The Best Dog Ear Cleaners (Reviews of 2023)

Is your pooch scratching their ears lately? This could be a sign of ear infection or any other ailment like the Otitis Externa. You need to buy the Best Dog Ear Cleaner for them and keep their ears safe from germs and pests.

This way, their overall hygiene will be maintained!

If you are a newbie, then make sure you go through the entire review, as I have included how to use, select the ear cleaning product, and an interesting FAQ section!


At a Glance – Best Dog Ear Cleaners

Best dog ear cleaners

Editors’ Pick:

  • Best for pet with sensitive ears
  • Effective on ear infections, discharge, smelly ears, itchiness,
  • Chemical-free Formula


When it comes to dog health and grooming, the dog ears have a fundamental place. Now, the frequency of ear cleaning would vary from one pet to another. But in the end, all pets require ear cleaning sessions at least twice a month.

Editor's Picks
EcoEars Natural Dog Ear CleanerBest Ear Cleaner
Burts Bees Ear Cleaning Solution for DogsBudget Buy
Mister Ben’s Original Ear Wash for DogsPremium Ear Cleaner
Warren London – Instant Ear Cleaner and Wax RemoverInstant Ear Cleaner

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How to Use Dog Ear Cleaner?

Dog ear canal has a weird shape, the people who have tried it will know. Because of the twisted folding inside, the cleaning work gets more difficult.

How to Use Dog Ear Cleaner

It seemed difficult in the start but went pretty well later onwards. Don’t want to brag about this! Following are the steps that you need to follow for using a dog ear cleaner:

  1. Take a cool position on the floor, and let your pet sit between your legs. If you have a large breed, let them sit beside you with his one side facing a wall and you are standing on the other side.
  2. Hold the dog’s ear up and keep it in a vertical position. Make sure that the ear canal is clearly visible to you.
  3. As you gently yet firmly hold the dog’s ear with one hand, take the ear cleaning solution for dogs on the other hand.
  4. Now, pour in the dog ear cleaning solution inside the ear till you fill-up the ear canal. Do not touch the tips of the cleaner bottle inside the canal. If it happens, clean the bottle tip with an alcohol-dipped cotton ball and prevent the bacteria spread.
  5. Keeping the ear flap in the vertical style only, gently massage the inner portion of the ear with the other hand. This will help in breaking out the debris from the inside.
  6. Using a cotton ball, wipe away the debris from the inner portion of the ears.
  7. Allow your pet to shake his/her head, which will aide the remaining solution to come out of the ear canal.
  8. Again held the ear flap in a vertical position, and wipe the excess solution and dirt out.
  9. In between, you can provide some treats as a reward which will let them feel like ‘it’s a routine thing which is necessary, just like bathing’.
  10. Follow the same steps for the other ear.

NOTE: If your pet feels any discomfort or pain during the ear cleaning, immediately stop the process, and consult the vet.

What is Dog Ear Cleaner Made Of?

So, I was only familiar with the commercial ear cleaner before. But when I researched about it, there are types of Ear Cleaners – like the natural ear cleaner, vet-recommended, home-made cleaners. All of them have got different compositions, which makes them unique and best.

  • Natural Dog Ear Cleaner

Many users prefer going natural, especially because it’s for your pooch! Dog ear cleaning solution that contains tea-tree oil is effective in fighting up with the bacterial and fungal infections. Boric acid is a good antiseptic and comes with antifungal properties as well.

  • Expert or Vet Recommended

You can include most of the vet recommended topical solutions under this one. The famous ear cleaner for dogs is composed of salicylic acid, propylene glycol, lactic acid, water, dimethicone. All of the included ingredients have non-irritating, antiseptic and works well along with other ear medications.

  • Homemade Ear Cleaner

The best ear cleaner solution that I found online made use of vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and water.

The 10 Best Dog Ear Cleaners of 2023

A simple ear cleaning session doesn’t require too many things. Did you know that?

You only got to have three things – a quality ear cleaning solution, cotton ball or a gauge thing, and finally some treats like rewards! Once you are set with these three essentials, you are good to go!

