table.

A visually impaired dog loves to perceive things with its ears. And the sound from the ball will entertain and encourage the little fella to play more and more with the dog.

The ball is made of hard plastic. It comes in 3 sizes and is vet approved. The build is decent and there is nothing to complain. Though do keep in mind that all the pets function differently. Therefore some may not like a talking ball, but you got to take your chances, right?

#7 Best Electronic Toy for Dogs

Hyper Pet Doggie Tail: An electronic dog toy does not necessarily mean a complex robot that moves around with your pup; just like this wiggling tail from Hyper Tail.

Best Electronic Toy for Dogs


This wiggling tail may not be much complex but it surely does an amazing job in entertaining the dog. This tail wiggles and jumps while grabbing the dog’s attention. Moreover, it makes some hilarious mouse-like sounds as well.

The size of the tail is quite big. So it may not be suitable for smaller breeds and can be intimidating. However, with medium to large dogs, this toy does wonders.

The build quality is also decent. It cannot withstand much damage and is definitely not for dogs that love destroying or chewing things. However, it will surely be fun as long as it lasts.

Do check out the crab, owl and hedgehog variants of the toy.

#8 Best Squeaky Dog Toy

Ethical Plush Skinneeez Fox Stuffingless Dog Toy: So what is up with the squeaky toys? Well, if you love a child’s laugh while playing with a squeaky toy then you’ll surely be amused with how much it can entertain the dogs.

Best Electronic Toy for Dogs


Here, the one we fell in love with is a little different than the other squeaky toys. It comes with internal Crinkler paper that makes crinkling sounds while the dog plays with it.

Most squeaking toys are destroyed by the dogs in a few days because of some unknown reason. However, with this toy, the story will be different as it does not come with any stuffing inside. So there is nothing for the dog to destroy except the outer material, which you can easily sew up.

The toy looks like a dead fox and we are still confused about whether the dog carries it around as a prey or a friend! Whatever reason there is, dogs love the toy regarless of its obvious ugly look and maybe that is all that you need to have in a dog toy, right?

#9 Best Dog Toy for Old Puppers

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel: Dogs also love chasing and finding things around, don’t they? Especially, when you take the pooch out for a walk, how much attention do they pay to the pesky squirrels? A lot, right?

Best Dog Toys


Just because a doggo gets older does not mean that he does not find it fun to chase small buggers and they surely love the squeaking sound too. However, it can be tough for the dogs to chase the squirrels with the same energy and enthusiasm while they were younger.

So the guys at Outward Hound created a perfect little toy that combines both the fun of playing hide-n-seek with the squirrels and making them squeak!

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel comes with some squeaking squirrels that hide inside the trunk of a tree. This makes it a lot of fun for the dogs to find all these annoying buggers out and chew them up.

The best thing about this toy is you don’t even need to train your dog to play with this toy. Just hide the squirrels in and put the toy in front of the dog and watch the show!

The quality of the toy is really fine. However, just like any other plush dog toy, this one is not that sturdy against dog’s paws or bites and you can surely replace the squirrels with any other plush toy of your choice if your dog kills one or some of them!

Can Dog Toys Be Dangerous?

Dog toys are fun. And as the pet parents realize how much amusing they can be for their dogs, they tend to purchase even more. However, there are a few things to keep in mind while purchasing one. As of course, they can be dangerous for the dogs.

Most pet parents look for adorable pet toys and which is totally normal. However, they forget to look for the obvious things such as the material. And that is exactly how unethical brands succeed in selling their harmful dog toys.

Dogs love to chew things. And teething is a normal thing in puppies. If you are buying a dog toy, then keep in mind that your dog is surely going to chew it up at some point. So make sure that the product is tested for the dog’s safety.

Also, if the toy contains small parts that your dog can swallow, avoid such toy. Sometimes, a small part of the toy can break and choke your dog. So make sure that the toy is tough and can endure a dog’s teeth.

