The 12 Best Ferret Harnesses of 2023

We choose the best ferret harnesses after researching for 56+ hours and trying out 29 of the selected harness on ferrets to bring you the best product that is durable as well as safe for your pet.

Ferrets are not a big fan of going on walks but a few love outdoors. If your ferret is one of those who likes walks, parks, backyards or short trips, then you will need a harness for him. Taking your ferret out without a harness on can be risky. Hence, to help you buy one, we have prepared a list of best ferret harnesses below.


The 12 Best Ferret Harnesses (Reviews of 2023)

Best Ferret Harness with Leash

Editors’ Pick:

  • Best Harness for ferret
  • It comfortably fits to any ferret
  • Tested & Approved to be safe & durable


Ferrets being quick and active can easily slip out from a regular 8 style harness or a leash. Even the leash attached to the collar can pose the risk of choking the pet. Hence, it is best to put a harness when you take him out. If you are confused about which harness to choose for your ferret then read on the following reviews.

1. Niteangel Adjustable Harness and Leash for Ferrets

This Niteangel Harness is made of comfortable mesh material with padding. The elastic leash prevents any jerk to your pet’s neck or back. You can adjust the harness with straps at the stomach and neck.

Niteangel Adjustable Harness Leash for Ferrets


The velcro attaches strong enough to secure your pet from escaping. Furthermore, the leash connects to the back instead of the neck which prevents the ferret from choking.

  • Brand: intensely
  • Size: Medium (available in other sizes, too)
  • Measurements: Stomach Circumference: 7.5 – 12 inches, Neck: 6 – 7.5 inches, and Back: 4.5 inches
  • Material: Soft Mesh
  • Color: Blue

Note: While adjusting the strap around the neck keep in mind, it does not get too tight to suffocate your ferret.

  • Good quality
  • Elastic leash
  • Easy to put on
  • The elastic leash is a little short

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2. Marshall Ferret Harness and Lead

The H-style ferret harness from Marshall Pet Products is tested approved and recommended by the nation’s #1 Ferret Breeder as claimed by the manufacturer. It is designed in such a way the it can easily and comfortably fit on all ferrets. Moreover, it is also available in many different color options to suit your and your pet’s aesthetics.

Best Ferret Harness with Leash


On ordering this product, you don’t only get the harness, but a leash is also included along with it. The long length leash is paired with the harness if matching color can be easily attached with the help of the attachment provided on it. In addition to this, the lengthy leash makes the handling of your pet very easy.

  • Brand: Marshall Pet Products
  • Measurements: 48″ (leash)
  • Material: Nylon
  • Color: 7 colors available
  • Fits all sizes of ferrets
  • 7 different color variants available
  • Leash is included along with it
  • Not recommended for kits

3. Calunce Small Animal Harness with Leash

The Calunce harness for small pets is available in different colors like red, blue, black, navy blue, and pink. Made of mesh material and nylon, the vest is comfortable for your ferret to wear. It is fully adjustable at the chest and stomach with snap buckles and velcro straps.

Calunce Small Animal Harness with Leash


The snap buckle helps keep your pet safe with a proper fitting. This harness might fit best on grown up ferrets. To get the correct fitting, measure your pet before ordering.

  • Brand: Calunce
  • Measurements: Stomach circumference: 9.8 – 12.6 inches, Leash 47 inches
  • Material: Mesh and Nylon
  • Color: Blue
  • Easy to put on and off your pet
  • Fits nicely
  • The leash is quite short

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4. PERSUPER Ferret Harness and Leash

The PERSUPER harness has a soft texture. The nylon material makes it comfortable and breathable for even summers. Both the colors blue and pink are beautiful. The harness is gentle on your ferret’s body and provides ease of use.

Best Ferret Harnesses


The leash is useful to take your ferret on a walk, in a park or in the backyard. The harness also comes with a bell, hence the sound assures that your pet is around you. Very lightweight, small, and convenient to carry anywhere.

