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We welcome zealous pet enthusiast bloggers to write marvelous pieces on Petlovesbest.

Write for Us Petlovesbest

You can submit your article you want to see on Petlovesbest to [email protected]. Before you take a step ahead and send an article to us, go through the guidelines. Failing to meet all the requirements may result in the direct rejection of your submission. TL;DR is an excuse!

What You Can Expect

Writing for Petlovesbest will be helpful to you in multiple ways. If you’re a rising star in the blogging world, you’ll get a chance to bag an article to add it up in your portfolio. If you’re a professional blogger, you get an author bio to flaunt your social media, personal blog, or your website and drive traffic to your social media handles and website.

Pet lovers with a flair of writing have a decent chance to get published and even paid for their original creative masterwork.

Writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re aspiring to become one, we offer content writing internship that might be your beginner’s luck.

Guest Post Guidelines

  • Your work should be original and is not be published elsewhere including Petlovesbest.com. The idea should be original by any means.
  • Submit your article in a web-ready format. If you’re a newbie in the digital writing world, don’t worry, we will have it edited for you.
  • Add hyperlinks to the main sources to substantiate the facts you have used. Don’t worry about the No. of links. We will remove the unnecessary ones once we review it for its legitimacy.
  • Images in the article aren’t necessary. If you’re describing something which makes the use of images inevitable then provide with it. You will have to show the proof that you have the right to use those images. Using Google images without permission is illegal and may cost us penalties.
  • The article should be at least 800 words long. If the article cannot be 800 words long, ask us before you submit.
  • The title of your submission should be catchy and should be able to make readers want to read the article. Start with a compelling introduction and end the article with summarizing it. Perfect closure is a must.
  • We reserve the right to edit the article and to delete the content without any notice.
  • Send in the draft or pitch your article idea.
  • We are very busy with the ongoing work here and it may take up to 2 weeks to respond to you. Moreover, don’t send in multiple emails for the same piece, that may queue up in the last position.
  • If your objective is to get a guest post published for SEO purposes, we can discuss this opportunity further. Drop us an email.

Intern with Us

Fill out the following contact form.

    Infographics, Listicles, Masterpieces…

    Gear up and craft the masterpieces which are exclusive on Petlovesbest. Email us at [email protected] your work and we will be happy to review it and publish it. You have a chance here to get paid for your creativity and skills.

    Infographics, unique listicles, DIY pet ideas will fall under this kind of submissions. Or you can suggest that ought to be shared on Petlovesbest.

    NOTE: We will check for your submission’s originality and quality. If it isn’t apt for the audience, we won’t publish it and you won’t be paid.

    Open Letters

    Are you grateful for how your pet has changed your life? Or want to know what you have learned about your four-legged friend? Let others know about it too. You can share your experiences with us and we would share it with our readers. An essay, an article, a poem an open letter, or anything you want to share with other people will work.

    It’s tough to accept the fact that our non-human beloved fur companions aren’t going to live forever. If you want to make a memory for your pet and let the netizens know about what a superhero your pet was, this is the section where you can write to them.

    Write open letters to your pet who is probably chilling into heaven with their other friends. If you think you can’t write well, send in your draft, we have your back. Our team of writers and editor will make it decent and ask for your review.

    See you soon with your submision. Have a great day!