Espree Dog Shampoo Review – Top Rated Pet Care Brand

Is your dog struggling with fleas? Does the dog smell so bad that it is giving you a headache? Are your dogs having troubles with itchy skin? I am here to tell you about this wonderful product that is going to be an all-in-one solution to all your dog related problem – Espree dog shampoo is one of the best shampoo available for your dog in the current pet care market.

I’m saying this because I’ve been using it and after seeing the result on my 4-year-old Labrador and I refuse to use any other product!


My Experience with the Shampoo

My dog had a rundown with the fleas around two years ago and it had become impossible for him to sit and relax in one place, always scraping and shifting all around the house. The veterinarian asked us to use Espree Flea and Tick shampoo and we were amazed at how well the shampoo was working.

Also, there was not the usual wet dog smell after the bath, and that was a huge plus for us. Since then, we’ve been using Espree pet care products for our dog.

Why Do I Like The Espree Dog Shampoo

  • The shampoo has a very clean smell.
  • It is affordable and the bottle contains an adequate amount of dog shampoo
  • Great for dog’s skin and coat
  • Fights dullness and yields gloss
  • Not made using any harsh chemicals
  • Completely safe for animals
  • Almost all natural and organic ingredients are present inside it
  • Price is not high given the quantity, so it is reasonably priced
  • The packing is robust and travel-friendly

After working wonders on our dog, we recommended it to our friends who had similar problems and their reaction was equally amazing. One of them even got his dogs to win several dog show competitions.

You will want to just kiss and hug your dog after using one of the Espree dog shampoo.

Espree – Natural Wholesome Pet Care

Espree is a brand that believes in combining the wisdom of nature with innovative technologies to deliver the best of pet care products. They make all kinds of conditioners, shampoos, ear cleaners, ear powder, and some other products.

It is a dedicated company that manufactures these products by using almost 95% natural ingredients. The Espree dog shampoo and all such products are made sure to be made keeping in mind safety standards for humans and animals.

Espree produces a wide range of dog shampoo that takes care of different problematic issues. I’ve been trying out different varieties of Espree dog shampoo myself and all of these seem to work as they are advertised. Though hypo allergen variant caused a slight discomfort to my dog, all the other products worked well. I will list down and tell you something about a few of the dog shampoo variants that I have used or one of my friends had used.

Espree Flea and Tick shampoo for dogs
Itch Soothing Shampoo


Espree Tea Tree and Aloe Medicated Shampoo
All in One Dog Shampoo


Espree Oatmeal Baking Soda Shampoo
Nourishing Shampoo


Espree Silky Show Shampoo
Hydrating Shampoo


Espree Hypo-Allergenic Pet Shampoo
Relieving Shampoo


Espree’s Senior Care Shampoo
Hypoallergenic Shampoo

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1. Espree Flea and Tick shampoo for dogs

Espree Flea and Tick Shampoo


This is the product that got me into falling in love with Espree pet care products. It was heartbreaking for me and my wife to see our dog struggling so much with the fleas and after trying on a lot of home remedies we took it to a veterinarian who introduced me to the shampoo.

This dog shampoo also works well with kittens and puppies and do not harm them in any way. The Aloe Vera content helps your dog’s coat to retain its natural shine and leaves him smelling clean.

2. Espree Tea Tree and Aloe Medicated Shampoo

Tea Tree and Aloe Medicated Shampoo from Espree


Tea tree oil has healing properties and it will soothe and protect your dog’s skin from topical bacteria and fungi. If your dog is undergoing a flea removal treatment then using this shampoo won’t reduce the effect of the treatment. It works wonders on dogs with dry and itchy skin problems.

3. Espree Oatmeal Baking Soda Shampoo

Espree Oatmeal Baking Soda Shampoo


Espree oatmeal baking soda shampoo combines the soothing properties of organic oatmeal and odor removal property of baking soda into this fantastic dog shampoo variant. The Aloe Vera ingredient nicely compliments all these properties by adding shine to your dog’s fur coat. This dog shampoo is an effective cleanser and it smells excellent.

4. Espree Silky Show Shampoo

Espree Silky Show Shampoo


The silky show variant contains oil extracted from safflower. This is one of the key ingredients in luxurious cosmetics as it is a strong hydrator. It contains a particular type of lubricator that allows the skin to retain more water also it is packed with essential vitamins. I would recommend you to use this shampoo variant on your dog if it has a long and unmanageable fur coat. The shampoo also improves the overall feel of your dog’s fur.

5. Espree Hypo-Allergenic Pet Shampoo

Espree Hypo-Allergenic Pet Shampoo


Espree’s Hypoallergenic shampoo is the perfect shampoo for your dog if it has a sensitive skin. It contains Jojoba oil which is known to possess moisturizing and skin healing properties. One of my friends used it on her cat and found the product to be very helpful as her cat had really sensitive skin, so it could be used both on a dog or a cat.

6. Espree’s Senior Care Shampoo

Espree’s Senior Care Shampoo

Espree’s senior care shampoo contains Arnica in it along with all the other organic and natural ingredients. Arnica rub is known to soothe a dog’s skin if it has problems such as inflammation or itchiness on its skin. Rosemary and Menthol are other ingredients that make this shampoo a perfect blend of elements that readily gets absorbed by your dog’s skin and keeps it healthy.

Availability of Espree Dog Shampoo

All of Espree’s product can be bought online from Espree’s home page, other than that dedicated online pet stores such as PetDepo and PetCo sell most of the variants. It is also available on the Amazon and Walmart shopping applications. Espree is a customer friendly brand hence every product it makes is affordable and readily available.

These are only some of the Espree dog shampoo variants, I would suggest you visit their site and go through their product list to find the perfect product for your dog.

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My Conviction

Espree is a wonderful product, it is the only one I trust to use on my dog. Espree’s shampoo for dogs makes it possible for us to do what’s best for our dogs.

You will love everything about Espree.

The next time you’re trying to deal with a smelly dog, or a dog that can’t seem to relax because of the Fleas or a dog that is allergic to the mildest of shampoos, I would ask you to get out there, get one of the Espree dog shampoo and see how they work magic on your dogs.

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