The Best Dog Shampoos (2023 Reviews)

Welcome to the Best Dog Shampoo Reviews for Every Skin 2023! Be it any season at any given time. Your pooch loves to go out for a walk or play. They like to run here and there, going down in the mud and the most favorite for a majority is in the water.

But we are not used to untidiness and we like the things to be cleaned up. Yes, I am talking about Bath time.

Though the bath is enjoyed by most of the dog some wouldn’t like it at all. There are various soaps and shampoo out there. To choose the best one for your dog is your sole responsibility. This article of ours will help you to select the best dog shampoo for your dog.

We have also enlisted shampoo that can reduce skin irritation, stop fleas and the one that can cure hypoallergic disease.


At a Glance – Best Dog Shampoos

Here is the list of some of our favorite dog shampoo categorized in a proper manner:

Best Dog Shampoos

Editors’ Pick:

  • Best Dog Shampoo for all skin types
  • Perfect blend of aroma and natural preservatives
  • Contains biodegradable ingredients


How Often Can I Bathe My Dog with Shampoo?

Bathing can be a fun activity for some of the dogs. On the other hand, some might not like to bath. Dogs breed, coat texture, season, how much the dog is active on such factors as bathing depends. Ideally once a week is perfect for dogs. If your pet likes to be outside a majority of the time then once a week bath is sufficient. Furthermore, more of a home dog needs to be bathed 2-3 times a week.

Season condition also matters when thinking of bath. In summers try to soaping your dog once a week. Although, in winter soap your dog 2-3 times a month. However, if your dog is suffering from any disease then wash on alternate days.

Editor's Picks
All Natural Shampoo by EarthBathBest Overall
Furminator Deshedding ShampooBudget Buy
Rocco and Roxxie Premium Sensitive ShampooPremium Shampoo
Best Allergy Relief Shampoo: By Vet’sAllergy Relief Shampoo

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The 10 Best Dog Shampoos of 2023 (Reviews)

See our unbiased reviews for all the popular products acclaimed by dog owners worldwide.

1. EarthBath Dirty Dog Shampoo

EarthBath Dirty Dog Shampoo


Considered as one of the best dog shampoo available in the market, as it understands how important it is to groom a dog. The shampoo comes with a blend of high-quality ingredients. That does not mean that it contains man-made chemicals, this is certainly not the case with EB. The natural ingredients are the striking factor that makes it such a good shampoo.

Both pups and dogs can utilize the shampoo. There are products that do not come from the source that appear on the label. EB understands this and came up with its DirtyDog Shampoo to stack with all the essential biodegradable ingredients.

They try to use a minimal amount of artificial material. Thus, making it sure that your dog is safe from dirty grooming.

Trusted by the majority of the pet owner this dog shampoo has proven its worth in the market.

It contains natural deodorizer orange oil. In addition, it contains aloe vera, essential vitamins, coconut cleanser, and natural preservatives. Moreover, the induction of orange oil enhances its worth as a product.

Orange Oil contains naturally occurring minerals that can blend well with dog skin. Moreover, it can cure certain itch problem in pups and dogs if this is not enough then it can also provide protection against fleas.

This dog shampoo will come with an orange scent as it will make your pet look fresh all the time.

  • Natural ingredients account for a majority of proportion.
  • The use of this shampoo can extend to pups and dogs.
  • The fragrance of the scent is neither weak nor strong, which makes it perfect for your dog.
  • Sensitive skins can also use this dog shampoo.
  • Consider this dog shampoo as a product to give protection against flea.
  • The bio-degradable material adds to its natural made product.
  • It does not provide protection to a more specific disease.
  • Also, after the bath, it leaves a high amount of residue which is difficult to clean.


EarthBath assures complete safety to the pet owners with its natural ingredients, which makes it one of the best dog shampoo available in the market. Your pet will definitely love to have a wash with the shampoo. Moreover, its medicinal qualities make a product to go for. That, checks for all the qualities of a high-end shampoo.

2. Wahl OatMeal Shampoo for Dog

Wahl OatMeal Shampoo for Dog


If you are after a dog that needs the proper attention to their skin and fur. Then you should surely go for this natural dog shampoo by Wahl.