1. EcoEars Natural Dog Ear Cleaner

EcoEars Dog Ear Cleaner works on multi-symptoms like the smell, itch, smut that sticks on the outer portion of the dog ear. All of them go in just 3-4 days! It restores the old condition back in 7-10 days. Unlike most of the dog ear cleaning solution, Ecoears leaves the ears fresh and clean after the treatment.

EcoEars Dog Ear Cleaner


This eco ears solution is capable of removing out pathogens, germs, wax buildup and also reduces the redness or inflammation present. The usage instructions are pretty simple, just pour the liquid near the ear canal, and then gently massage the ear base.

  • Brand: EcoEars
  • Fights: Pathogens, Wax, Dirt, Ear Smell, Discharge, Itchiness
  • Deodorizes: Yes
  • Type of Treatment: Rinse
  • Customer Satisfaction Rating: 4.4/5
  • What We Liked: The wide range of uses that this ear cleaner offers. Of course, the strict use of natural ingredients is another plus.

There are no pharmaceutical elements present in this ear wash for dogs, and it’s also devoid of synthetic chemicals, antibiotics and steroids. Also, it’s a recommended choice for dogs with sensitive ears.

Once you find that something is wrong with the dog ears, always go with a quality medication only. Some of the quick signs include itching, redness, bad odour, discharge, etc. Eco Ear works perfect in all cases!

Vet Organics is the team working on the making and marketing side. They only believe in offering natural, and herbal solutions. That’s why most of their USA products are based on high quality herbs and essential oils. With EcoEars Natural Dog Ear Cleaner, Keeping it natural and safe for your pooches!

  • Natural
  • Works on multiple issues – redness, itching, dirt removal etc.
  • Suitable for sensitive ears
  • Get all the smell and dirt removed within 2-3 days!
  • Effective for both one-time and chronic dog ear infections
  • All FDA approved materials used for the making
  • Doesn’t work on all dogs; redness on the skin, while a few experienced a burning sensation inside the ears.

2. VetWELL Dog Ear Wipes for Infections and Controlling Yeast

VetWell is the registered seller’s name, and their product is named EarWell. This ear cleaner for dogs comes in a box, and it’s basically ear cleaning wipes that keeps the otic clean and free from infection.

VetWELL Dog Ear Wipes for Infections and Controlling Yeast


Not all the dog ear cleaner methods are recommended for regular use. But you can do so with this dog ear wipes and maintain your pooch’s ear in the best way!

  • Brand: VetWELL
  • Fights: Ear infections, Wax Buildups, and takes out the Debris near the ear side.
  • Deodorizes: Yes
  • Type of Treatment: Wipes
  • Customer Satisfaction Rating: 4.5/5
  • What We Liked: How the wipes soothe the ear with the goodness of Aloe Vera and Eucalyptus extracts.

The wipes are alcohol-free and combine the soothing effect of aloe vera and eucalyptus extracts. This keeps your dog’s ear irritation free, clean and gentle all the time.

Do you know what’s the best thing about wipes? The Aloe Vera and the Eucalyptus extracts soothe the ear skin, along with cleaning out the dirt and wax buildups.

With the regular use of ear wipes, you can keep the ear odor, itchiness, and the infections away without the need of any external medicine!

  • Antiseptic
  • Aloe Vera extracts soothe the skin, along with the cleaning
  • Removes the wax, dirt buildup in a gentle way
  • Prevent infections without taking any medicine
  • No spills, which mean no clean-up!
  • Handy and convenient
  • Works for small breeds and less for the larger breeds
  • Difficult to hold in some instances

3. VetWELL Ear Cleaner Otic Rinse for Infections and Controlling Yeast

VetWell has their own Otic Rinse solution as well, and even that’s trending among the users. Using this Otic Rinse you could clean, deodourize, and even dry your dog’s ears. You can use this dog ear wash with the aloe vera extracts on a daily basis.

VetWELL Ear Cleaner Otic Rinse for Infections and Controlling Yeast


It’s very necessary to choose a safe dog ear cleaner for your pet. VetWell dog ear cleaner is formulated in such a way that they won’t cause any burn, sting, or worse your dog’s ear canal.

  • Brand: VetWELL
  • Fights: Dirt, Fluid, Wax, Debris, Skin Irritation, Head Shaking
  • Deodorizes: Yes
  • Type of Treatment: Rinse
  • Customer Satisfaction Rating: 4.3/5
  • What We Liked: Works on the dirt buildups and infection, ensuring that the process soothes the skin without any burn or sting.

