Why is My Dog Eating Grass? Is It Safe? – Causes & Prevention

There are a few questions which bother all the dog owners. Certain habits of our pooches get us dog-parents to think. One such question is about dogs eating grass. We aren’t totally sure about why the dogs resort to this habit but it is a really common habit for most of them.


Probable Reasons for Dogs to Eat Grass

There can be various reasons as to why dogs eat grass. Such as:

1. Stomach Problems

The foremost reason as to why your little one is hogging onto that grass is probably because he’s ill. If your dog immediately swallows all of the grass without chewing it much and soon after vomits it all up, then he was having some trouble in his stomach. Many experts like to believe that eating grass could be a form of self-medication for dogs. Your dog may turn to grass at times of stomach discomfort. It is believed to be deliberate instinctive attempt to induce vomit.

If your dog has vomited and seems fine afterward he probably has taken care of what was bothering him.

What should be done?

While the dog may seem to take care of himself, repetitive eating of grass and vomiting can be an indication of some serious stomach problems. You should immediately take him to a veterinarian if he shows such behavior.

2. Lack of Nutrition

There must be times when your dog is simply munching onto his grass and not showing any signs of being sick.

It is suggested that dogs may be deficient on some nutrients especially fiber and are making up for it.

Canines are natural scavengers and search for nutrition everywhere. Thus, provide your dog with one of the best dog foods you can find for the particular breed!


This habit is reportedly seen diminishing after switching to a high fiber diet. If you think your dog’s diet may be a problem, it is best to contact your veterinary and make changes in his diet.

3. For Taste!

Another factor might be that your dog is just finding the grass tasty and is just hogging onto it for his tongue.

As long as the grass is free from pesticides and other chemicals, it is safe for your dog.

The dogs may find the grass tasty or its texture really pleasing. Why not just let him eat his grass to his heart’s desire.

4. He’s Just Bored (from You!)

Some people also like to believe that the dogs eat grass simply because they are bored. When your dog may not find something interesting to do, he may end up munching grass.

Distracting Him Might be the Key (But How?)

It is, thus important to provide your dog with some regular exercise and playtime. Giving your dog some chew toys to play with may also be helpful in breaking his habit.

Is Eating Grass Safe for Dogs?

It is suggested that it is okay for dogs to eat grass as long as the grass is clean and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

However, it is always helpful if you find the cause behind you pooch eating grass. There may be an underlying cause which might need your attention.

Also, it might be helpful if you look for healthy alternatives like fresh lettuce, carrots, and other fresh herbs. You could also create a small space with herbal grass for your dog to hog onto.

As long as it seems safe for your dog and is just a harmless habit, you should let your dog enjoy that grass!

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