  • Brand: PERSUPER
  • Measurements: neck girth 7-10.2 inches, breast girth is 7.8-11.8 is inches, Leash is 47.2 inches
  • Material: Nylon
  • Color: 1 Blue and 1 Pink (Pack of 2)

Note: Measure your ferret before ordering the product.

  • Small, soft, and lightweight
  • Easy to put on and off your pet
  • The elastic leash in gentle on your pet’s neck and back
  • You might need someone to help you hold the ferret while you put on the harness

5. PETTOM Vest for Small Pets Walking

The PETTOM Vest fits well to stop your pet from escaping when outdoors. It comes with a stretchy leash and the material is breathable. You can take your ferret for a walk or in the backyards with the vest to assure his safety.

PETTOM Vest for Small Pets Walking


The elastic leash provides you with easy control on your ferret by reducing strain on his body. Soft padded design prevents hurting the skin. It comes with a sturdy hook & loop and closure to put on the pet easily.

  • Brand: PETTOM
  • Size: Small
  • Measurements: Neck is 5.9-8.0 inches, Chest is 10.8-12.9 inches
  • Material: Mesh
  • Color: Pink
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • It fits tight and secure
  • Lightweight
  • The neck strap, like many other harnesses, is bulky

6. PERSUPER Soft Mesh Ferret Harness and Lead

This PERSUPER harness is made of a breathable soft mesh material. The harness is suitable for small animals like ferrets and guinea pigs. It has fully adjustable front clasp and a velcro at the back.

PERSUPER Soft Mesh Ferret Harness


The product is strong, well made, and looks like a jacket on your furry friend. It fits comfortably around the pet’s neck. It is lightweight, and the color is vibrant.

  • Brand: PERSUPER
  • Measurements: Leash is 47.2 inches, neck girth 7-10.2 inches, breast girth is 7.8-11.8 is inches
  • Material: Mesh
  • Color: M Blue
  • Good quality
  • Fits nicely
  • Beautiful color
  • A few customers complain, their baby ferrets slip out of the vest

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7. PAWCHIE Harness Leash for Ferret

The PAWCHIE harness fits well to pocket pets such as young chinchillas and ferrets. It comes in a pack of 2, a blue and a red. The design is lightweight and sturdy. It is quick and easy to put on and take off.

PAWCHIE Harness Leash for Ferret


We suppose these leashes aren’t as good as other types of harnesses. There are possibilities that the ferret slips out of the harness. However, they can be useful to put during a playtime or a walk in your backyard.

  • Brand: PAWCHIE
  • Measurements: The leash is 55 inches long, neck girth 0.4-4.5 inches
  • Material: Knitted fabric
  • Color: Blue and Red (Pack of 2)
  • Soft material and vibrant colors
  • Easy on your ferret
  • May not be as secure as a Vest or H-style harness

8. Stock Show Ferret Outdoor Walking Vest

Stock Show presents this unique vest made of denim cloth. It has a beautiful blue stripe design with a bow at the back. The leash connects at the back to reduce strain over the neck. It also comes with a bell that assures the pet is around you.

Stock Show Ferret Outdoor Walking Vest


The harness and lead are available in different patterns that are cute as well as durable. You can keep your ferret lively and active by giving him regular outdoor walks with this harness on. The adorable design will surely grab a lot of attention.

  • Brand: Stock Show
  • Size: Small
  • Measurements: Neck: 14-17cm/5.5-6.7inches; Chest: 18-22cm/7.1-8.7inches
  • Material: Denim cloth
  • Color: Blue Stripes
  • Elegant pattern
  • Comfortable cotton denim cloth harness
  • Customers find that the buckles are a bit larger

9. MEWTOGO 2 pcs Breathable Ferret Harness

The MEWTOGO harness holds a ferret nicely to keep him secure from slipping out. However, it does not restrict the ferret’s movements. The harness secures well with the clip and velcro. Moreover, the stretchable leash does not choke or hurt the ferret on pulling.

MEWTOGO 2 pcs Breathable Ferret Harness


The design is well built, made of good quality mesh allowing your pet’s skin to breathe. The ferret can enjoy a great exercise, walk and playtime with the leash on when outdoors.

