Why Do Dogs like Squeaky Toys So Much? Uncovering the Mystery!

Dogs are fond of toys whether it be newborn pups or older doggos. They love to play and have a great time. And being a great pet parent it is our duty to allow them to do so.

So how are you going to make your dog have a great playtime? By allowing him to go out and run across the yard? Of course not. You need to do something better, fella! You need to spoil your dog. Spoil him with the best of the toys that are there in the market.

Well, I know. It sounds pretty demanding to buy precious toys for your dog and that too in a bulk. But what if I told you that you can just purchase a single toy and your dog will never get tired of that single toy for sure?

Don’t believe me? Well, it’s fine. Because following this article you are surely going to believe in my words and in fact, will go out and buy your dog that something special dog toy, well, maybe from the internet but who cares, right?!

So let this article of enlightenment begin!

What are the Most Popular Toys Among Dogs?

As bizarre it may sound, it is totally true. Dogs do have their special choice for toys. Although they do love all the toys, some of them are so special that they cannot take their eyes, or rather paws, off them!

The first one would be the mighty Balls! Yes, dogs love balls. Whether it is day or night, whether it is wrong or right(ooh, that sounds a little rhymy!), they love balls.

Balls are super fun. They bounce around, they fit right in their mouth, and when the master tosses it around, nothing is more fun than fetching that little fella. So balls would surely make it to the top of that list and so would all the other toys that can be fetched by the dog.

The next one would be the interactive dog toys. These toys are super fun. These are the ones that make the dogs think. You may have seen such toys in which the dogs have to reveal the treats by solving a puzzle. Solving such interactive puzzle is great for both mental and physical stimulation in dogs.

Along the way comes squeaky dog toys. These toys are simple, sometimes made of rubber and sometimes of stuffed or plush dog toys along with a squeaker inside. The squeaker is a fun thing that makes a squeaking sound like a frightened chicken when any air is blown in or out.

So Why Do Dogs Love These Squeakers so Much?

To begin with, dogs love to hunt for both cats and mouse(remember, the fake running mouse toy?). It is totally based on instincts and they mostly do it not in order to hunt them down but for the sake of fun or just because it annoys them.

The same way, a squeaking sound resembles a frightened chicken or a squeaky mouse. But as the toys do not resemble the sound, these little creatures run their big scientist brains to figure out what is causing this stupid, annoying, yet amusing sound! (well, it’s still a guess, right?)

But when they hop on the toy, again and again, they figure out that it’s just a toy. And being the same way as kids, they love making that stupid sound without any reason. Let’s say, it just amuses them.

Also, this toy is interactive. I mean, as they jump, the toy squeaks, jump again, and the toy squeaks again. And it is already evident that dogs love playing with interactive toys.

Sometimes these toys come in the look of an animal. This camouflage also stimulates the dog to squeak the life out of them(remember, pesky squirrels?).

Well, whatever stimulant there is, dogs sure seem to have a great time playing with a squeaky toy.

Which Type of Squeaky Dog Toy Is the Best?

To be honest, all the squeaky toys seem to work fine according to me. However, my dog seems to be more fascinated by the squeaky dead looking squirrel that I bought for him.

I also had one of those rubber balls. However, it was really annoying for my dog to get a squeaky sound whenever he tried to chew it.

I believe that it is better to have a squeaker on toys that dog is not going to chew. Also, you must keep the fact in mind that a squeaker makes a high pitch sound and hearing that sound more often and annoy the dog, especially if its head is near the toy.

Thus, I recommend you to invest in a quality plush toy that has a squeaker rather than a chew toy.

The EndNote

I hope that I did my best to satisfy your curiosity about dog squeaking toys and that perhaps my advice regarding the type of squeaky toy helps you out. However, if there is anything else you would like to know, let me know in the comment section below. I’ll try to answer from the best of my knowledge.

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Till then keep on squeaking, cheers!

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