The shampoo is totally natural and does not contain any artificial substance. Thus, it makes you and your dog a distance away from harmful chemicals.

Your dog might like to roll around in the dirt, jumps in a puddle all these activities makes their skin dry, on the other hand, the fur also tends to shine less, right? Don’t worry about such things. This dog shampoo can take care of your pet skin as well as their shining fur.

Packed with lemon, coconut, oatmeal, aloe vera to comfort dry skin, flea, itching. The formula is rich in lather and also its easy to rinse off making it easier for the pet owner.

It is said to have effective results on most of the dog breeds. It comes with natural plant-based substance.

The dog shampoo is dark purple in color and will take more than one wash to clean your pet coat. Nevertheless, the shampoo is said to have great results after wash. Owners have witnessed clean and shining coat, also the dogs smell great.

  • The naturally occurring substance accounts for a majority of the ingredients.
  • The dog smell really good after wash.
  • The materials used are bio-degradable.
  • Works well with all kinds of skin types.
  • It takes more than one wash to get off the color of the shampoo from your pet coat.


All in all, the consider this best dog shampoo for your pet as it contains the essential ingredients for your loved one. Its unique formula is designed to give overall benefits to your pet. Moreover, the price of the shampoo makes it a product to buy. The addition of aloe makes it soothing for dry skin and itchy skin.

3. Paws And Pals Natural Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

Paws And Pals Natural Dog Shampoo & Conditioner


Paws and Pals is a well-reputed brand in pets section. Going by their name the dog shampoo stands truly on customers expectations. In the list of best dog shampoo P and P, has the highest medicinal value along with its effective natural formula.

The company has only one shampoo under its name, but it serves the purpose of all the different one available on the market.

The fluid is orange in color and comes in two fragrance cheery/almond and other being cherry/coconut. It contains medicinal properties that can cure some of the basic disease, not the major one.

The dog shampoo is made up of filtered water, aloe vera gel, cocoa, glycerin. Moreover, along with these ingredients it is also enriched with vitamin E, sandalwood, jojoba oil.

A wash once in a week can restore your dog looks. It also increases the shine in the coat, also, it prevents certain skin disease.

One of the qualities I loved the most is, that after using for a number of times the pet does not show a single symptom of any infection. Which goes well with its medicinal values.

Customers liking the product in thousands explains the worth of the dog shampoo. Which proves that it the best dog shampoo that one can get.

  • Its medicinal value is really good.
  • The fragrance of the shampoo is very pleasant.
  • The natural dog shampoo prevents certain diseases.
  • Transforms the coat shine and softness of the fur.
  • It may cause hives as it has many natural ingredients.


Considering all the points, I will recommend going for this product. It contains all the important substance that in a case will be helpful for the pet owner as they have to buy a single product that can do work of all. However, we cannot lose sight of its medicinal aspects.

4. Furminator deShedding Shampoo for Dog

Furminator deShedding Shampoo for Dog


Pet owner don’t you think that dog looks best with their fur on and coat shining? In some cases, the hair follicles tend to shed. This can happen due to improper nutrition, grooming issues etc. In today’s world, assurance is limited. But Furminator with its shampoo stands for their words.

This shampoo is said to have such properties that can prevent hair loss. Long lasting water resistance makes it different from other products. It focuses on shedding at its core, thus, provides with conditioning, deshedding, promoting better hair growth for your pet.

This premium dog shampoo is formulated with minerals and ingredients that target factors causing shedding of dog’s coat. It comprises of natural water, hydrolyzed oat as well as wheat protein, cranberry oil, kava extract.

Moreover, it is enriched with protein content alongside with a good proportion of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

You may be thinking, a shampoo with such benefits would contain chemicals as a majority, right? To your surprise, this dog shampoo comes with all the natural ingredients and is not at all harmful to your pooch.

Each drop of shampoo ensures to restore the natural oil on your loved one coat, making each hair unit stronger and healthier.

I will recommend using this product for a mature dog, not for your pup. Using it in early stages on pup would not be good.

  • Firstly, it contains all natural products.
  • Secondly, replenishes essential vitamins and makes fur soft.
  • Thirdly, the dog shampoo comes with vitamins and fatty acids.
  • Lastly, it is for professional use.
  • Pups are not favorable for such shampoo.