Canine ears are gentle, and VetWell truly understands this.

Using this ear cleaner for dogs you can cleanse, deodorize, and remove the wax buildup gently. It’s the dirt and the wax that triggers the infections and thus ensures that you deal with the problem at the root level.

It comes with a pleasant odour, freshens the ear canals for those tight hugs and kisses.

When it comes to pet safety and cleanliness, a lot of research and studies are being undertaken by vet specialists. VetWell’s main priority has been the wellness and good health of the pets, which clearly reflects from their products.

  • Removes the bad odour
  • Aloe Vera soothes the skin
  • Approved by the USA Federal Regulations
  • No more itching
  • Relieves the skin infected by mites, yeast
  • Not suitable with some dogs or cats. Therefore, it would be better to test it out once, and then purchase.

4. Burts Bees Ear Cleaning Solution for Dogs

When it comes to hygiene and health, ear maintenance is a mandatory thing for all. Animals and Human Beings. Let your pets experience the essence of nature with the Burt Bees dog ear cleaning solution. It is based on two key elements – peppermint and Witch Hazel.

Burts Bees Ear Cleaning Solution for Dogs


Just like you trust Burts Bees with the skin care, you are sure to get satisfied with this dog ear cleaner as well. They are made out of finest of the ingredients which keep the pet protected and happy. Witch Hazel, one added ingredient cleanses the dog’s skin, deodorizes and removes the excess moisture out.

  • Brand: Burts Bees
  • Fights: The moisture content and the after-effects of an infection
  • Deodorizes: Yes
  • Type of Treatment: Rinse
  • Customer Satisfaction Rating: 3.8/5
  • What We Liked: Loved the way it cleanses and soothes the pooch’s skin

Burt Bees is a natural product, processed with high quality and only a few selected ingredients. If you are looking for something for a regular use, then this dog ear rinse is an ideal choice.

To begin with, this product has many features that could be highlighted. One of them is the dispensing nozzle section.

With the short dispensing quality, it prevents the overfilling of the ear cleaner solution inside the ear canal. Also to add, the liquid is added in a drop fashion, so there is no chance of spilling.

Almost 98% of the ingredients used in this dog ear cleaning solution are natural. They have also kept the pH in check considering the canines and their specific requirements.

  • Removes out excess moisture
  • Cleanses the pet’s skin, and it’s even Gentle on the skin
  • Natural product
  • Cruelty free
  • pH balanced
  • No irritation after treatment
  • Alcohol present in the denatured form

5. Pet MD Otic Clean Dog Ear Cleaners

Is your dog’s ear in trouble? Take the control of all kinds of dog ear infections with the Pet MD Otic Dog Ear Cleaner Solution! No matter if the infection is caused by mites or yeast, you can deal them with this rinse solution. They are also found to be effective on the odour and itchiness.

Pet MD Otic Clean Dog Ear Cleaner


It’s designed for a daily use purpose, comes with Aloe Vera for gentle and effective cleansing. Pet MD ear solution for dogs is not just made for dogs, they are also suitable for cats, puppies, and kittens.

  • Brand: Pet MD
  • Fights: Dirt, Wax buildups, Debris collected inside the ear
  • Deodorizes: Yes
  • Type of Treatment: Rinse
  • Customer Satisfaction Rating: 4.1/5
  • What We Liked: The safety of the ear cleaner, and the subtle fragrance added

Here, the drops arrive with a pea-scented fragrance which is pleasant and not too strong. Ears smell as good as they feel and allows you to play with them closely in a snug style. With the added aloe vera, it soothes the skin and gives an irritation-free treatment.

It’s a vet formulated medicine that can be used daily by all dogs and cat breeds, kittens and even the puppies. They are made in small batches at FDA, FSIS and other USDA approved units.

The main task of this dog ear cleaner is to clean, dry and acidify the ear canals, so as to remove the wax and dirt collected in the ears. With the support of the aloe vera you could do the cleaning in a more gentle and safe way.

  • Vet-recommended
  • Gentle on skin
  • Deodourizes the dog ear
  • Eliminates the wax buildup
  • No skin irritation with the treatment
  • Contents could be harsh on your pet. Test it before use, though it worked well for me.

6. Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner

As the name goes, the Virbac Epi-Otic Dog Ear Cleaner is indeed an advanced solution among all the cleaners we discussed till now. What makes it advanced anyway? It’s the way it operates and works on the problem.

Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner


Virbac neutralizes the bad odor so that the ears smell good. The cleansing action removes away all the dirt and wax buildup effectively. There’s a unique drying formula which acts upon the moist ear canals and quickly dries them up.

  • Brand: Virbac
  • Fights: Yeast, Bacterial Infections, Bad Odour, Dries and Cleans pet ears
  • Deodorizes: Yes
  • Type of Treatment: Rinse
  • Customer Satisfaction Rating: 4.5/5
  • What We Liked: The too-many points considered by a single product – pH, moisture control, odor, infections!

Coming to the formulation, it includes monosaccharides which control the irritation and soothes the skin. Also, the solution is prepared with loosely bonded microorganisms so that it doesn’t stick to your pet’s skin.

It’s approved for routine cleaning of the sensitive ears. If your dog has a chronic inflammation on the outer portion of the ear canal, this Virbac Advanced dog ear wash works excellent and it’s even formulated to work for that.

This Dog Ear Cleaners is for pet-use only. Make sure that you handle the Virbac Advanced in the right intended way only. Before you use the solution, shake it well. Take a considerable amount and pour it on the dog’s skin directly. Wipe and massage the solution using a cotton pad or cloth.

  • Removes the odour
  • Works on bacterial and yeast infection
  • It also helps with drying the pet ears
  • Available in different sizes
  • Non-irritating formulation
  • Contains allergic compounds
  • It has a weird smell

7. Vet’s Best Ear Relief Wash For Dogs

Vet’s Best brings a ear relief solution for the long-eared dogs. It cleans the ears and also soothes out the scratching and itching. They bring a carefully formulated ear cleaner for dogs which reduces the redness, soreness and the greasiness too! Find out more to know why I loved this ear wash.

Vet's Best Ear Relief Wash For Dogs


I was a bit doubtful with this dog ear cleaner, as the first look at the bottle didn’t impress me. You also judge a product in a similar way, right? Looking at the low price, I thought to make a try on it. Man! This worked out so well. It removed the itchiness and the wax buildup within 3-4 days of application. Now, my pet’s ear canals are clean and all fresh.

  • Brand: Vet’s Best
  • Fights: Soreness, Redness of the ears, Wax Building and Itchiness
  • Deodorizes: Yes
  • Type of Treatment: Rinse
  • Customer Satisfaction Rating: 3.6/5
  • What We Liked: The contents of the bottle were surprising for the price!

This dog ear wash follows a 2-step system, that cleans and dries the ears for stopping all the itchiness. I know you all want the best ear cleaner for your pooch, and to make such selection you have to check the contents first.

Vet’s Best Ear Relief comes with olive oil, aloe vera, tea tree oil, chamomile, and echinacea. This list is what made me buy it, in fact.

For best results, use the medicine before and after bathing your pooch. It helps in spreading the dog ear wash more nicely, and the pre-moistness suits well for the treatment.

  • Eases the scratching
  • Cleans the ears effectively
  • Soothes out red, greasy ears
  • Specifically made for long-eared canines
  • Alcohol-free
  • Not many users have used it yet. Nothing found negative here.

8. Warren London – Instant Ear Cleaner and Wax Remover

Warren London is a top-selling dog spa and grooming brand which is used by dog owners, vet specialists and many pet spa and grooming professionals. The main goal of the brand is to provide high quality pet products for enhancing their lifestyles.

Warren London - Instant Ear Cleaner and Wax Remover


You can use this ear cleaner on a regular basis which keeps the infection causing bacteria in control. It is made using all safe and natural ingredients, that gently cleans and protects your pet’s ears. You can make use of this natural dog ear cleaner for both canines as well as felines.

  • Brand: Warren London
  • Fights: Wax buildup, infection-causing bacteria, Mite Infestations, Bad Odour
  • Deodorizes: Yes
  • Type of Treatment: Rinse
  • Customer Satisfaction Rating: 4/5
  • What We Liked: It’s easy to use, and improves the look and feel of the ears with a few simple steps.

