Ecoears Review – Does This Natural Dog Ear Cleaner Really Work?

I won’t believe if you didn’t find EcoEars while searching the top dog ear cleaner brands. Well, EcoEars is a natural ear cleaner developed for the pooches dealing with ear ailments like an ear infection, itchiness, smelly ears or discharge! The best thing is that it works exactly in the way it’s needed.

Ear infections are painful, and so your pet deserves the best kind of treatment. Ear cleaning topical is the one way out. 


EcoEars Dog Ear Cleaner Review

EcoEars, marketed and developed by the Vet Organics, is a natural dog ear cleaner that offers a fast-relief to painful, itchy and smelly ears. It’s effective in working, and a tested product for over 1lac pooches giving them the best, safe relief for both chronic and one-time infection cases.

With the advancement in Science and Medicine, people are now slowly referring to herbs and plant benefits.

Ecoears solution is prepared using selective herbs and essential oils which simply enhances the quality of the product and the medication too!

EcoEars Dog Ear Cleaner


EcoEars Dog Ear Cleaner – Features

We shall quickly discuss out the features or the qualities of the EcoEars Ear Cleaner in brief. The main highlights of this product are:

Works On Multiple Issues

Of course, if you are buying one ear cleaner you want it to be useful in many. EcoEars ear cleaner removes the smell, itchiness and even the dirt collected on the internal sides of the ear. It not only does act on the problem but also leaves the ears clean and fresh. Capable of reducing the itchiness, discharge, bad odor, control the shaking of the head too.


This one’s easy. Yes, the ear cleaner is capable of removing the awful ear smells caused by the bacterial or the fungal infections inside the ears. If you don’t take care of the dog ears much, then with time it will build up all the wax and dirt – the inception of an ear infection. It leaves the dog ears odorless.

Natural Ear Cleaner

Vet Organics has taken special care in the making of the dog ear cleaner, by not adding any chemical or pharmaceutical element to it. Also, the EcoEars dog ear cleaner doesn’t include antibiotics, steroids, solvents, and anything that’s synthetically processed.

What All Does It Remove?

Fights out all the infection causing agents like mites, yeast, fungus, and bacteria from building up their homes inside the dog’s ears. They are also good at removing out the wax buildup, inflammation and the redness of the ear skin.

Moneyback Guarantee

Also, to top all the above features, you also get a 1-year hassle-free cashback guarantee on all the Vet Organic products.

EcoEars Ingredients – That Do All The Magic!

Something that I seriously look upon, especially when I am purchasing for Bruno. EcoEars is known for the quality and the selective elements – but what exactly goes in the making?

  • Denatured Alcohol

An iota of alcohol is added in the making of the ear cleaner. Moreover, it helps with the drying of the moist environment inside the ear canal.

  • Witch Hazel Extract

This one’s mostly found in all medicine cabinets in US homes, and it is used for curing skin irritations. Usually, it is formulated along with other ingredients to remove the excess oil and pus away.

  • Ionic Silver

Safe for humans and animals. Also, it comes with the anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and also keeps the parasite infestations away!

  • Rosemary Extract

It reduces the inflammation caused inside the ears.

  • Boric Acid

This acid is added in small amounts and helps with conditions like otitis externa. It will make the place difficult to reside for the bacteria, which clears up the infection out.

  • Tea Tree Oil

Works like an antiseptic helps with healing wounds faster.

  • Mullein Leaf Extract

Mullein helps in reducing the pain and speeds up the recovery process.

  • Vegetable Glycerin

The hydrating agent added in the ear cleaner solution, that soothes the pet’s irritated skin.

  • Polysorbate 20 (Food-Grade)

It is a binding element that blends all the EcoEars ingredients and other natural oils perfectly. Also, as you apply this on the skin, it gives a soothing and lubricating feel.

  • Fingerroot Extract

This is a medicinal herb added which offers you the properties of an anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, microbial element.

How To Use an EcoEars Dog Ear Cleaner?

How To Use an EcoEars Dog Ear Cleaner

Things are not that tough as you may imagine, but you need to have a good understanding with your pooch. Once you have the EcoEars cleaner solution with you, follow the steps in the same order as given –

  • Firstly, let your dog settle down nicely on a table or floor, wherever you feel convenient.
  • Secondly, once they are settled, slowly rub their neck area and make them comfortable. Slowly reach the ear portion.
  • Lift the ear flap and hold it in an upright style. Make sure the ear canal is open wide for the ear cleaner topical to reach the canal locations.
  • Pour the medicine inside the ear canal until the medicine reaches out to all the parts of the ears. Then leave the medicine for a while, recommended time is 90 seconds. This will make all the debris moist and all set for the wipe!
  • Take a small cotton ball or pad for the wiping, and gently wipe the ear portion and take out all the wax, dirt out. You need to be soft and gentle during this step. So, take a special care here.
  • Lastly, once you are done, let your dog shake his/her head. This will bring the excess cleaner solution out, wipe them.

You can repeat the same process for the other ear too. It’s recommended to follow this ear cleaning routine twice in a day, and repeat the same process for the next 10 consecutive days.

Well, I would definitely recommend EcoEars for someone looking out for daily pet ear maintenance. They are also effective on a number of ear conditions, you will surely find it helpful!

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