On the whole, if you are looking for a product that can restore your dog’s shedding issue then you can go for this shampoo right away. Loaded with all the essential elements this dog shampoo can prove a game changer for you. Do keep in mind to use for your big pup, not on the small one.

5. Vet’s Best Allergy Itch Relief Dog Shampoo

Vet's Best Allergy Itch Relief Dog Shampoo


Dogs are more prone to allergies than humans. The bacteria that are responsible for allergies can be present anywhere. Given that your pet likes to roll out in the garden or want to stay at home. In both the cases, they are vulnerable to allergies. My dog had one of these, as soon as we get back from garden red spots starts to appear on the skin of my puddle.

Your dog might also have the same problem, isn’t it? Treating allergies with medicine on daily basis is not a good option. Mine dog went through such problem, and here is the way I managed to get rid of these allergies.

Vet’s allergy relief shampoo is the answer to such problem. I bought one bottle and the results were quite amazing. The shampoo comes with a natural formula that attacks the allergy at its roots. The liquid contains botanical oils which help to reduce the skin irritation

The mixture of oatmeal, tree oil, limonene calms the skin and reduces the red spots caused by pollen, flea, and other parasites.

Natural sources of ingredient make the product skin friendly for your pooch. It is the best itch shampoo available in the market. Results will surely go your way.

  • Works well with other products, for instance, it will not affect any ongoing flea treatment.
  • It is totally natural, does not has any harmful chemicals.
  • Presence of essential oils makes it a product to go for.
  • Reduces the red spots caused by allergic bacteria.
  • Gentle herbal smell.
  • Sometimes the results may go in the other direction.


If your dog is not able to tolerate the allergy, then this is the best shampoo with medicinal value that can help you out. Considering all the things that this dog shampoo is capable of doing, from relieving your pup from allergies to imparting a wonderful herbal smell after wash. It is the best product to go for.

6. Pro Pet Works All Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

Pro Pet Works All Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo


There are various shampoos available in the market. Each one has their own identity. Talking about identity, ProPet has established itself as a well-reputed company. They expertise in pet grooming products and has the same tools to do so.

Let’s have a look at their dog shampoo. The shampoo is for the pets who are prone to allergies from grass, cloth, food, flea etc. Composed of naturally occurring minerals this dog shampoo assures total safety from various source of allergies.

Unlike another shampoo, this one does not even have artificial color in it. Thus, your pet is safe from any harmful chemicals.

Following in the footsteps of EarthBath, the shampoo consists of biodegradable components and can be completely recycled. It consists of deionized water, aloe vera, almond oil, glycerin, oat proteins.

On the other hand, besides these natural ingredients, it also contains some essential vitamin A, D, and E which acts as a shield against hypoallergic infections.

Pro Pet is 5 in 1 solution to your problem. Despite treating hypoallergic infection, the shampoo also makes sure to promote healthy skin and protect against flea. Also, it will restore your’s pooch natural oil production.

Surely, after use of this shampoo, it will detangle the fur and saves time and money of yours. As you do not have to take for proper grooming again and again.

  • Formulated for all skin types.
  • Made up of natural ingredients.
  • You can use this as many time as you want.
  • No side-effects on your dog skin.
  • It is a soap-free shampoo and does not contain any amount of sulfate.
  • The price of the product is high.


PP oatmeal natural dog shampoo is a product to buy for. The shampoo provides with multiple benefits that you can ask for. Moreover, its natural quality makes your pet less prone to any harmful chemicals. Given all the points this the best product you can buy.

7. Fieldworks Supply Company Natural Dog Shampoo

Fieldworks Supply Company Natural Dog Shampoo


Started with a basic idea to create products using naturally occurring materials, FieldWork stands by them in these days too. One of the best dog shampoo available in the market, Moosh basically deals with medical problems that prevail in dogs.

This dog shampoo totally relies on nature for its ingredients, which removes the possibility of any chemicals. Thus, less the chemical more it is beneficial for your dog.

Moosh is anti-fungal, anti-itch, that promotes healthy skin, also, the formula helps to reduce the tension of the skin and also helps to restore the essential oils.

Of all the shampoo discussed till now, this is the only one with clay as one of the core ingredient. You will find some content of clay in all the products of FiledWork.