  • Brand: MEWTOGO
  • Size: Medium and Large (Pack of 2)
  • Material: Mesh
  • Color: Blue
  • The chest part absorbs the jerk, avoiding spine injury because of pulling
  • Breathable material with a stretchy leash
  • Not too durable

10. RYPET Small Animal Harness and Leash

This RYPET harness is suitable for a ferret and other similar sizes of small animals. It has a soft and comfortable mesh fabric good in all weathers. The overall Vest design avoids strain on the neck.

RYPET Small Animal Harness and Leash


It also includes a cute anti-lost bell. The harness is available in two colors, Black and Red, and three sizes for small to big ferrets. Very helpful in securing your pet during outdoor activities.

  • Brand: RYPET
  • Size: Medium
  • Measurements: Chest Girth 8-10.5 inches, Neck 6-8.5 inches, Back Length 4 inches, 4.4 feet leash
  • Material: Mesh
  • Color: Red
  • It does not choke the ferret
  • Easy to put on
  • Customers have noticed that the harness is loose and that the ferrets can slip out of it

11. Stock Show Ferret Vest Harness & Lead

This is an elegant jacket-style and checkered pattern harness and lead from the Stock Show. It’s made of good quality cotton making it breathable and comfortable for your ferret. Very useful to take small pets on a walk.

Stock Show Ferret Vest Harness Leash


It comes with 2 secure buckles for ease of putting on and taking off. The design is fashionable and attractive. It’s a better alternative to a normal harness or leash for weddings, parties, and other celebrations.

  • Brand: Stock Show
  • Size: Small
  • Measurements: Neck is 7-9 inches, Chest is 10-11 inches
  • Material: Cotton Fabric
  • Color: Black & White Checkered
  • Cute vest with matching black leash
  • Gentle and strain-free on your ferret
  • Not as sturdy as mesh material

12. Kaytee Comfort Harness & Stretchy Leash

The Kaytee’s comfort harness is made from the fabric that will be ultra comfortable for yur pet. In addition to this, the streatchy leash provided with it is an added benefit as it helps in proper and safe handling of of your pet.

Ferret Harness with Stretchy Leash


The adjustable velcro straps provided on the harness make it easy to put on or remove the harness. The overall improved design prevents injuries and ensures safety for your pet. The 6-foot long stretchy leash included with it can be attached to the harness easily with the help of sturdy swivel clips provided on it.

  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Size: Medium
  • Measurements: Neck- 7 to 9″, Waist- 9 to 11″
  • Material: Nylon
  • Color: Blue, Green, Red, and Brown
  • Adjustable velcro straps
  • Streatchy leash included
  • Durable nylon material used
  • The leash is not very durable

Buyer’s Guide

This buyer’s guide will help you choose the right product for your pet. It will educate you about the harness, its importance, types, and how to make your ferret wear it. Read on to know the need for a ferret harness and other important factors.

Why Do You Need a Ferret Harness?

Ferrets are very fickle and fast. They can run away and easily hide in narrow streets and passages. They might even run onto a busy road. As a result, ferrets can meet with any mishap if not controlled when outdoors.

Hence, to protect them, it is essential to harness your ferrets whenever you step out with them. Undoubtedly, harnesses are very useful to leash train your ferrets and to take them out on a walk.

On the other hand, putting a leash directly on a collar is not a good idea. Ferrets may easily get choked because of the collar while pulling. Hence, the best alternative to a collar is a harness that puts no pressure on the delicate throat of your pet.

Types of Ferret Harnesses

There are three main types of harnesses available for ferrets, as described below. Depending upon these different types, adjustability and other factors differ.

H Style Harness

The H-style harness form two large loops. Put the first loop like a collar around your ferret’s neck, and the other should go behind his forelegs and around his abdomen. Both loops connect with two straps.

The first strap going through the spine connects the loops at the back. Another one passes along the waist. The H harnesses make it almost impossible for the ferrets to slip out and escape.