This instant dog ear cleaner is based out of a Eucalyptus formula that loosens and removes the ear wax. As the name goes, it does provide an instant relief to the dog’s ears and gives a soothing feeling.

Also, this dog ear wax cleaner by Warren London is effective on mite infestations. It will help in reducing the inflammations caused by the infestation. Dog Ears are also quick in catching external odour, so using this ear cleaner you could also eliminate the odour troubles.

For the application, you can either add the Ear Cleaner drops directly into the ear canal, or add a few drops on a cotton pad and do a gentle wipe on the ears. Follow a circular kind of motion, in such a way that the medicine reaches out to all corners of the ear.

  • Natural
  • Relieves the itching
  • Keeps the bacteria level in check
  • Odour elimination
  • Works well for the mite infection
  • Design flaw. The medicine flows out the bottle very fast, you will need a dropper to set that in control.

9. Mister Ben’s Original Ear Wash for Dogs

Dog ear infections are common these days, and the most sought out issue under a vet’s guidance. Mister Ben dog ear cleaner brings a complete ear care kit for the dogs! You can stop the scratching, itching, and the frequent head shakes just with a single treatment.

Mister Ben's Original Ear Wash for Dogs


This ear cleaner for dogs gives an immediate relief from infections, inflammations, redness, itchiness. Mister Ben Kit includes Ear Wash and Tonic for the complete dog ear cleaning solution- but you have to buy them separately if shopping through Amazon. Well, I purchased the ear wash only.

  • Brand: Mister Ben
  • Fights: Odour, Infection, Irritation, Inflammation, Redness,
  • Deodorizes: Yes
  • Type of Treatment: Rinse
  • Customer Satisfaction Rating: 4.2/5
  • What We Liked: Quality ingredients included in one product, and how they help with curing multiple pet skin ailments.

It’s the power of the 6 six active ingredients combined which includes – aloe vera (cold pressed, an active anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent), vinegar, boric acid, povidone-iodine, and finally the secret Mister Ben ingredient that disinfects and gives a relief.

Don’t wait for the scratching and shaking of your pet’s head for treating an infected ear. By using Mister Ben’s solution on a regular basis can keep their ears healthy and fit!

The three key operations that Mister Ben performs – cleans, removes the bad odour, and treats the dog ear infections.

  • Aloe Vera included for soothing the skin
  • Acts on bacteria and fungal development
  • This dog ear cleaner is easy to use
  • Cleans, disinfects, as well as soothes the dog’s skin
  • Both yeast and mite treatments possible
  • It may not work on some pooches.
  • More like a preventative medicine, and less of an active fighter.

10. Zymox Ear Cleanser With Bio-Active Enzymes

Zymox dog ear cleaning solution is yet another non-toxic and effective way of cleaning your pet’s dirty ears. They have added some additional compounds like Lactoperoxidase, Lysozyme, and Lactoferrin with the natural bio-active property that keeps the microbe-thing in control.

Pet King Brands Zymox Ear Cleanser


Unlike another ear cleaner for dogs, this product is more like a cleanser and it’s devoid of harsh chemicals. This gives a soothing effect on the ears, and leaves them all fresh!

  • Brand: Pet King Brands
  • Fights: Odour, Dirt
  • Deodorizes: Yes
  • Type of Treatment: Rinse
  • Customer Satisfaction Rating: 3.5/5
  • What We Liked: It’s a cost-effective product, with natural and active-bio ingredients that gives an irritation-free and gentle experience.

If you are already using Zymox Otic Enzymatic Solution, then this Zymox cleanser is the only thing recommended to use along with the former.

For using, first you got to flush the ear canal in a careful manner. Massage the ear cleaner near the base portion of the ear. After the massaging is done, wipe the excess amount of the medicine using a cotton ball. For better maintenance, you can perform it for once/twice a week.

Also note that, if there’s irritated or ruptured eardrums- this dog ear cleaner won’t do any good. So, kindly avoid in that case.

  • Non-toxic
  • Gentle cleaning
  • Prevents the growth of bacteria
  • Free of chemicals
  • Leaves the ears odour-free
  • Contains benzyl alcohol. Check with your pet before using it for the pooch.