Clay in ancient times was said to have many properties, because of this clay is included in the shampoo, and it won’t affect your dog.

The bottle comes in a 350ml container, natural oil contributes the majority as an ingredient. It has neem oil,  argan oil, nutmeg, rosemary, vetiver, and bentonite clay. The liquid works as a medicinal shampoo and reduces hypoallergic infection, itching issues, bacteria. The clay works as a shield against flea keeping the fleas away.

After wash, the dog coat will surely look good, the great smell is a result of vetiver as a natural perfuming agent.

  • Totally derived from natural source.
  • Helps as a medical agent and also promotes great skin and soft fur.
  • One can use this on regular basis.
  • Totally affordable.
  • Gives protection against disease and is said to restore dog condition many times.
  • As the perfuming agent is natural, the smell after the bath is bad.


You will not find a product that is 100% natural, but this one is. Having natural clay as a component makes it differ from the one available in the market. Through the time this company has proven its worth and so does its shampoo. Packed with less but effective elements this dog shampoo creates a lasting impression on people’s mind. Promoting healthy skin and reducing allergies makes it a product to buy for. It is by far the best dog shampoo on the market.

8. Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiseptic and Antifungal Shampoo for Dogs

Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiseptic and Antifungal Shampoo


Known to be one of the best-medicated shampoo, Vet Formula is truly a formula to treat certain critical conditions. Dogs now and then get exposed to fungal infection or allergies. Some of the time these diseases can build up to be a serious one. As a pet owner, one should take care of such disease.

There are shampoo available but are not totally medicated. This one though is fully medicated and will primarily target allergies and infection that prevail in dogs. This liquid can fight with any possible bacteria out there.

This composition of this liquid makes it antiparasitic as well as antiseborrheic in nature. Dogs tend to get bitten by fleas and bacteria, causing various type of bumps and fungal infection on their skin and scalp. Though it is hard to get rid of such fungal infection, this shampoo can make the job easy for you.

Composed of antifungal components this shampoo keeps the bacteria in the bounds. One of the major components of this shampoo is coal tar which helps to remove the bacteria from the top layer of the skin and promotes healthy skin.

Secondly, sulfur is known to fight against fungal bacteria and is one of the components of the liquid. Thirdly, the shampoo is balanced with a correct amount of pH value.

All in all, if your dog is suffering from any type of fungal infection then this shampoo will prove to be useful in restoring the health of your pooch.

  • The shampoo is stacked with natural components.
  • It is soap-free as well.
  • Medicated formula makes it a good deal to go for.
  • The smell of the shampoo is not good as compared to others.


There are few liquids out there that can cure the fungal infection and can be useful for healthy skin. But this shampoo is, packed with natural medicinal ingredients, this dog shampoo has proven its worth over the time. If you are looking forward to a shampoo with all the properties then, go for this shampoo.

9. Rocco & Roxie Dog Shampoos for All Dogs

Rocco & Roxie Dog Shampoos for All Dogs


Till now we have seen shampoo that specifically targets the adult dog or mature dog. Coming down to the list we have got a shampoo that you can use for your small pup. Puppies like to roll, play in the dirt which makes them exposed to many kinds of bacteria.

Also for different puppies the fur length also differs, thus you are not aware of what is going inside the fur.

The skin of the pups is very sensitive and if not taken proper care then it can lead to serious problem in future. This puppy shampoo is gentle in nature and can be used for pups.

The shampoo comes with Rosemary extract, that promotes healthy skin. Secondly, it also has Al0e Vera that soothes the skin and makes the skin soft, also, provides a barrier against bacteria.

Lastly,  Chamomile that improves the skin texture and restores the elasticity.

Unlike its other products, this shampoo does not contain any artificial ingredient nor any artificial dye or color. Which makes it a completely natural product. All these natural components provide with a herbal scent that will last on your pup coat after wash.

  • A gentle shampoo for your puppy skin.
  • Formulated with natural ingredients, promoting healthy skin.
  • No natural dyes, or chemical that can disturb pup skin.
  • The natural scent might not be effective in certain cases.


We have seen many shampoos in the course, this shampoo being special in a way that it can be used for puppies specifically. Coming up with a natural shampoo for puppy attracts the trust of the user for this shampoo. Don’t wait to bag a bottle for your pup too!