8-Shape Harness

8 pattern harnesses are made of a single rope or strap designed into the shape of an 8. These are, however, not considered the best for ferrets, as they can easily manage to slip through the design.

Ferret Vest

The ferret vests are usually designed for soft and cozy materials to make your pet feel easy. For a small ferret, the vest can work better than the H harness. These are suitable for small cute pets and mostly affordable.

How to Choose the Best Ferret Harness?

A harness should be comfortable for your ferret to wear and must prevent him from escaping. Hence, to choose an ideal harness for your cute mate, you must consider the following factors.

Proper Fitting

While you walk outdoors with your ferret, make sure he remains secure. And to accomplish the purpose, you will require a harness that fits him well. Ferrets can escape from a loose harness as they are slim and notorious.

Their agile bodies can slip out of the harnesses easily. Therefore, you will need a product that prevents him from escaping without choking or hurting him.

The “H harnesses” are considered one of the best escape-proof harnesses for ferrets. So, with an H-harness, you might take your furry friend out on a walk confidently, protecting him from any harm.


The material of the harness and the leash should be soft and harmless on your ferret’s body. Also, it should be strong and durable enough to keep the ferret from escaping. An easily breakable leash, hook, strap, and a flimsy material are totally undesirable.


H-harnesses are mostly the safest style of all, but they are available for larger animals than ferrets. As a result, they might not fit well to a ferret. If you cannot find an H harness with a good fitting for your ferret, then try other styles.

Your ferret might even break the confinement of an 8 style harness, hence look for the vests. These harnesses are best designed for smaller animals like ferrets who have a tendency to escape.

FAQs About Ferret Harness

Do Ferrets Like Going on a Walk?

Yes, some ferrets like walks but others may hate it. If your ferret is not a walking fan, do not force him for a walk. But for those who like it, walking may help them stay healthy with exposure to natural fresh air and regular physical activity.

Ferrets are energetic and they love to be in the wild. To sum up, outdoor visits can surely keep them mentally and physically fit if they enjoy it. However, we recommend not to keep them under the sun for long. It’s best to take them for a walk in the evening or early morning.

How to Put a Harness on the Ferret?

There are various styles of harnesses and each is worn differently. Hence, it is best to learn it from a veterinarian on how to make your ferret wear the harness.

However, most of the harnesses come with an instruction manual to guide you on how to put them on the pet. Again, do not forget to measure your ferret before buying a harness.

How to Harness Train a Ferret?

Give your fur-mate some time to get adapted to the new harness.

  • Make him wear the harness inside the home initially. Let him play and move around with it.
  • If the ferret looks uncomfortable, try loosening or tightening the straps as required.
  • Attach the leash to the harness and move around with him for a few minutes daily.
  • For a few days, he might find it strange, but he will get used to it soon.
  • You can offer him treats to keep him engaged, while you try to put this thing on him.
  • Allow the ferret to pull the leash, then gently supervise him.
  • Reward him with love and treats every time the session gets over. He will remember this as a fruitful activity and enjoy doing it next time.
  • Once he is totally used to the harness, you may take him out on a walk with the leash on.

Note: Be careful not to pull the leash hard. The jerk might hurt the ferret terribly and he will get frightened of wearing the harness again. Ferrets are not like dogs, they will not follow your commands or instructions, so keep patience.

How much does a Ferret Harness cost?

Ferret harnesses cost between $5 to $20. However, a good quality harness with an affordable price will cost you around $10 to $12, approximately.

Which is the best harness for ferrets?

PERSUPER Ferret Harness Leash is a good harness that you can consider buying. It has an H-shape, an elastic leash, anti-lost bell, and soft material which makes it a perfect product.

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Safety Tips for Using a Ferret Harness

Because ferrets move fast, always use an elastic leash and keep a proper hold on it. They can hurt their own neck or back if the leash is not elastic.

Ferrets like short walks and do not forget to carry water to keep your ferret hydrated. Also, try to avoid going into traffic. After all, the safety of your ferret is your responsibility.

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