Buyer’s Guide

Ears, in my opinion are the most neglected part among the pets. If proper care and maintenance is not done, then they are sure to get infected or there will be wax, dirt etc filled up on the internal areas causing more severe ear ailments.

The reason for the ignorance is that people are less aware of the seriousness. Well, that’s again one of the key purposes of opting this article. Now, you have a good idea of the dog ear cleaning brands, and they’re what/how/whys.

Before you get into the dog ear cleaning solution brands, you should know what’s the real issue and then go for the suitable medication.

How to Choose What Type of Ear Medication Your Dog Needs?

Not all the dog breeds will have ear infections but a few of them are prone to have them. Dogs with large, floppy ears trap in the moistures within, which if not treated at the right time can lead to ear infections, inflammation, itchiness. The ear cleaner solution by the Eco Ear works the best for all the conditions.

Again, a simple ear cleaner won’t work in the same manner for all the ‘ear issues’. Therefore, you have to understand the problem clearly and then, decide the ‘kind of ear treatment’ to be given.

Dog Ear Infection – Basic Level

Once your dog is diagnosed for the ear infection, the basic thing that most of the vets would recommend you will be Pet Hair Plucking. That’s the basic step, and after the excess hair is plucked your pet will be advised to follow any oral or topical type of treatment.

For Pungent Odour

If your doggo’s ears are smelling like hell lately, then there are odor-specific dog ear cleaner solutions available. Burt’s Bees is a good choice for this kind of medication. It contains denatured alcohol and Witch Hazel that cleanses and deodourises the ears.

For Discharge

If you don’t take care of the dog’s ears for a long time, it will build a waxy substance that clogs the internal portion causing infection or bad odor. This sticky substance that gets collected is known as the Discharge. I can consider it as the main problem-maker, right?

VetWELL Dog Ear Wipes and EcoEars Natural Dog Ear Cleaner would be my recommendations.

For Inflammation

Ear Hematomas, a medical condition in which a blood vessel ruptures due to intense scratching and head shaking. Inflammation and swelling of the ears are the quick symptoms of this problem. Go for the Mister Ben’s Original Ear Wash and combine it with the Ear Tonic for the complete dog ear care.

Irritated Skin / Redness

The redness and irritation on the skin are mainly caused by an external element like bacteria or fungi. As they come in contact with the pet’s skin, they will start scratching which will eventually turn their skin red or flaky sometimes.

You can check the Vet’s Best Ear Relief Wash that rightly works on the same cause.


Dog Ear Cleaner FAQs
Why Do Canines Get Ear Infections?

Not all the canines get ear infections, it depends a lot on the nature and length of the ears. Breeds with long, hairy ears are more vulnerable to infections. It is caused by dirt, bacteria, fungus, foreign bodies, or maybe some underlying health issue like thyroid, seborrhoea etc.

How To Clean The Dog’s Ears?

I would suggest a natural, gentle and alcohol-free dog ear cleaning solution. If your pet has got a mite infestation, then do a pre-wash of the ears with the ear cleaner, followed by the mite treatment. Also, keep a wash routine fixed, like performing a dog ear wash once or twice a month.

What Are The Symptoms Of Dog Ear Infection?

The symptoms could vary depending on the severity of the ear infection. There will be redness, itchiness, swelling on the ear side, discharge etc. that will let you know about any ear infection instantly. The other signs include constant scratching and head-shaking.

How To Maintain The Dog’s Ears Healthy And Clean?

Firstly, you need to follow your vet’s instructions and carry out the medication in the right way. If there’s an underlying issue with the pet other than the ears, medicate and resolve it asap. You can also provide a preventive treatment for your pet’s ears, and keep them protected from pest attack.

What Will Happen If I Leave The Dog Ear Infection Unattended?

If you leave a dog ear infection untreated then it’s sure to get bigger and serious with time. It could cause a facial paralysis or nerve damage causing the eyelid to drop down. Eardrum damage can lead to permanent deafness too.


I have been advising my readers on the dog ear infection throughout the post. To be honest, not many people are aware of the seriousness of it. (I hope you are now aware, though.)

If your pooch already has an ear infection history before, then make sure that you carry out weekly check-ups for them. Once in a week visit to the vet would do.

So, which dog ear cleaner did you like among all? Have you tried any? Write in your responses below! And of course, keep visiting us!

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