10. Pet Head Feeling Flaky Dry and Sensitive Skin Shampoo

Pet Head Feeling Flaky Dry and Sensitive Skin Shampoo


Nature is a strong force and has the best ingredients available to humans. Being natural there is no doubt about any side effects. Pet Head has incorporated these resources to develop their dog shampoo.

The shampoo is for the dogs who have a tendency to scratch their coat due to itching. This scratching can lead to rough fur, also can damage the skin. This itching is caused by the bacteria and parasites that prevail in the environment.

Pet Head comes with a natural formula to treat itching problems. What makes it different from other natural shampoo is its strawberry yogurt.

Yucca, silk protein helps to restore the luster of the coat and soothes the skin. Strawberry extract provides with a great odor after the wash, this feature of Pet Head makes it different from others.

All these ingredients together can help to restore your dog’s condition and will not harm the dog in any way.

  • It contains pure strawberry yogurt that is only available in this dog shampoo.
  • Relieves the dog from itching issues.
  • Can be used on the frequent basis.
  • The product is not available in all the places.


If you are looking for a shampoo that can target the itching problems, then this is the shampoo to go for. Stacked with botanical components, and bio-active ingredients the shampoo can solve the itching issues without causing any side effects.  The natural components promote healthy skin and also has a great scent as an additive feature.

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Buyer’s Guide

Here is our comprehensive guide for you to choose the best dog shampoo:

What Is The Best Dog Shampoo?

We have been talking about various dog shampoo in this article. Listing several options for you we have picked the best top 10 dog shampoo. One might be wondering, but what makes a dog shampoo to be in the category of ‘BEST’.

There are several parameters that make a shampoo the best one for your dog. Here are some of the points to be considered.

  • Is the shampoo made up of natural ingredients?
  • Can it be used for several other diseases other than the mentioned one?
  • Is it suitable for a specific breed or it can be used for all types of dog?
  • Make sure it does not contain artificial chemicals.
  • The shampoo should contain the liquid that is mild in nature.
  • Last but not the least, the budget should be in the range of buyers option.

Of all the shampoo discussed in the article, the shampoo that stands strong on the above parameters will be the first shampoo we reviewed. Yes, you are correct it is the EarthBath dirty dog shampoo.

The shampoo is the best one on the list and holds the top position as well. Packed with natural ingredients and on the other hand providing the dog with medicinal values this shampoo brings the best out of your dog.

A perfect blend of quality and components of the Amazing EarthBath Dog Shampoo has been proven to stand on users expectations.

Different Type Of Dog Shampoo

Grooming is one of the key factors that come along with your pet dog. You have to take care of your dog in order to maintain its proper growth. One of the ways to do so is through ‘BATHE’.

Knowing the right shampoo for your pet could be very handy, and could prevent many harmful allergies or parasites. Here are the types of shampoo that are available in the market.

The shampoo is categorized into 6 types.

General Purpose

The shampoo can be used by every dog. These dog shampoos are not specific to a specific breed or allergy. Thus, making it useful for every pooch. Also, it contains glycerin, aloe vera extract these help to soothe skin and reduces the irritation of the skin.

Flea Control

As the name suggests dog flea control shampoos are specific in reducing the flea bacteria. This shampoo comes with a medicated formula. Applying on your dog skin will help to remove the flea.


Many of your pet out there like to play outside or rests at home. Regardless of the environment, your pet is vulnerable to allergies. There are shampoo available that helps to reduce these allergies and are termed as ‘Hypoallergic’ shampoos. The fluid helps to reduce the hypoallergic parasites and reduces the irritation of the skin and also, makes the coat soft.

Puppy Shampoo

Yes, you read it correctly there are shampoos too that your pup can get benefit from. This shampoo comes with a mild formula that is best suitable for the skin of pups.

Alovera Shampoo

This plant leaves are known to have many medicinal values. Since ages, mankind is using this plant in a various area. One of the most significant things to consider is its skin benefits. The dog shampoo comes with the same natural aloe extract as an ingredient. This helps to reduce the itch and protects from certain allergies.


If your dog is prone to flea, parasites, bacteria then medicated shampoo is the way to go for. Medicated shampoos are formulated to treat a particular disease. Although, use this shampoo after proper vet prescription.