Dogs are no different than a baby. They are curious, foolish and mischievious. All these things can get them into trouble without us noticing. So when you give your dog a toy to play with, be as conscious as you are giving it to an infant.

Always supervise your dog while he is playing with some possibly threatful toy.

A ball thrower may not seem much threatful to anyone. And dogs love it. However, there have been cases that the dogs got so excited and stood right in the way of the throwing hole, and lead to an injury. Just like that, any dog toy can be threatful in a way you may have never thought of.

Dogs, being born chewers, love to chew up things, especially plush toys. In some cases, a brand new plush toy can get shattered into pieces within a few hours only. This kind of toys can also cause a choking hazard for the dogs because of the loose stuffing inside.

There have been cases of dogs getting their tongue stuck inside a ball that causes vacuum like the Kong Beast Tug.

Another threatful dog toy is the plastic chew bones. This kind of bones come with a natural flavor and scent. However, it encourages some dogs to eat them. These bones are made of nylon or plastic materials and are absolutely unsafe for a dog to ingest. And if ingested, can cause serious problems.

All in all, as we said earlier, dogs are like human babies. They are curious and mischievous. Therefore, there is a threat for them to get hurt from products that may not even seem a little bit problematic at first. Make sure you always buy good quality toys and supervise your dog while playing with it. And if even find something even a little bit chewed, contact your vet.

FAQ about Dog Toys

1. Can you give a plush toy to your teething puppy?
  • Giving a stuffed toy to your puppy may not be a good idea as the teething pup can destroy the toy in order to do its autopsy.
  • Instead, we will suggest you buy a ball or something that moves. Puppies are usually too curious about stuff that moves and can spend hours playing with it.
  • Also, do not buy toys made of hard plastic, they can be hard on the puppy’s teeth. Instead, buy toys made of rubber, which is a better alternative.
2. Can dogs ingest flavored chew toys like Benebones or Nylabones? Is it safe?
  • Not at all! Benebones or Nylabones are made of nylon, which is non-edible. If found eaten, consult a vet right away.
  • Also, if you find excessive wearing on the bone, replace it.
3. Can I leave my dog alone with its treat dispensing toy?
  • Of course, you can. Best Treat dispensing toys are made to avoid rapid eating and make it fun. In most cases, they may not cause any issues.
  • However, make sure that the ambiance is threat-free. And it is essential to keep an eye on the dog once in a while.
4. How do I get my dog to play with toys?
  • Make the dog fetch after the dog toy that you want him to play with.
  • Familiarise the toy by adding some of your scent to the toy. You can do this by putting an old or sweaty t-shirt over the toy for a while. It will help the dog to find the toy more comforting.
  • Once your dog gets the hang of the toy, try to fetch it away from him. Resisting to keep the toy to himself will surely help the dog to build a bond with it.
  • Reward your dog with treats everytime he plays with it. Using treats will surely make the dog to find the toy as a pleasant thing.
5. How to rotate your dog’s toys?
  • Rotating dog toys is essential if you don’t want the dog to get bored with his toys.
  • A great way to do this is by grouping the toys in 2 parts. Keep one set of toys out for a week and alternate it with the other next week. Meanwhile, clean up the toys that are in reserve.
  • However, a dog may find it disappointing if their favorite toy is taken away. So leave your dog’s favorite toy with himself.
  • You can also hide the toys under a sofa or somewhere the dog can find the toys himself.

The EndNote

So this was petlovesbest’s comprehensive guide on dog toys. Dog toys are a great medium to encourage and engage the dog in fun activities. Here, we discussed multiple types of dog toys and possibly a product for each type.

Dogs are cheerful creatures and they love to play. By buying a dog toy, you can make their playtime more fun and pleasant. We will suggest you buy multiple toys for your dog; as more the toys, more the fun!

If you have any queries regarding any product listed here or any other general query, ask us without hesitation. The comment box below is all yours.

Meanwhile, keep your dog busy with toys, a lot of toys!

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