Good Dog Shampoo for Allergies

If your dog is suffering from any specific allrgies, give the dog shampoo given below a shot!

Skin Allergies

The shampoo that is best to treat skin allergies would be the Vet’s allergy relief shampoo. The shampoo is specially made for dogs suffering from any kind of skin allergies. Naturally occurring ingredients share a majority of proportion in the shampoo. The medicinal property not only restores the health but also provide with a good fragrance.

Dry Skin

The shampoo that can deal with dry skin issues in dogs is ProPet oatmeal natural dog shampoo. The shampoo is rich with essential vitamins that help the dogs to get rid of dry skin. These vitamins and ingredients make the skin soft and restore its natural oils. This dog shampoo is suitable for all skin types.

Itchy Skin

Itching is primarily caused by bacteria and prolonged exposure such disease can cause problems in the skin of your pet. Wahl Oatmeal shampoo is the best option to treat itchy skin. The shampoo is rich in natural oil like coconut, lavender etc, which provides a protective barrier and remove the bacteria that causes such problems.

Yeast Infection

Vet’s formula by Synenergy labs is the one solution for fungal infection. Fungal infection can be in very harmful if not taken care of. This shampoo assures to remove the fungal infection and protects your loved one from harmful parasites.

Can I use Baby Shampoo on my Dog?

This question might arise in anyone’s mind, right? Baby shampoo is mild in nature and is for baby skin. The shampoo does not contain harsh ingredients. So it is ok to use baby shampoo on your dog.

However, I would not recommend to use it on a regular basis. If used for prolonged period of time then it might damage the coat texture of the dog.

What Can I Use to Wash My Dog If I Don’t Have Dog Shampoo?

It is time for your dog to take bath. You reach out to the shampoo bottle and bam! you get to know there is no shampoo in the container. Don’t worry your dog will have its shampoo. It is in your kitchen, yes it is. There are ways following which you can have your own homemade shampoo or an alternative to shampoo that will work the same.

It is pretty easy to use the ingredients that are available in your house for your dog. Moreover, the process is easy too.

#1. Home Made Shampoo

One of the easiest ways to have shampoo is to create it by yourself. You might face a situation where your dog is in serious need of a bath and you don’t have any shampoo available.

Why not go to the kitchen and use the products which you use in day to day life, yes it is that simple!

  • Mix equal proportion of dish wash detergent and vinegar.
  • Use this mixture for your dog. It will work as a shampoo, moreover, it will also remove the flea from the dog coat.
  • Also, this will help your dog to smell good after wash.

#2. Opt for Dry Wash

It does need to have a shampoo for your dog to bath. Moreover, a dry medium can be considered as a washing agent.

  • Apply some baking soda on the coat of your pet. Let to stay for few minutes and then brush it away with the help of a comb.
  • This will help your dog coat to shine and also will remove any dust particles or bacteria from its coat.

#3. Time for a Smelling agent to work

Humans often use body spray to cover up the bad odor. In that way too there is deodorant available out there, that will help your dog to smell good in a fraction of a minute. There will be a time when your dog might not need a full bath, instead to cover up the odor of these deodorants are helpful.

These deodorant are available in the different aroma, giving options for users to select best one for their loved one.

#4. Dog Wipes

Wipes can be a better option if you are running out of shampoo and want to clean your pet. These dog wipes are available almost everywhere. It eases your work to clean the dog. Just run the wipe through dog fur, paws, skin. It will clean the dirt and will leave your dog with a great smell.

These wipes are useful when you don’t want to wash your dog fully.

#5. Oats

Yes, you read it correctly, oats. Oats are a great alternative to shampoo. These oats turned out to be one of the great ingredients for your pet.

  • Place some oats in a bag of nylon.
  • Tie off one side of nylon or hold it evenly in a place.
  • Pour some mildly hot water into the tub. Make sure the water is passed through the bag before dropping it in a tub.
  • Fill the tub according to the height of your dog.
  • Let the water cool down a bit.
  • After then soak your dog for about 10 mins.

This will help your dog to smell fresh and will work as a shampoo too.


We hope that this article on Top Best Dog Shampoo will help you choose the right shampoo for your pet. To read such more article visit PetLovesBest!